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Running Around the Maypole ~ the May Dingo Thread

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Runners, walkers, cyclists, triathletes and proponents of forward motion!  Welcome to the Dingo thread and Run On!

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Hi Dingo mamas!

No run yet today...hoping for one later despite nasty lovebugs infestation and major heat. UGh.

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Morning Dingos!


Thanks JG thumb.gif


Wow, Gaye, it just doesn't even seem so long ago that you started studying, and look how far you have come! When do you get the news about that interview?


Welcome et bien!


Real, both those races sound awesome. Does it have to be one or the other? WTG on the hill workout.


Penelope, that's a fantastic time considering all the stretching breaks! Seriously, it would have been a PR, don't you think? And if you can take it easier on the next one, slower, and get to the PT in the meantime, it sounds like your knee issues will be ok.Take it slow in the meantime.


I got in 2 workouts already today - 3 miles with RP and 1200 yards in the pool. That's nice for a change!

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mel~By next Monday!
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Mel, thanks! smile.gif I think if all knees had cooperated it would have been a pretty good race for me, time-wise. Not having to pee really made a difference! Made the appointment today for the referral into PT - can't get in before Monday but at least I'll have a visit before my next race and I can stretch, etc. in the meantime.


Gaye, keeping fingers crossed for you!


I am so ready for the end of my semester. That's all I can say. Also kind of anxious about the summer as I don't do well with long unstructured chunks of time, but I'll do my part to make it work. <sigh>

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I did manage to get out for a run today, even though I didn't feel like it.  Once I got started, though, I ran farther than I'd planned, so that felt good.  It was a fairly slow six miles, which was fine.


I had time to come home and shower and even put away some laundry before I needed to pick DS up from preschool.  I was all set for a good afternoon; I'd told DS that we could go to the mall and he could play on the playmat and I could buy Mother's Day gifts for my mom and my grandmother.


Before coming into the house, DS plays on the porch for a few minutes and then announces he's had an accident.  I am furious.  He is five years old and has had four or five accidents this week.  I'm just beside myself and have no idea what to do.  He asks if we'll still go to the mall, and in my fury I say no.  Thus begins an hour-long tantrum from DS, screaming about how he won't have another accident, how I promised a trip to the mall, how I'm not letting him do anything he wants to do.


I told him that I couldn't take him to the mall if I thought he was going to have an accident there, and that he needed to spend the day practicing listening to his body and proving that he was in control before he expected me to take him out.


I don't know what to do.  I feel crappy not taking him to the mall, but I somewhat suspect that he's just gotten lazy about making it to the bathroom and I want to impress upon him that this is NOT okay with me.


Sometimes this parenting thing sucks.


At least I'll have all afternoon at home to do yardwork.

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La4, that does suck. Having gone through a lot of daytime wetting issues last year - I feel that frustration. hug2.gif I hope he isn't too devastated about playing in the yard and helping mom instead of at the mall. Anyway, it is a consequence of an accident, like it or not, that you either can't go somewhere or have to cut a trip short, so .... maybe not so bad?

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Here's the race list for the May thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

mommajb - Carmel Marathon - June 11

bec - Naperville Triathlon - June 12

tjsmama - Loveland Lake to Lake Triathlon - June 25

Realrellim - Grand Park Run for Independence - July 2

Naughty Dingo - Dances with Dirt Devil's Lake Trail Marathon - July 9

Realrellim - Middle Park Half Marathon - July 9

memiles - Warrior Dash - July 16

Nemesis and dh - Minnesota Warrior Dash - July 23

tjsmama - Courage Classic Bike Tour - July 23-25

Realrellim - Lookout Mountain Triathlon - July 23

MotivatedMama - Beach to Beacon 10K - August 6

tjsmama - Ironman 70.3 Boulder - August 7

bec - Bangs Lake Multisport Festival (Olympic distance triathlon) - August 14

tjsmama -  Venus de Miles Road Ride - August 28

mommajb - Indy Women's Half Marathon - September 3

bec and bec's dh - Warrior Dash Upper Midwest - September 17

mommajb - Columbus Marathon - October 16

bec - Hot Chocolate 15K - November 5

Naughty Dingo - Seattle Marathon - November 27

 Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post

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run.gif2011 Dingo Race Results  partytime.gif



babybugmama - Walt Disney World Half Marathon - January 8 (First half of Goofy challenge) - 2:21:14
babybugmama - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9 (Completion of Goofy Challenge) - 5:08:02
Nickaroloberry - Disney Marathon - January 9, 2010 - 4:59:14 (PR!)

