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Am I worrying for no reason???

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I am 12w3d and at my appointment last week with my midwife we still couldn't hear the heartbeat. My fundus is only 2 fingers above my pubic symphysis, but for some reason this has been bothering me for almost a week. I don't want to have negative thoughts but it keeps creeping in my mind that something is wrong.  My midwife told me before we even looked for the heartbeat that it may be to early, I was a day short of 12 weeks. I had some cramping today and little and it freaked me out and now I'm back to worrying again.  I have to go to an OB/GYM in 2 weeks per our states laws for using a midwife for a low-risk assessment, but I don't know if I can wait that long to hear this little ones heartbeat.


Am I worrying over nothing or should I go see my midwife thats local, the birth center and primary midwife are over an hour away, to see if we can hear it now???

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I don't know about others, buy if I were in your situation I'd be worried too. That's not to say I think anything is wrong; I'm sure you'll hear that heartbeat soon! Just that it would worry me a lot and I'd end up obsessing.

My advice is to get in somewhere as soon as you can. Then you can hear that beautiful heartbeat and feel better.

Good luck. Looking forward to a happy update!
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I'd call your local mw and hopefully she will be understanding and let you come in for a quick hb check. Just for peace of mind since everything is most likely just fine!

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Thanks ladies for the encouragement. I think I am going to get a hold of my local midwife and see if I can see her tomorrow to check for the heartbeat real fast.  The good thing is she also works at the birth center I'm using so I hope it won't be a problem.

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Just a bit of encouragement..  In my last pregnancy my midwives couldn't find a heartbeat at my 13/14 week appointment.  I had to wait until I was about 17weeks before we heard anything.  Obviously everything turned out fine.  I agree with what the others are saying, it's okay to ask for another short appointment to try to hear the heartbeat for some peace of mind (I know my midwives would do it).  Good luck!

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Thanks Abraisme, that definitely makes me feel better know ing someone else who had to wait that long.  I'm sure everything is okay and I'm overreacting.  Will update when I know something new.

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I wasn't measuring above the pubic bone until 14 weeks with my first pregnancy and I've heard a lot of women say they couldn't hear the hb with the doppler until after that.  There are a lot of variables involved and sometimes the fetus just keep wiggling out of the way.  I totally understand your worry and agree with the pp's that your mw's should be able to get you in for a quick listen, but I'm sure all is well.

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When I was 12 weeks pregnant with my son, it was REALLY hard for the midwife to find the heartbeat and it took a long time. If they had stopped looking a bit earlier we wouldn't have even found it at that appointment. I agree with the others about going into the local office for a quick check.

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I wouldn't sweat it too much. I went at both 10 and 11 weeks and my mw couldn't hear the HB either. I have a tilted uterus and scarring from c-sections that she thinks is the reason. So they did one of those non-invasive, rolls right in the room, u/s and saw the baby's HB both times. Keep us posted.


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So, last week the MW came over and still no HB. She thinks I may have an anterior placenta because we could hear my heartbeat and nothing else.  I got to the OB/GYN Monday and she said if the doppler doesn't get it he will do an u/s, so I will hear it no matter what.  I can't wait until MOnday and its about to make me crazy until then.  I'm jealous of all the other mommas who have heart their LO HB, but thankfully Monday I will join them.

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Good luck.  I hope everything turns out just fine.

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We couldn't hear a heartbeat at my 12 week appointment.. Just mine. They ended up doing an u/s to make sure and the baby was just fine.. For me it was placental position.. Try not to worry too much!

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We had the same thing happen - no heartbeat heard at 12 weeks, ultrasound at 14 weeks showed everything was fine!  I have my 17 wk appointment next week and I won't be shocked if they still have a hard time finding it.  I know it's so hard not to worry!!

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((((())))) Oh, mama, how stressful. A local doula friend and my Dr both say 12 weeks is the cusp of when you can start picking it up easily. Meaning in a lot of women it is still too soon. My Dr, knowing my loss history, automatically brought in the u/s machine for me. I'm pretty hands off with testing, but I am a big proponent of 1st trimester u/s if there is a cause for concern. Do you have a nearby crisis pregnancy place that does u/s? I've had them done free there for a viability scan with no issue. Usually they're just thrilled that they don't have to do any counseling about options and are happy to offer support and help throughout the pregnancy if you want it.

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May I offer some encouragment?  With both my last pregnancy (DS is now almost 2) and this pregnancy, my doctor/midwife could not find the heartbeat at my 12 week appt, which was the other day.  He whipped out the ultrasound machine and I *almost* protested, but for my own peace of  mind I wanted to have it done.  And sure enough, there was the baby, moving all around, just fine.  So my dr. wanted to try again to find the heartbeat, now listening at a slightly different spot.  No dice. 


I reminded him that last pregnancy I had an anterior placenta and he thought that I probably have an anterior one this pregnancy too.  I think that if you have an anterior placenta that it is just difficult to hear the hearbeat at this point. 


Take heart and keep us updated.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.  I know how stressful this must be for you.  Hugs!

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Well I went to the OB/GYN and he did and u/s and no heartbeat.  I lost the baby at 11weeks 3 days and I should have been 14 weeks 4 days yesterday.  I have to get a D&C on the 23rd.  Hoping to try again soon in the next few months.

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Oh mama, I'm so sorry for your loss!  candle.gif   The Pregnancy Loss forum has a lot of mamas who have been there and can offer lots of support and advice.  Sending you healing thoughts.

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Aching for you this morning.


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Oh no. I am so very very sorry. I hope that your recovery goes well and that you are expecting again as soon as you want to be. ((hugs))

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oh mama, I'm so sorry. This makes my heart ache. I've been there before. i know the pain and disapointment. Be well. hug2.gif

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