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Well this week at school has been intense.  I don't think I mentioned the incident, but at the end of April someone defaced my windshield with human feces.  It has taken until today to determine it was a pair of senior students from my school.  They got off "easy" with a verbal apology in front of the whole school, detailing my car inside and out, and telling their parents.  I am at ease about it.  Turns out my car was closest to their "hidden" location.  To say the least I am wiped emotionally.  I love my students like they were my own kids.  I just shake my head in unbelief.


LOL, no, I didn't have the flu.  Thought you got confused with my runny nose, achy body, etc from allergies.  Been on chlortrimeton and all is well.  Dies up the post nasal drip that gives me a sore throat and then leads to other junk.  Yeah that the worse pollen season is almost over for me.


AF is coming to an end.  I will be interested to see how my cycles go.  This is cycle 2 post BCPs.

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Rosie - Thanks for the pic attachment help!!  lol  Wow!!  Italy, how exciting!   You asked about picnic baskets.  I bought an inexpensive / yet sturdy picnic basket at a store like TJ M**x or R*ss or maybe even B*g L*ts.  I have a feeling I got it at R*ss.  I live about 2 hrs from the beach, so we use it to go to outdoor plays and stuff that they have here in town in the summer.  There's a particular play that's adult (Shakespeare, lol, not porn) that you can even take wine and just sit on the grass and watch the play (it's behind the built in seating).  I'm sure the picnic basket was around $20 (I'm a cheapskate).

** Also, I had the same thing where I started to get 2 dark lines on the IC, then that went away and they got lighter (then I ran out of IC strips) so I continued to test with the digital smiley's and finally got a positive on CD 22 & CD 23!!  The latest ovulation days I've ever had!

You're so lucky you can bond with your mom about ttc.  My mom tells me I'm not getting pregnant because I think about it too much..... This from a women that got pregnant with me after her first cycle of clomid at age 22!! So obviously we have totally different ttc stories (as I'm an older lady... lol)


Taxi - Hope all is well!!!  I actually live inland (went to high school near beach), so I can either drive an hour to go snowboarding at Big Bear or go the opposite way for an hour to Palm Springs to bask in the 100 degree weather!  lol  It's nice to have the diversity, but nothing beats the 74 degree beach weather.

P.S.  My backyard at the house we're renting is just a big patio!  All my plants, flowers, and trees are in pots!  You can do it too!  flowersforyou.gif



Val - How exciting!  Tomorrow is Wed, the big Decision Day!!  Wonder if we'll add a point to Taxi's prediction record??  





Caly -  Hang in there!  I think you're going to enjoy the alone girl time (once you get over the initial shock/loneliness).  I've been in the same sitch, and I ended up looovvving it!  Probably a little too much!  lol



Catheleni - I'm so so sorry about Mici!  I am a cat mom with two older "cat daughters".    hug2.gif



Lilac - That was hysterical about your Dad and the names.  I love that they shared the story with you!  P.S.  I actually have a purple glittery recorder that i randomly pull out and play to make whoever laugh.   I'm a little different, I admit!  lol



Birdie - Congrats on the   luxlove.gif


AFM -  

My name story:  My Great Grandma (who was known for her predictions) used to predict the sex of all the great grand kids in the family.  My mother picked a name accordingly.  One day while my mom was laying out by the pool (yes, while pregnant with me), a Beatles song came on the radio.  My mom made a mental note that she really liked that name if my Great Grandma ended up being wrong about her boy prediction.  My paternal Grandmother never had a daughter, and loved a particular name.  My mom used that name since it was also French (and would go together) as my middle name, and  my first name is the Beatles song!

**This is the craziest cycle I have ever had!  As I stated above, I didn't get a positive opk (digital) until CD 22 & CD 23, so we missed BDing before the positive opks!  My temps have been crazy too!  This will be the longest cycle I have ever had.


Good Luck Ladies!!!!   dust.gif



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Rosie - Yes, Cymbidium orchids.  They are all from my Great Grandma (that I previously mentioned), my paternal Grandma, and her best friend (who had a billion orchids).  My cousin and I have also split some and share them.  I have wine colored, green, and cream colored orchids.  They get indirect light from the clear patio cover that is screwed to the patio beams, and they love it!  This way they do not get burned by the direct sunlight. 


