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Avery is here!

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After a mere 3 1/2 hours of labor our beautiful daughter was born at home on Friday 4/29 at 2:02am attended by a midwife.


She looks just like her big sister and is doing wonderfully. 


The birth was amazing.  I lost some mucus plug during the week, but had not felt like impending labor at all. I even saw my midwife at Target that day and she asked if I felt anything and I resignedly said No.  Well after a busy day, and a long walk and some stretching, just as I started to get ready for bed at 10:30 I felt a contraction.  I thought it was interesting since I hadn't felt anything like it before in this pregnancy.  So after 2 more I decided to call my midwife just to give her a heads up. They were just minimally painful so she said to go to bed and call when they woke me up.  Well, I lay down and realized quickly I wasn't going to fall asleep.  After a few more, I started to have to vocalize through them and decided to wake my husband.  I told him to call his mom to get our daughter settled at her house so she wouldn't have to come later.  But at this point I still thought we had plenty of time.  My last labor was 40 plus hours so I just assumed we had plenty of time.  I even called my mom in NJ to tell her and luckily she didn't listen to me when I told her to wait a bit to make sure it was real before she left to come to NY.


Pretty soon things really picked up.  We got my four year old daughter off to grandma's -she woke up transfering to the car, and thought it was a great sleepover adventure! I had to get in the shower to relax and calm myself a bit. Things were getting so intense so fast, my adrenaline started going.  I even took a dose of Rescue Remedy.  When I came out my husband timed cx and they were 4-2 minutes apart.  So he called midwife and thankfully she lives 10 minutes away so she said she would be right there.


She got to the house around 12:30am and listened to baby heartbeat through some cx. My favorite position for most of the birth was supporting myself over the bathroom sink and running cold water over my hands, face during the contractions.  My hubby was setting up and getting the tub ready.  Midwife checked me at this point and said "I feel the bulging bag of waters and no cervix. The head is a little high" I was like "What does that mean, I am fully dialated???" I was shocked.  It explained why I was feeling such intense pressure and pain but I couldn't believe it.  I went to the toilet and my water popped.  At that point the midwife assistant and arrived and we gave up filling the pool because I was feeling the urge to push. I think my husband was in total shock it was going so quickly!


He came into the bedroom, I went to the bed, was on hands and knees for a few cx and pushes and then moved to a side lying position and at this point my body totally took over I barely even had to actively push and in 3 pushes she was out.  It was so sureal, they placed her  on my tummy. I always seem to make short cords so she barely reached my navel and she started screaming.  Probably in shock too she basically shot out of me. We waited to cut the cord, took some pics, my mom arrived, had a successful first nursing and then we got cleaned up and checked out (totally intact! baby great!), had a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and snuggled in our own bed. 


It was defintely intense but such an amazing birth. I can't even begin to imagine doing it any other way now even though it took me awhile to come to the decision to give birth at home. It was so wonderful to be home and have my older daughter join us in a few hours. And I loved not being seperated for a second from my new daughter. My husband can't stop telling everyone how Homebirth Rocks! LOL and we just ALL feel so much more relaxed, rested, and healthy after this birth. 


Many well wishes to you all and looking forward to hearing about more and more baby arrivals!





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So awesome!! Congratulations!


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Originally Posted by littleteapot View Post

So awesome!! Congratulations!


yes!!! so exciting!! welcome, avery!!

i have to say littleteapot, i thought this was you posting and i was all HOLY SMOKES that baby is early! :P

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YAY!!!joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif Congratulations!!!

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Congrats - how exciting! Welcome Avery!
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Congratulations and welcome baby Avery!  The after-birth time after a home birth is so incredibly lovely and peaceful, eh?  It was my favorite part of home birth last time around (and I bet it will be again this time, providing all goes as planned!).

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Congratulations!!! Another little girl for the May club!

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Congrats! What a nice birth story! :)



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Congratulations on a lovely birth!  Enjoy your babymoon :D

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Congratulations!  A beautiful birth story.  Welcome little Avery!

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what an amazing birth!  congrats and enjoy your new little one!!!

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how wonderful!  congratulations.  and welcome little avery.

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so excited for you, mama!! Welcome to the world, baby Avery:)

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Congratulations on such a great birth and healthy baby!
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Congratulations Amy! What a wonderful story! It's always happy to have more homebirth supporters out there! :) Welcome Little Avery!

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the new addition!

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