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I haven't been visiting this forum in a while, but I have learned a few things from last cycle that will let me chime in on a couple of questions. My dd still wakes up a few times at night and I never get close to 3 hrs before temping in the morning, but I'm still getting a thermal shift and sometimes my temps are so consistent they will be exactly the same for days at a time, just as they were before conceiving so it is worth trying even if you have interrupted sleep.


Also, I gave up the nightweaning about a week after my first pp ovulation last cycle, but even though we are nursing again at night, I O'd on cd 24 this month which is only a few days after my old normal, so I guess the difference was taking the vitex (or maybe it was just time?).


On sore nipples- I experienced very sore nipples a few days around when I o'd this cycle. Then, after the temp shift it went away. I guess it was the hormones, so maybe  the sore nipples could also be from ovulation and not just pregnancy/AF.


I think we did a better job timing the bd, so I am looking forward to POAS this weekend. Right now I am 7 dpo and feeling good!


Congrats to all the BFP! and good luck to all of you.

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Oh, I guess I'm here now.  lol.  Been a while since I've been on MDC at all, but I finally agreed to stop preventing.  (DH had decided to stop preventing long ago, but I wasn't ready, LOL).  And I'm still not "ready" ready, so we're not really "TTC" (as in charting ALL signs, timing intercourse every other day like clockwork, etc.), but we'll just BD whenever we both feel like it.  Maybe a baby will happen, maybe not, but I'm okay with either way.  :)


New to the group.  My chart is here.


And I am currently waiting to O.

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aimeebaby, that's really helpful to me, what you posted... hope your poas is a bfp! 

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Updated to here!


jaronsmom - I'm glad you are taking the time to take care of yourself; you deserve it!

Harmony96 - Welcome back!!  I look forward to getting to know you better!


Update on my sister - She was in the ER last night because she started bleeding; beta was 100, US showed poss threatened PG. she has an appointment for follow up beta tomorrow, but she started passing clots this morning mecry.gif  @ approx 5 weeks



Also, I KNEW I was about to O, but had to finish my knitting project first...and of course I stayed up so late that we didn't DTD and I had a pretty big temp spike this morning and my CM had dried up duh.gif    We did DTD right after I took my temp, and I KNOW that once your temp rises it's too late....but I can't help having a little hope, which I know will just make it harder when AF comes greensad.gif   I just keep thinking, but if I O'd late yesterday, it's still possible...I mean, I felt some O pains at about 1am (when I was getting in to bed shy.gif) so if it was O, we DTD only 6.5hrs after!  Tell me I'm crazy so I won't get my hopes up!!


I might as well post a pic of what made me stay up so late....and if any of you are a FB friend of mine without either of us knowing, this pic will surely out my identity!  Lol.  It's my first knitting project since before DS was born, so it's been THREE YEARS!  I think I did a pretty good job!  It's a stuffed goat for DS...and it was practice so I could be confident knitting up a storm for all the ladies I know who are about to have little babies on their hands.  Without further ado, "One" (named by DS):


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Oh my gosh Bugglette, that little goat is so cute I wanna cry!! Love it!


You are fine, I think... 6.5 hours after the spike is still within the 24-48 hour time period the egg is good for! Let's hope for a BFP! :)

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Bugglette--That goat is adorable!  :)


AFM:  I never had any more bleeding or spotting since Saturday so I'm not quite sure what that was...  I had some pretty good cramps on Monday evening and was sure AF was finally going to show with full fury but nothing...  VERY strange!  Anyway, I'm going to start temping in the morning so I can have a full week of temps just in case that was AF and I am gearing up to O...  Is it possible to have a little bleeding and spotting PP for no apparent reason? help.gif


I'm so stinkin confused...  LOL!  And here I was thinking that since I've been pregnant once it would be easier to know the signs the second time around...

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Thanks for the welcome!  That goat is SO CUTE!  Big :hug for your sister.  Hope you still caught your egg!


