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Originally Posted by ValH View Post

Rosie - My fingers are crossed that what you are experiencing is just implantation spotting.  But, if it's not, I can tell you from experience that the spotting can indicate a problem if it's consistent each cycle.  I would start spotting around 7dpo-8dpo regularly.  There are some things you can do naturally to battle that - I know a B-6/B-Complex vitamin can help some women.  The good news is that if that is your problem, it's super easily treated, and not too expensive at all! 

Thanks Val, that's really good to hear. It definitely wasn't implantation, today is definitely CD1. Thankfully I went through the cramp stage last night. No sleep but honestly I think that makes it awesome...I'll sleep on the plane and won't have jetlag! Yesterday I was a weeping willow, but today I'm actually starting to get excited. DH promised to get a SA while I'm gone, and if I am close to identifying a resolvable issue (especially a cheap one!) that's encouraging. Do you know if there's a name or diagnosis for the early spotting? 


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Oh, wow, Ram, Congratulations!

I can imagine you must be scared, but surely that would be like lightning striking twice, right?  I am hoping so strongly for you that they find this little bean's location ASAP and that it's right where it's supposed to be.  Also, you certainly do seem to be a fertile couple!  I am so happy for you!

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energy.gifenergy.gifenergy.gifHAPPY HAPPY HAPPY CONGRATS RAMZUBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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CONGRATULATIONS RAM!!!!  joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif


Thanks for the advice, Val.  I'm going to call that OB/GYN as soon as I get home!

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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

Thanks Val, that's really good to hear. It definitely wasn't implantation, today is definitely CD1. Thankfully I went through the cramp stage last night. No sleep but honestly I think that makes it awesome...I'll sleep on the plane and won't have jetlag! Yesterday I was a weeping willow, but today I'm actually starting to get excited. DH promised to get a SA while I'm gone, and if I am close to identifying a resolvable issue (especially a cheap one!) that's encouraging. Do you know if there's a name or diagnosis for the early spotting? 



You're probably already on your way to an awesome vacation, but hopefully you'll be able to read this whenever you get back... it's my understanding that all the early spotting and/or short luteal phases all fall under the "luteal phase defect" diagnosis (but I'm not a doctor, I just play one on MDC).  My doctor didn't require any real pre-testing (i.e. CHEAP diagnosis), just a synopsis of my symptoms.  (I did end up having some additional testing -HSG- just to be safe, but I was already in treatment then).  The treatment was just Clomid, which was only like $20 at the pharmacy without insurance, even cheaper with.  There was some bloodwork after I started the treatment, but I don't remember it being more than a few hundred bucks, nothing extraordinary. 

That's great that your DH will get the SA done while you're gone!  Hopefully once you get back, you'll be able to get a real plan in place and get that BFP! 

Have a fantastic trip!!!!  :)




And once again for Ram - CONGRATS!!!!   I keep stalking, hoping to see a fun update from you about how everything is perfect this time around.  I'll keep stalking until I do see it, because I just know that little bean found the right location this time.  :)



Caly - Yay for calling the doctor!  I hope you can find a good ob/gyn that you'll be comfortable with and can help you find all the right answers.  :)


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Just poping in to say:
CONGRATS RAMBUZO!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
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Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

Talked to my doc and I go in Thursday morning where they'll test my levels and then I will come in every few days to make sure they're progressing as expected. As long as everything is looking good then nothing else needs to be done besides an early ultrasound to try to see if things are in the right place.

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Sending you sticky/healthy/happy vibes, Ram! goodvibes.gif


I made my appointment.  Of course they couldn't get me in until July 25th!  eyesroll.gif  Oh well - I guess DH and I will get in one more good try before I see the doc.


I'm starting to think AF hasn't really started.  I had a little bit of red blood yesterday morning, but just spotting since, and no cramping/PMS symptoms.   

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Caly: Hopefully AF is holding out so your DH can make it home for O! How's the job going? I know how rough it is in the Toledo area. We liked Ohio but moved for job opportunities, it's hard in the rust belt.

