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jo~goodvibes.gif for a smooth relocation. I'll be eagerly waiting to hear tales from the other side!!!

One more fun nursing simulation lab experience, in the books. Sheesh. I will be so glad to be done with these stupid things. They're crazy high stress, they put us in situations that we have no idea what we're doing, and they just suck. Ok, so they're somewhat helpful in some senses, but I really think they're more stress than they're worth. It's done, and I passed, and that's all that matters, though.

Get this...I got an email today from the clinical placement coordinator, and she's actually going to try to switch me. jaw.gif I am flabbergasted. And super excited, but not quite joy.gif till it's a done deal...

rr~Track, and it was the dreaded whistle workout. Ok, it's not *that* bad, but it's definitely not my favorite. Basically, whenever she blows a whistle, you go hard; when she blows it again, it's recovery. The reason I don't like it is that I HATE the unknown, especially when it involves how long/far I'm going to have to run. orngtongue.gif
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Originally Posted by MelW View Post

Plady, glad the cruise went well and the kids had fun.  I wonder if my BIL was on the same ship as you- he refinishes decks, and was on a Disney cruise last week, and was ending his trip in either Seattle or Victoria. I always get confused, though, since he was in the Bahamas the week before that (?). I'm still with you with stupid hips, ad currently in denial about a strange spot of foot numbness on my bad side...



RR- Biked to and from kindergarten again today, and will for pick-up, too. That's all. I'm still eating like a runner for the past few weeks, so going to need to do something about that if I can't get more exercise soon.

I bet he was, they were doing a ton of fluffing up the ship.


I am going to follow your lead on biking the little one to school, at least on dry mornings, I'm not studly enough to do it in the rain.

Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post

Ok, off to teach. We are having the class memorize Shakespeare passages. They think they can't do it and then when they can, and they 'get' it, it's so fun to watch.

Do you have any favorites?  I'd like to do that this summer if I get enough kids signed up for my theatre camp this summer.  I remember doing the balcony scene with my first boyfriend when I was 15 and it was really thrilling.  (not that kids have to be romancing their partners!)


Originally Posted by JayGee View Post

Mel, have you had your back checked out?  More work with my chiro has led us to the conclusion that what I've thought to be a foot/hip/knee issue is actually a herniation of my L5-S1 disc.  My back has always felt great, but apparently it's been the problem all along :(.


Plady ~ sounds like a really fun cruise!  Keep us posted on your Biggest Loser challenge progress too.


I have GOT to get my eating back under control.  I had been eating so well for almost 2 months and on Easter, I decided to have some jelly beans, because I love them.  Anyway, one handful of jelly beans has resulted in almost 10 days of sugar bingeing.

Hmmm, how long have you been seeing this chiro?  Maybe I should give mine more time.

Re: BL challenge, a big part is going back to Atkins very faithfully.  I blew a gasket on sugar on the cruise which is actually making it easier to quit (so far).

Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
rr~Track, and it was the dreaded whistle workout. Ok, it's not *that* bad, but it's definitely not my favorite. Basically, whenever she blows a whistle, you go hard; when she blows it again, it's recovery. The reason I don't like it is that I HATE the unknown, especially when it involves how long/far I'm going to have to run. orngtongue.gif

That would make me anxious too, but I imagine it would be very satisfying when it was over.


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1jooj--good luck on this last week and the move!

Plady--sounds like a nice trip, except perhaps the too much food thing. I hate that feeling too, but I think I'd find the food hard to resist. Though I was laughing about "wasted" quiet time without the BC because I was thinking of all the things I could get done (reading, knitting, sleeping) if my kids were elsewhere and that was off the table. lol.gif

Nick--hope some of your energy returns soon.

tjsmama--I think I'd hate the whistle workout too. It's a lot easier to pace yourself if you know you're only going for 400 as opposed to 800 or 1600, yk?

RR: biked for school pick-up today (we're not with it enough in the morning to also bike to drop-off). I thought I'd left enough time to get in a few extra miles before I got there, but it turned out I was wrong. Unfortunately, I was still a few miles away from the school when I figured that out, so I alternated between cursing every time I looked how much time I had left and praying to go faster. And it started to rain too, just for fun. eyesroll.gif The worst part was waiting at the very long stoplight a block away from her school. It was 2:49 when I pressed the button and it takes nearly 2 minutes before it turns, but school gets out at 2:50. !! Happily, when I rode into the parking lot some of the other classrooms were out but the kindergarten door was still closed. It opened just as I was crossing to the spot where we wait, so R didn't know that I'd just arrived. It started to rain harder so we hung out under the shelter near the main entrance for a bit and then biked home very slowly because my legs were tired! Oddly, it stopped raining about a mile north of the school and was completely dry 2 miles north so the girls played at a park before we went home. Fun Colorado weather!
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Jo - I'm so excited for you!  Have a wonderful, safe, sane trip!  I can't wait to hear the tale when you are on the other side!