So, the thought of baby #3 is terrifying to me for a lot of reasons, lol, so I probably won't be doing too much active talking about my cycle and other events, but instead more about the "big picture" of my thoughts and fears and hopes and stuff.  Even so, I am a little bit excited about the possibility.  We're meeting a midwife on Wednesday so I think the whole process might feel more real to us after we meet her.  She was the MW I'd wanted for DS, but I never even talked to her on the phone back then.  Just through email, she told me that she had something else going on in DS's due month and wasn't taking any clients.  So I picked someone that she sometimes works with, and I liked her, but my close friends who I've spoken with who have used both have told me they like my first choice better, so DH and I are going to meet with her and see how we click.  At least three of my close IRL friends who were pregnant the same time I was pregnant with DS are now pregnant again, and also countless online friends, so I have a lot of "peer pressure" going on, lol.  (And two of those friends are using the MW I want to use). 


In other news, I started that Couch to 5K plan last week,  and that's been fun.  I forgot to stretch the first day and my calves hurt so bad that for the next three days, I could barely walk.  That was the last time I forgot to stretch.  :p  I run back and forth in the length of our apartment, and DS (19m) just laughs at me.  Yesterday when I was running, DD (4) was following me and said, "This is a fun game, running back and forth!"  lol.  So if I don't get pregnant this first cycle then I will for sure be able to at least complete the program.  And I don't really think it will happen in one shot, anyway, since both DD and DS took 3 cycles of actively trying and this time, I'm both older and also NOT actively trying (although some people will say that not using protection IS trying, haha), but just doing whatever.  So since I'm reasonably sure that it will take a while, that is helping me be okay with going forward with no protection, lol.  But, if it DOES happen the first time, then some of you will have to come over and scoop me up off the floor because I will have fainted away, lol. 

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bugglette: I LOVE the goat! So cute :) I haven't knit anything since DD was born! I'm sorry about your sister...I hope she is doing ok. And I also think you still have a chance at a bfp :)


grapesbunch: I think spotting can be common before the first ppaf. Then again, I'm starting to realize everything is "normal" during the pp time!!


Afm: I went for my 7DPO progesterone test earlier today. I'm not sure what I'm hoping to see but it's done now. I'm having the longest cycle I've ever had in my life! I've also decided to attempt nightweaning DD starting this weekend. I feel like it's time to at least try. I'm back to work in July and I need more than 2 hour stretches of sleep to function at work. I'm scared and a little sad but I also feel confident that it's a good thing for all of us. I haven't felt this way re: nightweaning before so my gut tells me we're ready.



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Bugglette I love the goat too!!! It's so cute! I'm holding out hope for you this cycle, it sounds like you DTD quickly after O, so it's possible that you caught the eggy.
I'm so sorry about your sister's loss... hug.gif I hope she is surrounded by support from lots of people who love her, and she can find peace and a rainbow pregnancy.

Carmen good luck with the nightweaning! I hope your DD finally starts sleeping longer stretches. DS nurses a lot through the night but we definitely have lots of days of only 1 or 2 nursings so we do ok.

Fingers crossed for BFPs for everyone waiting to POAS. fingersx.gif

AFM - I think I'm about to O, I'm a little crampy and have very full boobs - I think my milk supply goes up around O time. headscratch.gif
I'm going to try and jump DH tonight. orngtongue.gif
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I got my progesterone results back already (love the new online ehealth!). It was really low...4.4. Which I believe is borderline "maybe something happened." I'm imagining it's because I O'd so late. I'm bummed but I guess I should expect it....my LP hasn't been longer than 9 days.

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Thank you everyone!! grouphug.gif


GrapesBunch - There are lots of reasons for non-Af bleeding.  Maybe you just had a VERY light AF; or it could have been estrogen induced breakthrough bleeding, implantation winky.gif, maybe Ovulation bleeding...    Are you still temping?


Harmony96 - We are here for any kind of support!  There are so many emotions that one can have when thinking about, not preventing or actively attempting conception.  I [re]started C25K last week too!  I always seem to fall of the wagon once it starts getting hot here (I'm an outdoor 'runner'), this time though someone gifted us their old treadmill and I am intent on following the program to the end!  ...just have to move it out of the garage, lol


carmen358 - I'm sorry your progesterone was not where you wanted it.  Good luck night weaning!