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Wow, congratulations Ramzubo!  I am so excited for you.  Hopefully everything goes along well and things progress as they ought to!


Today was the last day of finals.  Tomorrow is a field trip day.  Thursday and Friday are rehearsals for 8th grade and 12th grade graduations respectively.  Then graduation stuff all weekend long (its a private school and there are lots of EVENTS).   Faculty meeting next Tuesday and as long as my classroom is clean, inventories are done, and grades are submitted, then I will be done.  Getting close to ovulation, I think.  I am sort of hoping I will O this weekend.


My littlest sister is getting married on June 5.  It would be cool to tell the relatives all at the same time I was pregnant, but I don't think I will be able to do an HPT by then.  I liked the comment of someone a few comments back, I have to say it like I believe it "I am GOING to GET pregnant!"



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Hi all,


I just got the call from my OBGYN. Basically she told me I have diabetes. I am still in shock a little and huz's phone is out of power but he's on his way home. Both of my parents have type II diabetes and so I'm not too too shocked, but I did think it would be later in my life.

My doc was positive, telling me this is definitely why I haven't gotten pregnant, treatable, etc. I even blurted out "Should we stop trying?" And she said no, no reason to.

I think the hardest thing for me is going to be dealing with the stigma of "the obesity epidemic" and all fat people are unhealthy and eat tons of cake. Thankfully my GP is a chubby guy and does not lecture or judge. I guess I've never had a health issue before that I felt like I wanted to keep to myself so much. (That's why I'm telling in my invisible friends on the internet).

For some reason hearing this has made me question whether I really want a child. WTF? I don't know, I guess I feel like what if everyone my whole life has been right and I'm terribly unhealthy and gross and shouldn't have a baby with my 24-hour-cake eating lifestyle. I'm overstating this trying to make myself realize how absurd it is. I just don't want to become someone who feels that I will sacrifice everything to lose weight, I do NOT want to be talked to or think about having gastric bypass surgery and messing with my body that much, and still want to feel like I'm a person who takes care of myself and deserves to have a child. :(

More later.



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Ram, yeeeeaaaah!!!!!!!!  SO very happy for you!!!  Let us know how you're feeling and all the fun, juicy details!!!  joy.gif


Caly, I'm happy you have an appointment scheduled and hopefully will get some answers. smile.gif  July will be here before we know it.


Lilac, yippee for the end of the school year!!!  I have 10.5 days left and our principal expects instruction up until the very last day.  Sigh.  The kids are just SO OVER IT.  I am too! angry.gif


Boots, I know your diagnosis is a downer but at least you can move forward now.  (Trying to be positive here.)  I also understand the hesitancy with discussing it with people who might judge you.  Everyone has battles to fight and obesity is just a visible one, while many other people battle issues in private.  For many years, I battled my weight.  I'm 5'6, and for most of my adult life I weighed about 170-180 lbs. and a solid size 14.  When I turned 27, I started exercising and after about a year, I was down to 135 and I'm a solid size 6.  I've stayed at about 135-140 ever since.  The truth is that my body feels better now, but I was not a sick, miserable person before.  I guess I'm telling you this because no matter what size you are or how much you weigh, you are valuable and rare.  You deserve to be a mother.  Do not listen to any voice that tells you otherwise (including that annoying little one in your own head---just ignore it!).  You have such a kind, generous heart.  I believe you will have a beautiful story to tell when you are 99 years old with your grandchildren gathered all around you.  hug2.gif


AFM, just holding steady, awaiting AF.  Heard from my best friend today.  She has a 6-week-old baby girl and she's been great to talk to during our TTC journey.  She told me, "Once the ball starts rolling and you are pregnant, everything goes so fast.  I know how sickening it is to hear it, but enjoy this time.  Take it one day at a time."  Her words resonated with me and helped calm my anxious nerves. 


Love to all my lovely ladies here!  You are all such a treasure for me. 

