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Hi Mamas!


Glad you found it, Bec....I have done things like that (i.e. my thumb drive last week) and it drives me BONKERS. Ugh.


Penelope, hug2.gif


I went for a run yesterday!!! It was slllooooww, but I did 5 miles and felt pretty good. And this morning I finally feel like....ahem....my system is working properly. So if I can find a sitter I'm going for another one today (dh is out of town this weekend).


I am starting to get really excited about this move. Amherst is a really neat town, with a laid back university town vibe but also nice amenities (I get TRADER JOES BACK!!!! WOOT!!!). There are a few local farms where I can go to get fresh milk (i.e....raw milk is not illegal!), and the local Jewish community goes in together periodically to purchase, shecht (kosher slaughter) a cow so we can get fresh, local, grass-fed/organic, humanely raised etc. beef. I have not had beef in a very long time because we simply won't eat it if it doesn't meet those requirements so that is exciting. (Sorry to the vegetarians).  Same with chickens (although I can get kosher, humanely raised/free range, organic chicken at whole foods -- it's expensive but we eat it maybe once a week so it works out ok).


I love a town where they have that kind of stuff, and also have a big TJ Maxx and Bed, Bath, and Beyond a few miles down the road. I wish I wasn't so crassly commercial sometimes but sometimes you do need towels and whatnot and it is nice to be able to use those coupons. lol.gif


Found a house i LOVE LOVE LOVE online (rental)...the only problem is it's 4 miles from our synagogue (to which we walk). That's a bit of a drag. So we're going up in a few weeks to check things out and I guess I'll see if it can be managed. Because seriously? It's my dreamhouse. And it's an (affordable) rental. Trying not to get too emotionally involved here...


So -- on my list:

Finish school year without killing students, myself, or screaming my family into oblivion

Clean out this house

List furniture for sale

Take mighty bags of crap to Goodwill

Return all borrowed/stored/etc. items to random friends

Go to 16 or 18 doctors' appointments for me/kids, remember to take all paperwork away with me (HAHAHAHA)

Organize/buy/send to mom's house/figure out what needs to be purchased for dd1 for sleepaway camp

Pack what we need for the summer and set aside

Pack up as much stuff as possible to avoid dh 'random throw in box never to be seen again' packing

Take auto train to NJ on June 14

Go with dh to Mass. June 16/17 (leave kids with mom and dad!!!)

Register kids at new school, get paperwork from old school, etc.

Take dd1 to sleepaway camp!

Have nice summer in NJ while planning move and looking online for furniture we won't agree on

Move in August

Find a job?




That might be most of it.

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Penelope - what you are going through IS so hard. I'm so sorry your having to go through this. You dont sound crazy or wimpy or anything to me, you sound like someone with a huge challenge who is adapting to it. Be kind to yourself, in whatever way you can

Mel38 - broc1.gif Go Girl!!!!


Strong and Safe



Snort, drip. I pulled a Geo last night and got 10 hours. I was so exhausted from this stupid cold. Turned out (email mid-morning) that dd1's school was having a carnival yesterday afternoon which Dh could not attend because, wait for it, he was going with a friend to help him bottle the beer friend brewed at a pub for his birthday present from his dw. So while Dh was drinking beer for three hours, I was trudging exhausted around a f******ng carnival, trying to keep track of 3 kids in a crowd. Love that! And then dh got home at 7 instead of 6 (so 4 hours) and I got in bed and barred entry with my seething gaze, and then fell asleep at 8:30. Nothing for me today, hopefully tomorrow.
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I love my new mantra!! Thanks guys! I am printing it on some index cards for my transition area. smile.gif


Bec: Whew!!!


Nick, I second (third, fourth...) the fastest machine you can get, and MacBook Pro over the regular. How did I miss that you are moving to Amherst!?!?!? Wow, that is fan-dang-tastic! It just sounds like a fabulous community with so much to offer, and despite the winter thing, it won't be hard to say goodbye to running in 100% humidity.

Mel: Yay for getting your garden into the shape that suits your family! Good luck with your run/walk today and let us know how it feels.


Penelope hug2.gif Crying can be so good sometimes when it all gets to feel like too much. Sorry that things are so hard right now.