HomeBirthMommy - Walt Disney World Marathon - January 9, 2010 - 6:12:57

Realrellim - Frosty's Frozen 5 and 10, 10 miles - Jaunary 15 - 1:33:51

Tjsmama - Yeti Chase 10K - January 22 - 1:05:18

Realrellim - Snowman Stampede 10 miles - February 19 - 1:29:05

Nickarolaberry - Scrub J 10K - February 19 - 1:01:42

JayGee - Ofallon YMCA Indoor Triathlon - February 26 - 47:14

modmom - Disney Princess Half Marathon - February 27 - 2:16

Runningmommy - 10K - March 5 - 47:16

Nickarolaberry - Sarasota Half Marathon - March 13 - 2:03:50 (PR!)

Nickarolaberry - Springfest 5K - March 19 - 26:43 (PR!)

MelW - CVRR Half Marathon - March 20 - 2:10:51 (PR!)

poppywise - Oakland Half Marathon - March 27 - 2:34:57 (PR!)

Mel38, poppywise - Cooper River Bridge Run 10K - April 2 - 1:09:18 

bec, and bec's dh - Reach Out and Run 5K - April 9 - 37:40

Nickarolaberry - 10K - April 9 - 58:45 (PR!)

Realrellim - Platte River Half Marathon - April 10 - 1:57:38 (PR!)

Geofizz - runcbus 10 miler - April 10 - 1:34:42

Penelope - Lincoln Half Marathon - May 1 - 2:17:42

Bec - Indy Mini Half Marathon - May 7 - 2:43:20

Naughty Dingo - Lake Monona 20K - May 7 - 1:50

Naughty Dingo - Syttende Mai 20 Mile - May 14 - 3:15 

tjsmama - Summer Open Sprint Triathlon (converted to duathlon due to weather) - May 22 - 1:34:23

Mel38 - Charleston Sprin Triathlon Series - May 22 - 1:31:07

Naughty Dingo - Madison Marathon - May 29 - 4:29:43

Realrellim - Bolder Boulder 10K - May 30 - 55:33

tjsmama - Bolder Boulder 10 K - May 30 - 57:13

doctorjen - Streator YMCA Memorial Day 5K - May 30 - 27:39









2010 Results

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Lots of running today. Not much actual running, just running from meeting to meeting.

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la4 - hug2.gif  I hear your frustration.  A once in a while accident is one thing, but repeated is just so annoying! 


Thanks JG for the new thread!


I took my dogs out to the forest preserve where they could run around off lead.  They had a great time.  We went with another friend who brought her dog.  He decided to find a dead animal and roll in it.  nono.gif  Anyway, there were a ton of ponds and small lakes, so he got to wash off there.  My puppy had his first experience with water.  I think he was the happiest dog I had ever seen!  It was like you could see a door opening in his mind as he realized he was meant to swim!  He is happily passed out now after having sunned himself dry on my deck!

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I totally overdid it on the weekend.  The consequence is that I've accomplished nothing today.  Maybe I'll knock out early to refresh DS' reading stack at the library.


Saturday - 10 mile run, set up, ran, and took down a bike rodeo for ~200 kids - put plants into the ground, stood talking to another parent about our school for an hour, then walked to pick up DD from her book club in the evening.  I think that was 12-13 hours on my feet.


Sunday - 16 mile bike ride, groceries, soccer x2, 1 nap.


