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Feed The Freezer

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I just cleaned out our freezer in the garage and can't wait to file it back up.  I am always looking for new ideas and thought it would be cool if everyone shared their favorites.  Our family loves: meatloaf, turkey chili, any chix noodle casserole, lasagna rollups, meat sauce, split pea soup, taco meat...  How about your family?  Also, do you prefer to freeze your meat from raw or do you like to freeze once it is cooked?

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At the top of the thread list there is a "resources" link.  There, you will find a 5 year and 700 post thread about feeding the freezer to get some ideas.  I've bumped it so it will appear on the thread list.  It's long, though, and you probably won't get through it for a long while, so if it disappears, you can get back to it through that resources link.

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