Zub: I can't even contribute anything meaningful to the fertility stuff - I was kind of clueless for most of my adult life about it, but did try the OP sticks, too, which just helped my peace of mind. I hope that you do start ovulating, though, so that at least that can be checked off the list.


On the childcare thing - of course, this is only my limited experience - I found that the group setting seemed to be better for my son after around 3 years. He was late talking, very quiet kid, not outgoing in the least, and I just felt better with him at home until he matured a little bit. We found a very small preschool for him when he was 3.5, and I think that was the time when he finally seemed interested in playing with other kids (other than friends/siblings). My middle daughter, on the other hand, was great in a group setting at around 2, and I never felt like she would have been better off at home in a single child setting. What kind of preschools do you have there? Can you plan a tour and just get a feeling for whether it might work for him?

Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post
So while Dh was drinking beer for three hours, I was trudging exhausted around a f******ng carnival, trying to keep track of 3 kids in a crowd.



But on that note, I am at home ... get this.... by myself while DH takes the kids to a birthday party and an awards banquet. By himself. With all three kids.


This might be a sign of the impending rapture.




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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

Strong and Safe


Dingo Shirt 2011?  2012?  I forget what year we're on.


Oh, just in case this is The Last Day - I love you all, you've improved my life in real tangible ways for 5 years now and I thank you all!  grouphug.gif


Originally Posted by Penelope View Post

Honey? Spend the money. Damn. You don't always have to come last. </stern voice>


Dh and I have been working opposite evenings, more or less - he had two late nights this week and I'll have a long/late day tomorrow so we haven't talked much. I did talk to my parents last night and spent a lot of time crying. greensad.gif I am really, really tired. And crying every day because I feel so angry and so stupid and so helpless, even though things are probably a little better than that. It sucks to not be much with the running as that's such a stress reliever, although biking is decent. PT is going pretty well although it turns out to be an insurance wrangle of sorts.


<sigh> Thanks for the support, y'all.


Nic?  You taking note of that?  Go get your toys.  You know a man wouldn't hesitate.


Penelope - I wish we could swoop in in a Dingo Storm and open a can of woop ass on that man of yours.  I'm sure he's got a POV too but damn, it makes me nuts to know how bad you're feeling and how much weight he's letting you carry.  I'm sending lots of love and prayers for strength and calm and joy to you.

Originally Posted by Mel38 View Post

But on that note, I am at home ... get this.... by myself while DH takes the kids to a birthday party and an awards banquet. By himself. With all three kids.


This might be a sign of the impending rapture.


Love it!   

What time is that Rapture scheduled for?  Do we know?  Or do we just know it when we see it?


RR; None.  US finally scheduled for Thursday.  Just when I was rethinking it and telling myself it's probably just piriformis weakness/tension I started spotting - this only 2 days after nearly two weeks of AF hanging around.  So, whatever, I'll go and have a look. 


Two days ago I noticed a big nasty lump in my cat's side.  Took him in to vet who said it could either be a lump from being bitten by one of our other animals or (probably) a fibroid sarcoma.  She also found a new heart murmur.  Which, ND correct me if I'm wrong, means that knocking out him as they must to do a biopsy is not without significant risk.  So, upshot seems to be that if it's serious he's just ticked into the last of his cat lives.  Wah.  He's my favorite pet ever.  He's just always been my cat, you know?  And he's not really that old, only 11.  Wah.


Okay, time to get everyone dressed and out the door. 


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So...you all still there? winky.gif


Nick, I am happy to have my MacBook Pro, again with the portability. I got a previous gen Pro when Best Buy got the new models and had a few old models left, so I got mine cheaper. I don't use it for much these days, but hope to do some video editing with iMovie.


On misplacing...ugh. I am trying to keep track of too many things right now, and once in a while I just have to tell everyone to slow down and shut up, so I can catch up without just tossing cr@p into my bags. Kind of works along the lines of the mantra--doing less is OK if I can do it better that way, you know?


Sparkle, I hope you're soon feeling fab. And that you can also soon have some out alone with a friend time.


