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Woke up this morning to full fledged flow.  Yep, I am definitely AFing now.  It will be interesting to see how my chart goes this month since it is my second cycle without birth control pills.


It is cold in Michigan today!  Just the other day i was contemplating turning on the AC!  Crazy!


Here is my chart again for putting up on the list


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Finally got my period last night, CD45. I have just felt crazy, I'm serious. I left a class saturday in tears when my coworkers were giving me shit about not doing enough for our kids/team. OMG, I feel so overworked, I just broke.

So tomorrow I am going in for my CD3 tests, hormone levels and glucose/insulin. I hope that it is right because my flow has been really super light and I'd almost call it spotting. My nipples are super itchy which is driving me crazy and I've never had this before.

Only 4 more days! See if any of the adults at school will be speaking to me by the end, or vice versa I guess.

I don't know if it's just the end of the year or hormones or both, or if my depression is flaring because of both. I feel like I'm sinking into myself further and further. I just want to be alone.

Caly, I'm glad you're feeling better and enjoying some alone time.


I am sorry to be so depressing :(

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Boots, I am so sorry.  You can make it 4 more days.  If you need to avoid the adults and deal with caring for the kids, do it!  You know that you there for the kids.  You give your all and you will continue to give your all until the end of the year. 


Each day brings us closer to being with a baby in our arms. 

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Boots, I'm so sorry for the crappy stuff going on with you.  I know that TTC is extremely stressful, then coupled with a stressful job like teaching can sometimes send the best of us to the edge.  I teach little kids, and I get especially frustrated when I see absent parents and I think, "Wait a sec.  I actually *want* a child, why is it not perfectly easy for me to have one?"  It can be tough, but I agree with Lilac, you can do it!!  (I have nearly 4 more weeks left with my kiddos---it's like teaching a roomful of squirrels!)


Lilac, the flu is awful!!  I hope you feel better quickly.  Do you take prenatal vitamins?  I've found that since I started my prenatals I've actually been sick less, and even my allergies seem to lessen.  Good luck with your charting---it is very informative.  :)


Caly, I like the thread question!  My celeb crushes are usually foreign men, especially Brits.  Hugh Grant, Clive Owen, James McAvoy... it must be the accent!  biggrinbounce.gif


Rosie, I've been very guarded with telling our friends we're TTC.  I've told my older sister, since she has 3 little kids and she has been a wealth of information.  We're very similar with our body types and we even have the exact same allergies, so I've received some good info from her.  Haven't told my parents or DH's.  I've told one friend at work, and that's about it.  I think people wouldn't be surprised to know we're TTC since I'm 30 and we're both crazy about kids. 


Cath, I'm sorry about your cat.  greensad.gif  Are those your pets in your profile pic?  Cuteness!  We have 2 dogs, a dachshund and a beagle mix, and they pretty much rule me completely.  I don't know what I will do when I lose either one; it's too difficult to contemplate. 


Taxi, yay!  You are on your way!!  Are you still charting to see if you O'd, or did your dr do a special test to see the follicles?  I'm fascinated by the IVF process.  My best friend did IVF and wound up with triplets after 4 years of TTC.  She has severe endometriosis and her dr said IVF was a long shot.  Two embryos implanted and one of them split spontaneously, hence the triplets.  Really a very inspiring story and they are over the moon with those babies. 


Ram, we are both in the TWW and it's getting a lit-tle rough already.  I'm only 3 DPO.  Rawr!!  How's it going for you??


AFM, I was very concerned that I missed my ovulation date and had the whole thing timed wrong with BD'ing.  But as it turns out I think I ovulated on Thursday since I've had high temps the last 3 days.  Yippeeee!!!  I still had a somewhat funky cycle so I'm not getting my hopes up for this time, but at least I know I still have a shot.  Trying to keep the glass half full etc. etc. 


Baby dust to all of you wonderful ladies!! 

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Thanks for the support everyone. Needed a little Sunday night boost.

Pinch, what grade do you teach? How little? Four more weeks? Yikes. If we waited that long in AZ we'd all be cooked alive in our classrooms, despite the AC.

I do love my kids and I'm having a pretty good time introducing my 7th graders to Goodreads. The 8th graders (and the 8th grade teachers) I'm just kind of done with at this point. I hate that we have this big dance and promotion ceremony, I think it's kind of stupid and makes a bigger deal of completing an 8th grade education than needs to be made in a neighborhood with a 50% drop out rate. There's too much social crap crammed in at the end of the year and no time for teaching. I am just bitter because I hate chaperoning dances and serving food, yuck.





