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Can I just complain for a minute?!  I am 9w1d now, and have been nauseous since aobut 5 weeks.  Almost constant, with some breaks right after meals and other random times.  Plus more tired than usual.  Add to that that DS has been waking up crying a few times a night for a few nights now - maybe nightmares?? - and I am one worn out mama.  Plus, today I woke up at 7 with a headache, it's now almost 3pm, and I still have it.  I called the MW to ask if I can take Tylenol, and she said they'd rather not just in case, to try fluids, rest and icepacks on neck/forehead and only tylenol if really needed.  So I haven't taken it, but the other measures have not gotten rid of the pain.  Oh, and can't lay and rest when I've got DS and his 9 mo old cousin to run after! 


Do I really have 4-5 more weeks of nausea to come?!  I'm thankful I'm not actually vomiting, but geez, this really sucks!


I also get round ligament pain at times.  Coughing tends to do it. Luckily I'm just about over that nasty cold I got 2 WEEKS ago!! 


The good news is that I'm feeling good about this pregnancy now.  Our sono last week went really well and I feel like we can get excited without having to worry too much about losing the baby.  So we finally told my family this weekend and everyone was really happy to hear the news. =)

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[duplicate post]

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I'm 8w5d and the nausea hasn't been as intense the last few 4-5 days....as in, it's not constant all-day nausea...it's just here and there now. I feel so tired still and have no energy to do anything productive. I've gained around 8-9lbs already and I'm eating total junk. Tomorrow, I'm going to start eating my old diet again and hope the intense nausea stays away. I ate carbs all day for 4 weeks straight. I look so chubby :(



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I'm 6w3d and feeling some nausea and lots of exhaustion.  I'm having lots of food aversions and I'm craving cherries and raspberries. My pants are already tight which is ridiculous because I have lost a few pounds, but I don't want to do maternity clothes yet.

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We had our first pre-natal appt today (8 wks, 3 days), and I love the midwife! She is super nice, and took lots of time with me... even when DS got fussy, she was really patient. I'm still feeling some nausea, but it's not as intense as it was with DS... just more constant and started sooner. DS is napping, and I should be sleeping, too, or really cleaning, but all I can do is sit. I'm very ready for the more energetic days of the 2nd tri!

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My nausea has also been getting slowly better, thank goodness.  Now I'm only queasy if I go for more than 2 hours without eating something.  I am eating everything with vinegar, and I do mean everything.  I discovered it by mistake when the vinegar from my salad wondered over to my chicken, and woah!  All of a sudden I am not gagging at everything on my plate!


I had two strange cramps last night, one felt like AF but then went away quickly, and the other I later realized was probably gas (hee hee).  And of course the round ligament pain when I turn over while asleep.  Oh, what I would give for one night of sleeping straight through, but I somehow think that those nights are over for good...


As for bras, Yes!  I can't stand even the bras that used to be too big on me just 4 weeks ago (never mind the push-up ones).  I'm happiest at home with one of those built-in support camis, (even though I'm a 36D and I have to wear a bra to go out) so I am going to get unpadded bras once I get back to the States.


Have a great day, all!

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I heard that the "sea band" can help with the morning sickness.  The band presses on an accupressure point on your wrist.  I got mine at CVS yesterday because I couldn't stand the nausea.  For the first time in the pregnancy I felt I was going to puke.  For now the sea band has calmed me.  After I put it on yesterday all I could feel was the extreme tiredness.  Then I thought, "great! we switched the nausea for tiredness"...but I'll take that anytime over being nauseas.


I hope you all feel better soon.  I can't wait for the 2nd trimester.

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I am mostly just exhausted, but in the last few days, according to my DH, I've also been getting the pregnancy cranky-ness. Today I really got upset over something really trivial, called my hubby all the bad names I could think of, burst out crying whilst feverishly tidying the entire apartment, and finally I went to bed and took an hour-long nap. Fun, right?


Anyone feeling like an emotional wreck-borderline b**** these days (pardon my lang)?

