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This age talk is making my head dizzy.gif . I'm a February birthday and "normal" -- ready on time to begin school when I was 5 that is. However, my sister, 18 months younger than me, probably should have started school when I did (but who wants to have two kids, different ages in the same grade?). Sept. 1 is the date here. My own children: we considered pushing for Erin to start early and I'm glad she didn't (even though she's not always challenged). Leah Lou is Sept 29th bday -- she'll be all but 6 when she begins and frankly, she's good.

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Subtext!? SUBTEXT? I can barely discern the meaning in text these days! orngtongue.gif

Thanks Geo, helpful as always
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Well, the subtext of the supertext in the subtext is that mama needs a run.

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Luckily, we've always lived in places where the cutoff was early (August 1 in Indiana, September 1 in Illinois) and my kids' birthdays are October, March and May so starting early was never on my radar screen.  DD2, with the May birthday, will certainly be more than ready in the fall to start kindergarten.  But a good friend of mine, who has a son born the day before DD2, is holding him back for a year.  He's socially fine, but has NO interest in anything academic at all.  She's tried teaching him letters and stuff, and he's just like, "That's nice Mom, can I ride my bike now?"


Geo ~ I agree with the subtext/supertext/subtext.  A run is imperative today.  May the planets align properly to allow it to happen.


DD2 is home for one more day from preschool.  It's 11:00am and I think I've already eaten enough calories for today and tomorrow combined.  Sigh....  But, we are having fun painting flowerpots, repotting houseplants, and DD showed me her true talent ~ dusting the furniture in the bedrooms!  And they are working hard on my backyard retaining wall today.  It's going to be awesome!

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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Awesome Real.  Like a scene out of Ferris Bueler.

Totally! :)

Originally Posted by memiles View PostWhatever it takes to get them to refuse the induction date, right?  And as the mother of June and July kids, it's been constant.  Looking back, we regretted the decision to start the June birthday early, but it really didn't show up till late elementary school.  And being the last of your friends able to drive?  We may as well have ruined his life!  
Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Interesting.  Can you tell me what you saw in late elementary that cropped up?  Everything I've seen emphasizes effects in the K-3 range and in the high school range (size/puberty/driving/19 in high school), but this is the first I've heard of something in between.   We started my August DD on time, and I can't imagine having held her out.  She is the poster child for "can't make a decision based on statistics and averages" though.


Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

{general musing, not so much a comment to memiles} I'm wondering now what developmental stages precede that meta-cognition development to get a sense of whether or not a child at 5 should or should not start kindergarten.  I'd love to see some sort of "best practices" study that relates to this issue.


All this is so interesting.  Alison is Aug 31 - same as cut off.  Socially I'm sure she's ready to continue with her current peers (who are all a bit older) but this what-about-5th-grade-math thing makes me unsure.  Chiara is one of the oldest in her grade (Oct. 15) and she's having a hard time with math.  It's coming, but slowly.  And she's especially sensitive because she's in a 2nd/3rd split and so feels really stupid if a 2nd grader is nipping at her heels academically.  So for her the multi-age classroom isn't a plus, but being the oldest probably is helping since if the math is hard for her now it would have been worse if she'd been trying it last year.  And of course they are wildly different kids.  Oy.  It all make me dizzy.gifand I long for the one-room school house solution too.

Originally Posted by kerc View Post

ladies: it is apparently time to seriously work out. Two different students asked me today if I was pregnant. I'm so embarassed that two different people thought it enough to ask. urgh.

I had a crew member on the boat asking me about the next addition to our family and I totally didn't get it until later that he thought I was wicked pregnant!  Doh!  Makes Atkins all that much more appealing!


Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

Real, I loved your Hallmark moment. lol.gif

Love it!


Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Well, the subtext of the supertext in the subtext is that mama needs a run.

Yes, this.  Though I'm sitting here catching up instead!  Bad Dingo! 


RM - You okay?  That fall sounds like a doozy!


Jo - Sending thoughts of joyful transitions!


My BFF from Mexico is here for a quick visit while she's here to see her dd who goes to school in Vancouver.  It's fun to have her here but in true Mexican fashion SHE'S STILL SLEEPING! lol.gif


okay, I'm going to go do some weights...


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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

Well, the subtext of the supertext in the subtext is that mama needs a run.



