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Sparkle, thanks for the interesting climbing info. An uber-fit acquaintance was trying to entice us to try out the climbing wall at the community centre with the kids, but my oldest is pretty cautious about heights. I tried climbing at a camp in my teens and was impressed by the whole body workout, so might like to try it again. There doesn't seem to be any competitive climbing locally, but we're small enough that there's not much competition other than BMX and mountain biking here.


zubeldia, I was 21 months to fertility after my first with lower body fat and moderate exercise. After my second I had more body fat and less night nursing and AF after about 10 months, but not ovulating until about 14 months postpartum. The amount of night nursing was my biggest issue with fertility, but percentage of body fat seemed correlated for me too. Though I have to say the amount of night nursing and body fat were also related, so it's hard to say...


Jen, good luck with the househunting.


Penelope, I hope the physical therapy goes well. And fingers crossed for a new job for your DH.


It's pouring here. We haven't been outside all day, and the kids are getting a bit stir-crazy. I had promised a trip to the park near MIL's house, but now I think we're just going to invade her house and let them make a mess somewhere else for an hour or two.

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So, I have totally lost my mojo!  This is the only downside of larger races. I have a hard time keeping it up after the race!  I have done nothing other than that ridiculous swim last Wednesday!  Well, nothing other than eat, eat, eat!!!  Speaking of expanding bellies!  I don't have the excuse of growing a baby, though!  Just me! 


Luckily, Abby is in camps for the next few weeks that will be almost all day, every day.  I fully intend to spend the next three weeks working out intensively!

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MelW - do your kids bmx and/or mtn. bike? Those are things we also do. Dingo commune needed...
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Bec, I hear ya. this past week was my biggest mileage week (32 miles) since the half marathon in March. And because my surgery is tomorrow I don't have high hopes for the next few weeks...then a move...sigh.


that mojo can be elusive sometimes. But I tried to remember that even a short run was better than nothing, and that not every run has to be more than 5 miles to 'count'.


Ok, i need a nap

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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

MelW - do your kids bmx and/or mtn. bike? Those are things we also do. Dingo commune needed...

No mountain biking yet, though we have terrific trails around. My 5 1/2 year old hits the BMX track occasionally, but is pretty shy about it- she'll only go when there are no other kids there. She's quite the perfectionist, and doesn't like anyone (parents included) to see her doing anything before she feels masterful. She vetoed joining bmx club this year- the elementary school has a weekly group that looks so fun!


I expect my youngest will be a bmx and/or mountain biker. She's already a maniac on the balance bike, and she just turned two. I've also taken the jogging stroller around the bmx track for fun :)


Commune- yes!

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Sign me up for that commune too!  DS and DD1 both love to climb, but the nearest climbing gym is in St. Louis and is mucho expensive.  We also love to mountain bike!  In fact, DH and DS are going up to the trails in Edwardsville in 2 weeks.  My mountain bike needs a major overhaul though before I hit the trails.


The crummy cold that DD had last week has been passed to me.  No exercise of any kind in well over a week.  And I feel it.  At least I managed to get in the pool and play with the family this afternoon.

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I actually think I would love climbing. I mean, if I knew I were roped and clamped and carabiner'd up real good. winky.gif


Penelope, you amaze and impress me.


Nic, mommajb's post made me snort. Yeah, enjoy moving. Again. I really do hope you feel at home in the new place, and that you get all the opportunities you need to escape the cold winter.


I'm there. Of course, I'm all wonked out, time zone wise, but that could work in my favor as I try to get back into a habit of working out while dh is "home" from work (i.e., evenings). The flight was simply too long (next time I will split in two and do an overnight in some fabulous European city if I can--and yes, I am marveling at that myself as it hits the screen), but all our bags arrived, nothing ruined, dd managed to keep it together on the plane (just puked in her mouth once, poor kid), and a flight attendant gave my kids unsolicited compliments on their behavior (they truly were amazing through the whole thing). Dh met us at the arrival gate with flowers, took us out for a late lamb shawarma dinner, made me call my parents on the way to the hotel, and is just. So. Happy. To have his family back with him. One of the hotel employees commented on the change in his attitude. :) He definitely has a spring in his step and a smile on his face. He also has a new haircut, and I like it. mischievous.gif


The hotel apartment is really nice, complete with bidets, about one bathroom too many, a giant bathtub and too many TVs. We have school appointments later this morning, and then dh wants to take us out to see stuff, before delivering me to my massage this evening. He is insistent that this is the beginning of a chapter of my life that I get to enjoy, and not just work all the time.