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Boots -  hug2.gif I'm glad you're going in today for your tests. A bit of time away from school plus a bit of forward progress on baby-making should be good. I'm so sorry you're overwhelmed. I've been there, and it feels like the darkness won't ever end. It does.


Pichounette - I'm with you on the "yippee" part. DH left last night and I was sure I would have a low temp this morning. It went up .4 degrees and FF gave me a coverline and an ovulation date. That make me pretty gleeful. :) It's a dotted line though, so FF it's *sure*. Me neither, but I'm glad it thinks I O'd! 


Caly - I am a fan of Jake Gyllenhal's. Wirey and scruffy is usually what does it for me. Like the guy from "Voice"! 


Lilac - Chart is up! 


All - As a side note, the first post is really screwy (because somehow I screwed it up!). If I change anything, and then click preview, the table falls apart. I think the June thread will need to be re-started from Boot's beautiful April, and I'll contact the administrator about link-dropping.


I'm at 3DPO according to a dotted line on FF. 



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Rosie – It’s still odd for me to think that there’s a real little person in there, but the pictures help, and the kicks… LO is getting more and more active!  As for finding out the sex, we haven’t made a decision yet.  We have it written in an envelope, but still don’t know if we’re going to open it.  We’re supposed to make a decision by Wednesday.   We do have two litter boxes, which I’m not cleaning.  I think DH does a pretty good job of keeping them clean.  Not sure what Nutmeg’s issue has been.  Knock on wood, the weekend went well, so maybe it was just a fluke.

Glad that you are able to bond with your mom over TTC!  As for the OPKs, I’ll be honest, all the guessing and interpreting lines drove me crazy.  That’s why I switched to the digital smiley ones.  Based on your pics, I would have agreed with your positive ones interpretations. 


Lilac – Hugs about AF! 


Caly – Glad you are feeling better!!


Boots – That’s horrible about your co-workers.  Makes me want to punch them for you.  While I hate that you got AF, I’m glad you get to start with the testing! 



Hi to everyone else!  Got to run to work.

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Lilac: Sorry AF showed up. It took a couple of months after birth control for my cycle to get regular. I think about the 3rd cycle was when it went back to about a 28 day cycle.


Boots: hug2.gif Geez it sounds like you are way overdue for this summer break! Good luck with your tests.


Pitch & Rosie: 6 DPO and I haven't started imagining symptoms yet, yay go me! My temps have been really screwy this month and I was nauseous for the last couple of weeks, even before I o'd so I don't know what's up?


For Caly's Celebrity hunk...hmm the only one who popped in my mind right away was Daniel Craig (best James Bond ever!) guess I like a little British accent too. If I was stuck in the U.S. I'd probably go with Matthew McConaughey , I mean how can you not like a man who plays the bongo drums nude?!

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Wait, what about the bongo drums nude???


I plan to test at 10DPO and 11DPO, because I'm flying off to Italy without DH 11DPO afternoon. He won't let me test while I'm there, for ten days! I'm all giddy because FF gave me my first crosshairs (even if it's a dotted line). 

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Lilac, I'm such a moron!  I totally read your message a few posts back as "flu" instead of "flow".  Duh!!  Flu, flow, I guess they are both huge bummers when TTC!!  heh


Ram & Rosie, I'm trying to be good and hold off obsessing.  Of course I say that and I currently have 2 other tabs opened as I'm googling TWW symptoms.  But nevermind that.  winky.gif


My temp took a nose dive this morning.  So much so that I re-temped to make sure.  When I put my number into ff, they gave me a hateful message about "no longer being sure about O date" etc. etc. and then took away my beautiful red crosshairs that I was so proud to have displayed.


I'm only 4dpo which is probably too early for an implantation dip, but possibly it's a secondary estrogen surge.  Who knows.  I'm really put out with my body right now. 

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Cath, I missed the post about Mici. I'm so sorry she's gone, but I am glad she's not suffering. It's so great you are doing rescue work and soak in all that kitty love. I read a great book about pet grief once and I took away from it that continuing to share love with more animals is the best way to heal. I have found that to be true. I really hope you find enough fosters. We've fostered twice (kitten seasons) and each time we end up with another family member. ha. If my four ever settle in and accept each other, I might try again but my track record is not good at letting go! 


