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Awe, lilac, sorry for the temp drop. You're not out yet. 


Hykue! Hi! My you have been incredibly busy. Will you share pictures of your greenhouse? I am determined that we will put one up next year, plastic with metal arches, if I can salvage the materials. I want to grow seedlings but I want to grow a LOT of seedlings! Did you follow a specific construction plan?

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Hey - since I have vented so much in this thread about the 2 1/2 month visit from my MIL, I just wanted to announce that she left yesterday - yay!!  I will miss her, but it will be so nice to have my house back.  And, she's only gone to Seattle, so at least she's still in the country for now.  So thanks for listening to me vent over the past few months, and making me feel normal for feeling the way I did. 


Hope everyone is having a great week. 

hug2.gif  Lots of hugs to those who need it.

dust.gifAnd a ton of baby dust all around. 

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broc1.gif Yay for freedom! Clean house, clean dishes, less clutter, and alone time for you, DH, and the little bean you've got in there (probably not so little anymore). I'm happy for you Val!!!


I'm supposed to O on Sunday, given an average cycle, but I peed on OPK #2 this morning and it is noticably darker than yesterday's. The ends of the line are the color of the control, although the middle is a little lighter. I'll pee on another one this evening, but I assume this mean O is coming early. Which is GREAT! DH is leaving for a conference Sunday, so if I O tomorrow it'll be better timing. Plus, O might be early enough so that I can test before flying to Italy!!! I *really* don't want to be in Italy not knowing if I'm pregnant or not. DH is pretty soundly against even wine drinking during the TWW, and he's soundly against me testing while I'm there. 

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WOWSERS VAL.. that's a baby in there!!  love.gif


All the greenhouse and gardening talk from Hykue and Rosie makes me really sad that we have a condo with only balconies.. I guess when I'm finished paying off our IVF, I'm going to save that money for a place with a yard!!  We're growing morning glories and sunflowers in pots..


It's so nice to see Hykue, Femmi, Tickle, Shell.. I miss you guys!  Birdie is out there and so is Bel.. I just know you can see this guys.  winky.gif


Caly- I hope you're ok.  I'm sure you're missing DH - is there anything we can do?  I like Shell's idea of visiting us in California!  You are welcome to visit anytime.  Actually, my door would be open to ALL of you.  Although, Shell lives in an area that is much more beachy and cool.  orngtongue.gif


Have you ever been so bored that you're too bored to motivate for anything??  I ovulated and now I have to wait until tomorrow for the appointment to start my second round of IVF.  Then I even have to get AF again before we forge ahead.  This is like being in an infinite TWW.  whistling.gif


My plans for the summer?  


2. Study for the CPA exam

3. Work

4. Play Golf

5. Win the Father's Day Golf Bonanza (there's a trophy)

6. Pay off the IVF biglaugh.gif


How I got my name.. well, I was born 3 days before Christmas and the Christ(add ending here) names were popular then.  orngbiggrin.gif



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How did I get my name?  Well, I don't know why my mother let him, but my dad named me after two of his former girl friends.  I love the meaning of my name even with its odd beginning.  My names mean "strong" and "woman". 


Off to go to an end of school year concert.  The seniors have been playing recorders using the theme of star wars.  Man, it hurts the ears.  Glad it will be over today.


Nothing "flowing" yet.  Just have to wait for my temp tomorrow and what will happen.

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Happy (almost) Friday everyone!!  I've got the itch to start a garden this summer but I feel so inept.  I've been supporting our local urban garden and buying anything I can that's grown there.  Maybe this summer I can do an herb garden (start small).  As for other summer plans, I would love to take a roadtrip, pretty much anywhere---east coast, west coast, gulf coast, I don't care!  smile.gif


AFM, I'm 99.99% sure I O'd last night/ early today.  Took an OPK early this morning and it was VERY dark positive.  I don't normally test in the morning (since apparently you can get false positives) but I just felt semi-crampy and thought I'd try anyway.  Then I tested again at 3 pm;  it was lighter this afternoon, and I called DH to rush home and BD.  I kept still afterward and ended up falling asleep for almost 2 hours!  When I woke up, I thought I'd try my BBT just out of curiousity---and sure enough, it was up almost an entire degree.  My guess is that I O'd sometime very early today, but my fear is that we waited too late to catch the egg. duh.gif  Just my gut feeling.