I am emotionally overwhelmed for so many reasons, but so grateful for everyone in my life, on many sides of many oceans.


Blog posts to come soon, and pics.

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Wow! You're there, already, Jo! Can't wait to see/hear more!

Last day of Sunday clinical, DONE. joy.gif

It was a looooong day and I am just so slightly slaphappy now. The morning flew by, but the afternoon dragged ridiculously. One of my patients had a seizure this morning. Kinda scary. It was actually a really good experience for me to see how everyone worked together to handle the situation. Yikes, though.

I'm surprised I'm not really sore after yesterday's ride. Tired legs, for sure, but not really sore. Tomorrow, hopefully to the Y for a swim...
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Jo!  You're there!  And you're here!  What a world we live in!  I'm so impressed with your dh and his fabulous welcome for you!  Good work! 


Nic - Good luck with your surgery tomorrow, I'll keep you in my thoughts.


Gaye - I just don't know how you keep all those burners going!


RR: Zip.  I had a mostly free day today inwhich at any moment I could have dropped and given myself 20.  Did I?  Not a chance. Bec, if you see my mojo while you're looking for yours could you send it home?


Penelope - Sending peaceful vibes to you, I don't think I'd be able to muster any for myself in your situation.  I hope the PT works fast!


Sparkle - It's so nice to have you here regularly!


MelW - This rain is insane.  Will it ever dry out??? 

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Wow Jo!  I am all teary eyed reading that.  I am so glad you and your DH get to be a family and be together again.  Enjoy it all, mama!  Soak it up for me a little too.  Sending you lots of love!!

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Jo:  welcome home.  Hoping for the smoothest possible transition and some great adventures.


Plady:  I'm done.  DONE with this weather, I tell you.  One dry day a week just isn't cutting it, and the fact that the worst of the freezing rain is coinciding with Ellie's soccer games is making everyone miserable, plus mamas not getting her runs.  I don't like to be the person who whines about PNW weather, but this last 6 months is enough to make anyone crazy.  I'm just thankful I don't have toddlers stuck in the house and that I have a gym available.


RR:  lots of PT exercises, some spinning and not enough yoga, 2 decent 4.5 mile runs last week.  My knee has been hurting in a way that it didn't before, so the evil genius added some more exercises.  It's a never ending battle, I tell you, all stemming from weak hips.  Who knew?


NRR:  Accidentally bought a pimped out station wagon this weekend.  I swear, we walked into the dealership intending to test drive a Jetta TDI sedan and walked out with a completely loaded Jetta wagon.  The payments that were going to go down stayed exactly the same after the trade in, but instead of 13 mpg, we are now getting 40+.  This is good, since DH starts in a new job on Friday that ends an era of 5 years working from home. so he's got 45 miles of driving a day.  I'm trying very hard not to freak out about childcare issues, as the biggest challenge is going to be the first month while the kids are still in school- if I have to go to a birth and am gone in the am, someone has to either 1) come over and stay with them till they get off to school or 2)someone has to take them somewhere in the 5-6 am range.  Only 4 weeks, right?  After that, we are going to make do with the 12yo supervising the 7yo in the morning until whatever playdates I arranged for the day come pick them up.  That will get us through the summer.  Dave's aunt is willing to help, but she's old and sick all the time, as is DS's girlfriend, but she's young and moody.  This is going to work, right?

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Final exam week here in professor land. broc1.gif (Mostly because I was so looking forward to a break from lecturing). So I celebrated the beginning by riding Erin to school on the bike (+ trail a bike). 18 minutes round trip door to door. Why is there a bus? I basically leave later, get in some exercise and use no fossil fuels. Oh yeah, right, that snow thing coupled with they still go to school when it is 0F out).


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Jo ~ what a wonderful "welcome to our new home" from your DH!  I hope you're settling in comfortably.  Can't wait for your blog posts.


memiles ~ your weather sounds horrible this year.  I think your plan should work out (fingerscrossed....)


kerc ~ WOOT for finals week and WOOT WOOT for biking to school!


