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6 weeks, 6 days.  Super tired.  Nausea is settling in.  Everything smells.  I gag on the stink of my own pee.  The first trimester and I do not get along very well.  

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Originally Posted by Harleth View Post

anyone else having heartburn? I have no nausea, but the heartburn is really weird. I am also having really frequent urination.


Not sure how pregnant I am/when I am due since I had just come off the pill and was irregular. OB is going to let me know based on a serial HCG test.....

I only have nausea when I wake up, but the heartburn is killer. It seems to be connected to eating things. Like once was BBQ and other time was ice cream. It's like stop-in-your-tracks kind of heartburn though. I literally just stand there gasping. Luckily, my husband knows what it looks like and tells people not to bug me. :-P

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Originally Posted by Carolyn_mtl View Post

Just stopping in to happily report that I took another clear blue digital with conception monitor this am. Last Sunday I got "PREGNANT 1-2 WKS" today I got "PREGNANT 2-3 WKS". I think I can now step away from the pee sticks, lol.

I'm actually feeling totally normal, occasional mild crampy pulling in the lower abdomen, but otherwise symptom free. My pregnancy with dd (20 months) was pretty much symptom free the entire time. If I hadn't tested, I wouldnt have known I was preg until I started showing / felt her moving. lol.


I'm 4w4d and I just found out on Mother's Day! It's good to know that you didn't have many symptoms with your first child...I was getting worried about not feeling much different! I have had mild cramping over the past two weeks, some lower back pain, and I definitely have to pee a lot, but other than that I feel pretty "normal." I guess it's pretty early though, so that may change. It's also a relief to know that a lot of us feel some cramping. Sigh of relief!


Good vibes to all!


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Feeling tons better at this point (4w2d) than I did with my son. I know it's really early, but I just feel like I'm having BAD PMS. Good thing hubby is in the field or he'd be feeling my wrath!

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I'm 4wk3d today and feeling pretty good. . .but definitely noticing more than I did with my first. With dsI didn't even find out I was pg until right about now and I didn't feel anything but sensitive nipples till at least 6 wks on.  


This time, I've know for almost a week now (found out last Monday). . .and I have to pee like crazy, mild nausea (seems worse in the evenings and definitely better if I keep eating small meals throughout the day--which is how I gained 15lbs in my first tri last time, sigh) and super tired. Fell asleep last night while putting ds to bed without even brushing my teeth! I never do that.  My boobs feel fine though, so far, despite still BFing. . .I hope that continues.  I've also been pretty moody. .. last weekend I was a total witch and thought it was PMS, but I guess it was crazy pg lady moods!  


The m/s  never got really bad last time and I sure hope I can continue that trend!

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joy.gif I feel fantastic! More energy than I have had all winter. Can't sleep I am so excited. This feels like christmas eve!

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BBs a little sore and TONS of exhaustion (which really is not helped by my 5 lil boys) :) Other than that , I feel great. :) Oh,and I already look about 3 months preggers at 6 weeks. :)

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Originally Posted by Tonia Starr View Post

BBs a little sore and TONS of exhaustion (which really is not helped by my 5 lil boys) :) Other than that , I feel great. :) Oh,and I already look about 3 months preggers at 6 weeks. :)

Add in some morning/all day sickness and this about sums up how I feel.  My boobs are swollen and HEAVY, I feel like I constantly need a nap, and I'm bloated and already look a couple of months pregnant.  Nausea comes in waves, and I'll have a massive craving and then five minutes later, feel like yakking.  But you know, other than that, things could be worse.  :)

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Well nausea kicked in today (first day of 6th week).  I havent yet thrown up, I just consistently feel like I need to.  I am trying to eat small meals and protein, but am probably not being as strict as I should be.  I am going to try to do what someone suggested and drink hot water with lemon and giner in the morning.


I have also been very, very emotional about everything but particularly about the loss of my mother (who I had a complicated relationship with) earlier this year--so my husband and I have decided that when I feel a full-force emotional breakdown coming on that I tell him before it hits so we can try to work through it before it comes on full-force and I am simply unable to communicate clearly.

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I have been waking up reeeeeeeally early lately, for no apparent reason. And all I want to do is eat eggs and toast. BURNT toast...which is weird because I'm usually not into dark toast! :P

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I to have been waking up early - but It's usually because my bladder cannot seem to hold out eight hours....


Also got a tad emtional the other day. Broke down crying over an incidence and it was sort of hard to explain because we are not yet telling we are pregnant so everyone thinks it was this really big huge deal when it really wasn't.

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Doing OK, so far.  Not really expecting any nausea until next week, at the earliest.  Really, really moody, though.  I can't seem to deal with anything right now and I'm having a hard time staying civil when people piss me off.

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I'm feeling crappy so far but it's because of this damn cold I've had for 3 weeks. Now over the weekend I developed intense pain in my ribs when I breathe or cough which the doctor tells me is pleurisy. Normally you take ibuprofen for that which I can't now that I'm pregnant. So they gave me Percocet instead. Ahhhhhh. I've had enough of being sick!

With my last 2 pregnancies I had just debilitating nausea starting around 5-6 weeks, so i feel nervous that that is around the corner. I'm only 3 weeks 6 days. *sigh* so basically I'm just a mess!
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Still feeling pretty much the same today, although this morning I ate a banana and got sick immediately after I ate it. I hope it's that the baby doesn't like bananas rather than morning sickness rearing its ugly head. I'm 5w2d today which would make the latter very likely...:( Luckily, right after I got sick, I immediately felt better, so that's a good thing.

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Yeah, scratch that "no nausea"-thing.  Blech.

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Update: 4w4d. My BBs feel like lead weights and my sense of smell is KEEN. Someone was grilling fish yesterday and I could smell the fish, the charcol, and the components of the marinade! It was asian-inspired with soy sauce, rice wine, green onion, and ginger. This morning my salsa smelled like garlic, cilantro, lime, tomato, chile...instead of salsa.

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I am still mostly feeling gross at night.  I didn't sleep well last night though so I am feeling icky already today.

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So far ok. I have mild cramping, tender bbs, and I am hungry all of the time. . eat.gif I'm more tired in the morning, and definitely have trouble concentrating at work until after about 1 p.m. I'm waking up at 6 a.m. -- very unusual for me. I'm also a bit more forgetful than usual. 

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6w4d-- feeling miserable for almost a week now. Dizzy like I'm on a boat, nauseous and super super tired. There doesn't seem to be a rhythm to the nausea. It's mostly all day with some relief here and there. Food aversions are going strong. I forgot what that feels like. It's make eating not fun. Nothing looks good. Everything smells bad. Food shopping sucks--I can barely put things in my cart- I end up buying only foods that I like when I'm walking around. I can eat something once and then I get nauseous if I see it again. But...if I don't eat, I get super hungry and if I get super hungry, then I get nauseous. I'm hungry within 30-45 minutes after eating---how much can someone eat! Also, my bbs are super sore as well as my n!pples. Hurts so much to take a shower...not to mention showers make me feel nauseous! Ugh. Vicious cycle! Can't wait for this part to pass. 

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I have had some minor cramping and pokes in my uterus but they are different than period cramps if that makes sense. Just starting to become more hungry and I wake up having to pee at least twice in the night, which is something I never do. Is anyone elses pants getting tighter already? My weight hasn't increased and I am only 4/5weeks but my pants are snug. I'm a little worried since we conceived from an IUI. What is everyone eating? I read you are supose to have 70grams of protein but not to eat PB? I am having a hard time making sure I am eating enough.

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