Then I found myself obsessively researching the timing of O and how long the egg lasts, etc etc.  So many different theories and it's quite tedious.  Honestly this cycle has been so strange, I'm just trying to be hopeful.  Sigh.  The final word will come tomorrow morning when I temp.  Until then... baby dust to everyone!

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Hi all...five days until this madness is over.


I am on cd I don't even know, like 43. This happened once before. I have felt PMS-y for WEEKS. Taken several tests and all BFNs. Frustrating because if CD3 bloodwork falls on one of the last days of school, I might not be able to go.

I'm so frazzled. At this point in the school year, I hate anyone who says they're tired. Oh really? Not me, I am just bursting with energy.

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Ack! Sorry it's such a tough time from all angles. Are there any 24-hour or open-late labs that will draw blood for you and send results to your doc? So you won't have to miss it? I had long cycle the first month I was here and went a bit batty about it (10 days "late and ne'er a BFP). I'm sorry you are in limbo. :-/

What happens after the last day of school? Are you free of obligations for a while?

AFM - pos OPK yesterday but same temp today. I'm eagerly awaiting to see how my temps change overthr next few days. Meanwhile DH and I have been enjoying each other.
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Knock knock.. hello??  wave.gif  The last post here was at 5:42 this morning according to my computer... 


You can do it, you can do it, you can do it BOOTS!!  Hang in there 4 more school days left!!  biggrinbounce.gif


Lilac,  biglaugh.gifyour mom must have known she was the ONE.  I'm also ROTFLMAO.gifthat the seniors are playing recorders.. I remember those from when I was in elementary school - I think my dad threw mine in the trash after I chewed off the piece that you blow into.  whistling.gif


Little Cabbage.. not sure where you live but a road trip sounds awesome.  I love driving places just to see them.  I've been thinking a lot about that lately, especially since DH off work coming up at the end of May.. do tell us where you decide to go.


VAL - flowersforyou.gif You deserve these for being the best DIL on the PLANET.  You did it and I think that you'll be so happy that you had that time to spend with your MIL.  One day, it will be really clear how the time you spent means so much!


HYKUE.. XOXOXOXOXOOXOXO.. DON'T BE A STRANGER.. I don't care how many baby goats you have to attend to.. I MISS YOU.  Ok that was my selfish moment, AND I really loved the story about the goat giving birth to her babies unassisted.  THAT IS AMAZING.. NATURE IS A MIRACLE.  I'm happy to be a part of it.  love.gif


SO I ovulated.. and it was confirmed at my RE's office.  So on Sunday I start suppression - then comes AF, then comes stimulation and we're on our way to making a baby.  FINALLY.. we're moving on.  



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Temp was up a little this morning.  Would BBT change much if I have less covers on when I sleep at night?  Backaches and crampy feeling but no AF.  Come on already!  I want to get onto the next cycle.  I am 9 dpo according to fertility friend.


It has been so hot here the last couple days in Michigan.  80 degree un-air conditioned classrooms is for the birds.  


Boots!  I hope your last few days fly by.  Next Monday to Thursday is review for finals than next Friday through the following Tuesday is final exams.  I can hardly wait for things to be over for the school year.


Yeah, Taxi, my dad (may he rest in peace) had a list of the girls in high school that he wanted to marry.  My mom was number 3 on the list and the ONE he married.  Funny really.  I love my names because their meanings are special to me.  Also, Taxi, the recorders were a throw back to this graduating classes first "musical" instruments in 4th grade.  They played so well all dressed up like star wars characters and playing the star wars theme.

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Lilac I went to chart-stalk and found that somehow I dropped your chart from the front page. I will fix that (but when I get onto a full computer).


Woohoo for ovulating Taxi! I'm pretty excited in anticipation for you. What do you have to do for suppression and stimulation? Shots? Meds? 


AFM - I got excited that I would ovulate early due to a one-side cramp yesterday and a darker OPK. Looking at the OPK progression it definition got darker then lighter, but it's not as pronounced as last month. I hope I see a temp spike soon. 