RR ~ so glad I have a RR to report!  3 mile run/walk on the indoor track + 45 minute spin class

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Way to go Jo's Dh broc1.gif. Lamb Schw... (ok, Im not even gonna try to spell it) and a massage sound like just what the Dingoes would have ordered for you wink1.gif

Nic - thinking of you today. Hope all goes smoothly and that this is the answer to your suffering

Kerc - clap.gif on finals week and losing the students who cant tell a baggy t-shirt from a pregnant belly! eyesroll.gif hrmph

Memiles - broc1.gif on that wagon girrl! And too funny that a VW gets us all hot and drooly around here orngtongue.gif Sorry 'bout the weather. And while I was at the gym this morning I saw the weather report for Seattle and had to laugh, mostly 'cause my best friend lives there and I can imagine what's coming out of her mouth these days. But goodvibes.gif for weather your way. Meanwhile we're in a drought and dh and I are trying to figure out how to get all that water flooding LA headed this way (cant they build aqueduct from LA to NM or something orngtongue.gif)

Plady - thanks for the props. Im trying to stick around. I really hate you all and am shooting daggers every time someone mentions a run (that means you memiles and jaygee), but I like having you in my life luxlove.gif

Gaye - I actually thought of you a lot when I was in the hospital, about what makes a good nurse, and how hard it is to be one! My favorites were the ones who were technically on the ball, but also took time to hang out with me and acknowledge my LIFE, not just my sickness. However, I could also tell that they have a lot to account for to their higher ups, and god forbid they should take time to hang out and ask about my kids, or hobbies or whatever. I really freaked 'em out when I started denying treatment; "um, yeah, no vitals for me today, thanks smile.gif" They looked really stressed then. My absolute favorite hung out with me a lot and we talked about her husband and mine, and her job, and she mocked half the policies (and ignored them) that she is supposed to follow. She didnt even wear gloves, and I was on contact precaution!! Loved her wink1.gif

Jennie - thhinking of you and your ultrasound! Are you going to find out the sex?

RR: That's right mutha runna's, 42 minutes hard on the bike and 20 minutes of C25K. No pain. But I pushed myself so now I'm tired but feel good. Off to eat the house down to the rafters and then make an appt. with the ART guy

And as for a commune, I totally forgot: Dh and I have been looking for land for awhile up in Taos. We finally found a plot we wanted to get, but it turns out there's a huge land grant class action suit (bogus, stupid...) that just started an needs to be resolved before any property can be sold or bought. But, if and when it works out, we could have a Dingo meet-up/camping trip! It's good to dream
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Hi Mamas, 


Do you know that Shel Silverstein poem "I'm writing this poem from inside a lion"?  Well I feel like I should start this post with "I'm writing this post from inside a shrieking 4 year old....."  Oy.  My 4 year old is having a consequence of a decision that she made earlier and she isn't happy how it is turning out.  I just want to easily make it better but she's at an age where she needs to learn that sometimes you do something, the consequence sucks, and then you get over it and its fine and next time you might make a different choice. I'm getting sick and my head feels foggy and she's bellowing. 


OK we seem to be settling down now, rolling around on floor, quietly.


It's so hard to learn everything that needs to be learned, even though these are such little things, its such a big deal when you are 4!!!




Jo!  I keep looking for your updates.  I hope you are feeling better and get to rest and acclimate.  The massage was very sweet :) your post was very beautiful and I am glad that your husband is appreciating you, and thinking of your needs!


PLady, wait!  Awesome for you on the weight loss! I did my own 30 day shred with Jillian's book.  And it was really effective. She really motivates me, I listen to her podcast, and read her books.  I even went and did a session with a trainer just so I could have my own experience :) Its fun to be really motivated like that.


Sparkle - oh wow Taos!!!!!!  So amazing.  How long do these suits take?  Is it years and years? Or something a bit more expedited? I'm glad you didn't have pain today. I've been hearing about ART from everyone it seems, and all I hear is positive! I'm so sorry that you are feeling so far from running.  I've been there and know how devastating it is.  Remember, our bodies are amazing and will heal, as soon as we figure it all out. Taos, I was at a meeting there years ago and of course we all went skiing, and I took a huge spill and went over a cliff.  A dude had to come with a rope and get me up, and my ski was broken.  Later that night at the meeting, we were at a poster session and people were talking about the person who skied off the cliff.  OMG I was totally dying. I was like someone get me 5 margaritas before I die of embarassment and my boss was freaking out- LOL typical dingo insanity.