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Lilac - So sorry that happened to you!  I cannot believe that 17 & 18 year olds can be so pathetic!!  I can't believe they even thought of that disgusting "plan" and carried through with it!  I hope they felt humiliated in front of everyone when they had to report their act....



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OMG Lilac, that is awful!  I've had a tiny French dictionary stolen from my classroom (which was later recovered on a student) and I remember feeling so violated.....and that wasn't anything compared to what you've experienced.  I'm glad the perps were caught.  Still, that totally sucks.  I sometimes wonder if it will take some time away from teaching (i.e. SUMMER BREAK!!) to conceive.  The stress is just too much some days.  hug2.gif


Shellhawk, WOW.  Your flowers are unbelieveable!!  That's really neat that you split them and share them, too.  I'm currently growing tomatoes and herbs (cilantro, basil, mint, thyme, lavender, rosemary) and they are absolutely bursting.  I keep waiting for something bad to happen because usually my plants do not survive.  This evening I actually used some of my herbs for cooking (tilapia, sweet potatoes and asparagus) and I was quite proud of myself.  winky.gif  I have my plants in pots, too.  We have a nice yard but I don't trust my male dog not to "relieve himself" on my plants!  Therefore they live on the deck on little plant stands.  Ha!  I want to try flowers next!!


Hykue, yep, I think my temp drop at 4dpo was a fluke.  Possibly a secondary estrogen surge according to the internets.  Either way, temp is back up today and I'm feeling good.  smile.gif  Did you notice any temp drops on the cycle you conceived?  (Wishful thinker here!)


AFM, 5dpo and hoping, hoping, hoping.  Can't decide if I'll test this weekend or not.  It's such a huge bummer if I see a BFN that part of me wants to just wait and see if AF comes this time... At least I'm busy with the last few weeks of school and lots of activites.  One of our teachers is retiring this year and her special request is that the teachers do a dance for the students as a surprise (think "Glee") for Field Day on Friday.  The song is Boogie Fever and we've done a few run-throughs.  It's going to be hilarious and the kids will go crazy.  :)



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Yes, I think summer break will be good for me!  Two more teaching days, 3 final exam days, a field trip fun day, 2 days of practices for graduation, then cleaning up my classroom and getting things submitted to the office.  Yeah!

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Shell - I keep going back to those photos. They're *so* beautiful. I would find so much joy in walking outside of my house to a welcoming of orchids. My mom has orchids in her greenhouse (which is huge, and my dad and grandfather built off the side of the house). In my opinion she's got a little too much packed all together in there, so the orchids don't really get to shine. But they are beautiful and so interesting nonetheless.


Pichou - I'm 5 DPO too. Testing Monday and Tuesday morning. I even think Monday is too early, but I'm sure I won't be able to resist. 10DPO is like the magic number in my head, can't get through that day without testing. 


Lilac - Wow I'd be mad at those kids. I was chatting with one of my profs about his undergrads reflecting on how different life seems when you're under 20. They can be Not Good People at all. :(


Caly - Any running going on? After weeks off and a lot of walking lately, I'm thinking of a run today. I'm scared, because if my knee acts up I'm going to be pretty worried that it's a serious issue rather than just a nagging one. Hmm, maybe I'll go for a bike ride instead. 



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Hi everyone!  I'm new...to the board and to TTC.  :-)  Let's see....33yo, TTC my #1, husband's #2 (I have a 10yo stepdaughter).  This is our second cycle trying but 6th cycle charting.  Found out through the charting that I have a short luteal phase, 7 days, so I started some supplements to help and so far it's better.  I took them all the way through one cycle, in March, and made it 12 dpo.  I'm 8dpo right now and I started spotting at 7dpo last month (stopped supplements after trying), so I'm taking them all the way through this time and hoping for the best.  So far so good!  Starting testing on Friday!  Waiting.......2whistle.gif

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Welcome Hokievol: I'm 8 DPO and a couple of others are in the 2ww as well. I have seen many ladies have success lengthening there luteal phase. Good Luck!


