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Big decisions RM.  I have long thought that the secret to world peace is to eliminate middle school.  Can you make a plan to work on the issues that lead to him being so miserable at school so that he can successfully attend high school?  How does the school district do with special ed services for home schoolers?


Rest day for my weary legs.  I'm spending the time helping DD finish her extra credit report on her favorite animal:  the cuttlefish.

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RM, middle school is the pits. I think it could destroy the most well adjusted, high achieving student so I can only imagine what it would do to a child with such struggles. Homeschooling doesn't always work for every family and there are many ways to homeschool. If you want to talk options in Indiana you can call me/pm me. I have done it eclectically around a classical model and considered some school at home options before enrolling people in various schools after unschooling via benign neglect for a year and probably have some strong opinions. I also stopped for various reasons so I won't judge any decision you make. :hugs

I want to say more but I am too tired to think. Maybe it is allergies?
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Hugs, rm.

As a middle school teacher I can say with total confidence that for most kids with loving families, homeschooling is a wonderful option for those years. The truth is cognitively not a heckuva lot is going on but character development, reasoning skills, and learning how to be a decent human being is (going on). And perversely middle school is the absolutely worst place to learn how to be a decent human being.




I am not having a good day. Crappy day at work, and for some reason I'm really not feeling very well. I think maybe I pushed a little too soon with a 10 mile long run in the heat 6 days after surgery. Hmmm. I needed it and I really felt quite fine during the run but today I am crampy, bleeding a bit more, and generally not well at all.



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Plady--could it be that you want to exercise because you envision being sidelined for a few days?

Geo & Sparkle--hope that energy returns soon.

JayGee--glad you made it home just in time. I've done that more often than I care to think about. It's good speedwork though! wink1.gif

Nick--ugh. Maybe take a couple of rest days to heal a bit more?

No running here. I'm feeling better (or at least my throat barely hurts now) but still running a fever. It was 101 when I got home from picking up R. Grrr. If I still have a fever tomorrow morning, I'm going to call the doctor.
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Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post

RR: 3+ miles outside this morning, trying to squeeze it in before a work meeting.  Then spent hours making a cement block patio extension, lifting carrying, moving.  Got to be good exercise !


NRR: last day of school tomorrow.  undecided about the summer and future at this point.  Just trying to reach some sort of "normal" for our family.  DS1 is off his anxiety meds that were really horrible for him, and it's obvious that he is still suffering withdrawal, but closer to the son that I know.  Thought about homeschooling him every year since he was a toddler.  When he started therapy in January the therapist asked if we thought about homeschooling him because that's where most of his anxiety and stress comes from.  Thought about it more then.  Last week had his case conference to get him on IEP for middle school and the special education teacher caught up to me afterwards and asked me in private if we have concidered homeschooling him because he is miserable at school (others treat him horribly).  She told me that she has NEVER talked to a parent about that (and aroudn 20 years of experience!!).  So...... been thinking and researching the possibility.  Have psych consult for him but can't get in until July (and yes, I've called numerous places). 



Love to you ladies!

Middle school is emotionally one of the hardest things I've ever done as a parent, with both kids.  If homeschooling has been on your mind for that long , and you've got professionals who know him suggesting it as well, it seems like a very good option. C has two friends being homeschooled through middle school participating in a local co-op group, from what they tell me it's incredibly inclusive and supportive of kids who don't fit into the box that school creates for them.  Socialization with other age groups (younger kids tend to be kinder, older ones more mature, from what I've seen of homeschooled kids) might also be great for him.


Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post


I am not having a good day. Crappy day at work, and for some reason I'm really not feeling very well. I think maybe I pushed a little too soon with a 10 mile long run in the heat 6 days after surgery. Hmmm. I needed it and I really felt quite fine during the run but today I am crampy, bleeding a bit more, and generally not well at all.



If you were a midwifery client and exercise increased your bleeding, I'd tell you to sit the heck down and let your uterus heal.  Just sayin.


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Nic - Yes.  Sit the heck down and stop.  My midwife would say "red means stop".


RM - If you can give it a shot I think I would certainly want to try it in your situation.  Heck, in any situation.  I'm already half planning to take dd out for middle school.  I'm with Geo on this for sure.  And to hear from our very own middle school teacher that not much is going on cognitively makes me even more inclined to do it.  But of course it's easier said than done isn't it?  Good luck with your decision and I'm sure that your faith will help guide you to the best answer for you and your son.


RR:  Nope.  Again, with not doing anything.  Oy.  I did clean up my desk area of all the weirdo crap that gets deposited there.  That only took 2 hours.  And I grilled a turkey for plenty of easy dinners for the week.  At first I thought it was sort of stupid to cook it now that I have a week of no evening obligations but now that I think about it, it could be nice to have simple meals and get to stay home afterward too!


Maybe tomorrow I'll shake my booty.  There's no evidence to support such a claim but whatev.


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Maria Montessori basically said that middle school was a time for hands-on apprenticeships and basically physical work of some kind. She's not right about everything but in this I think I agree. Very few of my students, even the quite brightest ones, are receptive in middle school to great academic strides. Some are, and some are able to get into the critical thinking areas, but for most it's a time of cognitive and emotional (and hormonal) transition.