Lala:  on the potty, I've been through the ringer.  I do think some kids need "retraining" every 3-6 months for years.  DD is finally trained now and has been for a year.  She's going on 9 years old now....  DS was having increasing accidents this spring, and then I watched him get dressed on morning.  I noticed that he was getting himself into his underwear much like a diver squeezes themselves into a wet suit.  Sure enough, my 40 pound 5 year old was wearing size 2T underwear.  Ooooops.  Since sorting his underwear drawer, things are a lot better for him.  :bag:

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Lalala ~ DD1 had a hard time with REALLY being trained.  She was okay unless whatever she was doing was too interesting to stop, then, an accident.  I admit I was a little harsh with her after peeing on our brand new sofa for the 200th time.  I agree with Geo that some kids need to retrain every couple of months until they really get it.  Good luck and you did the right thing.


Welcome et bien!  Have fun marathon training!


Geo ~ yikes, what a weekend!!!!  I'm impressed thumb.gif.


I skipped my workout this morning in favor of spending my Lenscrafters gift certificate from DH on a new pair of glasses and a pair of sunglasses!  Both are wonderful, but I did overspend the certificate by about $40.  Oops....  Our van is going to be in the body shop for about 3 weeks.  Apparently they found damage from an old accident that had never been discovered.  Of course, it's past the statue of limitations on the original claim, so I'm out $3000 for the repair and since my insurance isn't covering that, they can't cover a rental car either.  It's going to be me and the bike trailer for the next 3 weeks.  Good times, good times.

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La4 - ds (6.4) is alllllmost out of that. He will still dribble, AND rarely but it has happened, let a little poop out bag.gif when he is really invested in what he is doing, like JG said. Anytime he is desperate to finish a lego masterpiece I ask him every now and then if he need to use the bathroom, or I downright make him take a bathroom break, even if he says he doesnt want to. This too shall pass

Phoenix trip this [past] weekend w/ dd1 for a climbing competition, just me and her. She's now on varsity, so has to compete more, which means more out of state. Fun, but hectic.

Yes, I am [sort of] here b/c I am sort of exercising regularly innocent.gif
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Penelope, great RR.  


LaLaLa, I've been there.  Our issue was nighttime accidents.  I would get frustrated, say things I regretted (cause really, I don't think she was wetting the bed on purpose!) out of frustration over having to wash sheets AGAIN.  Deep breaths.


I'm now 2 weeks into PT and thrilled so far.  Turns out my issue wasn't weakness in my bad knee leg, it was tightness and misalignment through my core and hips, basically twisting my torso.  It felt like my right leg was doing all the work because it was, not because the knee was screwed up.  So now it's a process of these insane, mini exercises that make my hips and thighs scream and lots of deep breathing focusing on filling my lungs evenly instead of only using the diaphragm on my right side.  Who knew?  The good news is that I've seen the heavy feeling almost completely go away, now it's just a matter of balancing my legs to get rid of the hip pain and such.  Good times.  I managed 4.5 yesterday with very little walking and lots of mud in the park without pain.  Now to get my cardio back!  


And a question for the biking dingos from a client- how soon is it safe to put a baby in a bike trailer?  I'm assuming a helmet is necessary, but how old should they be, or what developmental milestones need to be met?  This mama discovered a love of biking after her first was about a year old and is now itching to get back out there with her second baby, but pediatrician told her not before a year.  Help!

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Originally Posted by memiles View Post

And a question for the biking dingos from a client- how soon is it safe to put a baby in a bike trailer?  I'm assuming a helmet is necessary, but how old should they be, or what developmental milestones need to be met?  This mama discovered a love of biking after her first was about a year old and is now itching to get back out there with her second baby, but pediatrician told her not before a year.  Help!


There are some trailers that will take a baby bucket in the trailer, but I have no experience with those.


For all else, I agree with the ped.


The issue is (1) the helmet and (2) neck strength.  The smallest helmets out there fit the 12 month old, 95%ile head.  Bouncing, even in a trailer, requires neck strength (more than control) to hold that heavy head in place leading to shaken baby issues.  So the bouncing problem is independent of the helmet fit.




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I'm going to try to post a bit more in May. Will try to run a bit more, too.


