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I'm totally out of it.. I am going to try to catch up soon.  Today we're going to a friend's 1st birthday for her son, I was at his birth, so it's really important that I am there, but on the other hand being around all the children kind of makes me feel sad and jealous.  


I do have a list of my predictions, but I've searched all over my computer and cannot find it.  I know I posted it on a thread back in the day so I'll spend some more time trying to find it.  I'm doing pretty well on  predicting the 30 somethings, I think the only one I've missed so far (besides predicting ValH was having twins) is Meander.. I thought girl, but it turned out to be a boy.  I missed an IRL friend yesterday when I predicted boy and she found out it's a girl.  


So I'm still in suppression until AF comes (in the next few days).. then we'll start stimulation.  Also, I got a promotion yesterday.. which is exciting and unexpected.  From Senior Tax Accountant to Tax Supervisor.  I guess one of the partner's tried to block it because my overtime was low at the end of tax season, but this is when it pays to work for your FIL, who explained I had been out due to medical reasons (all the appointments for IVF) but he also did not disclose the IVF part.  I'm very thankful he was there to back me up.  


Sorry for the lack of personals and being ALL ABOUT ME.. I'll catch-up and join back in, AND WELCOME TO THE NEW GALS!!  

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fingersx.gif for all the 2WWers...and I'm glad to see that things are progressing well for you, Val and Tank!


Taxi, congrats on the promotion!


Hello to any of the new ladies I haven't yet greeted - I'm sorry, I can't remember!  But hugs to all of you!


Hykue, I can totally see why you'd find Gary Oldman appealing.  I hope you're not having too much trouble holding down the fort without DH.  I can't imagine tending a farm by myself while pregnant!  I just mowed our (stupid, huge) lawn (with the stupid, broken lawnmower our landlords left us) and cleaned the house, and I'm beat!  When will your DH be back?


Bootsie, it sounds like you're having a terrible time.  I'm sorry.  I really hope you can relax and enjoy your break.  As far as feeling like your body doesn't work properly, I am right there with you.  Before DH left, we decided to look into fertility testing in the fall, but I'm considering making an appointment for myself during his second trip to Alaska (July-Sept).  If there's something going on with my body that can be easily remedied, I'd rather find out sooner than later, you know?  The last time I saw my midwife, she said to come back in a couple of cycles if I wasn't pregnant.  That was in February...


I had a crappy week at work.  When I started this job (in November), I was training to replace an employee who was leaving, and I was told I'd get the same full-time hours, salary, and benefits that she'd been receiving as soon as she left.  She finally found another job in March, and I took over her position, but the company owner decided she "couldn't afford" to make me full-time or give me the substantial raise I'd been promised, despite my outstanding six-month review.  She kept me at 3/4-time on hourly wages (nevermind the fact I'm doing in 30 hours what it took my predecessor 40 hours a week to do...).  This week, she told us that everyone's hours are going to be cut (although she wouldn't give any specifics).  I'm so angry.  Now I have to look for another job, in one of the worst job markets in the country.  It's such a bummer, because I like this job, and I don't want to give it up, but I can't afford to keep working there if they're not going to pay me what they originally promised (which was a pittance to begin with).  Ugh!


DH will be home in 26 days...



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Caly, just had to remark that I'm a huge BSG nerd!!  DH and myself watched the entire series over the course of about 6 weeks last summer.  One night we both stayed up till like 3 in the morning, we were that addicted.  Seriously one of my favorite shows of all time.  And Starbuck is awesome.  Good news about DH coming home soon... I have such huge respect for women who endure long separations---ESPECIALLY while TTC!! 


Taxi, congrats on the promotion!!  I've often wondered how doing IVF jives with a demanding work schedule, but it sounds like you have some good support at your job.  Yay!!


Rosie, how are you feeling today?  I tested this morning (bfn of course) but I know it's too early.  Fingers crossed for you!!


AFM, I went to bed with a terrible stomach ache last night and it got progressively worse.  I woke up early this morning vomiting, with a fever of around 99*.  I've felt awful all day today, still battling nausea and a queasy stomach.  I've only had a banana and a few crackers all day.  Of course I panicked thinking about my fever, and hoping it won't ruin any chances of getting pregnant this month.  I'm 9dpo today, and most everything I researched seemed to indicate it's fine as long as fever stays under 101*. 