Kristin, I share with you the frustration of -if I didn't have all these things in life to keep organized and happening I could totally bike to work and leave no impact.  Sigh, one day it will be easier, especially when child care is no longer an issue.


Megan, so you got the car LOL yay!!!  Child care is so freakin' hard.  It is probably the thing we stress about most, just in the logistics of it all.  Hopefully you will have some good childcare coverage magic and all will go smoothly.


Nic, I'm thinking of you, hope all goes quickly and smoothly!!!! oh and WOW you are moving?  Hello I am really under a rock. So much going on in your life right now. Are you moving to Israel? Oh Amherst!! Well that's a really cool place too!  I will miss having my Sarasota running buddy though...... ;)


Gaye, congrats at almost being at the end of the road.  I love all your FB updates with photos of you being sporty in some cool location!!! It's the best!!


Mel, that is so cool that the school has a bmx club.  Awesome.  Just awesome.


Bec, LOL it sounds like you need a new big race to work towards!






My life is busy as usual.  Work is good, I gave a talk on good communication skills and how we can build client trust etc,  Only one of the delinquent doctors attended LOL  Oh well, it was nice getting up there and presenting something again. My bosses appreciated it at least.



RR  Ran my 20 mile warm up to the Marathon this past Saturday.  A beautiful country race with tons of support. I was an idiot and showed up thinking I had registered but hadn't.  Oops (Mama needs a run, right?).  They were really cool about it and were like, Oh yeah, just pay at the finish.  Phew.  The race was very hilly and my quads are tired, but overall I feel good.  Happy with my finish time of 3:15.  That ends up close to 9:40 pace. I went out pretty fast, did the first 13 miles in 9:10 pace, then the hills got me and I slowed.  I think I could have done better with moderation. I made the decision that if the weather is good, I will try to run with the 9:30 pace group at the marathon. Having a pace captain will make it so much easier. 


My fitness evaluation with the trainer was really helpful.  I probably shouldn't have done it a few days before my race though, She ended up giving me a decent workout and I was sore.  Oops #2. Oh well, lesson learned.  She did a body fat evaluation, evaluated my stance and gait. And did all sorts of different strength tests.  She feels that while I have a lot of strength in the front and back, I am weak laterally, and this destabilizes my hips and knees.  So, that will be the first thing I am going to address.  I'm also going to have her help me figure out how do do recovery better.  I am getting older and can really tell by the fact that I need much more recovery than I used to.  And I am not really sure how to get the most out of it.  My plan for phase B, once my weaknesses are addressed, is to get as strong as I can.  I want a marathon PR this year! Hopefully, I will be able to afford to meet with her once a month or so during the training months.  When my youngest is in Kindegarten, I will have a bit more kid free time and will be able to actually join a gym and take advantage of all the cool stuff it offers.  My kid is born in December though, and she definitely is not ready to go early, so it will be in another year.........




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ND - that trainer sounds interesting (all the testing and such). How did you find her?
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sparkle~Hooray for running! And Taos, hmm? That's not a far drive away. At all. I like the idea! orngbiggrin.gif

ND~Wow, awesome 20 miler!!!

Not much excitement in these parts today. Got 2000 yds in the pool at the Y while DS was at school. I meant to do 2500, but I wimped out. DS had a meltdown on the way out of school (for the second time in a row) because I refused to carry his sweatshirt for him. rolleyes.gif

I reached the minimum fundraising requirement for the ride today! joy.gif Now to reach my new and improved goal. And maybe even the crazy, make-me-ride-a-century goal! orngtongue.gif
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Nic- I hope the surgery went well and the recovery is smooth.

Memiles, I bet that childcare will happen when births happen.

And I'm feeling the wet westcoast blues, Memiles and Plady! I'm also not usually one to complain about rain, but this winter has felt endless! We have a glimpse of sun this afternoon and a couple days of decent forecast ahead, so I had a huge load of topsoil delivered today. Fingers crossed that the weather holds out for some gardening.

ND-'The trainer sounds great. And lol.gif at writing from the inside of a shrieking 4 y.o.!

