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Child's Hair Changes

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My daughter is half Chinese.  I am Caucasian.  She was born with thick looking, dark hair that seemed to grow like a weed and was very Chinese looking.  As she has grown older, she looks  more like me and her hair has gotten lighter, finer and has not been growing very quickly.  I have not been worried about it  because her health is fine.  My in laws have started picking on the issue constantly and tell me that I need to give her fish oil and make her eat more and stop breastfeeding her because they think that she is malnutritioned.  I have stood up to their critique but I have also let it bother and worry me.  I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this and if anyone has heard that this can be a problem.  My daughter eats like a toddler.  She still breastfeeds quite a bit everyday.  I give her vitamin D drops when we don't go outside or when it is not very sunny but that's the only supplement she gets.  I really feel that he hair is ok and that it is just the way it is and that it will be fine and that nothing can "make it thick" but I have been questioned so much and I'm starting to doubt my instincts.  Can anyone chime in here? 


Thanks for your help!

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I know that hair CAN be linked to poor nutrition... usually dry & brittle, sometimes has a light or reddish hue (for a normally dark-haired kid -- not sure how it would manifest in a genetic blond)... I spent some time in third-world countries and a lot of them had reddish hair, lighter than their genetic dark brown, due to malnutrition. But they also have other signs of malnutrition.

I'm not a doctor so if you are really concerned you should check with her pedi... but I would imagine that if she looks healthy otherwise, if her fingernails, skin, etc. seem healthy & her hair is healthy looking (not stringy, brittle, dull, etc.) then it's probably just how her hair is... I do think many kids have really thick hair at first but it thins out, or gets straighter or curlier, or lightens or darkens or whatever as they reach toddlerhood... My DS's hasn't changed a ton but it has straightened out some and the texture is a little different...
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Hair that is dull, brittle, just never looks clean - is an indicator of malnutrition. I too have been to poorer countries and seen children and adults with these indicators.  I have also been around children from orphanages in Russia that have this dull dry hair.  However, once they come to the US for their adoption, within weeks of good food their hair starts to shine. 


All that being said, young children's hair can change a lot in the first few years.  DD1 (who is 6 now) has very different hair from when she was 2.  Even dd2 at six months has very different hair from when she was born and from when she was 3 months.  (we are caucasian - I am not sure if this is true for all races)


If you are worried you could mention it at your next dr appt. Also, we started to give dd1 cod liver oil when she was a toddler (they make it in flavors that kids tolerate and it can easily be disguised in juice) and I felt it was a great boost to her immunity and general health.  It may not hurt to try it just to get the inlaws off your back winky.gif  Don't stop bfing if you (and she) are not ready.  I am sure she si getting plenty of nutrition from your milk.

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well giving her fish oil of course wouldn't be a bad thing. Does her hair feel dry or brittle? you could also try cell salt bioplasma or silica. There's a cell salt thread you could ask there whats recommened. Maybe she just needs more healthy fats too. Of course breast milk is best but what's your diet like? Do you get enough healthy fats and fish oil yourself?  

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