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Hi Everyone!


I took all of your guys' advice and got a book about all natural birth that had birth stories in it.  It was the best advice all of you could have given me, since I was starting to get scared of even becoming pregnant because of the severe pain of labor.  I didn't realize that the severe muscle spasms I had in my lower back that felt like waves earlier last month are totally different than labor and that the nurse in the ER gave me bad advice, saying that this is what labor feels like.


Anyway, I wanted to share the book I found at the library and recommend that anyone read it before having a natural birth.  Its called "Birthing a Better Way: 12 Secrets for Natural Childbirth", by. Kalena Cook and Margaret Christensen


This book has lots of advice, birth stories that are all positive, and they actually tell you that there will be pain in labor and birth, but its normal and not something to fight or run away from (like getting painkillers to get rid of the pain that is actually normal).  They even tell you how to relax when that pain comes. The book tells about the risks of an epidural and other pain medicines, and what exactly is in the medicines that can affect not only the baby, but the mommy as well. This book even goes further in saying about the risks of circumcision.signcirc1.gifbelly.gif

I read the book in only 3 days and plan on buying the book later on to add to me and my friends collection of natural health book in our natural healing shop.  I think all women would benefit from this book.


I just had to share this with you.thumb.gif