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new dog, nervous, won't eat

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Just wondering if I could get some advice from the experts. We are fostering to possibly adopt a small dog. She comes from a good home but the bigger dog is beating up on her. She's part Italian Greyhound and we think part terrier, very nervous but sweet. She learns quickly too-- it has only taken 3 reminders for her to stay off our bed and another 3 to not pull on the leash during walks. Also passed the aggression tests.


Here's the concern. Her owners said she took a long time to find the right food, they tried several kinds before she finally ate this particular kind. They gave me a bag of that kind of food and instructed me to give her 1/2 cup 2x a day. She has not eaten more than a handful of food since Sat when we got her and I'm getting concerned. I tried putting the dish outside, tried putting it in a quiet part of the house. My 7yo hand fed her the little bit that she ate on Sat night but she did not eat at all yesterday. So this AM out of concern I gave her some brown rice with broth and she ate about 1/2 cup of that but was so nervous that she would take a bite, run away, sneak back and scarf down another bite and so on.


So what should I do from here? At least I know she'll eat *something*. Should I buy some canned food for now and then transition her back to dry as she gets used to us? Or should I just hold out with her dry food and know that she'll eat if she gets hungry enough?

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keep mixing it with good stuff...rice, ground beef, chicken broth etc...


I have used wet dog food mixed in with the dry to get my dog to eat when we first got her...It was that or hand feed her a piece at a time..Just do what you gotta do. I imagine she will settle down and get more comfortable eating...Maybe put her food dish in a quiet safe room where she can eat in peace...

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