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Ram - I hope to hear all of your test results come back okay!  I had to have the early U/S to check for ectopic too - blocked tube - when is yours scheduled?  fingersx.gif That everything is okay.  So very excited for you!! 


Caly - Yay for getting a doctor's appointment.  Maybe you'll get a BFP before then and won't need that appointment anyway!


Lilac - Woohoo for the end of the school year!


Boots - hug2.gif  I'm so sorry about the diabetes!  But I must say, I've known many good mothers that have had diabetes, and I've known good mothers of all shapes and sizes.  There's nothing that says you have to be in perfect health or perfect weight to be a good mother.  You have so much love to share, you will make a fantastic mother!  And now you know what the issue has been, and it's treatable!  That's fantastic and you can make a plan of how to proceed! 


Pitch - Woo-hoo for the almost end of school!  Not too much longer now.  And it's good that you have a friend that's helpful during the TTC process.  It's an emotional process, so having someone to help you keep it in perspective and calm your nerves is very helpful.  And of course, you always have us.  :)





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boots: I keep typing a response to you and deleting it because I can't seem to find the words that will express what I'm trying to say. I guess I just want you to know you're not alone in how you're feeling. I've been overweight my whole life and have spent most of it battling doctors and other "health professionals" who were convinced that overweight meant I was not fit and couldn't possibly be healthy. I'm still dealing with it now, with my midwife, and it's the one issue we can't seem to find a middle ground on.

Please don't let a diabetes diagnosis get in the way of your passion to have a child. You are so much more than that one diagnosis, and your baby will be truly blessed to have you as his or her mom. hug.gif
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Boots: Even as a selfish, thin, and somewhat judgmental teenager, I NEVER thought to myself that the mothers I knew with type II diabetes shouldn't have had kids.  I had a hard time understanding how it could happen, because I had such a fast metabolism and my parents did try to eat healthily, but it never even entered my mind to judge their fitness as a parent on that basis.  Also, incidentally, I know at least one thin person with type II diabetes too.  And although she does have a very poor diet, I can't imagine being harsh on her for that, either.  Her son (still a good friend, and my high-school sweetheart) wishes that she would change her diet for her own health, but he's never seen it as making her a bad parent or anything.  In his case, it helped drive home for him the importance of good diet, and he tries to eat more healthily now.  All of that to say, I think that your weight and whether or not you have diabetes (of any type) are non-issues regarding your ability or "right" to parent.  Also, it's normal to feel that way sometimes (at least, I sure hope so!).  I have wondered about my sometimes struggles with depression (which really is another illness with a stigma attached, I think, since people sometimes see it as something you're doing to yourself) and whether I should reconsider parenting (before I got my BFP, of course . . . but only because I haven't been having depression trouble since then).  Everyone has issues and struggles, and I think that recognizing your weaknesses and being willing to work on them makes you a better parent candidate.  People who think that they'll be the perfect parents because they have no flaws (or don't think about it at all) are bound to be pretty poor parents, I would think.  People who worry about their imperfections affecting their parenting and try to counteract that are bound to be better.  Thus, I feel that you will be a great parent, as you have demonstrated a high degree of said worry.  smile.gif

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Boots, you do want a child, and you definitely deserve to have one!  You're a wonderful person and will be a wonderful mother.  Diabetes doesn't change that.  hug2.gif

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First off:


flowersforyou.gifCongrats Ram! I really hope everything goes smoothly and life treats you gently while you start off on this journey!


Rosie, we are going to miss you and your crazy research. :) Have a fab time and hurry back to us when you get home. :) Thanks for being an awesome threadkeeper.


Caly, I am so happy for you taking the next step and seeing the doc. As I told Taxi around the time of my appointment, honestly it has to be so much better than I imagined, because I basically imagined a snaggle-toothed monster throwing things at me and calling me names. ha. But for reals, I hope you find a supportive caregiver.


Hey Tickletoes, I miss you! I hope that you are doing okay.


Lilac, you're so close! What are you dreaming of doing in your first week or so of summer vacation?