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YES!  I haven't felt this bad since right before I had them take out my Implanon.  I...HATE.... this part of the pregnancy.  I'm not productive at work because the littlest thing will make me angry and then I can't think straight.  The only thing that's good about it is I'm less internal with my emotions, so I relieve more built-up stress easily...  But I'll be lucky if I have a job or any friends after this, as I've been calling them all out on their B/S.  Heck, I'll be lucky if I'm alive at the end of this trimester!  Just this week, I nearly started a fight with a complete stranger because he called me a "vaca" as I was bent over, doing my gardening.

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OK, so I was feeling really nauseated but not to tired, now it has flip flopped and my nausea is gone and I am dead dog tired!  I slept nine hours then had a 2 hour nap and am now beat again.  I do have to say I rather sleep then dry heave LOL.

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I too have experienced mild abdominal cramping and im 5wk3d. I've never been pregnant before so didn't really know if it was normal. Its more of an uncomfortable feeling more than it is a pain. The nausea finally hit me today... all day, and here I thought I was the lucky 25% that doesn't experience morning sickness. Other than that I really feel quite well, not tired (yet) and no other symptoms to note.

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Feeling hungry and VERY emotional today. I went out to lunch with several classmates (some of whom don't know I'm pregnant) and I dropped my fork. The waiter took forever to bring me another one, and since I was starving and halfway through my meal, I threw a temper tandrum. Yup, just like a three-year-old. Luckily, my flatmate knows my "state" and ran to get the waiter. My friends looked at me like I had lost my mind and I just said: "What? I'm hungry." smile.gif
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We went to the park with a spray ground today. It was so frigging hot I almost puked and I don't know if it was from the heat or the lack of protein.
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Just needed to be a complainer for a second...


I am 10 weeks, loaded with gas (I am belching every five seconds, and it comes out the other end at night), super constipated, starting to get over the constant nausea (though that has been replaced by the gas/constipation pains), but still exhausted.  Things that have normally gotten things moving before (salads/raw veggies, shredded wheat cereal, even laxative tea) haven't worked at all.  And if I eat any kind of meat, it sits in my stomach like a brick and does. not. move.


In the meantime, my boobs have gone up a cup size in the past two weeks, and they hurt like crazy, and my nipples are ridiculously sensitive.  And of course, my fiancee has found this quite fascinating, and wants to play with them whenever he can.  duh.gif


I have NEVER had issues like this (other than the boobs, and they've never hurt this way, and I only got nauseous in my first pregnancy, and it was admittedly much, much worse than it has been this time around, but still...) in any of my previous pregnancies.  In fact, my third pregnancy was my easiest, so I thought this one would be a breeze.  Wahh!!

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On the yuck side: very queasy and burpy today.  On the plus side: Lots of happy stretching cramps and a tummy that's getting harder!  :)

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I am tired of being tired. On top of it I am a emotional hormonal mess. AND I went from being constipated to living in the bathroom yesterday afternoon *sigh* Really this first trimester can be over. And what in the heck is with my skin breaking out like mad. And I am tired of looking like I am already 4 months pregnant. ARG!

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6.5 weeks here. Im feeling aweful. Queasy, sleepy, then hungry, but repulsed by what i was craving the day before. For eg one day i ate 8 eggs,(4 for breakfast, and 4 more for morning snack) now the thought of eggs makes me want to vomit. So i  cooked up 4 hotdogs   just after breakfast (instead of my usual coffee) and shortly after eating wanted to throw up. Fortunately thanks the the protein, my queasiness subsided for a few minutes. I feel bloated too.

 Black tea seems to bring some relief. I cant seem to stomach brocolli anymore, or most fruit i used to eat. But i am loving, loving nectarines and apples.

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IM very tired. I had to ask / hire extra babysitting help for my 2 yr DD because I need daily naps.


Also, cant stomach my own cooking. I was really looking forward to doing this pregnancy even healthier than the last but am finding it impossible to eat really well.  I just get nauseous looking at my bowls of homecooked food. Pizza (and cheese in general) on the other hand feels so great to eat. Strange. Cant wait for this part to pass.

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