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How did you find a babysitter?

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We're in the market for a babysitter, and I don't really know where to start. I SAH and we've not had DS in childcare, so I don't have any connections. We've had friends offer to watch DS, which I appreciate, but I'd really like to have a professional relationship with someone. At this point, I'm just interested in having someone for the occasional evening after DS goes to bed, for dates nites and things that come up. DS is 17 months.

So, any recommendations? Websites, other services you've had luck with? We've been putting it off because it seems intimidating, but it's time.
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We have used a few of the pay websites (Nannies 4 hire, go nannies etc..) but I found them to be really, really overwhelming and I never found someone in the time frame I paid for (which is totally again, my fault..)  my FAVORITE most lovely folks were found off Craigslist. I posted in the childcare section very specific posts on what I wanted; AP friendly, someone familiar with the Waldorf approach, someone who wouldn't just put the television on etc...I have had met some really amazing woman my daughter has loved.

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We're still looking too, but have had a number of really great babysitters through the last few years.  Our best babysitter we found through a friend with kids who loved her babysitter and passed on the contact info to us.  But we also did some advertising.


The most successful one was: we lived (not anymore) in a college town, and there's an online job board for the college.  We posted what we were looking for on that job board, and got amazing responses, and a few good babysitters.


Recently, since we moved to a new place and knew NOBODY, we used SitterCity, and while it's too expensive, and slightly annoying, we did find a couple of excellent babysitters through them.  The whole experience is kind of weird, but in the end it was effective, and we were very happy with our sitter.

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do you have any neighbor girls?   I also SAH.  Dh and I don't go out much butif family isn't available, I'll pay the 2 girls (16 & 13) to come watch them.  They are great and even just come over to "play" 



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My sister and I have both found a few jobs through care.com. I think they charge something to families who are seeking caregivers, but I'm not sure how much it is.


Good luck!

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I've used sittercity before and we also live in a college town so I find a lot of students through local resources. My last wonderful sitter came from care.com and my current awesome one is from craig's list. 

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We had great luck with Craigslist, but also have used some wonderful teenage girls from our church.

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Advertising at local colleges is a great way to find a sitter. That's how I've found many of the families I've nannied and babysat for over the years. Also through families who are willing to pass on the contact info of their beloved sitter :wink

Good Luck!

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try sittercity? but i wouldn't go through craigslist :( i'm wayyy too paranoid for that.

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also, if you are okay with younger girls..find out what schools and summer camps are running Counselor and Babysitting in Training programs. They certify the kids with a Red Cross program that includes first aid, child care instruction, etc.  My daughter is doing that this summer. I can see how she has really grown and learned alot about herself and about whether she is up for the job.

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did you find a sitter yet?

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