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Oh, does anyone know why FF would give me an open circle on a temp that was taken at normal time?


ETA:  It was because I selected "sleep deprived" under the specific tab lol...

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Bugglette, the goat is sooo adorable!  I am always so amazed of other people's talents!  I hope you still caught that egg and I'm sorry for your sister's loss. Just joining the thread this month I don't have the background but I get the impression she's been TTC for some time.


Harmony, good luck with the midwife!!  I delivered in a hospital with a Dr. with DS and while it was an awesome experience I would like to have a midwife next time I think.  Maybe the time to contact one here would be when TTC too!  They get really booked up!


AFM - I'm going to start charting again and just needed to post it here so that I actually start!  I'll start today with everything but temps and will try temping tomorrow.  This will keep me honest.  lol.  I'll try to chart all indicators but will have to see how temps go and think about the best time to take them as DS wakes up pretty frequently during the night.  I don't *think* it's at regular times but I've stopped looking at the clock because it makes me crazy so maybe I'll just have to start paying attention again!



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GrapesBunch, in looking at your signature, is your baby only 4 months old or 21 months?  Because if she is 4 months, you may very likely not have your PPAF back yet.  I had a weird spotting kind of PPAF the first time, too.  Second PPAF was more "normal."  If she's 21 months old, who knows what is going on, unless you were successful in your TTC attempts, maybe??? :)


Harmony96, it seems to me it is never a great idea to have a baby unless both partners are 100% on board.  What are your reservations?  You probably have a lot of really good reasons for not wanting #3, and that is FINE!!!  What about #3 does DH want so badly?  Two children in a family is a lovely and wonderful thing.  If you're not up for another, maybe it's not the right thing for your family???  You ARE allowed to change your mind about these sorts of things, either way, you know...just because you "said" something earlier in your marriage or something like that doesn't mean there shouldn't be room for negotiation.  Just sayin'.  Curious about your reasons, unless you ARE really wanting #3, but freaked out about the work it might involve and stuff...that would be a different discussion. :)  *hug*


Bugglette, that is one adorable little goat!!  Love, love, love, love it!  I tried to knit a sheep once and it turned out looking really terrible.  I gave it to the intended recipient anyway and she was thrilled by it, but oy.  I am always really impressed when people successfully make cute knitted/crocheted (?) animals. :) :)   I am also really sorry for your sister's loss and have high hopes for you!


AAM:  Nothing much going on here.  Waiting to O.  Just ended PPAF #2.  I am a recovered anorexic and when TTC baby #1 didn't have regular AFs once I stopped birth control because I was too thin.  I finally did get them back, but they were all weird lengths.  When I was a teenager and young adult, they were always 28-29 day cycles.  Now they are 27-43 days, completely unpredictable.  I weigh about the same as I did when I got pregnant the first time and hope charting will help, but I'm worried with these crazy cycles and the nursing that it might really take time this time.  It was only 4 cycles last time.  Hm.  Time to take DS to the library for more books!  The nice thing about TTC this time is having a "bundle of joy" already to focus on teaching and raising.  He is so much fun!



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Harmony96, it seems to me it is never a great idea to have a baby unless both partners are 100% on board. What are your reservations? You probably have a lot of really good reasons for not wanting #3, and that is FINE!!! What about #3 does DH want so badly? Two children in a family is a lovely and wonderful thing. If you're not up for another, maybe it's not the right thing for your family??? You ARE allowed to change your mind about these sorts of things, either way, you know...just because you "said" something earlier in your marriage or something like that doesn't mean there shouldn't be room for negotiation. Just sayin'. Curious about your reasons, unless you ARE really wanting #3, but freaked out about the work it might involve and stuff...that would be a different discussion.

Okay I messed up the quote thing, lol.  Cellist, I DO want #3.  My reasons for waiting are lame in the grand scheme of things (not enough money, not enough room, my attention is already spread so thin w/ just the two that I have (at their challenging ages), etc.)  Overall, I want about 4-5 kids.  But because of my reasons for wanting to wait, that is why I'm okay with doing a "TTC lite" thing this time, instead of checking CM twice a day and doing a perfect every-other-day BD and stuff.  If it happens right away, I'll be excited.  If it doesn't ever happen, I'll be okay.  But it's not as if DH were pressuring me or anything like that, at all. 

