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Okay, Firefox let me edit the thread. Lilac - your chart is up there. Pitchounette - Do you want to add a chart link or your age?


I'm buried in work. Will come back in full force when I get the stat project turned in!!!

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Hi Ladies!!!! Long time no type!


Sorry for my lack of appearances, but things have gone from bad to worse at my job. We had lost two people the middle of last year, and then was able to hire one replacement, who said he could start the beginning of March, which would leave him with enough time to sell his home and move, but then a week before March, he says "Oh now it will be April"...so he started recently...and then another person left! So we're back to square one. Buried under piles and piles and piles of work. AND training this new guy, while the girl who is leaving (a girl who had a LOT of responsibilities) hands off all her work too. **On a side note, she's leaving because her husband basically kidnapped their daughter and went out to Colorado to "try out a job" and then called her up and said 'We're not coming back'. So she had to pack up their house and drive it across the country twice, just to be with her daughter. Her husband is a total scumbag and she's tried to divorce him multiple times, but he uses the little girl as bait...so so soooo sad. She's not going out there with a job or anything!**


So anyone have a Cliffs Notes version of what I've missed??


I scanned over the posts for May, and I see there are some newbies! Welcome!!!!!! And yes, I did use PreSeed and GFJ and got preggo that month! I'm a believer!!!! And a pusher...LOL...But temping and OPKs make it a complete package. I felt like if I did everything right enough times, it would work. Turns out I finally got it "right" on month #4, since I caught my O day, which is earlier than average. I'm 12 weeks pregnant today! I got to actually HEAR the heartbeat last Friday at my 4-week check-up! That was awesome!!!!! Beating at 156 bpm...my friend who is pregnant with twin boys and due 3 weeks before me is thinking this baby is a boy. I still have about 8 more weeks until I can find out though...I'm scheduled for my NT scan next Friday and I'm going to ask the tech to make a gender guess :)


I need to go do some chart stalking!!!! I haven't been on FF much (if at all) since my free trial ran out...bummer...but now that I have some charts to look at, it will make me happy!!


Love and BJ to you all!!!!!!

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My DH is heading out this weekend for a guys camping trip.  One of the guys going on the trip has a new baby with his wife and I was appalled when I found out he's going on this trip---and leaving his wife and new baby alone on Mother's Day.  Seriously?!  My DH gently reminded me that not everyone is as "family-focused" as I am... which I chose to take as a compliment.  winky.gif



Hi Rosie!  Yes, please add my age (I'm 30!) and my chart link is here : http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/344ab7



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Well my temp is still on the rise.  FF still hasn't given me an "ovulation detected" on it.  Does that turn off when the free trial ends?  Just today in the "learning portion" that pops up to teach me how to use FF it talked about putting the red vertical line to show "ovulation detected" and the read horizontal line to help me visualize the before O temps and the after O temps.  I have to go back 10 years to find my planners from back then when I at least kept track of when my periods came (my mom was a calendar keeper for AF and such things and had me keeping a calendar once I got my period as a kid).  I think it was pretty normal for me to go 35 to 40 days on a cycle which will make for an interesting TTC time for my husband and me.  I am CD 30 and it doesn't feel like my period is coming yet so I don't figure it will be here until next week, unless I got pregnant.

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Went out and bought some home pregnancy tests.  DH and I made an event of it by going together.  I could tell he was nervous and I was pretty apprehensive as well but I had seen the prices for the "fancy" HPT at the grocery store and well, I am not paying 10 to 15 dollars when I can buy one for a dollar that has the same sensitivity for HCG in urine.  If my period hasn't come by Sunday morning, I will take one just for fun.  We will just have to wait and see.  So far quesy, bloated, and breast feeling "fuller" and not fitting as well into my fitted dresses are all my "symptoms".

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Welcome Pitchounette!  wave.gif It looks like your around the same cycle time as me so I can have someone to obsess with.