Part of me got really excited at the queasy sickness, and then I remembered that I'm an elementary school teacher and I most likely got some sort of virus from my students.  Although, I've made it almost the whole year without getting sick.  I don't even do flu shots and I've never had any sickness.  I've been teaching 6 years so hopefully my immune system is in pretty high gear. 


Think I'll stay on the couch for a while, then DH promised me we could watch The Young Victoria, which I've been dying to see.  (NOT his type of movie so this is a big sacrifice for him---I kind of enjoy being sick and pitiful.)  ROTFLMAO.gif



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Pitch - Woohoo, BSG for the win!  My DH and I stayed up until the wee hours the first time we watched it too (I watched it again this winter).  Every other episode is a cliffhanger, and you just can't go to sleep while the fleet is in peril!  Starbuck is awesome, but my favorite character is Gaius. I thought the actor who played him was amazing.


Sorry to geek out like that. orngtongue.gif Hope you're feeling better!

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Oh, and I give "The Young Victoria" a thumb.gif

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Piche - I'll throw my two cents in for the Young Victoria, it's a great film. I love the lead actress. Sorry you're not feeling well but it sounds like you're making the best of it. 


Caly - 25 days! :) The job thing sounds really frustrating. Is there an HR department or individual who you might be able to work with, to show the owner that she's going to lose her good employee if she doesn't treat you fairly? It's just bad business practice to make promises and not keep them. Then again, is the economy and business that bad that you believe she literally can't do it? 


Taxi - jumpers.gif for the promotion!!! Great timing and wonderful news. I'm looking forward to following along with your next IVF steps. 


Today I'm supposed to get ready for Italy. I leave on Tuesday and have no plans. I plan to watch a PBS documentary on the Vatican (or is it Nat Geo), and find a private tour guide to take me around Rome for a day or two. Might cost an arm and a leg but I'm now in quite the pickle. Other than that, the plan is to relax at my best friend's house in Naples, read books, and tool around in the pool. Their house is a villa on a hill with an orchard and a view of the Med. I'm *so* excited.

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Rosie, I hope you have an amazing time in Italy!  And if I were you...I'd sneak a HPT into my luggage. orngtongue.gif  Unfortunately there's no HR person/department at work - it's a very small company.  My clinic director has lobbied on my behalf, but to no avail.  The ownership changed about a year ago, and I really think the current owner has no idea what she's doing (she's an RN with no prior experience running a business).   I've asked the people who've been there longer if things are slow enough to justify cutting everyone's hours, and they said no.  One of my coworkers has been there for ten years, and she says that business ebbs and flows.  We're in a slow period right now, but things will pick up again.  So I don't know.  I'm just angry that I'm making $7,000/yr less than I was promised.  I need to get out of there.


AF started today.  She's four days early!!!  DH will be home in 19 days (I think I miscounted the other day duh.gif).  If this cycle had been a normal length, that would've put him here before O, but now we'll probably miss it.  AUGGGGHHH!   July will be our only shot this summer.

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Hey guys,

so sorry i haven't been posting, but i've been reading!


Val, yay for your little boy!


Fellow teachers, I have also had a really rotten year full of feeling disrespected by the admins...worse than usual.  Thank goodness for summer break.


Guys, thanks also for the condolences for Mici passing.  It was hard, but I'm relieved she's not suffering.


We went to drop off the stuff for the SA.  That was over a week ago.


Got AF at CD 26.  Now I'm on CD6.  I'm so, so perplexed about why it hasn't happened yet.  A parent told me some advice last week...and she has 4 kids.  She said I have to

claim it-like, "I'm GOING to get pregnant!"  I dunno.


Hope you all are well.  Will try to get back in the swing with posting better.



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Taxi - Congrats on the promotion!!!  I'm glad your FIL was able to stick up for you without giving out too much info.  Looking forward to following along with your next cycle, and hopefully seeing it end with a BFP.  :)


Caly - Yay for DH coming home!  My fingers are crossed that your O will hold off until DH makes it home for his visit.  And I'm sorry about your job, that stinks.  I hope you can find something to soon that will treat your right!


Pitch - I wouldn't worry too much about the fever affecting any pregnancy chances, as long as it stays relatively low.  When I got my BFP, I was pretty sick with a sinus infection and had a low grade fever for much of the 2ww.  Fingers crossed for you, and I hope you feel better!!