Desert safari was fun! Dd barfed her guts out twice during the ride, and I screamed my head off, but it was fun. And even dd wasn't too complain-y, though I think that may have just been her illness taking over. We spent most of today resting in bed, and left at 3PM to a) get out of housekeeping's way; b) find a meal; and c) see the Dubai Mall (Yes, third mall in a week. Yes, I am aware of how weird that is.). I wanted to stay for the dancing fountains at night, but dh is a giant baby so we're home now. But when dd fainted (!), it finally got dh to understand how ill we are from the flight, and we stopped at a pharmacy where a nice doctor helped us out with some heavy duty meds for my girl. Then we took them to the aquarium and underwater zoo, and walked at least an extra 3-4 miles because my dh has no sense of direction, and tends to walk fast without looking at anything. When he gave up and let ds and me do the navigating, we were back at the car park where we'd arrived in no time. Sigh.


So, at least some FM thanks to all the extra mall walking looking for the kid cart return (because dd couldn't walk) and then the correct car park exit...and a little swimming at the hotel pool this morning. My swimsuit solution, btw? Perfect. In fact, I have been wearing my Skirt running dresses and capri running tights under my abayas every day I can. They are cool, comfortable, and chafe-preventive. And I can just whip off my abaya and jump into the waves if I happen to be down at Jumeira Beach.


Did I mention the fun with the consulate from dh's home country? Yeah...our marriage took place there, so they need to legally attest our marriage contract. And when dh walked into their office to request that they do it, they basically refused him service because he has since changed his citizenship. So, anyone wonder why he didn't feel bad changing his citizenship? Yeah...so anyway, it looks like we may have to do some kind of Emirati marriage as a workaround. Exciting, no? Maybe we should have a party this time? Or at least a honeymoon? I mean, as long as we're within short flying distances to so many places...anyway, I'll keep you posted.


Dear friend of mine will be in Dubai this week, and I can't wait (!!!) to see her.

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Well, hello there. I feel way behind, having not made it on to the internets yesterday, at all. My final went fine. I think I missed four questions, so I should have easily gotten my A. And that's one more class down and that much closer to graduation! We then headed out to celebrate. It was about 9:30 am. I got home at 10 pm. Yikes. I may have consumed more alcohol than I have at any time in recent (or even distant, for that matter) memory. Wow. I am too old for that much drinking. I at least had the forethought to stop drinking around 5 pm so I could eventually get sobered up to get back to my car and drive myself home. Although, let's be honest, my stomach was pretty much DONE at that point anyway. It was definitely a fun time, but next time...much less alcohol. bag.gif

And, in other news, my triathlon tomorrow is no longer a triathlon, thanks to run-off from the major rain we've had this week boosting the e.coli levels up over acceptable limits. At least I won't be freezing to death in 58 degree water, but now it's a duathlon and I have to run twice instead. Not super excited about that. Not to mention that I lost my carpool since the only reason she was doing this tri was to test out her new full-sleeve wetsuit in preparation for doing IM CdA next month. Since she can't swim, she's going to go do a century ride in Ft Collins tomorrow instead. Which she kind of tried to talk me into, but I can't afford to both lose the registration fee I already paid for this race and sign up for another event. Guess I'm on my own.

Going to attempt a run with a friend in a couple of hours. I'm not sure how it will go, hungover as I am, but I feel like I need to attempt it. I have an oddly sore left glute for some reason, which I don't really remember doing anything to, so I guess we'll see how that feels. redface.gif

Mel~Good luck tomorrow! You're going to do great, I know! Can't wait to hear all about your first tri!!!
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Nic, I hope everything goes smoothly for you.  It looks like a heck of a list you've got going there!


Jo, I'm glad you got some meds for your DD.  I've never flown a really long distance, but I've heard it can wipe you out in so many ways.  I'm so excited to read about all of the fun new things you're doing!


Gaye, hooray for doing well on exams!  And for drinking heavily!  I've never been much of a drinker; I'm too much of a control freak.  It sounds like it was a fun time, though.