The best thing I do for my students is to support them, try to find something they love and build on it (whether it's Shakespeare, running, or something else), and attempt to teach them some manners, some grace, some compassion and empathy, and keep them out of outright trouble for 8 hours a day. Seriously. Curriculum, not so much. So yeah...I'd say it's not a time of huge cognitive/academic strides and if you want to nurture another side of a kid and/or give them some space to be who they are without pressure/bullying/nastiness/etc. then it's a great time for an alternative route whether that is homeschooling or something else.


Part of the reason we're moving halfway across the country again is because I can't have my oldest in middle school here. No way, no how. And going forward we need other options. Our issues are slightly different but the result is similar...middle school is NOT an option as things are right now. So I get having to make a different decision.



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A few cool pictures from the race. If they weren't so freaking expensive, I might actually buy them, but $16 apiece? No, thanks.
Heading out on the first run
On the bike
On the bike
Finish line, looking like I might keel over any second
Finish line decent pic

Pretty uneventful day here. Our normal late morning meltdown, followed by taking DS to school, a trip to the financial aid office (yippee rolleyes.gif), my employee health screening (PHEW, I'm not on drugs! That's a relief!), and a trip to the grocery store. I splurged on some copper river salmon for dinner, which we grilled with a vidalia onion and zucchini and mushrooms. I love that my kid loves to eat good food. It makes me feel better about paying $24.99/pound for salmon when he scarfs it down, telling me how good it is the whole time. love.gif We followed that up with our normal pre-bedtime meltdown, and that's about it for the day! Now, to bed early (for me) so we can get up and head to the Y for spin class before swimming, then meeting DS's old babysitter for lunch, then shopping for bday party supplies. My week off is not-so-much shaping up to be relaxing...
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Gaye, you look great in all of them, and that is not me blowing smoke.


sparkle, I am sorry, but I guffawed at your description of the party. O.M.G. Horror.


Nick, another vote to sit down.


RM, I have to say I'd probably be making plans to homeschool at this point. There are so many options that can help with the curriculum part. My sister has done online through a local charter, and that has worked great for her kids.


And to all the DIngo mamas grouphug.gif


I swam a few laps last night in the pool, and am about to take the kids down there again so I can do a few laps again before it gets too hot and sunny. It's not much, but it is something, and some of the pain in my hip and legs is easing.


Dd is still ill from the heat, but she feels great in the pool and is doing her best to hydrate, and has also recently begun to follow my instructions to EAT YOGURT. So maybe soon her tummy will be more normal. Hoping for the best.


Paris Hilton is in town. Apparently, when dh was at Ibn Battuta Mall last night, there was this giant crowd of people there...and then someone announced that Paris would be appearing shortly. He wasn't going to wait around, but thought it was pretty funny. She's searching for her BFF you know. I think she might find some real candidates here. winky.gif


Off to swim before the day gets going...

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Gaye, you're lovely. smile.gif Great race pics and RR!


Nic, get some rest. Think of it as time you won't have to spend half-recovered next week or the week after.


Jo, I'm really loving hearing about your new adventure. orngbiggrin.gif Do you/will you blog?


Middle school, yeesh. I'm struggling with my dd, who is practicing her snotty sarcastic voice with me on a daily basis. (No need to practice! It's spot-on!) But she's also still very much the small kid inside. It's an interesting age, 10.


I'm grading and might actually get grades in on time (noon today.) No FM this week thus far, but I can run or bike before going in for new student registration tomorrow. Am trying to keep up with my PT exercises, which are making me pretty sore.


Went with ds to a field trip at a farm yesterday - great good fun, although I'm now somewhat behind. My kids have only six more school days left, and I'm really wishing I had another five or so. Trying to plan my summer (mostly buy tickets for various complicated bits of travel.) Dh was planning to go on vacation with me and the kids as he "won't be working by July 2" which is when I'll leave for MT to join the kids and my folks. I told him he needed to plan on taking a short-term job as soon as he's done (June 10). He apparently planned not to work again until the end of July?! I'm seriously frustrated with him. As, you know, bills and all that... So I think he's not going, but he's angry about it. Meh.

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Jo - You're in a different world now!  These stories! :)


I wish I had some info to share about the middle school years, but I am learning a lot from reading a lot.  Such smart women around here. :)


Nic - Rest!  Take care!


NRR ~ We got a good counter offer and they want to negotiate the tractor into the sale for us.  Best counter ever!  LOL!  We are meeting with a contractor tomorrow evening to make sure our addition is within means and then we'll accept the counter and it'll be ours. :) 


Off to get in my cappuccino before the girls I am watching arrive.  Have a good day!

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Penelope ~ your DH seems to be trapped in a perpetual childhood where you only work if you feel like it....  gah!  I can totally understand your frustration.


Gaye ~ awesome pictures!  You look really strong, and I love your outfit.