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2whistle.gif oh hey guys,


I've missed chatting but I've been keeping up...good to see you guys who just checked back in too....hykue, shellhawk, femmeknitzi....

lilac, pitch, it's good to get to know you guys a little better...

rosie, thread is lookin good....

ramzubo, val, caly, hey!


taxi, so excited for you.  had second trip to fertility clinic today to help DP drop off SA...MAN are there a ton of people there! women and couples of all walks of life!  it made it feel pretty common!  hoping for you!


boots, so glad school is over.  i bet CD3 won't be on a school day.  i just bet.


AFM, sigh....dropped off SA today.  Just waiting.  Am swimming in cats and kittens, so much so that I really don't know where to put all of them.  We need fosters so bad.

The family I care for and about at school....the Scotts...got an eviction notice yesterday, and DP and I are going to help them remedy their damages in the apt.  They have so few life skills and are such a mess...but how can we let them get evicted?

And Mici ( my cat with cancer) passed away Thursday after I got home from work.  I am sad.  As you might imagine.  But I'm glad she's not suffering through medications and all anymore.


So.  Wishing you all a lovely weekend and lots of baby dust!dust.gif


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Hey all. Looks like a bunch of us are in the 2ww, rosie, lilac, pitch. I'm 4dpo and just kind of hanging out. We're going to be gone camping when AF is due so no stressing over testing for me.


Our summer plan is to go at least every other week to the beach for picnic dinners. I love the coast, but it gets so busy on the weekends. So as long as I pack the chairs and a to-go dinner then I can pick dh up straight from work and head out there for a couple of hours.


Yay taxi for Oing! So this means next month will be the baby making part right?


Cath: hug2.gif sorry about your kitty, but yes at least the pain is over. And good for you and dp helping out the family, that's what so many people need just a little help to make it. We need more animal and human rescuers in the world!

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Just a quick post before I get back to cleaning my house... MDC is great for procrastinating!


Taxi - Yay for O-ing!  I'm so glad you are able to move forward to the next part of the process.  I really can't wait to celebrate your BFP in the very near future. 


Boots - Yay for the end of school!  I'm sure you will be relieved to have a nice long break. 


Cath - So sorry about your cat.  I understand how difficult that must be.  hug2.gif


I'm having cat issues, though it's just behavioral.  Nutmeg, my neurotic cat, has always had issues with peeing outside the litter box, but antidepressants have helped.  Well, now not only are the antidepressants not working, but she likes to poo outside the box occasionally too.  The vet seems to think it has something to do with the relationship with my other cat, but they've lived together for six years.  We kept Nutmeg in our bathroom most of the night last night, with her own litter box and no one to bother her.  She did fine in there, so we've let her out.  But now she's hiding under our bed and won't come out.  I'm sure she misses MIL, too, which probably isn't helping matters - they're inseperable when she's here.  Any suggestions on how to handle the not wanting to use the litter box issue would be welcome!  Both DH and I are getting pretty frustrated.

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Hi Cathe! Thanks for stopping by...I'm surprised you could type clearly without kittens trying to typ for you. How many are running around? Can you share pictures??? I can't help but reflect that your life sounds REALLY full. Kittens, mourning your kitty, helping your school family, SA and RE offices, wow, there's a lot on your plate, with a lot of different kinds of emotions to go with each. Bravo for keeping it together and putting so much of yourself out to help others (be them human or feline!). 


Ram - Beach dinners sound lovely! Do you have a picnic box? That's on my list of things to find for myself one day. On our recent family vacation there was a beautiful teak picnic chest that I fell in love with. It had a compartment for everything and little leather straps to keep everything from jostling. I'll see if I can find a picture. It's not great for camping though - that thing was probably designed for rich safari-goers who didn't carry anything for themselves. As for the 2ww - good luck! I think I'm not actually in it yet. :-/


ValH - I didn't see your new profile pic til now. As taxi said, wow you've got a baby in there! I forget, are you going to find out the sex/do you know already? Are you getting kicked yet? Sorry about the cat issues. Do you have more than one litter box? I assume you're not changing the litter yourself due to pregnancy, so is it being cleaned less often than it used to be? Having you MIL leave is probably a significant change, but it'll probably fade over time as long as your kitty doesn't learn a new habitual behavior, I'd think?