All is well here.  Today there was this big fundraising event at the ice-cream place nearby.  Well, they started with just ice cream but now have batting cages, two mini-golf courses, bumper boats, pony rides, exotic animals, and a tethered hot air balloon.  They donated a bunch of resources and time and for $25 a person we were able to have a full day of grill food, ice cream sundae bar, and all the mini-golf, bumper boats, batting cages, and driving range time we wanted.  There was also face painting, balloon animals, live bands, and a bunch of raffles.  DH originally thought he was going to duck out to watch the hockey game, but then last night said he'd go once he decided it wasn't worth incurring my wrath.  FIREdevil.gif  He woke up this morning feeling SOOOO sick.  "I think I'm getting a really bad cold; I feel terrible....."  Uh, no dear.  You have allergies.  See all that stuff floating around in the air?  Do you hear me sneezing six thousand times?  I have allergies, too.  Get that?  Right now I feel the SAME as you; I just am able to suck it up better.


Anyway, I took the kids to DS's 9:00 soccer game and left DH with his blanket and the allergy pills to sleep for another hour, which seemed like a nice thing to do until I showed up back at the house at 10:30 and told him it was his turn to take both kids to DD's 11:00 game so I could go for a run before the afternoon event.  Ha, ha, mean unsympathetic wife strikes again.  orngtongue.gif


I did six miles, punctuated by a bee flying into my forehead.  It was too stunned to sting me, but I wasted a lot of energy whipping off my hat and shooing it off my body, then making sure it wasn't still lurking somewhere on my clothes.  I'm afraid of bees.


The afternoon event was nice.  The food was good and the ice cream was excellent.  We did bumper boats, which I hated and the kids loved, and most of a round of mini-golf before the meltdowns started.  Then we relaxed with some face painting and headed home.  The event was to benefit a local eight-year-old girl who, a year or so ago, came down with an infection her parents thought was the flu.  After a lot of time in the hospital, it developed into something else (sepsis?) and she ended up needing both arms and both legs amputated.  There are lots of medical bills for the family, as you can imagine.


I'm afraid I didn't sufficiently prepare our kids, since I didn't think I really needed to get into it at the moment, but as we were going through the food line, the girl was there at a table near the end of the line.  I had to do a very quick whispered explanation about there being a girl who didn't have arms and legs and who was in a wheelchair and how she had a bad disease that made it so she had to have her arms and legs removed.  Luckily their cousins have a grandfather who had one leg amputated and they've seen him take it off and put it on enough times at family parties to know that such things exist, so I was able to say that maybe when this girl gets older she'll have prosthetic arms and legs like Tom has.  DD, who is six, was mostly concerned with how the girl would eat the hot dog on the plate in front of her, and was fascinated instead of horrified.  She also had some innovative ideas and theories that she shared, far too loudly and with more hand and body gestures than I would have liked.  bag.gif  I then had to tell her not to stare six thousand times before we finally got through the line and found a table far away.


It's hard to be back to real life, after last weekend's great time away.  Our stove died and we need a repair guy to come on Monday.  DD has a bunch of ballet rehearsals to work around that are leading up to her big show (Pippi Longstocking) in June.  We have ants crawling around our kitchen, but only one or two at a time so I'm finding it hard to track them and decide what to do about them.  I still need to repair screens and patch pants and remove spots of mold from our bathroom ceiling and rake leaves.  I feel as though right now my life is an infinite set of twenty-minute jobs that I just can't get around to doing.  Tomorrow I will choose four or five of these twenty-minute jobs and just get them done.  Maybe then I won't feel so fatigued just setting foot into my house.

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Just a little FYI...hangover running? Not so hot. orngtongue.gif The first mile was ok, 10:40ish pace. When the second mile was 12:50, I knew it was going to be ugly.

I'm totally discombobulated about this duathlon tomorrow. I don't know how to pack for it, what to wear, anything. Blech.
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ND--how does one get more out of recovery days?

Mel38--good luck on your tri!

Nick--option #1. Also, good luck with that list.

1jooj--craziness! Hope your DD is feeling better soon.

La4--that's a busy day!

tjsmama--On getting too old to party hard: ya think? wink1.gif (Says the woman who's always been too old to party hard....) Glad to hear you won't freeze to death tomorrow at least!

Hmmm...too bad my tri is in a pool. I wouldn't mind a duathlon. Actually, I think I'd prefer those because it would be easier to fit all the exercise in, but oh well.

RR: I still feel like crap here, so I decided to bike instead of run today. I did 9 with J in the trailer. I felt mostly ok then, though my throat felt raw by the time I got home. At least I could breathe.

