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i used my one stick left in the fertility monitor, it was neg but a dark line, that plus the cm and the fact that i o'ed on day 21 last cycle means i think i'm set to o sometime this weekend...

i started night weaning last night.  not necessarily due to fertility concerns, but it was more than i could take lately.. i woh and she has kept me up all night long.  no plans to wean totally nor to stop cosleeping though.  i feel like the meanest mommy in the world, though.  she's not happy to not get to nurse when she asks, but she was just as chipper as could be this morning.  i still feel guilty.  :( 


marinak.. when i got pregs each time, i noticed WAY more mucous.  every time.  like right after conception, before bfps.  also, i noticed dd nursing more b/c my supply (even though other people have sworn that it can't happen this way) was falling.. she was trying to build it back up. 

i HOPE that is what's happening for you!


fingers crossed, harmony and everybody else in the 2ww!

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CD7 for me and nothing exciting happening. I decided to use the CBFM again this cycle. I'm hoping the extra acupuncture, extra supplements and extra herbs move my O up! I'd be happy with an O no later than CD20....


Anyone testing in the next few days? A few BFPs would be nice to see on this thread :)

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I met with the RE this week and learned a few things I didn't know about charting:  10% of charts that show thermal shift no egg was released and in 10% of no "shift" charts, ovulation occurred.  Go figure.  I'm having acupuncture and taking the herbs from the TCM doc.  So far, so good.  I have much more and much stretchier eggwhite this cycle than I've ever noticed.  Because of the tests this cycle, we're waiting to BD until next cycle.  No sense risking problems with all the semi-invasive testing.  I am so glad to have seen my ovaries on ultrasound, though.  They look hard at work maturing perfectly good eggs... and DH is recovering from all last months' BD.nod.gif



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Hi everyone!  I haven't posted in the forums for awhile--I've had my hands full with DD (13 months) and going back to work full-time in January, so serious pangs of guilt kick in if I spend too much time online!  But I just wanted to be put in the 2WW...it's really exciting following everyone's stories.  And congratulations to all the pregnant BFing mamas!


So basically my story is this:  DD nightweaned at probably 6 or 7 months---we gave up on cosleeping at that point  :(  so she was off to her own room and crib.  Still no sign of AF, not that I was anxious about it or very eager to conceive again.  I pumped until she turned a year, and at that point I randomly bought some soy and began taking 100 mgs at night.  I did this for 3 nights in a row (there was no rhyme or reason to my method, just a desire to bring on AF some how, some way) but experienced terrible heart palpitations and figured if God wanted me to be pregnant He would make it happen on His time, not mine.  HOWEVER, several days later I began experiencing tons of EWCM that I hadn't seen since DD was conceived in April 2009!  I was so excited but OPK was negative for days.  I was getting lots of twinges around my ovaries and everything seemed to be pointing to impending O.  After several days of this--and one day having to go back home to change my pants because I had so much ewcm that it soaked through!--I went to the doctor because it was just too wierd.  I didn't know if I'd ovulated, hpt was negative, I just couldn't figure it out...he did another test that was - and told me to come back in 2 or 3 weeks if I still hadn't gotten AF.


A couple days later I randomly did the OPK and it was very, very positive!  The next morning the results were the same, we BD'd and now I'm waiting to see what will turn up.  That was about five days ago.  I did HPT on Friday (bc I'm CRAZY) and of course it was negative.  I don't feel any different except very bloated, but that's been going on for weeks.  Boobs felt very full and nipples were tingly and extremely sore for two days around O but that's it.  Don't know if that's a bad sign...


So I don't know if the soy brought all this on, or the fact that I stopped pumping at the end of April.  I still BF in the morning and whenever she wants when I am home, including all day on the weekends.  When I'm off this summer, I will BF all day...


Keeping my fingers crossed!! 

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Updated to here!


Harmony - I'm with you, just waiting for AF...I don't think there's much of a chance for a BFP either.

marinak - same here!

hildare -  I hope you're busy making babies and not checking the board (if you do O this weekend like you predicted)  smile.gif   (I love how it's not inappropriate to talk about strangers' sex life on TTC boards, lol)


carmen - I hope everything that you are doing makes this your cycle!

jaronsmom - I didn't know about the 10% margin of error thing, although it makes sense that temping wouldn't be a perfect science.  Yay for hard working ovaries!  lol  I hope next cycle is all it takes to get a new bundle of joy!



AFM:  I'm 11dpo and totally broke down at 9pdo AND 10 dpo and POAS blush.gif  the 9dpo test was definitely BFN, and the 10dpo test was invalid.  It took all my willpower to NOT test this morning.  It's weird, because I was pretty sure I was PG last cycle, and was afraid to test.  This cycle, I'm pretty sure that I'm NOT PG, but cannot stay away from those tests!  LOL.  I really want to take one of my FRERs or CBE digis, just to ACTUALLY POAS, instead of the PIAC I do with my ICs....but I can't waste a test on a known neg.   Anyway, much luck to everyone!


