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OMG!!!!!!  How did this happen??? 


What a pain, but I think if you do the 1st phase & use those weights for your upper body, you won't be derailed. 

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I broke my foot yesterday!!   gloomy.gif  I am in a cast and will be for at least 6 weeks unless I need surgery. angry.gif I am so angry because I have made such good progress and this is going to completely derail me. angry.gif



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OMG!!!!!!  How did this happen??? 


What a pain, but I think if you do the 1st phase & use those weights for your upper body, you won't be derailed. 

It was due to an uneven stone patio and clogs.  The orthopedic says he see more clog related injuries than almost any other shoe w/ the only exception being flip flops. Ugh, I feel so stupid!!


I have not gotten on the scale yet for a couple reasons- 1) its upstairs and I can't get there, LOL 2) I have no idea how much this huge honking boot weighs. I don't want to be completely discouraged. Think I might be able to deal in a few days...


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6/8: day two, round two, Accelerate:


2 eggs scrambled w/ feta

green tea


turkey burger

romaine salad

xtra large DD ice coffee w/ a little cream bag.gif


6 oz greek yogurt

1 cup strawberries


exercise: managed to drag my ass to the bathroom 4 times, let the dog out once. 

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How are you holding up?  Does the foot hurt?  Are you going out of your mind??? 


Trying to get back into the swing of tracking everything...


2 eggs w/ egg whites added & 2 thin slices of cheese

20 oz cold green tea w/ lemon


1 Mango Greek Yogurt & 4 goldfish because DD2 laughs hysterically when I let her feed me


3 bites of DD2s lunch (beef, veggies, whole wheat noodles leftover from family/funeral get together)


water, water, water...holy crap it's so hot here.  


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It is SO hot here too!! Phew!!! 


I could barely eat most of the day.  I think the vicodin is getting to me. I decided that I am just going to take it easy for the next couple of days.  I do need surgery after all so that is going to mean no food or drink from midnight the night before. So tomorrow will be a healthy eating day.  Lots of colorful veggies and lean proteins and yes, whole grains.


So I am going to take a break from serious "17 day-ing" and instead eat healthfully and in moderation so my body can heal.  Once I get thru surgery and know what my recovery entails then I will get back on track!


Steph- keep up the good work, even small changes matter! 

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Hope all is well!


Super stressed out here-waiting to hear about whether the buyer of our house is in or out (by noon today) after doing her inspection yesterday.  I can't remember if I mentioned any of the details, but she is really putting us through %$#@...she is stealing our house from us & demanded the dining room set, swingset, grill, lawnmower etc.  We believe she either knows our previous realtor (we went FSBO in Feb) or knows our neighbor & one of them told her we were struggling.   


So the bag of popcorn & 2 glasses of red wine last night were definitely a direct result of stress...tonight I start my kickboxing class.  Very nervous & anxious!




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Please let me know how kick boxing class goes!  Sounds awesome and you are going to feel GREAT afterwords.


Also- don't let the losers get you down. It sounds like the really want your house but feel entitled to be a dick about it.  If you can afford to give it to them, do it (think of it as decluterring, LOL) otherwise hold your ground.  They will not walk because they can't get your stuff.


We ended up getting our house because of assholes like that.  It was a sellers market at the time and the house we REALLY wanted had an outstanding offer but the people wanted the pool furniture, the drapes, a couch, etc etc. Because the people were such a-holes the owners ended up selling the house to us for $9K less so as to not have to deal with them. They will get their come come-uppanance one way or the other.... 


I have been trying to control portions, limit carbs and be good but this surgery has knocked me thru a loop. The pain is still hard , I am bored out of mind and therefore have all kinds of boredom induced munchies. And a friend delivered homemade blueberry and lemon scones. I have had FOUR! yummy.gif


Oh and since I can/t really shower nor stand to do my hair etc, my hair is gross, I have major pimples/breakouts going on and just feel plain old dirty. greensad.gif


You may commence with the worlds smallest violin now......


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Awwww!  I am sorry!!!  This has gotta be so hard.  How much longer are you laid up? 

Kickboxing was really hard but I really liked it & felt very comfortable there.  The instructor pushed us, but in a cool way.  Only problem is that 20 mins in, I felt a pull in my back but kept going & by the time I got home, it was really bad.  Right now, I basically can't bend or lift & guess I pulled something or threw my back out?  So I don't know about getting there tomorrow or what to do.  As I was watching myself in the mirror there, I couldn't believe how big I was...my belly is so big.  I don't know how to survive leaving the house, feeling this way about myself, while I work at trying to fix it.  It really hit me hard the past month, what I have done to myself, and what people must think of me & how long it will take me to lose 40-50 lbs and in the meantime, how do I feel comfortable in my own skin???  How could DH not say anything?  How did I not get a grip sooner?  What is wrong with me inside that let me get here?  I feel like I can't enjoy my life as I want to because of my weight & how I look.  I don't want to put a bathing suit on in front of anyone except my family. 


Soooo...we continue to have the black cloud over us...it's been 2 years of some really tough breaks & I can't help but feel like I am drowning a bit.  I am thankful for the health of my girls & remind myself of that everyday but damn, other stuff seems to be destined to not go our way.  The buyer walked away from a signed contract yesterday due to personal issues.  Apparently she was hysterical over it (her attorney told our attorney this) but that doesn't really change the fact we got screwed for the 3rd time.  We have a tough decision to make in the next few days...this is more for the finance section & I may post there too...but I need to vent right now :) ...my father in law is doing a mortgage in his name for our new house since our income is too low right now.  And he will help us a little there too while I try & get some daycare going out of the house & DH keeps hunting for a job.  We don't want to lose that house & have settled on a great price with the sellers.  it's a mile from my mom/brothers/sis in law/kids & a close friend (who walks every night & promised she would stalk me each night to walk with her) lives around the corner.  It would cut our mortgage/taxes in half as well.  We are trying to decide if we continue fwd with that deal, close at the end of july/early august as planned & walk away from our house, leaving it on the market but not paying the mortgage anymore.  The big con of course is what will it do to our credit, which is perfect right now.  We would just pray for a sale sooner than later. 