NRR: I seem to be running a low-grade fever off and on and I'm not sure what to do about that. Between that and the congestion and the sore throat, well, bleh. I'll try going to bed early and pray that I feel better for my long run tomorrow. In fun news, we went to REI for their sale today. R got her first pair of hiking shoes, DH got socks, I got a new running bra and goggles, and best of all, we got a bike rack for the car. It plugs into the hitch so it should be easy for me to deal with. Of course, as soon as we got home I eyed my bike (which looks like this) and went inside to google "how do you put a women's trek navigator on a Thule helium rack?" The answer? Get a frame adapter bar that subs as the top bar I don't have and voila! So I ordered that part and should be good to go as soon as it arrives. (Yes, I'm sure there's some funky way I could manage to get my Navigator on by having one of the wheels up really high or something, but honestly, this seems like the easiest answer, especially because DH's bike is also a women's frame, having been my sister's old bike.) I'm excited, especially because it means we can take my bike up to the mountains next week and I can actually do some biking while we're there. I'd love to get on the trail that runs (I believe) from Snow Mountain Ranch to Fraser, but I've seen people bike along the main highway too, and in theory I could bike into Rocky Mountain National Park if I wanted (but seeing as it will be uphill, I'm not sure how much I'll actually want to do that).
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Nic, that is one amazing list!! Amherst sounds great.


Plady, sorry about your cat. And good luck with the U/S hug2.gif


jo, hope your dd is feeling better soon. And good luck with the consulate and the possible marriage!


Gaye, congrats on the exam, and the celebration, despite the after-effects


La, glad the "mean unsympathetic wife" got her run in winky.gif And I hope your strategy of tacking 4-5 of the 20 minute jobs works. I should maybe consider that one, especially if it means the laundry gets put away at some point this week...


Real, what did you get for hiking shoes for R? My oldest needs a pair, but I'm still deciding what to get.


RR: Run/walk fail. I tried two minute running intervals (with 3 min walking), and by the third I "maybe" felt an ache in my hips/pelvis and by the fifth I had sciatica down one side and pain radiating to my knee on the other. Not bad pain (the temptation to keep running was strong...), but definitely a message from my body to stop running. And I've been feeling generally achy all day, not to mention stupidly emotional. Not sure what my next step is- my pelvis feels much more aligned and right than before the chiro, but the run feels identical to any I've tried in the past two months. The only sports medicine doctor locally is not someone I want to see, so I'm investigating my options again.


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Have a great Tri Mel!  surf.gifbikenew.gifjog.gif


Jo - And now you get to have a wedding!  How exciting!  Sorry to hear the travel took such a toll on dd, I guess considering how relatively quickly you made such huge changes it shouldn't be a surprise.  The surprise is that all four of you haven't just fallen into a coma together on a hotel bed.  Here's hoping you all adjust more comfortably from here on out.


Gaye - Congrats!  Hungover running sounds sooo unappealing however.


La4 - I'm going to try that 20 minute job approach.  That does make it all seem more manageable.


MelW - You're near Seattle too right?  Which end of the sound?  It's certainly a stretch but I'm just wondering if it's totally futile for us to compare chiros.


Have a good day everyone!  I'm going to attempt early am productivity for a change.


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Thread Starter 

Nic ~ your move to Amherst sounds like a real win for the family.  Stock up on long underwear and parkas again for the winter and you'll be fine (although I'd look for a house a little closer to synagogue for those fridgid days...).  Plus, you've done years and years of NY winters winky.gif.


MelW ~ is there any chance it could be a disc issue?  I only ask because your symptoms are so similar to mine, and that seems to be what has been causing all of my misery for the last 2 years.  Hope you can figue it out hug2.gif.


Jo ~ I'm loving all the reports and FB pictures from Dubai!  DS was thrilled to see the pictures of the Burj, since he's a real architecture buff.  Keep it coming!


Gaye ~ running hungover = bad idea.  I've tried.  It's not fun.  Make sure you hydrate like crazy.  And have a great Du!!!


Mel38 ~ happy triathlon day!!!  Enjoy your race and I can't wait to hear about it.