Fungus bra - If it is old, I would totally treat myself to a new one!


Plady - That sounds like a fun trip!  I've always wanted to go on a cruise, and the Disney ones seem perfect with kids. 


I'm having a little bit of race anxiety, which, funny, considering that this may very well be my slowest half yet.  If I beat 2:30, I'll be impressed.  Not holding my breath on it either!  But, there it is.  Big race, so nerves start.  Mostly just trying to get to the start, where to park, what to pack, making sure I don't forget anything, that sort of thing.  Those details stress me out. 


Tri class last night.  We were separated into two teams, and did a running scavenger hunt around my town.  Things like, run to the gas station and do 10 squats, then run to the pizza joint and write down what they have on their sign, then  to the Dunkin donuts and get a napkin, that sort of thing.  It was fun, and all in my neighborhood, so I knew some short cuts to help us out!  It was a great run until I started needing to go #2 about a mile before the end!blush.gif  It was really uncomfortable, and made the last mile really not feel good.  But, it got done for a total of 4 miles.  Oh, and we biked there and back for an additional two miles.  DH asked if it counted as a brick workout.  He was excited to have made it through.  He has come a long way since last fall! 


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JG - throw it out! lol.gif So interesting about the back - do you remember me mentioning that I read something to that efffect and then I couldnt find the article?

MelW - Maybe the yoga teachers exercises are not as good as they could be. When I start mine, I notice an improvement in a week. And I agree about getting your back checked out. Like I said to JG, in all my research about my knee, I stumbled on an article that talked about spots on the back that correspond to various leg issues, like rear knee pain which I have. Anyway, good luck with your progress

Weights yesterday. I'm doing the circuit I learned from the trainer last year. It is so hard that I kind of dread it, but it gets you fit and strong so fast. Already feeling both in the second week (last week I had to take vit. I after the first day - which was a modified; i.e. easier version - just to WALK). I upped it to the regular version yesterday and feel sore now but in a good way. Dh started it with me last week, and his friend later said "wait, your wife almost died of pneumonia a month ago and now she's kicking your ass at the gym?!" loveeyes.gif There was another trainer doing her workout at the same time I was, and she was soooo fun to watch. I love seeing people work out who know how. I'm going to see if I can finally get my free training session and hook up with her just to have a partner for once.

I started these push-ups yesterday where you raise one knee up and out to the side while you do the down/up of the push-up and then raise the other leg on the other push-up. Kick-ass for your arms (harder) and CORE.

Jo - goodvibes.gifgoodvibes.gif Sorry I never responded to your email. I think of you all the time and was very very touched that you did that!
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I'm here but not running much. Embarassing my mileage for the last month. But the end is in sight: my work load lifts substantially Friday when my husband's classes end. That means I can run in the afternoon! (because I;m not responsible for transportation and such 100% anymore).



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Jo & Plady~ My hip is in kahoots with your hips.  Ugh!  It's a pain in my rear, literally!


I've been slacking on my workouts, but I am hoping with the nice weather that we'll get out for more walks and bike rides with the trailer.  The river nearby is a beautiful stopping by to watch all the ducks and turtles.  If you haven't caught the FB updates about the house, we never got a signed offer.  They are in a nasty divorce and need mediation to discuss anything (especially selling a house together).  I guess they can't come to an agreement because we haven't heard anything... our offer is up tomorrow.  :(



((hugs)) all around, Dingos!

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JenLove ~ bummer about the house.  How was the other one you saw this week?  How's pregnancy treating you?


bec ~ I hate when that happens during a run.  Your DH sounds like he's having a blast training!


sparkletruck ~ WTG getting back to the workouts after your nasty bout with pneumonia.  You're a rockstar!


plady ~ I've been seeing this chiro for about 6 weeks or so, but the back revelation is just over the last two weeks.  All the ART would help briefly, but the numbness always returned.  He kept working his way up my leg along the peroneal and sciatic nerves, found adhesions in my piriformis which he ARTed out, and now we've arrived at my back which appears to be the root of the problem.  Hopefully he can get the disc nudged back where it needs to be and get it to stay there.


In good news, my van will be repaired by tomorrow evening, DD1 is back to school this morning, and I'm headed to the Y for a little speedwork on the treadmill in a few minutes.  Plus, they've started laying the concrete block for my retaining wall this morning!