AFM - I think I jumped the gun thinking I would O early. Took an OPK on Wed, negative. Took two on Thursday, both were darker but not darker than the control (just like last month). Took two Friday and they were lighter than Thursday's. So I expected a temp rise today. Nope. I googled wondfo OPK positives, and now I don't know what to think. I'm telling myself "patience, see what happens with the temps." But into my mind is creeping "maybe I'm just not ovulating at all." greensad.gif This is what DH would like me not to worry about, but I can't help myself, it seems. 

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This cycle on the left, last cycle on the right. Sorry, they're in reverse order. The 4/12 5PM is what I called positive last month, it was CD19.





The pic below (and the discussion thread on thebump.com) is making me think I'm not really getting positives at all. I'm not sure how LH hormone works. Does it always surge, but have to get to a certain level to trigger ovulation? That would make sense with the instructions to count it as positive ONLY if it's equally dark or darker than the control line. What say you?




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I have to share. Recently I stopped guarding the fact that we're TTC, and have been talking to my mom and my best friend's mom about it. My mom took a couple years to get pregnant with me and a couple years with my brother. My best friend's mom took over a year with her first, I'm not sure how long with her second. Both of them told me gently (when I was doing a bit of whining about no BFP) that I might want to start charting my fertility. I giggled and said thanks, I'm starting to temp, and I have been using OPKs.  Both of them are utterly JEALOUS of tools like fertility friend and OPKs. 


Mom also told me, "They say you need to relax."  ...a pregnant pause... Then she followed up, "Sooooo hard to do!" 


Ah, how the things I can bond about with my mother change over time. 



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I am no help on the OPK's although with the second picture (I am assuming from thebump.com) looks obvious that the "test" line is darker than the "control" line.  I would agree that the 4/12 looks "positive" in that it looks as dark as the control line.


AF seemed to have come this morning and then stopped flowing by the afternoon.  Kind of weird.  My husband asked me "Is that it?"  I don't think so but nothing much has happened into this evening. 


About the cats, my DH says, "Is outside an option?  Maybe the fresh air will entice the feline to attend to her elimination in the litter box."

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I'm sorry for the bit of flow lilac. Was a real flow or spotting? 


I know I should just be patient and wait my temps out, but any chart stalking would be welcome. No temp rise today. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2e52aa



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AAAHHHH!  I just lost my post!  AAAHHHH!



I'm too lazy to retype it (sorry!), so I'm just going to give everyone one big, generalized grouphug.gif.  My fingers are crossed for all the ladies in the 2WW!


Thanks to everyone for keeping me in your thoughts.  I'm doing well.  I was pretty miserable for a week or so after DH left, but I've gotten into a routine and am beginning to enjoy having the house all to myself.  Hykue, when does your DH have to go?  Thinking of you and sending an extra hug2.gif your way.  At least you have lots of critters to keep you company!  Taxi and Shell, I appreciate the invitation!  If only I were independently wealthy.  I'd spend all my time traveling!


Cath, I am so very sorry about your kitty.  hug2.gif  Good job getting DP to do the SA!  I hope it yields some useful information.


Rosie, I also recently stopped hiding the fact that we're TTC.  I'm not announcing it to the world, but I'm not making a big secret of it either.  It's comforting to hear about your mom's experience - sometimes I feel like I'm a freak for "failing" to get pregnant after a year of trying.  It's good to be reminded that it just takes a while for some people.


After so many months of obsessing about my cycle, it's weird not knowing what CD it is!  I'm considering taking the entire summer off from charting, OPKs, and the like since DH will only be around for one cycle anyway.


Did someone ask about names?  I was named after one of the actresses who starred in "Charlie's Angels" (one of the brunettes - I'll let you guess which one).  My parents weren't obsessed with the show or anything, they just liked the name.


Here's another fun/silly thread question: Do you have a celebrity crush?  I feel like I'm too old to be mooning over celebrities, but I've been watching "Dancing with the Stars" and have totally developed a crush on Ralph Macchio, who (maybe not so coincidentally) bears a striking resemblance to DH.  Boyish, big dark eyes, sweet/kinda dorky guy = totally my type.



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