Lalala ~ I'm always absolutely mortified when my children point and talk about people with visible disabilities/differences as well.  And am unsure exactly how to handle it...  Good for you for getting that run in too!


Plady ~ I hope your cat is okay hug2.gif.


RR ~ kettlebells and a short run yesterday morning, and 2 miles of scootering last night.  Note to self:  Do not EVER attempt to scooter 2 miles again.  OUCH!


NRR ~ yesterday was DD2's 5th birthday, so we got a pizza for dinner and went to a huge park in our town that has a playground, ducks (and ducklings!) and a 2 mile paved trail (hence the scootering).  It was exactly what she wanted to do and her day was perfect!

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Happy Triathlons Mel38 and Gaye!!! broc1.gifjoy.gif

MelW - I agree with jaygee. It sure sounds like it could be coming from your back, especially since its going down both legs now. Can you bike, or do other things without pain?

La4 and Jaygee - I have started being as direct as I can with the disabled person and my kids. I dont think its rude necessarily for our kids to point and talk - they are just curious. When this happens (on the street or in a restaurant or whatever) I approach the person and say my kids are curious and would it be ok if they asked some questions. Maybe this is rude bag.gif but I imagine that people with disabilities get that all the time anyway (people pointing and talking) and rather than feel like a specimen at the zoo, I treat them like anyone else, and I am generally direct. I think I heard a disabled person say they prefer this once, maybe that's where I got the idea. I mean, if someone has a huge birthmark on their face, they know its there, so why not just acknowledge it. We're not saying "gross" we're saying "interesting"

Jaygee - lol.gif on the scootering. Dh is always pulling something when he uses HIS skateboard and it cracks me up

Rebecca - joy.gif for the REI sale lol.gif We got some new bars for our bike rack too. Actually, we had a bike rack I hated (rear mounted underneath, heavy) that dh switched with a friend this week for a top mounted one, so we got bars for that) and we both got climbing shoes broc1.gif. Dh and I want to start going to the gym when the kids are in school

RR: I should go ride the bike at the gym but, sigh, I'm not in enough of a routine that a little exhaustion doesnt make it easy to stay home and read the paper instead bag.gif I did, however, become friends with a woman who is the mom of one of dd1's climbing teammates who used to be some nationally competitive mtn. biker. Now she mostly runs. Her dh is getting back into climbing. Long story short, we and they want to start connecting for sports. Have I finally met someone to possibly work out with once I get a base of fitness (lol.gif how's that for certitude)
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Jo - It's been so fun watching your FB feed and updates here.  I hope you all are getting some R&R now and dd feels better.  Poor girl.  ((hugs))


I'm loving the mantra.  It may go up on my kitchen wall with my other inspirational things. :)  I'm definitely feeling that on a shirt this year.


Nic - Wow, woman!  That's a list.  Remember one "to do" at a time.  You'll get there.


Mel and Gaye - Good luck racing!


NRR: We put an offer in on the house, so the waiting game starts again.  I'm much more relaxed this time ... don't get me wrong I love the place but I'm more in the "if it happens, it happens" mode.  That's where I've needed to be for oh... months on the house hunting issue.  Live and learn.  On the note of moving though, we helped a friend move yesterday and it was interesting. I move so much slower (with more waddling) and if we don't move soon I will be an interesting sight to see when I'm "helping."


I start nannying this week at my house, so today is the day to prepare the house for 2 more girls.  They are older than Val and homeschooled so I get to *teach* too.  I am pretty excited about it all.  It's only a short-term thing but I think we all need it around here. :)

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edited out.  Very weird.  I made a post on a different board (open in a different tab) and it posted here.  Whoops!