Yay Birdie for hearing the heartbeat!!!


Shellhawk: Ohh I'm so jealous. I love orchids, we have a little indoor one but I would love to be surrounded by them. We have a good sized sunroom where I keep my plants in the winter and I'm trying to turn it into an indoor greenhouse with my ferns and hopefully more orchids. When its snowing in the winter it'll be a nice retreat.


Hykue: I had no idea who Gary Oldman was but I did watch the Harry Potters and thought hmm this Sirius Black don't look so bad. And Dracula too, I think I like him with the long hair. And big hug.gif for you since DH is gone, hope you're hanging in there.


Lilac: I can not believe that happened to your car! I mean unfortunately I can believe it happened but that's just wrong. I remember walking to class my senior year and watching a guy take his backpack full of like 40 lbs of books and slam it into the top of a teacher's car.


Pitch: Hmm testing this weekend will be like DPO 10 for you? If you decide to test don't be disappointed with a BFN that's still really early. I try to wait until AF doesn't show up just to try and keep from becoming a complete nutter. Your garden sounds nice, we've got a lot of peas, beans, and radishes growing now and an herb garden off the kitchen patio for cooking. We put everything in raised beds to protect from the dog although ours is a girl and can only "spray" so far.


Rosie: I hope you're planning on sneaking a hpt with you to Italy. If your negative before it'll still be early. Then if AF doesn't show up you'll be running around looking for a test over there. Hope you're up on your Italianwinky.gif Oh and for your link, when we bought our house we put in a ton of landscaping and raised beds specifically for the animals. All of my plants are native and have lots of flowers and berries for our butterflies and bees (a lot of my neighbors have colonies) and birds. We built raised herb beds and planted perennial wildflowers in between each herb. We have so much wildlife around I love to sit and watch all the animals.


hola.gifToo all the other ladies


AFM: Been hectic here. Yesterday I rushed the dog to the emergency vet thinking she was bloating (a condition where gas traps in their stomach which twists and tears up their organs). She was whimpering which she has never ever done, even after 2 surgeries. Turns out it was air trapped in her intestines puffing her belly out and causing a bunch of pain. She got meds and is better but is still obviously hurting. Its been raining for the past 3 days and is supposed to continue all week so no beach picnic this week. 8 DPO and FF is telling me not to test until the 29th which is 19 DPO, are you kidding me?  

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Ugh Ram I'm sorry you had a bloat scare. My dogs (american bulldogs) are prone to bloat and it scares me so much! I can't stop them from wolfing down their food, but generally I try for a calm period after eating. Glad to know it was just a scare. Why is FF saying test that late? Would that be equivalent to your longest LP? As for sneaking a test, I think my DH would kill me. He said flat-out, NO TESTING while I'm in Italy. There's no way I could fake not knowing when he picks me up from the airport, so I can't cheat. Fortunately, AF should arrive within the first four days of my ten day trip, so I'll be able to enjoy the chianti during the later half, if it comes to that.


I'm feeling pinchy and am choosing to think that "there's a little bean being made" in there. So far this TWWO is a happy one! I temped for the first time, we had good BDing, we used pre-seed, etc., so I am feeling good about chances. Of course, if it doesn't work I'll be all the more upset, but that's okay. Don't need to think about it now!


WELCOME HOKIEVOL!!! Got a chart for me to put on the first post???

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Hokievol - Welcome!  I see you're from NC - me too!  Does your screen name have anything to do with VT? 


Shellhawk - Your flowers are beautiful! 


Pitch - Are those dachschunds in your profile pic??  Too cute! 


To all the teachers - Boots, Lilac, Pitch, and anyone else I'm missing - hug2.gif  Just know we appreciate what you do and all that you put up with.  On of my teacher-friends came over last night for dinner, and hearing his stories is just amazing.  You all are saints! 


Ram - Glad your dog is okay!


Rosie - fingersx.gif that the pinching you feel is that little bean burrowing in for a nice long stay! 


Bel, TickleToes, Taxi, Caly, and anyone else out there lurking - HI!!  We miss you and love you! 