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I'm hoping that I got a difficult run in, so Saturday will be smooth sailing!


DH is really impressing me.  This was his 2nd 4 mile run this week!  He ran a 5k on Sunday, where he PR'd, which included a 1 mile warmup.  I couldn't be prouder!

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JG ~ Sounds like a productive day at your house today!


The house we looked at yesterday was nice, but not *it*.  It was a double wide which is okay but it had no basement which was a turn off.  The land itself was pretty but was very expensive in comparison to what we have looked at.  There is another house we'd like to look at and then we are going to research building our own.  My parents own over 80 acres and it will be split amongst us kids someday anyway... they offered a parcel to build on now.  We want to see if this is a feasible option for us right now, and if not we'll keep looking.


Pregnancy has been good for the most part.  I feel so big.. I popped in the last couple of weeks!  Otherwise the second trimester has been much better to me than the first.  Thank goodness!  Thanks for asking. :)


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I'm following along, although not running for the past couple of days.  Yesterday morning I was recovering from my long run the day before.  Last night at work waiting tables the mild headache I'd had most of the day exploded into a blinding headache, the kind that makes you feel like you might throw up.  I barely made it through the night and the drive home, where I took more ibuprofen and collapsed on the couch with my arms wrapped tightly around my head.


This morning when I woke up the headache was gone, but my brain still felt sort of fragile, like maybe the headache might be lurking just below the surface, waiting for an opportunity to blossom again.  I decided to take it easy today.  It's unlikely I'll get to run until Monday, with this being Mother's Day weekend and all.


On the moldy bra--I'd ditch it, too, but I have the sort of breasts that allow me to wear a ten-dollar training bra from Target to run, so I don't have much invested in my running bras.  I also have recurring tinea versicolor, like Jo, and extra-sensitized skin due to my poison ivy experiences, so am leery of fungal stuff.


JenLove--I hope you are able to find a house that you love.  I'm so sorry that the one you really want right now isn't available.  I hope the couple will get themselves pulled together in time for you to buy it.


tjsmama--Fingers crossed on getting your placement changed; that would be great news!

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JenLove, I couldn't not reply. I'd like to urge you not to do a mobile home unless you intend to build a house to replace it, and expect it to be worth nothing when you are done building. They are harder to get mortgages for and insure, and they require special stuff--a lot of stuff you can't just pick up at Menard's to fix/replace. And no basement *is* a problem when a tornado rips through. Just out of concern, and I get the feeling you're not really leaning that way, anyway. Just sayin'. Also, I know a place that will hit the market in about 2 weeks...and from what I know, I'd think the agent will be willing to sell it for bargain-basement, as it'll be empty and needs to be sold quick. I'll fb msg you.


Thanks for the Dingo love. I must have felt it, because I took myself out for a 1.5-hour trail walk and sneaked in about half a mile of running intervals (not much, but it felt nice). Weather is schmucky again today, but that was a boost I needed.


JayGee, nod.gif on the jelly beans. Sometimes it makes me laugh how so many Dingos share wavelength on so many things. Hips, everyone? 


In other thoughts, in saner moments I have decided not to stress about all the weight I've gained. I know I will lose (most of) it (again), and frankly I need to be more concerned with a million other things right now.


And, a dear friend whom I'll miss terribly (y'all could see her pepper spray test on my fb page) ran 1.5mi in under 11:00 today for her PE final. thumb.gif So proud of her! (a la bec and dh!)

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What do you ladies do for hydration during longer runs? Are you carrying a water bottle or do you use a camelbak or something similar? I am starting to shop and trying to figure out what to buy (or maybe more importantly is what NOT to buy). I would really appreciate any tips!

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For longer runs, I use a fuel belt.  I really like it.  I tried out several, and this is the one that best fits my needs. I don't like the idea of running with a camelback, but know a lot of people that love it.  It's just what works for me.  I use mostly water, but if the run gets over about 7-8 miles, I tend to carry a mixture of water and some sort of electrolyte drink (either gatorade or the awesome Zuum tablets that Nic gave me!). 


RR: I know I was planning to rest until the race on Saturday, but my 7 year old was running her mile run today at gym, so after volunteering in her class, I drove home, changed clothes (found out last minute) and biked back to the school to run with her.  She did a mile straight in 11 minutes flat!  I'm so proud of her!

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I got to have lunch with Geo and I get to stay at her house. loveeyes.gif Which means a. she is super kind and generous! and b. I'm having a good time already at my conference which has not yet quite started. And I think we'll get to go running later, which will be my first dingo run-along!