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laneybug--  hoping those are all very positive signs for you!!! 


bugglette-- i do the same thing.  i can really burn through some 3 packs of pg tests.  why why why do we do that?  and.. it's pretty much ok to discuss my sex life any place any time.  i'm not the most reserved of mamas ;)


well, can you move me to 2ww?  i'm not as hopeful as i could be, we were just plain exhausted to bd as much as i would have liked.  however, we're on day 3 of nightweaning!!!  and it went so much better last night.  we all actually got sleep!  only one very brief but intense period of crying.  i don't feel like that is such a big deal as it's not cio- we still cosleep. it doesn't seem to affect her daytime behavior, so i know this is the right move. even if we don't make it happen till next cycle, we're moving forward. 

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Wow!  Sooo many posts for the month of May to catch up on. :)


Congratulations to all of the BFPs this month so far!!!  What a great month to have a BFP. :)


This month has been very stressfull and sad b/c my Dad died.  We had the last service and I yesterday I decided to take (another) OPK and it was +!!  This is really a big deal b/c I have low LH and have been taking sups for it, and still waiting for that PPAF (dd2.5yrs old).  So...I am really hoping this will be the month.  I have never had a + OPK before, just faint lines, but this one popped up right away. 


So, lots going on but who knows? :)

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I'm sorry for your loss sraplayas hug2.gif

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Originally Posted by carmen358 View Post

I'm sorry for your loss sraplayas hug2.gif

Thank you, carmen :)

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sraplays, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. 


The bright positive sign for ovulation is nice to hear about though! I, too, never have luck with those ovulation detectors. They never work for me until like 30 minutes before I ovulate. So, not so handy... :)

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I'm new to MDC and TTC while nursing, so forgive me. 


I got my first PP period about two months ago and have had nothing since. I'm on CD 69 today with no signs of ovulation. Has anyone had such a long first cycle? Or, is it safe to assume that it's gone away again? My son (18 months) picked up nursing a tiny bit after I got my period, although not a lot- once more a day every few days. 


Good luck to everyone! I love seeing all the BFPs! Gives me hope!

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Updated to here!

hildare - I'm glad you are making such great progress with night weaning!

sraplayas - I am so sorry for your loss!  Congrats on the + OPK, I hope this is it for you

imavera - WELCOME!  I was not tracking my cycles when I first got them back post-DS, but I have varying cycle lengths even now (3yrs later), my last cycle was 135 days (O on CD120), this cycle I O'd on CD 33.  Were your cycles pretty regular pre-DS?   It is very common to have long irregular cycles when you first get AF back and/or while nursing.


AFM:  12dpo today....aaand that's about it :)

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New here too. I am so excited to have found this forum. After lurking for a few days, I am excited to finally introduce myself. I have a 17 month old DS who still nurses about 5-7 times in a 24 hour period (2 night wakings...down from 5ish a month ago, through no work of my own : ). DH and I are on Month 4 of TTC and I'm currently 9dpo. I've been using the CBEFM each month and keeping notes on My Monthly Cycles.  After 3 months of well timed BDing  I went and had CD3 bloodwork drawn. All normal...even my prolactin. My LP is 13-14 days, which it was Pre-Pregnancy...and my cycles are between 34-38 days...a tad longer than pre-pregnancy.  I hope everyone's stay here is short and sweet.

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sraplayas, so sorry for your loss :(

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Yes. I just did a 7dpo pregnancy test. Obviously it was negative! LOL! I am ridiculous for even trying. AHHHHH! 2WW is the worst! 

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sraplayas , sorry to hear about the loss of your father.  I can't imagine what you must be going through right now.  I hope that you have something very positive to look forward to very soon!! 

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sraplayas, I'm so sorry for your loss. I've actually been there. My father passed away over three years ago and ten days after his funeral I found out I was expecting. I was due 4 days after what would have been his next birthday. Our son is named after my dad. Praying this will be your month.


AFM: We aren't using any birth control. So we are just waiting to see when God blesses us again. I'm confused though. My baby was born in September, in November I had a period and then the beginning of January I had another. Then I didn't get anything until the middle of April when I had light spotting for a few days. After that I had really sore nipples for about a week. Any thoughts? I've taken a couple tests and they have been negative.

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Sraplayas, so sorry for your loss. hug2.gif

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CD 8 here....my temps are kind of oddly high, but that may be because DS keeps waking me up an hour earlier than usual.  I've been going back to sleep and temping at the usual time, but maybe I should just move it back. shrug.gif

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Hi all!


Sraplayas , am sorry for your loss. ....


Please, remove me from the list, I am not ready for pregnancy now. And please pour some cold water on my head, because apparently am going crazy. Each time I take a pregnancy test (no matter which brand), am getting evaps... within the time limit... But am sure they're evaps since they're gray, colorless, looking like a dent sometimes. I had beta HCG 20 days after dtd and it was <100. It was on May 4th and before it I thought I was pregnant since I had all symptoms. Some time passed and I was spotting for 2 days (not much and pink in colour) on May 17th and 18th and spotting (some more, also pink) on May 23rd. I thought that would be my first PPAF but I guess it doesn't count (or does it?). Maybe some of these spottings were during my first ovulation. My ovary hurts. Maybe there is something wrong with my hormones. I checked TSH and there was a huge change. I don't know what is going on.


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