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multi vitamin for 2 yr old?

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Anyone have a suggestion for a multi vitamin for a 2 yr old?  Are there any out there that are not "gummy" which must be bad for kids teeth. Do you think it is neccesary to take them? Our Ped. says "no" because so much food is enriched. Well, we eat very little enriched food. We don't always eat what we should either but eat very little of what we shouldn't.

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We do gummies. I cut them into small pieces and I am pretty sure they get swallowed whole. I don't rely on either kid to chew them because they look like a choking hazard even for little kids. We use WF private label and Yummi Bears (also sold at WF). I don't really think they are necessary but I like the kids to have a Calcium D supplement because they get little sun and don't drink cow's milk and a Vitamin C during the winter/cold season and then eh, why not. I don't do it until around 2.


They make a bribe because both kids love them, but I am sure you would never do that. =)

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We time the gummies for right before tooth brushing. But there are drinkable vitamin combos out there, the Rainbow ones are really popular amongst natural-living families.

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