And the subtext for me is that we have DD in public school as long as it's working for her, with back burner plans for homeschooling if/when she or we need it. Most of her learning is happening at home right now already, and school is an excellent social outlet.


I ate a bit of breakfast this morning without agonizing pain!! And managed to mow the front lawn and do a bit of yardwork before feeling totally exhausted. If I can eat lunch, too, I might actually make it to bootcamp tonight :)


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Here we have the september 1 cutoff for school and my kids have May, June, and July birthdays. I really felt like we were just starting our kids ontime, but they are considered "early" in our school district. Nearly everyone else who have kids with summer birthdays will wait until the child is 6 prior to starting and ours have started (and the youngest will start) right after the summer they turn 5. However, I find myself wishing now that we would have waited 1 more year with our oldest as she struggles a bit in school and is a touch immature for her age. However, it feel much too late to hold her back now (3rd grade) and so we just keep trudging forward.


I went for a run this morning and was quite excited to do 3.51 miles!! That is the farthest I have gone yet :) I didn't even feel like I was going to die. I just needed to come home to drink something because it is hot out there today!

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Geo ~ I agree with the subtext/supertext/subtext.  A run is imperative today.  May the planets align properly to allow it to happen.


They're already aligned.  Run.  Or look east in the early morning hours to see it yourself.  I recommend doing it while running.  ;)


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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post

They're already aligned.  Run.  Or look east in the early morning hours to see it yourself.  I recommend doing it while running.  ;)




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Awesome pic, Geo! 


On schooling, it is so hard and confusing!  Through this all, I am so very thankful and grateful that Katie isn't threatened by Emily's academic achievements.  I work very hard to balance the kids' needs on this front.  It takes some deft parental juggling sometimes, but overall, I just try to accept where each kid is at, celebrate their individual accomplishments and not compare them to each other.  So far so good, but it does concern me as they get older.  Emily is already far beyond Katie in math.  Katie is not a very competitive kid, which works in her favor in this regard, and has such a generous nature that she really loves seeing other people accomplishing things!


RR: I ran a mile with Emily today in gym. 

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So, I didn't post yesterday because I had nothing good to say and ya know...if you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all, right? bag.gif No running to report, and the day was full of one massive melt-down after another. UGLY.

I had great plans this morning to go to spin class, followed by a quick run, before DS's swim lesson. Unfortunately, while I SET my alarm, I failed to turn it on, and wouldn't you know that this is the one morning DS decides NOT to wake me up and bug me? rolleyes.gif We salvaged it by heading out for a quick run around the neighborhood, so all was not lost, but I was kind of bummed to miss spin class.

And then, there was the job offer. I got the job! joy.gif It's on internal medicine, which wasn't really my first choice, but it's not neuro which I REALLY didn't want. Regardless, it will be good experience, I can definitely use the money, and here's hoping that it really does what I hope it does, which is get me in the door to the new grad program. I have orientation the week of Memorial Day, and then I'll start working. One shift a week, so I guess it's not too bad.

Oh, and I persuaded XH to send me some money to help out with swim lessons and DS's ski pass (and maybe his ski lessons, that part is still under discussion), so that helps the (rather bleak) financial picture a little...
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tjsmama--congrats on the job! joy.gif

Speaking of school stuff, I'm so ready for the end. My semester wraps up this week and I just gave my last final, but we've been going full-speed at R's school. Last week included an extra strings rehearsal and field trip. This week includes a dress rehearsal tomorrow morning, the concert tomorrow evening and field day on Friday. Next week includes two dress rehearsals for the talent show (though I think one is actually during afternoon kindergarten so it won't involve an extra trip, thankfully), the talent show and a day off in the middle of the week. I think I'm keeping up. dizzy.gif Our last day is May 31.

