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She has joined us! Water home birth with siblings present

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Our third daughter arrived earthside! Seven days after her guess date and now, four days later it feels like she's been here forever - like we know each other well. My labour started at 05 AM on the 26th, with rushes five minutes apart. It took over an hour before I dared believe that this might be it. The night before my midwife had called me to let me know that she'd be about a 3 hour drive away from our house the day after, so please please could I wait for a day? ;) I was sorry she had to cancel her plans, but too excited to worry about that too much. She started driving at about 08 AM.


I woke hubby up, and we had breakfast with dd1 (6 years old) and dd2 (3 years old). We decided dd1 should stay home from school, as this might be the day that we would meet our baby. She was excited, having wanted to be present at the birth since she was told that the baby had moved into me. She helped me make my laborade and brew a big portion of rrl tea. I walked around doing some last minute tidying up, getting ready some snacks for the kids and lighting some candles.


We put the kids in front of the TV, and my husband and I took a stroll in our garden. The sun was shining and early spring flowers were blooming. We walked around looking at all the spring signs, and I leaned on him during my rushes, which kept coming steadily. Back in the house, I walked around in our living room while the kids played. Sat on my birth ball, played music and enjoyed being with my family. After what seemed like such a short while, my midwife arrived. I couldn't believe it had already been 3 hours since I called her! In labourland time sure flies! My husband got the birth pool ready, together with the kids. I cut up melon and kiwi and apples and we enjoyed some fruit around the kitchen table all four of us. Our last meal together being four...


I sat on my birth ball, walked around, turned music on, leaned on my husband, we even had some private moments kissing and hugging while the kids and our midwife was downstairs. It felt so good to get his love and support, I felt strong because he never doubted my ability to birth our baby, and he conveyed that by treating this as any other day. :) He played the piano and the kids danced and laughed. I danced some, too - like an elephant but feeling good!


My midwife checked me, the only vaginal excam I ever had during pregnancy - and I was 5 cm but baby was still quite high. I didn't want to get into my birth tub too early in case I'd slow down, so I decided walking some more was a good idea, and took another walk in our garden around the house and back and forth (I am sure my neighbours were wondering...). The rushes kept lasting longer and taking more of my attention to get through. I couldn't relax as easily through them as before. Decided to head up to the room with the birth tub.


The water felt absolutely amazing! So much easier to relax completely. I started making low aaaaaa sounds on my exhalations. My husband said I seemed close to pushing, but I did not believe him, I was totally in labourland focusing inwards. Our kids joined us, excitedly. Out came the mucus plug and my water broke in the water. I heard DH asking dd1 if she could get our midwife who sat outside enjoying the sun (I was completely comfortable with that - she knew I wanted to just be left alone as much as possible). I did not believe I was that close, but I started making more sounds and felt so much power rushing through me. How could this be? No transition? No! Just a need to push - and just as my midwife arrived I pushed. Next one - and she said; feel the head! I stood on my knees in the tub and felt the head far out! 


I Will Never Forget That Sensation In My Hand!


I looked at our kids in the sofa and smiled at them while holding the head - it rotated and on the next push out came our baby! Through the water like an arrow! I picked her up and to my chest - her warm being so present! I kept saying: our baby! our baby! 


The big sisters came and stood beside me and my husband, completely amazed, chattering about how cute she was and telling me to nurse her "because she needs it" (she was crying). Dd2 went to get a plastic bathing toy for the baby and donated it to her... :)


Babymooning is fantastic. Dd1 and dd2 play and run around and their noices seem to comfort her. I love having her in cangaroo care, she has been skin to skin with me most of the time. After pains have been surprisingly powerful. Haven't had them before - but I love my uterus for the job it has done so I try to let it work in peace. ;) On a more serious note; I hope that our daughters being present gives them a memory that makes them trust their body and not fear birth. I would love for them to feel their power and know how amazing our bodies are!

Oh - need to go, baby grunts in the sling, time for boobies! Love to you all!

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what a beautiful story.  congrats mama!!


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Beautiful birth story!!! Congrats to you and your family! What incredible memories you have given your daughters!

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Thanks for sharing your beautiful story!!  What a great birth!! 


would love a pic when you can!! 

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 Congratulations! I am (pleasantly) jealous of your water birth. ;) Thanks for sharing!

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Congrautulations! Welcome baby girl :) What a beautiful birth!

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