Lilac: I'm thinking that the red lines on FF disappeared after my trial ended, but I'm not sure. I know my calender lost my ovulation prediction days after the trial ran out. When are you planning on testing? Its been a while for a BFP here and I think we're in need of one. 


AFM: Still waiting for the OPK to give me that positive smiley face should be sometime soon fingersx.gif

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Weird, FF is saying "service unavailable" right now.  Woke up without an alarm (love the weekend!)  Temp is still up. 


I am planning to test tomorrow morning.  I will see if am going to be a mother on "Mother's Day".

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Just saying hi, hope everyone has a good weekend!

End of school year is crazy! Just nine more school days!
Waiting for AF to start, gotta go in for blood tests on CD3.



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Hi ladies!


Cristini - Thanks for stopping by! Sorry your DH's ex and and work are causing stress. Where's Taxi, we need a gender prediction! 


Boots - I just did a bit of stalking, and it looks like AF is late? Am I forgetting something you posted earlier?


lilac - Good luck!


pitchounette - Looks like we're close to being cycle buddies. 


Ram - I hope you have a nice GSB visit. ;)


AFM - I'm writing a term paper and procrastinating by chart stalking. Temping this cycle is interesting. I'm obviously going to need to get the hang of it, because my temps look kind of wild. 

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Hey Rosie, my cycles are often 36 days, but this does seem a little late, but I recently had a 43 day-er. sigh.

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Funny thing with the charting (since I started late in my "cycle") - today was the 3rd day of "high temps" and it said I O'd on Wednesday this week.  Yeah, I think I missed the early low temps then the jump to high temps.  I plan to take the home pregnancy test tomorrow just for grins and chuckles - Dollar Tree had them for a dollar and they are supposed to be sensitive to 25 mIA of HCG so I will just wait for my FMU tomorrow and check it out.  If not, maybe AF will show up this week.


Still quesy this morning.  I felt like throwing up when I was at church this morning.  Not fun.


Just read through the Natural Family Living workshop #1 on Preconception, pregnancy, and birth.  I want to have a homebirth with a midwife because I hate hospitals, needles, and being hooked up to machines.  I already know of a midwife in the area that I like so hopefully once I know I am pregnant my due date will be available.  I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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Hi all!


Our computer crashed right before we left on our trip to Hawaii, so I'm trying to catch up, but super busy with work too.  Thanks for the advice about going ahead and doing stuff.  I didn't end up surfing (but only because it was all reef breaks and not sandy breaks, and I didn't want to get myself all cut up like DH did), but I did go to the top of Mauna Kea, and AF did arrive the day we left.  Some day I'll get pregnant, right? whistling.gif


Pitchounette - welcome!  I like your name orngtongue.gif  - does it have a special meaning for you?  I love the French language.


Lilac - The free version of FF should still give you red crosshairs, but it usually waits a couple of days after O to post them (just confirming the temp rise and other signs I think).  Mine seem to come in 3 days after O usually.  I like the free version just fine, but my cycles are pretty regular.   Fingers crossed for you!!! - I will be back to check tomorrow.  I'm ready to see some more BFPs.  I would love to have a homebirth with a midwife too.  Wyoming (where I live) just made it legal for lay midwives to assist in home births, so hopefully that will give a few more options. 


Rosie - Thanks for being threadkeeper.  Could you add my chart?  It used to be there, but somehow disappeared.  http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2cf989


Hi to everyone else - hope you're all having relaxing weekends.


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Well I woke up, caught some FMU, left the catch until later when my DH woke up, then did the HPT.  It was a BFN.  I got excited for a minute when I saw a line that I thought was in the T area but there was just the control line, not the test line.  FF says I shouldn't test until May 23 based on my temp chart so I will save my other HPTs for later.  Still a "high" temp today but it was a empty circle likely because it was later in the morning when I took it.