Taxi - Do you remember what you predicted as far as gender for me??  We might open the gender envelope tonight.  Eeek! 


Hope everyone else is doing well, and hello to anyone I missed!! 


AFM - I'm enjoying having my house back now that MIL is gone.  I'm not a big fan of having to cook every night again, but at least the kitchen is clean when I'm done.  And my poor Nutmeg is in mourning and missing MIL terribly.  We're hoping to go visit her in Seattle sometime in the next two months, though (Nutmeg won't be going, of course), but we'll see. Other than that, just staying busy and for some reason terribly stressed - mostly over furniture.  We had new furniture, it didn't work right, we returned it, now we're living room furniture-less.  NOT FUN.  






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I'm just having a really hard time right now. One more day of school and I can't stop thinking about the things my coworkers said about me. It's like, if I can work this hard and it's still not enough, then basically I really need to reconsider my job at my school and overall. I feel so unappreciated. I can't stop thinking about it and I'm really worried that will just continue this summer, I will have nothing to do and think about other than how my body won't work properly and how people at school think I suck.

I talked to my coworker about what she said and she apologized for hurting my feelings BUT also said "even though a lot of those things are true."


My period finally started but I still feel like I have bad pms/depression. I know it's just one more day but honestly I am scared of school ending, having nothing to think about but these things.



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I'm sorry boots. Sounds like the environment isn't the best, but maybe it could improve, especially after everyone has had a break? Are there any projects or other things you might be able to start and engross yourself in this summer?

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Lilac, I didn't see your post earlier. I am so, so sorry this happened. I am sick of being told "not to take it personally, they're just kids." It still sucks and hurts after all the hard work and money we put into our jobs. I let one of my students use my cell phone # to verify a gmail account, and then I got a few prank phone calls last night. It almost broke me, on top of my car being keyed this year, and books being stolen and ruined. I don't think other people understand how something that taken in isolation might not be so bad, but taken as a story of a whole school year with the little humiliations and lack of appreciation we deal with, it just sucks. I am pissed on your behalf that the kids didn't get more of a punishment. I honestly would've probably pressed charges but I'm sure that's tied up in your school politics. Hugs.

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Rosie, I think 10dpo is a magic number for me too because so far, that's been my date to test.  I can't keep myself from testing.  It's like crack!!  I have to do it!!   orngbiggrin.gif Also I loved that video.  TED is awesome and I've even shown my students some videos... one in particular comes to mind, it's a cute older British lady speaking about language decline.  I have to say, it really resonated with my students and led to some very good discussions about English influence and preserving other languages. 


Hi Hokievol!  Welcome!  I'm new here too, and the ladies here are extremely kind and very knowledgeable, too!  I'm 6dpo so we're right about the same in our cycles.  Baby dust to us both! 


Ram, I'll be testing this weekend, and I always ignore FF and her "suggestions".  Just test when you want to!  No one here will judge.  wink1.gif  That's awful about your sweet dog.  What kind of dog is she?  I wonder if certain breeds are more prone to bloating.  I have 2 dachshunds and they eat incredibly fast and they eat anything.  Literally.  My little Sophie ate a BATTERY when she was a puppy.  And my other, Napoleon, ate a small bag of coffee grounds about a month ago.  It's good prep for having kids because we cannot leave anything out.  They will find it, and they will eat it.


Val, those are my dachshunds (as mentioned above).  Napoleon is on the left; he's a rescue dog and we think he's dachshund/beagle/basset mix.  He is quite a character and everyone who meets him falls instantly in love.  Sophie is the little on on the right.  She's also a rescue, but she's very diva-esque and the princess of the house.  They are both so devoted and loyal, and I sometimes get emotional thinking about how their lives might change once we have a baby.  I don't want them to ever feel left out, or neglected.  Does that make sense?  A lot of people I know have gotten rid of their dogs after kids.  Breaks my heart.  Who is Nutmeg?  And a clean kitchen is the key to a happy home... at least in my house.  smile.gif