Managed a 3-miler to the library and back with J, who was good enough to actually take a nap (unlike say, yesterday).
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On the school/age thing:  I totally agree with Geo that it'd be great if kids could stay with their age group peers - or even the age group they do best in, and get the instruction they need.  My oldest dd did a grade skip from K to 2.  She's now a junior in high school.  We've continued to have school problems a-plenty over the years, but in her case, none of them seemed to be maturity issues.  She's never struggled to learn material or seemed to need a different level of brain maturity than she had at the time she was tackling new material.  Being the youngest has barely been a social issue - she's been the last to do everything, but she's not very fussed about it (even now, when she can't drive yet as a almost-done junior.)  If anything, she remains more socially mature than her same-class peers, although not more "street smart"  if that makes sense.  The grade skip didn't seem to cause any major issues for her at all.  However, and it's a big however! - it also didn't fix her academic dissatisfaction much.  The work wasn't more challenging enough, or more interesting enough, or something most of the way through, and it's always been really hard to motivate her to do any kind of "busy work."  In the last year, thankfully, getting in to college has been a big motivator and she's started taking much more interest in school work.  I wish we'd come up with a better option for her in the more middle grades - like 5th-8th that could have kept her more engaged - and honestly taking her out of the peer group for those years wouldn't have been a bad idea.  In the end, I think skipping her was the right idea - I cannot even imagine her coping with being a sophomore at this point as she's barely tolerating the immaturity of her junior and senior classmates!   And now that she's finally reached the level of AP classes, she's much more content academically.   I don't know what I'm trying to say, other than getting the right fit for each individual kid is just hard!  My #3 child, who is just as bright as his sister, would have been totally inappropriate for a grade skip due to social immaturity.  He's not always the happiest at school, but is able to get more intellectual challenge through outside interests and overall is doing fine.  My littlest dd is lucky this year to have a fantastic teacher who seems to fairly easily differentiate for many kids in the class.  She gets challenge spelling, accelerated reading, and extra science and social studies, in a very friendly and supportive peer environment.  Wish she could have that every year.


tjsmama - congrats on the job!  I'm glad you got some financial help on the way, too.


bec - what's with the arm soreness with hard running?  I get that, too - across the shoulders and triceps even.  I need to get your race on the results list!


Geo - you get that run?  And is the college you wish for for your kids a secret or can anyone know it? ;)


NRR - I'm kinda losing it here.  I think about all I need to accomplish in the next 6-7 weeks (last work day June 30, closing on new house July 7) and I just get paralyzed and can't do anything.  I feel like I'm walking in quicksand all day.  And patient visits are so painful - many of my clients can't figure out where to go for a new doc (or multiple new docs, since I'm a family doc and they may need 2-3 other types to replace me) and I'm done to where many of my visits are the last visit for this particular client and it's taking me forever to get through them.  It's hard to stay on schedule and work a patient through every 15 min when so often I need to be saying good bye after 8-10 years.  Really, I'm losing it.  I don't know how I'm going to make it the next 6 weeks.  I still think this is the right decision and I'm excited about the new job, but if I knew the last few weeks were going to be so hard, it would have truly have given me pause.


RR - Only reason I'm not coming unglued totally.  Ran 25 miles last week, and still could've used a few more! 



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Originally Posted by doctorjen View Post

On the school/age thing:  .  I wish we'd come up with a better option for her in the more middle grades - like 5th-8th that could have kept her more engaged - and honestly taking her out of the peer group for those years wouldn't have been a bad idea. 



This is the part that concerns me for Emily.  The skip has really only been a bandaid.  I'm trying to start brainstorming what to do in the next few years to keep her occupied enough so she doesn't get frustrated!


I'm so sorry these last few weeks are so hard for you.  I know it is not much of a help, but what a treasure you have been to these people that you will be so missed!


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Sorry for my lack of input lately; I got a notice that my stack of library books were overdue and some couldn't be renewed, so I was frantically making my way through those in my free time.  Disaster averted.  reading.gif


drjen--I'm so sorry that it's been rough saying goodbye to your patients.  It's hard for them to let you go, and they will probably remember you and speak of you fondly, but they will figure out what to do about their new doctor situation.  Don't let yourself feel guilty for doing what's right for you.


tjsmama--Congrats on the job!  Things are moving right along for you, huh?  It's great news that you were able to find something, even if it's not exactly where you want to be right now.


The school discussion is interesting.  My kids are in first grade and preschool, with no signs that they will be outside the academic level for where they are, so grade-skipping will likely not ever come into play for us.  However, DD, my first-grader, has a July birthday and the cutoff for school here is September 1.  She is young, which we didn't really know when we registered her for school.  In my town there's a program called "Transitional," which is kind of a gap-year between kindergarten and first grade.  It gives kids that extra year without the stigma of being left back, since it's a separate classroom and not kindergarten all over again, exactly, but something different to do for a year before moving into first grade.