Down to two days until my husband is back from his book tour. I took the kids on a road trip to visit my grandma, which was wonderful peppered with awful moments. I had to call to poison control when the 2 year old broke into the toiletries bag AND the 'child-resistant' Advil container and ate a dozen or so children's Advil. But grandma is doing amazingly for turning 98 later this summer, and we got to swim in her complex pool every day. I want to look and act like her when I'm in my 90s :)


My sister who is entering her final semester of massage therapy school came with us and had a look at my hip and pelvis. She tried a couple of things to see if she could help with the alignment, but thinks that I might need chiro to adjust it since my pelvis is quite badly misaligned. Her advice was to stop my weekly "trial' runs, fix the problem first, and then get some coaching focused on technique and then couch to 5k and start from scratch. This doesn't bode well for a great summer of running, but I'm looking at what my local options for chiro are... In the meantime, I can very comfortably bike, bootcamp seems fine (though I need to chat with the trainer, because his plan for the spring/summer was to increase the amount of running for bootcamp), and I need to do more swimming because it feels so great.


memiles, barring a trailer that accomodates the carseat, I unfortunately agree with the ped. My oldest was big and fit a helmet pretty quickly after she was one. I tried so many helmets on my youngest last summer, and less than ideally stuffed the helmet with some extra padding at 14-15 months when I was desperate to get biking again. And I'm glad the physio is helping- the exercises sound fascinating.


LaX4, sorry about the tough time with your son. Sounds like a logical consequence, though. My two year old had her first full day in underwear today, but the trips to the grocery store and to her big sister's fiddle lesson were a bit frightening for me (no accidents, though, and she even braved the fiddle teacher's outhouse/composting toilet!)



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memiles~Here's my .02, fwiw. If the trailer were a Chariot and I had the infant sling (I think Chariot is the only brand that has an infant sling), I would be ok with taking baby in the trailer around 6 months. IF it was on smooth, paved, off-road trails only. Otherwise, not until much closer to a year. I got my Chariot when DS was 11 months, so it really wasn't an issue for me, but I've seen lots of friends have the same issue with DC2. That's my comfort level, anyway.

I had a meeting for work tonight that I had to take DS with me to...it ended up being waaaaaay past DS's bedtime by the time we got home, which resulted in some major meltdown action. Sigh. I am SO tired of arguing with the child about everything. And he has recently taken to hitting me when he doesn't like whatever I might be saying to him at the moment. greensad.gif I am feeling like the crappiest parent ever about now. Of course, it does make me feel slightly better that in the midst of arguing, refusing to do what I'm asking him to do, and telling me that he doesn't like me right now, he still interjects plenty of "I love you, mommy"s... rolleyes.gif

Oh, and my classmate emailed the clinical placement coordinator about our summer placements to see if we will be able to do the 3 day bike ride...two out of the three of us can do it. Guess who can't? irked.gif I mean, seriously? I emailed the coordinator back to just basically beg for mercy, and laid out the fact that my Sunday clinical this block has forced me to miss my friend's wedding in Paris, my marathon, Easter, and Mother's Day, so please cut me some slack. I am not holding out any hope.

Back to drowning my sorrows in cool ranch doritos. bag.gif
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Originally Posted by Penelope View Post

I am so ready for the end of my semester.


tjsmama--I hope they are able to change your placement. That's ridiculous to do, twice in a row no less!

La4--sorry about the potty stuff. DD1 occasionally does it, but only usually during a growth spurt. I figure the nerve endings need to reconnect and try to help her be more mindful during those times.

memiles--I agree with tjsmama about the bike trailer. I took R out in it early, around 8 months (with our ped's approval) and stuck to very smooth, paved trails but I only did it a couple of times and then decided to wait until she was a year. With J, I waited until a year. Also, we didn't do helmets in the trailer as my kids are in the 10th percentile, head-wise (and otherwise below the growth chart) and it would be a ridiculously long wait until they fit in a helmet. (Again, I had this discussion with my pediatrician and he was completely supportive as long as they were strapped in securely). We do helmets all the time otherwise, of course. The helmet thing isn't an issue for most people, as most people don't have an almost-14-month-old who still fits comfortably in a baby bucket or a 6-year-old who fits in 4T clothes either, of course. rolleyes.gif
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drjen~Can you add the Summer Open Sprint Tri to the race list for me on May 22? Um, yeah, that's in three weeks. yikes.gif
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