Jooj ~ hope your DD can get acclimated to the heat soon.  Tell Paris I say "hi"! ROTFLMAO.gif


Nic ~ take a break if you're bleeding.  Seriously...


Lisa ~ I'd homeschool in your situation.  Find a good coop.  Find a local homeschooling group.  Does anyone at your church homeschool?  I know a lot at my old church in Bloomington.  Middle school is such misery, and with the challenges your son has, I can't even imagine.... Best of luck to you as you navigate the decision.


The massive thunderstorms aren't supposed to arrive until this afternoon so I'll bike DD to preschool again, head out for a nice long run, then bike her home for a good workout.  I need it (especially since I baked, and ate, too many brownies last night).

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Yeah, JayGee, Paris says hi. biglaugh.gif


JenLove, if it's a good tractor, YES! Best. Ever! Fingers crossed! Where is this little gem in relation to your hometown?


I did more laps. Swim instructor down at the pool told me my form is good but I don't kick enough. But when I kick more, I get tired and breathing gets hard. The answer? Clearly training...


And, since we are putting an offer in on a villa with a shared pool, perhaps I will be able to continue to train daily. (Can I get a woot-woot?) It's smallish compared to some of what we saw, but newly updated baths and kitchen, nice fixtures (no brass!), nice side garden, and backyard connects to a walkway to the shared pool, behind which the gardener keeps a veritable jungle of gorgeous tropical plants. Walking distance to the beach. Neighborhood kitties (collared and fixed). Close to the largest park in the city (which has a whole separate ladies' area where one can jog without any trepidation).


So, yes, we may soon have an actual place to live. Which is good, since dh is apparently heading to Oman in June and the Saudi late June-into-July. Which leaves me wondering when we'll be getting to Morocco. headscratch.gif

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Jo ~ that villa sounds great, especially the pool part.  Hope you get it!


RR ~ ran 5.3 slow, humid miles.  The four or so weeks of sick children/mama did me no favors in the fitness department.  Sigh....

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I keep falling behind, so I'm going to just post now, even though I know there is more that I haven't read.


RM - I think, given everything, that homeschooling really does sound like the best option.  And it sounds like you really have the school's blessing and support.  I would definitely see what kind of services he can get through the school as a homeschooler.  I think he will likely do better socially as well without the pressure of a school setting.  What does that do for you, though?  Is that something you can handle?  I know how hard you are working to make the best decision for him!


On a side note, this is making me so nervous for junior high!  It's coming up quickly!


Gaye - You look fantastic, as always!


Jo - It sounds like you are all slowly adapting.  Too funny about Paris! 


Jennie - Good luck with the house!  I have my fingers crossed for you!!  So exciting!


FM - Got a great pilates class in!  I feel great now, but know that everything will be sore in a day or so!

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Good luck Jenlove. How exciting!

Gaye - you look AWESOME

Jooj - so surreal how much your life has just done a 180! the villa with the pool sounds devine

RR: weights. I busted my a**, like, kept pushing through hard sets even when I wanted to stop, until after about 75 minutes of intervals I really couldnt do anymore. Now I feel worked out in a good way. Still tired but better. Cant believe its already 12:30 and I have so much to do today. Already done several loads of laundry, taken kids to school, exercised, went to doctor appt.. Now need to grocery shop and cook and go to dd1's music school to register my dissatisfaction in person irked.gif
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Oh, and in my fascination with the Boulder coach (name is Robyn Erbesfield) I came across this little montage of her winning her world titles. Not impressive at all winky.gif
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sparkle--holy cow! She makes it look like gravity doesn't exist. Amazing.

However, I am pleased to say that her recent Bolder Boulder times are slower than either mine or tjsmama. lol.gif (She's probably run-jogging with one of her kids, so I'll be quiet now.)

Penelope--I wish we could knock some sense into your DH for you.

JayGee--that sounds like an impressive workout.

Still no FM here. My fever is mostly gone (99-something) but considering that it took 48 hours to get it there, I'll take today easy too. I'm going to head to the chiropractor this afternoon and see if that will help with the ear stuff. I need it anyhow because my shoulders and back are sore after all the coughing.

And now I need to call a student and explain that no, one does not qualify for an incomplete (requiring 80% of work completed and an extreme illness or other situation) when you only did one assignment and one test all semester. rolleyes.gif
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Real - I am pleased too!!!!! lol.gif And I have nightmares that I am that student!
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Originally Posted by Realrellim View Post

Penelope--I wish we could knock some sense into your DH for you.
. rolleyes.gif

Real, sorry to hear you also have some fantasy-based thinking happening with the students! And yeah, re: dh. I told my brother that if I thought beating him with a stick would help, I would be lining up sticks. <note: just kidding! GD mama/spouse here! gallows humor!>


Got my grading done, treated myself with a trip to the thrift store, picked up the kids, and am now facing down a huge pile of laundry. Like, multiple-Glee-episodes laundry. As soon as it dries out a bit (probably after supper) I'm going to dig in the garden or go for a bike ride. No angry student phone calls yet; usually I either screw up once or a student has grossly overestimated his or her performance on the final...



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