DD could have gone either way, since she's young and she didn't like to hold her pencil correctly, which her kindergarten teacher seems to think is a much bigger deal than I do.  We decided to send her ahead to first grade, but are now constantly second-guessing ourselves as we hear more and more people who have gone through the transitional program.  Apparently sports is a consideration, too, especially for the boys who, if they take an extra year before first grade, would then have an advantage when they get older and are playing against classmates who are younger and smaller.  Who even thinks of that?  dizzy.gif


My main concern is the social aspect.  We've always been a bit concerned about DD, as she has a huge birthmark on her face that attracts attention like crazy.  And I was young for my grade, too, a November birthday with a December cutoff.  I didn't turn 18 until my freshman year in college.  I was always academically advanced and never struggled with the schoolwork, but I had trouble socially.  I remember in high school just being really uncomfortable with the boy-girl banter and not exactly figuring out how to participate in flirty conversation.  Would an extra year have helped me be more comfortable, or is this just a personality issue?  I keep having to remind myself that my outgoing, center-of-attention, bossy DD is NOT me and will probably be fine with the social thing.


Ah, running!  I've been running this week.  I did something on Monday--five miles?  Then yesterday I was planning on doing my long run but it was colder than I anticipated and I let my brain get in the way of my plans.  I wimped out and did three fastish miled on the treadmill at the gym, which meant that today I was locked into my long run even though it was still chilly and drizzly.


It felt decent.  I did just over twelve miles, and it didn't feel as awful as it did last time and the time before.  I can definitely feel improvement in endurance and mental fortitude on the horrible hills.  I didn't feel like killing myself, and I only stopped once around mile 8 to drink some water, eat a Starburst candy, and fix a wardrobe malfunction (sweatpants that kept sliding down) that had been plagueing me since the first mile.  I'm pleased with how today went, although I'm waiting tables tonight and I have a feeling that today's running choice might feel like more and more of a bad idea as the evening progresses.


This weekend DH and I are attending a wedding four hours away with NO KIDS!  It's been seven years since we have traveled without kids.  We're dropping them off with my parents on Friday night, going to the wedding Saturday night, and picking them back up on Sunday.  It will be a truly fabulous weekend away, and I've been looking forward to it for months.  joy.gif

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DrJen - What a challenge! It must be SO hard to turn these patients over to the unknown, on both sides. However, I think its a good thing you didnt anticipate this, and potentially change your plans, because you have needed a change for awhile, and now that you dont have to worry as much about your kids, you have the chance. It just seems like you give to others a lot, and now is a time for you.

La4 - that sounds great! Good for you!

RR: - nada

NRR: chiropractor today. never been to one. through no fault of his, I left midway through the appointment, crying. Changed back into my street clothes, walked to the front desk to pay, and everyone was in a big hullabaloo. anyway, feeling dejected, but dont want to start crying again, so off to prepare for all the volunteer work I have Friday and Saturday for ds' and dd1's school and climbing team respectively....
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sparkle ~ oh dear, what happened?  Or if you don't want to talk about it, that's okay too hug2.gif.


DrJen ~ you can make it through the last 6 weeks.  It may be difficult and heartrending at times, but you can do it!


Lala ~ nice job on the 12 miles!


Tjsmama ~ CONGRATULATIONS on the job!!!!!


RR ~ 30 minutes on the elliptical


NRR ~ crabby, grouchy, angry and irritated.  How does that sound?

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Originally Posted by JayGee View PostNRR ~ crabby, grouchy, angry and irritated.  How does that sound?

Come on over. I've got beer, wine, sweet tea and soda available. I'd love to enjoy a cool drink on the deck and soak up the remaining bits of sunlight (it was foggy where I was all day).



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keeping up with the thread, but rushed for time.  {{hugs}} to those who need them. hurrahs to those who deserve them. and hello to everyone else. :)


I walked about 4 miles with dd2 in the jogging stroller today, then spent over an hour in the garden.  Yesterday was 2 hours in the garden.  Hoping for decent weather so I can bike tomorrow. 

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Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

NRR ~ crabby, grouchy, angry and irritated.  How does that sound?

Are you me!?
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