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Can I save my garden?

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Hello all,

This is my first post in the community, but I would really appreciate any advice you could give.


My bf and I have been slowly e'xpanding our garden and now have around 600 sq. ft. of beds.

This garden is on my bf's fathers property which is great except-


Yesterday his father sprayed "weed and feed"  over the backyard, including our beds :(

I haven't been able to make it to the garden so I'm not sure how extensive the damage is but I understand that

the coverage was pretty extensive.


Besides the obvious horror of having chemicals sprayed where we grow our food I'm worried that because of the herbicides in weed and feed, we couldn't grow a crop if we wanted to.


I've thought of maybe sweeping the top layer of soil from our beds? Unfortunately, the forecast calls for rain today and I won't be able to get to the garden until later, when it may be to late.


So what do you guys think? Is this situation salvageable?






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Anything planted that is a broadleaf variety will die. You can salvage what you can now - the poisin takes a bit to sink in and it's what you feel comfy with IMO. I would count it a loss because it can be a fast acter depending on the brand. As for replanting you need to wait out the max period on the poisin. Nothing will grow until it breaks down. I'm sorry :(


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Ha, my heart is breaking.

Thank you Magpie1972 for providing such a concise and helpful answer.

I will have to do some sleuthing and see how long the poison will last.


One silver lining is that thanks to the dreary weather up here in the north we hadn't planted anything yet.

I think the only plants directly affected will be the perennials.


*sigh* This is definitely something to process :/



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Oh, how disappointing!  I'm so sorry to hear that.  crap.gif

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What a horrible way for him to tell you he doesn't want you on his property. :(  I'm sorry. :(

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I am sorry.  I wouldn't plant there.   Do you have any land of your own or a community garden you can access?  



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