JayGee- Hope your cold leaves soon

Jo- Glad you arrived safely and to such a great welcome.

Kerc- yay for finals week!!

Sparkle- mutha runna's lol.gif

RR- New chiro tomorrow morning.
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Originally Posted by memiles View Post

instead of 13 mpg, we are now getting 40+.

Tell me more. Does it have good power? Use regular gas? We'd like to get a station wagon for extra space, but decided we'd hold off until we can get something that's both extra fuel-efficient and that has good power for going up the mountains. (Our Buick has a 6-cylinder engine and that makes all the difference.)

Nick--good luck on the move. My uncle lives in Massachusetts, near Worcester.

sparkle--I can't say that I"m surprised by the talent of the Boulder team. Most of the new playgrounds in the area including a climbing wall these days. My two year-old scaled one at a friend's house and surprised the heck out of me, as I turned and saw her halfway up this 6-foot tall wall (she made it all the way to the top on her own, as it turned out). lol.gif Sorry that it makes it harder for everyone else though.

JenLove--You're halfway there already! Wow.

JayGee--hope the cold goes away soon.

zub--those things could affect it. R was still nursing and I was doing a lot of exercise when I got pregnant with J, but she was a lot older. Also, everyone's body seems to react to body fat/nursing/etc differently, and mine seems to cycle pretty much no matter what.

1jooj--Glad you're there safely and I hope this is a wonderful new chapter in life for you!

kerc--yay for finals week!

ND--nice job on the 20!

tjsmama--we have those tantrums too. Sometime last week R had an all-out screaming fit because I asked her to carry her school backpack and jacket inside. They have to outgrow them someday, right? eyesroll.gif

RR: two runs over the weekend in the mountains (4 and 12), and 10 on the bike tonight.

NRR: I'm not sure I'm going to survive having children. R was running a fever yesterday afternoon when I got home from the run, with her only symptom being that she was congested. We drove home and later that night I thought maybe she had an ear infection because she kept waking up and complaining of vertigo. She said her ears didn't hurt, but it was the only thing i could think of that would cause vertigo. Eventually I gave her some Wally's ear oil and then she stopped waking up every 15 minutes yelling that we were moving too fast. However, when she woke up an hour later (it now being 3:15 am) I moved DH in with her because otherwise I was going to die. Her fever was all but gone by morning (it's been 99 all day) but she's still congested and now she keeps waking up and coughing. greensad.gif I wish I knew what this was, and that something would work so she'd stop coughing and could sleep. (We've already tried homeopathic stuff, kids cough/cold stuff, chestal, and a cough drop. And there's a vaporizer going in her room. Sigh.) J, meanwhile, didn't go to sleep until 10:30, and then only after thrashing around like a fish out of water.
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Hi mama dingos!


I'm sorry I'm so behind on personals.


Jo, welcome to your new home! Insh'allah it will all go well, smoothly, and be a total success for all of you.


Sparkle, I don't know anything about Taos but it seems beautiful from the photos I've seen.


ND, I hear ya on the 4 year old (well, now 5) consequence/tantrum thing.


We are moving to Amherst, Mass. I will be in NJ with the kids for the summer while dh wraps things up here and we find a place up there (renting a house again). I am excited about the move although not about winter. Sigh. Always a trade off I guess.


My surgery went well, thanks for everyone's good wishes! Yesterday was...unpleasant. And the percocet, while lovely for pain, made me kind of sick to my stomach. But today I am feeling pretty good. Tired, dry mouth, etc. but no cramping. I'm at work for at least half the day and we'll see.


It was odd, though, and emotional...while I was waiting in the OR holding area, they were doing a c-section in the OR. I heard the baby crying, and I started crying about the juxtaposition of that new life and the fact that there I was doing something that will render my uterus essentially useless. I know it needed to be done, and I am done having kids. But, still...quite bittersweet. I started crying, and then the anesthesiologist came in and gave me something to 'relax' which helped a lot (I guess they don't want a hysterically crying person on the table trying to get them to sleep) and that's the last thing I remember until my dh was standing over me telling me to wake up.


And, as a thought -- i think they should market those blanket-warming-oven things they pull the hot blankets from to put over you to the mass market. Nothing felt as good as having those warm blankets being put on me when I had the post-anesthesia shakes.


Ok, off to work.

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