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Introducing Myself

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Hi everyone! I have a very odd situation right now. I was not sure where else to post about this so I thought I could ask you ladies. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was a BFP. We were not trying to get pregnant right now but we did have an oops moment, so I know the exact day we would have conceived. According to the BD day I am due Jan 3. 


Okay so here is where it gets odd. Since I was worried that I might be pregnant, I took a pregnancy test on 4/23. I swear that I saw a faint line but my husband was not convinced. I tested again on 4/25 and the line was still faint but definitely there. However right after I peed on that test, I wiped and there was a red streak on the toilet paper. I figured that was my period and that the tests were either faulty or it was a chemical pregnancy. But then over the course of the week, I was really feeling pregnant. Every time my daughter nursed my nipples were sensitive and I was having random bouts of nausea. My period usually only lasts 5 days and this one started out really light then got heavier 6 days in to it. This was so odd that I began to think maybe I needed to test again (assuming that it would come out totally negative). I just felt like I should take another test to make sure it was negative and not a darker line. To my surprise it came up positive right away. 


BUT, I am still bleeding. Should I be worried? Has anyone heard of this or had experience with it? If I would not have tested again I feel like I would have been one of those woman on "I didn't know I was pregnant", lol. I am just having a hard time right now accepting that this is an actual pregnancy. This will be my third baby and fourth pregnancy and I have never had any blood with my other pregnancies except when I started to miscarry. 


Okay this rant is long enough. Thanks if you made it to the end :)


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I had a lot of bleeding with my first, it was really scary but he is now a totally insane 3 year old :)  

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Hi mama. Hugs!!!


I had bleeding with my first as well, and clots, but now I have a healthy happy 5 year old. Sometimes bleeding early on is "normal" but you may want to check with your care provider, just in case. 

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Thanks ladies! I figured I should call my midwife. I am just not sure I am going to use her again with this one, and I do not want to offend her by calling and asking her a question and then using a different midwife. I am just still in shock about the whole thing and have not been able to process it. The bleeding is really throwing me off because I just keep thinking that there is no way this is a viable pregnancy, kwim?

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Well, I've experienced both....


with DD #2, I bled off and on from 7-17 weeks.


With my most recent pregnancy that I miscarried for the first time at 9 weeks, I had a "period" ....it started out totally normal but stopped a day early. I didn't even think to test then. It was only when my 6yo woke up one morning 3 days later and said "you're pregnant!" that it even occurred to me to test. I did but it was faint. They did eventually get darker than the control line but I never really felt pregnant...my symptoms were mild and I never had nausea or dizziness (like I do this time and every other time I've been pregnant). My body finally released the tissue at 9 weeks. I got pregnant again 6 weeks later (first ovulation after the miscarriage---which took a whole month to complete).


So, stay hopeful until you have a reason to believe otherwise :)  I know it's hard. Here was my mantra: "Accept whatever may come and know that you are strong and you will make it through whatever life brings you." My miscarriage turned out to be a blessing. It opened doors in my life and my marriage that had been closed before. Big hugs.. Keep us updated! You're not alone!  

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Thanks Kindermama! That must have been so hard ((HUGS)) What a blessing that you got pregnant right away though.


I will probably lurk around this board for a while until I feel more sure about the pregnancy. I spoke with two different midwives yesterday and they gave me two completely different out takes. My midwife that I used with my last birth seemed to think that there is no reasonable way for an egg to implant while bleeding. She was almost sure that this is probably an early miscarriage. I am not sure that I agree with her though.


The other midwife said that the bleeding can be completely normal and it is possible to continue a pregnancy with this kind of bleeding. She said that the only way to know for sure if it is not a miscarriage (other then waiting) is to do beta hcg test and see if the levels are rising or falling. I tend to think I will just wait and let whatever will be, be. I know that I do not have control over this and I am just trying not to let it overcome my thoughts. I am thinking a will test again in a week and see what it looks like and hopefully the bleeding will have stopped.



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My husband's grandmother "got her period" for the first 4 months of one of her pregnancies, she didn't even know she was preggo until she was too big for her dress! She went to the doc and found out she was, the blood stopped happening and that baby is my mother in law. It could go either way I guess, so I would just think positively, as that energy could make this work for you!


How cute that your kiddo said that to you!

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