I started logging my food yesterday on the livestrong site.  I am doing mostly 17 day diet still-with a few alterations here & there.  And I started weighing things yesterday too.  I like that it tells me my carb/sugar/fats etc breakdown for the day.  I am trying to figure out if I can cut & paste it here each day too...hmmmmmm.


Ok-sorry for my long rant...blahblah.gifblahblah.gifblahblah.gif

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Well I have been eating way too much and (obviously) not exercising at all. greensad.gif I did not think it would be this hard.  I am holding out hope I can at least maintain!


I totally understand how you feel about the vision in the mirror. I am constantly asking myself "how did this happen??"  I find myself wishing for magic wand to make it all just go away. But alas my fairy godmother never arrives!dust.gif


So say after me: Slow and Steady wins the Race!. We did not get here over night and we won't get back there overnight.  


Wish I had advice about your house, that sounds really tough! 

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Well it has been nine days since my surgery and my eating plan has gone to hell in a hand basket, once of the reasons I have not posted that much. While my post op went well I can anticipate being in a boot for 4/6 weeks and won't be able to drive until my ankle can support my full body weight. greensad.gif The good news is that provided I can get in and out of the pool OK I should be able to start swimming!!


So I am trying to eat light, but I refuse to beat myself up.  I need accept this and recognize that healthy eating, weight loss and fitness is a life long journey.  This is only a detour!

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You cannot beat yourself up.  You need to take care of your body so it can heal & then you can get right back into things again. 


I didn't break any bones, but I am also struggling.  For me it is the combination of a mega dose of stress, a little bit of depression, maybe still a touch of grief & then the normal social situations that cause me to abandon all control. 


My back is still really banged up from trying to do that kickboxing class.  It was a real wake up call as to how out of shape I am.  I realize I need to just walk to try & lose some initial weight from my mid section, before I can jump into something like that. 

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I am back!!!!! After a grueling recovery from surgery I have finally been cleared to resume basic activities!! This mean that I can drive, climb stairs and even do moderate low impact exercise. So no treadmill but the elliptical is fine as is a stationary bike, walking etc.

But the best news???? I only gained a little over a pound!!! joy.gif

I basically folllowed the "arrive" level of the diet which is eating carefully for 5 days a week-lots of green leafy veggies, low sugar fruits, lean protiens, moderate alcohol. The other 2 days were more "cheat" days. I could not exercise at all for then first few weeks since my ankle was not weight bearing. However once the surgery incision was completely healed and I was able to support a little weight I was given the green light to swim which I tried to do for 15-20 minutes 3-4 days a week. I think that really helped.

Now I need to get back to losing weight and building back my strength. I start physical therapy tomorrow. Once I get a sense of what that entails I will figure out my eating plan. My goal is to start back up at the Activate cycle since I will be exercising more but will know more tomorrow.

Has anyone else stayed on the diet?

Steph- what going on with the house, your back and life? Fill me in, lol!! smile.gif
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Yay for you!!!!!!!!  So glad to hear you are doing well AND you only gained a lb.  That is AMAZING!  


Ironically, I twisted my ankle really bad yesterday.  It's probably sprained-it's all swollen & bruised.  Yuck.  I can walk on it, but I am walking kind of funny.  My back is good though but no more kickboxing for me.  lol


I have been a complete mess diet wise...things here have been so stressful.  I can honestly say it's the most stress I have every experienced.  I have been eating crappy & drinking too much alcohol.  I need to get back on track FOR REAL.  I need a good kick in the butt!!!!!!  Kick me, please....kick me!  I did so well those 1st 2 weeks & was feeling so great mentally. 


Our house situation has taken a crazy turn...we got an offer over the weekend that we could live with.  It's just enough to pay off the mortgage & sellers tax.  And tonight, another potential buyer wants to come back & take a 2nd look because they may want to put an offer in (according to their Realtor).  As this was all happening, our deal fell apart on the buy side.  We were 2 weeks from a closing date & the Sellers pulled some crazy stuff.  So now we might actually sell, but don't have something to buy!  Kind of funny, but stressful nonetheless.  I hope we find something else we love & can afford quick & I pray we can complete this sale once & for all finally.  And we are both sending out so many resumes, but nothing yet.  Really praying for one of us to find a solid job soon.  Can't believe 2 college graduates can't seem to get work that has health insurance & pays more than $10/hour.  Yikes.

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I cannot stop reading this thread! You are so inspiring and positive. Something I seriously lack recently! I ordered the book but in the meantime...

Would this be a bad idea to try while nursing my 2yo? Granted it's not as much but I know rapid weight loss is a no-no while nursing. But it seems safe to me!

You didn't eat out at any restaurants I take it? I also very much enjoy wine on the weekends but it looks like you can add that in after 17 days?

I'm also being treated for hypothyroidism and the main reason I haven't shed the weight-- I think this style of eating would kick start my metabolism! But with a toddler running amok I am afraid of the time it takes to go shopping and cook! It looks like you are mainly eating fresh produce.

You are doing GREAT thanks so much for opening my eyes to this!!!
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