Boots.  Boots!  I wish I could give you a hug.  I feel a kinship with you because you are also a teacher and girl, I KNOW how difficult this job is.  I already know you have a generous spirit and a softness of heart.  If your co-workers don't appreciate you, they are too self-focused and cynical to see the sacrifices you are making for the job.  Take it one day at a time.  Summer break will be your time to re-charge and relax---claim it!  This journey to conceive is not easy, but I think it makes us deeper, more understanding people.  It's also given us an authority on understanding unfulfilled desire.  We are able to see things in a different light than most people.  I honestly think I will be thankful for this trial at some point in my life.  I guess I just don't want you to give up or get too discouraged.  hug2.gif


I would love to have conceived on our first try.  Or never even had to "try" but it just would have "happened" and I'd be all, wow, that was easy!!  But then I think about the time last month, when I knew I wasn't pregnant, and I tried to be optimistic for my husband.  He came up to me and just looked at me, no words, and it leveled me.  I just fell into his arms and cried.  Because the failure time and time again does hurt.  I think it's okay to dwell in that pain for a time.  And then I came around and thought, you know, I get to try this again.  I was thankful that my husband and I are getting deeper and even more real with each other through this journey.  And one of these months, it will work.  It will. 


For all of us, I dedicate this song:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Gm1lVWXwEs&feature=related  It's not exactly my type of music (I'm really into techno right now!!) but I heard this on the radio in our teachers lounge and I feel like the song could have been written for our TTC journey.


"There's something to be said

For experience

Who knows what's ahead

Keep on going

If it all just happened overnight

You wouldn't know how much it means"

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Boots - Oh, I really wish I could give you a hug.  And not just hug2.gif, but a real hug.  I'm sorry for all that you are going through.  The whole situation with you job really does suck.  But maybe some time away from school and the other teachers will give you all a little time to recharge.  Just out of curiousity - any chance you could change schools?  As for the whole TTC issue, I agree with what Pitch said.  It is a hard journey, and let's be honest - it sucks sometimes.  So you have all right to be angry, sad, and however else you feel.  But, I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and that every journey teaches us something - either about ourselves, someone else, or just life in general.  I do wish sometimes that TTC had been easier, but looking back I truly did learn a lot about patience and faith, and it brought DH and I closer.  Plus, I might not have found you wonderful ladies if it had just "happened," and that would have been horrible!  Also, it makes that BFP when you do get it seem even sweeter... and you will get it!   In the meantime, come here to vent to us - we love you, and we understand. 


Pitch - I love dachshunds.  My parents have one, and she is the sweetest, most mellow dog ever.  You are right about them eating anything, though... I swear that dog would eat until she explodes.  She's on a pretty strict diet, though, since any extra weight puts strain on her back, and she already had to have back surgery pretty early on in her life.  And Nutmeg is my neurotic cat.  I have two cats - Spice, who can be pretty nasty when she wants and believes she is the ruler of the house, and Nutmeg, who loves everyone but is a bit crazy and has some attachment issues.  As for getting rid of the dogs/cats once the baby arrives, I'm of the mindset that the two can co-exist.  I think it'll take some extra work, but it can happen and be okay.  I'm a little worried about my cat Spice, since she tends to hiss at crying babies... but I've found a net covering for the crib to keep the cat out.  Oh, and I LOVE the song you posted... fantastic and so appropriate!  I'm generally not a big Amy Grant fan, but that was good. 

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Who wants to be threadkeeper in June? I am going to try to fix the code of the thread so I don't pass along the mess I created, but I'll need to pass on Boots' excellent instructions soon. I'll be away from computers May 24-June 5.

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Hi Val!  It sure does, I'm a Hokie from way back.  :-)


AF showed up this morning, so no baby for us this time.  Improved my LP to 8 days....still not long enough, improvement of one day.  crap.gif

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Thank you guys so much for being here and listening to me (that means you too, Taxi).
I've been up since 4:30 because i woke up thinking about this again I am going to go talk to my coworker who said these things this morning. I think she owes me an explanation. Then I'm gonna pack up some books, and various other weird things that teachers end up taking to school like a potato masher, hug/high five my kids, and go the hell home. I just need the strength not to cry at school today. I am so over it, pissed off, so hopefully that will translate to holding it together.


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