Rosie - Have a fantastic trip!!  It sounds amazing.  Take lots of pictures so we can live vicariously through you.  :)





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I'm 99% sure I'm out. Starting to feel crampy, saw a little brown clot this morning, and found a little spotting this afternoon. Just like last cycle. I'm pretty sad. I guess I am pleased to be able to live it up with chianti and espresso this trip. I'm avoiding packing and googling early spotting instead. TCOYF is making me think this is a luteal phase problem. 

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Rosie - How many DPO does your spotting usually start??

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9 last cycle, 10 this cycle. 

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Caly, boo!  I hope you don't miss the big O... one of the most frustrating things about TTC is getting the timing to coincide with LIFE.  Ugh.


Cath, yay for summer break!!!  I'm a big believer in positive thinking although it does not come naturally for me.  I think I've seen so many negative pregnancy tests that when I finally get my bfp it will seem like something ABnormal.  Maybe this break will be a good time to conceive.  I'm thinking several weeks away from the stress of the job will do wonders for us.  *fingers crossed*'


Val, thanks for the encouragement during my TWW.  It's not the easiest time for me.  I'm pretty scattered, and alternately daydream about being pregnant and feel despair that I'm not.  Trying to stay positive though.  :)  It's good to hear that your bfp came in spite of a little illness.  I'm still holding out hope...


Rosie, I think I may be out too.  Not because of spotting or anything, just a gut feeling.  Plus my temp tanked today, almost down to my coverline.  Definitely not a triphasic chart.  Sigh.  Have you looked into a LP defect and symptoms, etc.? 


If I feel like I won't be getting a bfp, I get very anxious to begin the next cycle again (should start Thurs).  This will be cycle #5 for us.   Everything looks pretty good on my charts, which is frustrating because I'm all, WHY hasn't it happened yet?!?  wahwahwahblaaaaaaaaaah irked.gif


PS---we LOOOOOVED The Young Victoria.  Seriously I boo-hoo'ed my way through the end.  What a beautiful story.  smile.gif

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Gosh, I've missed you gals sooooo much. I really, really appreciate having you all here to give me hugs and cheerleading during the last few weeks of school, which is always crazypants crazytown.

There are so many teachers here now! We're gonna take over the earth. Of course we also have our super-teacher-spouse Taxi.

I will take a moment to wax philosophical about our profession. There is a lot of crap to deal with (sometimes literally, lilac! extra hugs for you. Almost done!) But what Pinch said I think is the #1 reason that I love teaching: it's never boring. Time flies. You continue to learn and grow and face challenges professional and emotional. I have a lot of great kids, a lot of great coworkers, and mostly good admins. The last day of school when you're trying to get your crap packed up and you keep getting distracted by middle schoolers and former students coming up and hugging you, it really puts things in perspective. The bad apples try to spoil the bunch, but we can't let them. What Hykue said is right, as hard as it is, the kids are venting on you for the most part and it isn't personal although in the moment it's almost impossible not to take it that way. The way that I ran my class this year was SUPER sucessful. I had a majority of my students read 20 books or more, and so many of them said that they love reading. I should post my graph from my google docs survey. ha. Anyway, yes, we complain, we go crazy, but we wouldn't do it unless we loved and it there were some major rewards. I for one am not that much of a martyr! I miss my kiddos already, but it's cute, we made goodreads accounts just before we left and a lot of them are on there already. :) I get to teach the same kids 2 years in a row, so that's how I'm doing summer reading for my 7th-going-to-8th graders. Thanks again everyone for the support.

Pinch, Cath, and Lilac, how many more days! Did I miss anyone?


Caly, thanks so much for your thoughts and I was so happy to hear that you are finding some good in your DHs absence. I didn't want to be pushy, but when I was posting how good my doc experience was, I was hoping you'd notice and think about doing it sooner rather than later. Like I said earlier, I think you will be tremendously relieved to talk to someone about it who is knowledgeable and who will assume some responsibility for your care and your understanding of the whole process. If you need any extra support please please ask, I would not have even gotten to that appointment without Taxi gently prodding me via PM, and it was the best decision. xoxo. I'm also really sorry about your job. My first year of teaching was part time, even though I worked my butt off, it sucked and I ended up leaving that district because it became clear it was basically impossible for me to move to full time.

Regarding BSG, I still don't know who all the cylons are and I stopped being able to care! We got through almost all of the series but got fed up sometime before the finale. I keep thinking maybe we'll go back and watch because in the first few seasons we loved it and even used to go over to our friends house for BSG watching night. But I think I like my sci-fi a little less dark, with just a little more sarcasm and humor or something. This year, we watched all of X-files, and in desperation the last few months of school started watching Stargate SG-1, which we really actually like a lot, surprise! And of course Doctor Who!