Edited by bec - 5/22/11 at 6:56pm
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Originally Posted by sparkletruck View Post

I mean, if someone has a huge birthmark on their face, they know its there, so why not just acknowledge it. We're not saying "gross" we're saying "interesting"


True, and, actually, this is us.  DD (the one doing all of the pointing and loud talking yesterday) has a huge birthmark on her face.  She's had five major surgeries already for it, and will have her sixth this summer.  Yesterday I actually whispered to her "Hey, aren't people always staring at your face?  Please try not to stare at others."  Didn't work.  eyesroll.gif


Anyway, it is better in our experience if people just ask about it instead of whispering, but it also gets to be extremely tiresome to be the ambassadors for weird face things every single day.  I can't remember the last time we went to a store or the park or the beach or wherever when someone didn't approach us and ask about DD's face.  At this point it's reduced in size enough that it looks like a black eye, so we get a lot of gasping, a lot of "oh, no!  What HAPPENED to her EYE?" type of stuff.  These days I generally just roll my eyes and say in a really flat voice "H, they want to know what happened to your eye."  At which point all of our coaching pays off when DD looks up and says "It's just a birthmark."  This news is followed by the person apologizing, backpedaling, and bending over backward to tell us how BEAUTIFUL DD is.  Ack.  I should be nicer about the whole thing, but it's frustrating when we have to talk about it every time we leave the house.  And sometimes we're just not in the mood to talk about it, but people feel they have the right to ask, since it's right there on her face and all.  People who whisper, though, get the look of death from me.  angry.gif


So, that's why I'd prefer my kids wait until later when we're alone to ask all of their questions.  The entire drive to church this morning DD talked about life without arms and legs, and I answered all of her questions and listened to all of her thoughts, which were many and various.  She thought having an elevator in your house would be super-cool.


No running for me today.  I tried to do the motivated thing and went to the store with DD after church to buy some vegetable plants.  We bought a bunch of stuff, plus some netting to hopefully keep the wildlife off, but now that I'm home and looking at the gloomy outdoors I've lost my motivation again.  Why am I so tired?  Maybe if I at a cookie I'd want to do some gardening?  Actually, getting off the computer would be a good first step toward getting plants into the ground.  And coffee would probably be better than a cookie.  DH gave me a coffee grinder and a French press for Mother's Day, and they are marvelous!  I have been drinking much more coffee over the past few weeks.  Yum, yum! 



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Thanks La4. Yeah Ive thought about how annoying it would be to get attention one way or the other all the time. I just want to avoid my kids thinking of people with differences as weird or other, and I think a short conversation reminds them that its just another person. But then I guess Im using that person as an educational experience. Bleh. Not sure what is best
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Marking my spot.....
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Mel--we got her these Merrill shoes.

NRR: no long run for me today. greensad.gif I woke up feeling worse than ever, barely able to talk and decided to pay a visit to the urgent care clinic down the street instead of going to church. The clinic confirmed my suspicions: ear infection and probable strep throat (the rapid test came back negative, but they're sending a second sample on for the longer test and she said she was just going to treat it because it looked like strep to her and because the abx for the ear infection should knock it out anyhow). So, I'm drinking my fluids and just took a 2-1/2 hour nap in place of a 12-mile run.

Questions for the collective Dingo wisdom:
1. Since J has been sleeping with me, has a cough and a little bit of nasal congestion, should I just take her to the dr in the morning to get checked out? R is on abx at the moment for an ear infection of her own so I'm not worried. Or will the breastmilk keep her in good shape? She's not running a fever currently.

2. Since the Bolder Boulder isn't until Monday, should I try a modified version of my long run tomorrow (say, 6-7 miles) or should I just scrap it completely and call it a taper?
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MelW - You're near Seattle too right?  Which end of the sound?  It's certainly a stretch but I'm just wondering if it's totally futile for us to compare chiros.




MelW ~ is there any chance it could be a disc issue?  I only ask because your symptoms are so similar to mine, and that seems to be what has been causing all of my misery for the last 2 years.  Hope you can figue it out hug2.gif.


Vancouver Island. I'm 3 hours north of Victoria, so limited in my options for chiro, sports medicine, physio, etc.

I think I need to investigate the possibility of disc issues more. It's a funny injury, because I have very minimal pain day to day, can bike, swim, weight train, bootcamp (minus the running part) without issues, and even when running feel like I could "run through" a relatively minor ache, but then it starts to travel, and it's after the run ends that I can feel the pain. It kind of fits with a disc issue, but my mind doesn't always feel ready to go there yet.

Did something strange with the multi-quote there...I'm too lazy to fix it right now.

Real, I would have a peek in her throat to see if there's any redness, and if not call
the breastmilk good smile.gif

I would also just call it a taper- maybe a short run if you're feeling up for it tomorrow.
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