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Just popping in to say hello to everyone.  Boggles, I'm really glad you enjoyed your trip to Hawaii!  Good luck with the term paper, Rosie.


dust.gifto all, and a little extra for Taxi.

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Hi everyone,


Welcome pitchounette! 


Hey Caly! Glad  you stopped in!

Boots, you're so lucky to be out soon! I have 7 more weeks! I hope the lateness is for a good reason!


Rosie, Ramzubo, Taxi!  Hey!  Lilac, boggles! Howdy!


Cristini, so good to hear your update! Thank you!


afm, 3dpo, got a nice big gsb smiley on day 13 just like last month.  DP goes in for SA on thursday.  crossing fingers!


Happy Mother's Day to you all because you are all earth mothers and have mother spirits!love.gif






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Thanks for all of the lovely welcomes!  Boggles, my name is a French term of endearment that my grandmother uses.  She is quebequoise and I actually teach French, so it's a family thing.  wink1.gif  Sounds like you had an amazing trip to Hawaii!  We took a trip to Paris in mid-March for spring break, and while it was a fabulous trip---it totally screwed with my cycle.  irked.gif


Ramzubo and Rosie---I should O sometime in the next 3-4 days, so we are all pretty close.  smile.gif  Last cycle, DH and myself BD'd *4* nights in a row because I was so focused on catching that egg.  By the 4th night we were both really out of it and I kind of hated myself for being so obsessive.  This time we're going to wait until I get a +OPK.  I've been confused as to timing, since I've tried to go by my EWCM signals and yet I have EWCM for several days.  I'm just paranoid about missing that egg.


Boots, I'm a teacher too, and we have 23 more school days!!!  I normally love my job but the next few weeks are going to be a real test of my character. 


Lilac, I'm also very interested in using a midwife.  Funny thing is that DH is more concerned about not being in a hospital than I am.  Might take some convincing, or else I'll sit him down with a few good medical articles I've found and then he'll just give in.  Ha!


Cristini, I am actually sipping on a big glass of grapefruit juice (Ruby Red!) right now.  Honestly it's not my favorite but the things we do to conceive!  Add that to almonds, pineapple, sweet potatoes and weekly yoga and there's got to be a BFP somewhere in my future.... wink1.gif



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Catheleni - fingers crossed for your 2WW.  I ordered some GSBs since everyone has been saying they're so great.  I've never really had a problem with the internet cheapies, but I'm also not pregnant, so who knows!


Lilac - was checking on your test, boo for the BFN, but then I reread your post and realized you just O'd on Wednesday, so tons of time left.  No harm in practicing though!!



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Took a test to be sure, but it was BFN. Okay since I was pretty sure and got an x-ray earlier in the week.

Caly, how are you? Thinking of you, you are not alone! You still belong here even if you have to wait longer in between tries.xoxo


Rosie, let me know if you need any help with the thread. I can have my huz look at the source code, too. I had to have him do that a few times over the last few months.


Hope everyone got through mother's day without thinking any negative thoughts. I had a few creepers..."I wonder if I will ever be anyone's mother..." but I tried to smash them straight away. Gonna go say Happy Mother's Day to our graduates in their thread now.




9 days of school! I know I already said that, but 9 days! Sorry you have so much longer, Cath! If it's any consolation, it's already over 100 degrees here!



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Just wanted to say HI to everyone and let you all know that I'm thinking of you guys and sending lots of baby dust your way!  Love you guys!!!  :)

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Hey guys.. We are all mother's so I say happy mother's day! 


Thanks Caly for the extra dust.. I really appreciate that!!  And Boots, you can get through the next 9 days!!  You can do it!


Hi Val and welcome Pinchounette.. I also went to Paris but I went in December because my parents live there.  I love that city so much.. and some of  us here know that my New Years wishes on the ARC d'Triomphe got them pregnant!!


I think I might have ovulated, but I have this cold and I'm not sure.  I brought a test to work to keep checking.  I just want to get started!!


Love to all on this fine Monday morning..




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