Rosie, have a great time in Italy! Please find some ancient landmark to wish for BFPs on! Is this a vacation or business or something else?  Thanks for getting the thread fixed. xoxo


AFM, no changes to report, DH still hasn't done the SA, I am still waiting for results from my doc and it should be a few weeks before O. This weekend we went up near Sedona and took a four hour scenic train ride that was super relaxing. Did I already say that?

Today I have been soooo lazy, played a ton of sims, goofed around online a lot, had my yearly "forgot to enroll during open enrollment" conversation with HR, enrolled, made a dental appointment, and typed this. ;) I've got to go to the grocery and get some stuff, we are cooking some meals for our coworker whose husband is about to have major surgery in response to his second round of colon cancer. My house is such a mess, I hate to start cooking in it, but oh well. I'm also going to get a lot of fresh fruit and veg to start juicing again. And I ordered some super cushy new walking shoes so I should be able to start walking on the treadmill without my joints crying for mercy. My lung doc told me no outside exercize. bleh.




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Boots, it's so nice to see an upbeat post from you!  Yea!  It sounds like you're enjoying some much-needed "me time."  orngtongue.gif  "The X-Files" was my favorite show growing up, but I honestly don't think I'll ever enjoy another show as much as I enjoyed BSG.  And I didn't expect to like it AT ALL.  On a different note, I decided today that I am going to make that appointment tomorrow.  I was ready to do it today, but I didn't have a copy of my work schedule.  I did call my insurance company this morning to ask what they would and wouldn't cover (they'll cover testing and treatment for the "underlying causes of infertility" up to $15,000, but nothing that would actually cause pregnancy).  Are you seeing a regular OB/GYN or a RE?  Since I'm not happy with the midwife I've been seeing this past year, I was thinking I'd just find a new OB/GYN.  I assume any OB/GYN can do basic infertility testing...?


Rosie, I hope that spotting is implantation... hug2.gif


Cath, it's good to hear from you.  Hang in there!!!


Pitch, LOL!  "Wahwahwahblaaaaaaaaaah" is exactly how I feel about TTC at this point!


Good night and hug.gif to everyone else!




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Piche - Can I call yo piche? I hear "peesh" in my head while I read your name. :) 


Caly - Ugh, why does AF have to pick NOW to come early?!? Maybe you'll O a couple days later, and the timing will work out afterall? 


Boots - I agree with Caly, great to see your upbeat post. Lazing around is a good way to transition from school to Summer, methinks.


Two things are kinda killin' me. One, I chose our insurance from so many options. The survey of the options had "none," "little," and "some" infertility treatment coverage. The one I chose had "some," which apparently turns out to be $2,500. For diagnosis AND treatment. I guess we might be changing insurance next open enrollment season. DH believes that you can't be denied for pre-existing conditions for our insurance options. 


Two, DH told me he was diagnosed with "spermatocele or varicocele" in high school. That could impact fertility, could not, but man, I kinda wish he would have let me know earlier. :-/



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Hi ladies,

I'm just popping in to report I got a BFP!!! Woohoo! I've got to go to the docs today to start regular monitoring to make sure it's not ectopic. I'm super scared but hoping for the best,

goodvibes.gif to everyone! and Have fun in Italy Rosie!

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Rosie - My fingers are crossed that what you are experiencing is just implantation spotting.  But, if it's not, I can tell you from experience that the spotting can indicate a problem if it's consistent each cycle.  I would start spotting around 7dpo-8dpo regularly.  There are some things you can do naturally to battle that - I know a B-6/B-Complex vitamin can help some women.  The good news is that if that is your problem, it's super easily treated, and not too expensive at all! 


Boots - I'm glad to see that you seem to be doing better!  Enjoy your "me time!"


Caly - To answer your OB/Gyn v. RE question - yes, an OB/Gyn can treat general infertility issues.  I think if they find anything they feel they can't handle, they refer your to a RE.  At least that's how it works with my doctor's office - anything minor, they'll try to take care of.  If you aren't crazy about your midwife, I'd definitely find someone else.  I think finding the right doctor can make all the difference.


Ram - CONGRATS!!!!  Keep us posted.






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YAY RAM!!! Congrats on the BFP!!! 




Can I move you to graduates? (I'm gone in a few hours, so if you'd rather wait, tell June's threadkeeper!)

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