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Thank you, everyone, who provided encouragement and ideas about still being able to temp while nursing... I'm on CD6 right now and I was able to get some fairly consistent temps, at different times-- so I'm thinking that I will still be able to detect an shift after O.  I'll feel much better when I see the temp rise, because I had read somewhere that you can get a positive OPK but still not O-- your body can gear up for it by producing the LH but then O doesn't happen for some reason.  I don't know how often this happens in women, but, like I said I will rejoice when I see a temp shift for the proof!


On the subject of OPKs, I've been reading that some of you have had OPKs that haven't worked?  I'm trying to decide if I should continue to use my cheapies that I ordered online or if I should buy the more expensive kits (around $40 for 7 sticks, here in Canada)... or, if I should buy the sticks for the CBFM that my friend gave me to use (also expensive).  I haven't seen any dollar store cheapies, maybe they don't sell them at our stores here?  I know someone who was going in for an IUI and she didn't want to mess up on the timing of O, so she used both the online cheapies as well as the more expensive ones (I think digitial OPK). Both gave the same results.  I guess I'm not sure if the 'not working' is due to some brands being more reliable or if it is for other reasons related to cycle or otherwise?


What about pregnancy tests?  Seems like most use the cheapies, especially if one is testing early?  I don't have any... too worried about how I will feel seeing BFNs day after day... Last time, I waited until 18DPO to test, and I was pretty sure it was going to be a BFP because of my high temps.


Can't wait to be pregnant again... I feel like I'm obsessing about it a bit, especially since my best friend found out on Mother's Day that she is preggers.  So happy for her, but it makes the longing so much worse, as I hear about what she is thinking and feeling. 


Sorry I am not commenting to individuals... I've read where everybody is at, though, and I send out happy thoughts, hugs and hope to all who needs those things!

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bentlaji11 and lactatinggirl, your BFPs are both lovely! Enjoy your pregnancies! 


Bugglette, what a sweet goat! Here's hoping you have a new babe to knit for soon! And sorry to hear about your sister.


carmen358, that's disappointing about your progesterone. 


Harmony96, welcome! It's nice to hear someone talk about the internal dialogue, worries etc. when TTC. I can relate to a  lot of your post.


AFM, I am 10dpo today. I had an evaporation line when I POAS this morning, that sucked! Otherwise, I'm feeling pretty pessimistic. I was soooo sick when I ovulated, we BD after I ovulated (by a couple hours), and all 4 times I have been pregnant I had implantation spotting before 10dpo. :( I also had a BFP at 9dpo with both my last successful pregnancies, and I got a BFP at 12dpo with my miscarriage. I have decided not to test again until Sunday morning, 12dpo.

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bugglette.. i think you need to make each of us one of those goats.  it's truly adorable.


blissful_maia.. the time we conceived dd i was super duper sick, too.. think about your mucus... lots of mucus = good, right?  fingers crossed.

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Thanks for the clarification, Harmony!!  :)  You are a braver woman than I; I cannot imagine 4 or 5...!!  My MIL always says "if you wait until you have the money, time, etc. etc., no one would ever have kids."  LOL

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TenzinsMama, For me, it's not that the opks didn't work...it was that I couldn't catch my surge. I gave up for awhile and then read about someone doing it twice a day to try and catch it. I did that for a while and I figured out a time that worked best for me to catch the surge (I think it was between 11am and 1 pm but I can't recall now). I always used the internet cheapies. I do have a cbfm now as well so I don't know that I'll use both...probably will!


I've also never had a defective pregnancy test...and I've used a lot ;) I mostly use internet cheapies and then when I have a line I rush out and buy a digital that clearly says "pregnant" as my DP doesn't trust the lines lol


Afm: AF started today. Another 8 day LP. I'm going to up my B6 again this cycle (to about 100 from 75), start taking maca and hope I O at a decent time so we can insem this cycle! Please move me to waiting to O!

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