Rosie, you are right it felt good to take a moment away from the work routine to go make some progress towards babymaking. I also was impressed that my OBGYN took a minute to come in and talk to me before my bloodwork. I am really liking the feeling of this office, and although she isn't the kind of caregiver I ever imagined myself doing well with, she is proactive and it feels SO good to have someone in my real life besides huz really CARE what is going on with my body, cycles, etc. I was so scared to get a doctor involved, probably the chickenest of all who ever roamed this thread, but I am so glad that I did. I thought I would feel worse but I feel better, so if anyone is still on the fence wondering if they should talk to a doc after trying for awhile, I say do it. Like I said, I'm super-sensitive, was terrified and it was a great thing even for me.


Val and birdie, big hugs...Birdie, yay for that heartbeat! We love you guys over there in the I'm Pregnant thread and we hope more of us will be joining you soon.


Today is huz's b-day, poor guy, he had to go pick up his own birthday thai food, I'm wiped. but I do have a surprise Tres Leches cake from down in the barrio for him. :) It was funny, I'd never been down to the market there, I was nervous I wouldn't be able to figure out protocol or I'd see kids and I was in a bad mood. But there was a young Mexican guy with a smart phone who has obviously been sent on the bakery errand by mom or girlfriend, and he and I were equally clueless and we got each other through it. ha.


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Boots - It gives me a lift to hear about all the goodness coming out of your doc visit, and that it's a boost. biggrinbounce.gif


Happy birthday to your huz!

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birdie - Yay for the heartbeat!!!


Boots - Happy b-day to your DH - hope you both had a great day.  And I'm so happy to read that your experience with the doctor has gone well.  It is scary talking to the doctors (my issue was that I would cry everytime - kind of embarrassing), but if it's a good doctor it is so worth it! 


Hi to everyone else! 

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Just a quick hi to everyone! I don't usually have time to post with you ladies but I AM keeping up with reading and thinking about you!

A big HELLO to all the new folks, and lots of dust.gif to everyone!
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Pitchounette:  My cycles nearly always had temp drop around day 4 or 5, sometimes below the coverline.  It confused FF.  I was still O'ing on the first date, I think (I had mittleschmertz that told me when I O'd most months.


Caly:  My celebrity hunk is an odd one (I only know two other women who think he's hot, and everyone else thinks I'm totally crazy . . . but I know they're wrong).  Gary Oldman.  Swoon.  He's not only attractive, with those incredibly intense eyes, but he's also a fabulous actor, capable of portraying anyone from a coked-up murderous pimp (in True Romance) to Beethoven (Immortal Beloved) to a creepy sexy vampire (in the classic Bram Stoker's Dracula).  Oh yeah, and Sid Vicious.  Also, the psycho cop in "The Professional".  And, had I seen the Harry Potter movies, I would have realized he was also Sirius Black.  smile.gif  I just found that out now, when I looked him up to drool.  He ends up playing unattractive characters pretty often (most notably the pimp and the cop), because he plays crazy pretty well.  But he's still drool-worthy in my opinion.


DH left day before yesterday.  So far, I'm doing okay.  I'm feeling pretty hopeful in general, and about this summer.  We get better at this separation thing every year, we gave each other lots of extra cuddles and hugs before he left, and I'm planning to keep busy, because there's still a lot to do.  Unfortunately, on that note, I gotta go!


Hugs everyone!

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I'm going to attach 3 pics of some of my flowers that are on my computer.  The majority of my recent garden flower pics are on my cell phone, so I'll have to attach them (months ago I believe Hykue and others asked me to post some pics of my orchids. Again, mostly on my phone, so I'll attach those after I post. 


Hey, it's suddenly telling me I don't "have permissions to create attachments"    WTF, I've attached pictures before!  Cuss.gif  Obviously a bunch of ladies previously attached their vacation photos......  Anyone know what's going on with this?



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Can you upload, instead of attach (square button two to the left of the paperclip)?

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P1000235.JPGP1000238.JPGGreen orchids P1000229.JPG

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Are those orchids OUTSIDE? If so OMG I'm jealous of your climate. One of my neighbors has an incredible bed of irises. They are smaller flowers (2/3 of a hand, instead of a whole hand in height?) and the same color as the one you've posted. They look BEAUTIFUL!


The extent of my ornamental gardening is a bed full of six-inch tall zinnias and cosmos right now. Other than that, only veggies and accidentals. I'd really like to expand, especially a meadow of wildflowers if I can swing it.


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