I'm feeling better about things for a few reasons. I talked to my parents and did some research online and it really looks like my numbers are more pre-diabetic than anything. My gyno even said they aren't bad and many docs might not treat them, but from her perspective, I want to get pregnant, so metformin would be a good first step. The more I get to know her, the more I like her. She is a realist, and I hope that when I do get pregnant I will find her care just as reassuring. She says of course it would be ideal if I could lose a ton of weight, but that's not realistic and I want to have a baby so that's what we're going to do. As I said, as both of my parents are diabetic I was aware this could be coming, and I've actually become really careful of my diet for the most part, not out of purity of spirit but because sugar and too many carbs make me feel lousy. So anyway, I think things might've been a bit overstated but as I said from the perspective of TTC it's best to treat it with drugs ASAP so that's what we'll do. It is also good that my hormone levels are all normal, I have been O'ing apparently. Most of the info I can find about insulin resistance and ttc is about PCOS and women who don't O. That isn't me, thankfully! Going to keep looking for relevant info.  Appointment is Thursday at 1:45 with GP.

Oh, the other reason I am feeling better is because you guys are awesome. biggrinbounce.gifI'm sorry I've been so rollercoastery lately but I really appreciate your perspectives and sympathy. And nobody telling me to shut up. ;)

Pinch and Val, I really appreciate what you said about judgment and kind of bringing me back to reality.

I love that you said that even as a thin judgmental teenager you wouldn't have thought that, Hykue! I have had some hesitancy about depression and heredity, too. But it is what it is, I guess. That's my principal's favorite saying. That and "It's a zoo."And worry being a good indicator for parenting, ha! haha.

Livingsky, I really appreciate what you shared. I am so sorry that you've had so many bad experiences with doctors and now your midwife is still disagreeing with you. Actually, as much as I fret about it, I have had okay experiences with doctors about my weight, actually. My mom has had worse, so I think a lot of my fear comes from that. I really hope you are feeling cared for by your midwife! You probably have, but have you seen this?


I wonder if you could share that with her?


Poor huz tried to go for his SA this week in the morning before work. He did his duty, took his boys in a cup and kept them warm, and drove about 20 minutes away only to be told he needed the doctor's order which for some reason we can't find, all we had was the instruction sheet. I need to call my OBGYN and have her fax the lab the order or something, I guess.

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Big Congrats, RAM!!!!  Hope everything continues to go well.  thumb.gif


Rosie....I struggle with the same thing, I start spotting at 7dpo and am into a full period by 9dpo.  If you want to chat in detail about what I've tried, just message me.  (Not sure how to do that, exactly, but I'll figure it out.)  I started acupuncture this month to address it, 3 months of western herbs and B6 just didn't help me, so I'm on to Chinese medicine.  I don't have infertility coverage until it's been a year, so I'm trying everything else in the meantime. 


CD8 here, just glad to be rid of AF today, especially since we're going camping this weekend.  I have to go out of town for work alllllll next week, so I was relieved to find out that I get back the night before I ovulate.  Woot!  I was really afraid we'd miss it this month. Really hoping we get preggers before the fall since being hugely pregnant in the south in the summer really isn't on my to-do list.  it's like the surface of the sun here in July/August/September. 




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Hokie - I'm with you on it being like the surface of the sun... but I think it may be worse here in NC because of the humidity.  I feel like I'm swimming when I go out to my car right now, and it's only May.  Should be a fun summer!

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Thanks Again to everyone. Had my appointment today, they tried an ultrasound but too early or course. I have another one in a week which the promise me they'll know by then.


Val: When was your early ultrasound? The one next week is only a little over 5 weeks so I'm not sure they could tell and by 6 weeks last time the tube had ruptured.


Boots: Most of my family is diabetic and have all managed to have at least 2 kids. My aunt who's been insulin dependent since a teenager even has the most. Hopefully they'll be able to help you out and get you on your way to a bfp. Weight has nothing to do with who deserves a child, there are good parents of all sizes and people can buzz off if they don't agree.


We're off camping for the weekend, hope everyone has a good memorial day!

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