Erika, I have a water bottle with a hand-harness that I use sometimes, a Camelbak that I have to sneak out of the house because ds insists it's his, and I buy Gatorade in 20 oz bottles. I just take whatever. I like to carry water b/c my fountain options are few and far between, and I always carry water or gatorade if I'm going longer than 6m. I'd try the least fancy options first and then explore the more expensive ones as you need to.

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Okay, I have a brief pause between DD's ballet (3:45 to 4:30) and her soccer (5:30 to 7:00, of all the ridiculous practice times for a bunch of six and seven-year-olds).  Anyway, water.  I just recently decided on a 12-mile run that it might be nice to have some water and sugar.  I've never really thought about it before, but for my most recent 12-miler I used the lowest-tech solution.  I wrapped packing tape around a plastic water bottle to make a place to slide my hand through, and I used the same tape to tape five Starburst candies around the bottom of the bottle.  It was stuff I already had around the house and will do while I figure out if I want to do something else.  I don't know if I'd want a fuel belt around my waist, and I'm worried that the straps of a camelback would chafe.  Although they must not if so many people use them, right?


I don't mind carrying something in my hand, though, which I know would drive some people crazy.  When I start to hate this solution, I'll look for a new one.


Kids are fighting, need to pry DD away and off to the field.  And make sure DH can be trusted to put a meatloaf in the oven in an hour.  Thursdays, ugh.

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Checking in from DD's flute lesson, and then I get to take Penelope home with me!!!!  So excited.  And she's just as awesome in person as she sounds.


We're running tonight with or without my regular RP.  Yay!


I'll try not to brag too much more about it.  Maybe.  I probably won't try too hard, though.  ;)


The sun came out today!  The weather report promises it will stay dry until at least noon tomorrow. 

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I don't like carrying something in my hand, or having something sloshing around my waist (I don't like waist packs in general, not just for running), so I'm a camelbak fan. I typically use mine for anything over an hour in the summer months (and stretch that to over an hour and a half to two hours in the winter). I have a women's specific one, and I really like it. It's got pockets to hold my iphone, car key, ID/credit card/money, inhaler, and whatever fuel I want to carry. I've only rarely had a chafing issue, and that was usually only when wearing a tank top.

I'm trying to get a journal article review done and having extreme difficulty. It's really not that hard, I just have a mental block. I don't know why I'm stressing about it, it's not like they've graded anything we've done so far strictly. I just need to DO it and get it done. And also must bake cupcakes for DS's school carnival. He insists on chocolate cupcakes with yellow frosting. Even though we will not even be eating said cupcakes, just donating them for the cakewalk (and bringing home someone else's donated cupcakes). rolleyes.gif Oh well, it's not that difficult a request, so I'll humor him. orngtongue.gif

Back to the stoopid article review...
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Cupcakes baked, to spec. The only problem is that the recipe made 24, and we only need 12. MUST. RESIST. TEMPTATION.
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I usually use my Ultimate Direction waist pack. I have a smaller women's specific one (a strider) that I love, and a larger one with a bigger bottle, gel thingy and another smaller bottle. Recently I bought a Nathan one for races and it's ok but I had some sizing trouble with it. (It's a medium, which is great when I have a coat or fleece because I like to wear it down on my hips, but it's a little too big when I don't have all that. I probably need a small, but it was too tight for winter running. Grrr.)

So I'm watching the Twitter feed from our district's board of education meeting and it's stressing me out. Besides the random non-parent/non-teacher idiots who show up to make idiotic and often patently false comments, there's one board member who is a complete and utter moron. The district is going to impose bus fees next year to deal with the budget shortfall: $150 per student. Mind you, this is not for an "optional" bus. This is for students who live more than a mile from the school, and in my neighborhood, where they're closing the school and nearly everyone will need to be bussed or drive to whatever school they assigned them to, that could get pricey. The family two doors down from me will have three kids in school so that's what, $450? Crazy, right? So one (sane) board member suggested that because it looks like there might be extra money from the state after all, that they lower the fee to $100/student. Moron board member is arguing that no, the only thing that matters is highly qualified teachers. She lives in a nice little area in the mountains where apparently $100+ fees are no problem and no one has to work, so it must be hard for her to wrap her little mind around people not having money or the ability to drive their kids to school all the time. (In theory, some kids could bike, but they're splitting the neighborhood into three different schools. One is near the high school that's in the neighborhood south of us, but it's further away than the high school is (and would require kids who were walking or biking to have to pass the high school with all its teen drivers!!!!), and the other is in the neighborhood next to where R is in school, so it's a good 2.5 to 3.5 miles away from our neighborhood and requires crossing two 4-lane highways, among other things.)

Ack. Maybe I'll do that tempo run after all to blow off steam....
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