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I am incredibly hungry but have no desire to eat anything at all. I'm starting to feel a lot of nausea, I don't remember nausea this early with my first two.

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Sooooo hungry!   Greek yogurt, museli, chicken, salmon, eggs, spinach, lots of tomatoes, more yogurt.  Nothing sweet at all.  

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Oh, and my healthy diet will totally fall apart soon since I can feel the nausea creeping in.  Soon, I will be lying on the floor begging for cheap popsicles.  

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My normal diet...vegetarian with lots of raw foods. I'm trying to concentrate on high folic acid foods right now. I just found out I was pregnant a few days ago, so it's a bit early for me(personally) to have any cravings/adversions yet.

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Wow y'all.  I'm impressed.  I opened the fridge this morning to make breakfast, and just couldn't do it.  I ended up eating a chocolate bar to tame the nausea.  I think I should get some cereal or something quick and easy that doesn't make me want to gag but also isn't horrible for me.  Also, cooking has pretty much gone out the window already.  Yesterday, we went out for organic burgers for lunch and then Chinese food for dinner.  DP is in hog heaven (pun intended).  We normally eat so healthy.  DP is making me some eggs now that he's awake. =)

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I follow an Ayurvedic diet


So far this week I have been eating vermicelli cooked in milk w raisins and spices.


Also, eating kitchadi w vegetable and sunflower butter


Lots of spiced milk


Also eating fruit.

And wheat ladoos!


And had some eggs on chapati w aspragus and avocado w hemp oil one day for lunch


Unsure what else exactly Im going to add just yet.


I love being pregnant! Cant wait until my 4th month butter feast :)



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Loving blueberries right now and eating lots of brown rice and homemade black beans.  I am sooo hungry, 30 minutes after I eat, I feel like I have not eating in DAYS. The only thing that calms me down is lots of raw milk. I was literally scarfing pizza last night and my stomach was still growling.

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I've been craving eggs and burnt toast like crazy! I try to limit to 2 eggs a day though. Other than that it's lots grains, nuts, fruits, yogurt, and whole grain pasta. All vegetarian and trying to be as healthy as possible. I cut out the frozen bean burritos and coffee....sigh...

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 I woke up at 6:30 on Sunday morning so hungry it was painful. I got up, ate two bowls of cereal, a waffle with almond butter and a banana. I could have eaten more but I went back to sleep instead. This hungry all the time sure is making me a bit crazy. It's worse in the morning, for sure.


Also, been eating fruit but no taste for kale, chard, etc. Need to work on that....

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I am so grossly nauseous right now (started Saturday) and the thought of food makes my stomach very unhappy.  I feel totally ripped off because my mom never got "morning sickness" (mine is evening sickness mostly), and so I assumed I wouldn't get it either.  Blah.  The only things I want to eat are navel oranges, mangoes, grapes, and pineapples.  But I can't find organic grapes (and they are on the Dirty Dozen) and all the pineapples in the stores are unripe!  So it's just mangoes and oranges.  And the occasional bowl of miso broth with seaweed.  Sigh.  I want a beautiful fresh ginormous bowl of salad, but when my fiance' makes it, I take one look at it and run into the other room.  I hope this goes away soon... 

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What healthy women! You inspire me! I am absolutely determined NOT to eat crap this time. I'm one of those carb cravers, and when the nausea hits it's all about buttered noodles. I really need all those better foods listed because I'm starting this pregnancy 15 pounds heavier than my others.
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Everything in sight.  lurk.gif 


I'm starting to crave pickles and olives, which is par for the course for me during any pregnancy.  But honestly, even with the nausea, if it's not tied down, it's been going in my mouth.  This morning, I had some crackers before getting out of bed, then a bowl of cereal, then an entire bowl of garlicky hummus with pita chips and grapes for an early lunch, then some cheese and crackers, and then we went to an early dinner where I ate fried pickles, buffalo wings, and celery with bleu cheese.  Now we're back home, and I feel STUFFED, but I really want some ice cream with girl scout cookies crushed all over the top.



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I'm so in between everyone..lmbo. These past couple days I've had morning sickness so bad it's completely intolerable. This is my first pregnancy and I seriously cannot believe how god awful I feel. Been begging for carbs and ginger ale..but otherwise my diet pre-pregnancy was very healthy, fruits, veggies, yogurt with granola, lean meats, etc etc not a lot of processed carbs..I lost 65+ lbs and was still in the process of losing weight when I ended up pregnant, but I still do a lot of walking (except when this morning sickness hit!) so I'm still on the healthy eating but I do cave here and there..some sweets, potato chips, lots of cereal, everything sounds so good and yet so disgusting at the same time. Sigh. 

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not much the past few days duck.gif I'm having to make a conscious effort to eat enough, I've lost a couple of pounds. I just feel SO nauseated and nothing sounds good except apples!  At least I'm starting off with plenty of extra, so maybe losing a few pounds might actually be a good thing.

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I'm feeling glad I ate so much the first two weeks because now I'm feeling a bit nauseous and super picky. I turned up my nose at the blueberries+kefir breakfast that seemed like a good idea last night and then I couldn't stop thinking of an avacado chicken wrap they make at a cafe down town. so i got one and it was heaven (at 10:00!) then by 11:45 I was wishing I'd ordered two and tried to recreate it at home with scrambled eggs but it wasn't the same, plus we don;t have a grill. Now I am already dreaming of one for dinner ...with pineapple! I was not half so hungry with dd1 but I cna so feel the difference with nursing her and being pregnant. Unfortunately it's making our meal planning and grocery budget difficult, we just got tons of food and I don;t want it!

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What healthy women! You inspire me! I am absolutely determined NOT to eat crap this time. I'm one of those carb cravers, and when the nausea hits it's all about buttered noodles. I really need all those better foods listed because I'm starting this pregnancy 15 pounds heavier than my others.

I LIVED on buttered noodles, some fruit, crackers  cheese, and gatorade the first time.  The noodles had to be at night, though...that was usually the one meal I could keep down.  I'm surprised the people at Spaghetti Factory didn't know us by name. ;)  This time I've mostly been wanting cantaloupe and cottage cheese. 

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Warning:  Don't click on the link if you're feeling nauseous.


How do I know I'm pregnant?  This sounds really good.


(No, I'm not going to try it, but dangit...)

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We went primal about a year ago and so I'm going to continue on with that.  Lots of meat, eggs, fruit, veggies.  So basically no grains and no sugar.  I do have my cheats that aren't really "primal", but I feel fine with that: potatoes, popcorn, cheese, raw milk- that sort of thing.   I'm excited that this will be my first pregnancy with no grains or sugar because I've heard some mamas over on the TF  boards say that when they ate that way they had such nice calm babies!

Another Primal momma, cool.  I have been Primal since August 2009.  So far I have been eating too many grains because they were easy and my body wanted carbs.  So, I went with making some rice only Chex Mix to have as a snack to ease my tummy.  Rice isn't as bad as the others, so I felt it was a better compromise than eating the crackers I had been having.  I can't wait for the 2nd trimester so I can get back to my normal diet!


Today my eats are: 2 hard boiled eggs with hot sauce, bacon and strawberries for breakfast.  Chile relleno casserole for lunch with a bell pepper.  Probably crab cakes and steak for dinner.

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I've been trying to switch out a few things for healthier options like instead of coffee with toast/ jelly in the morning, I now make PB toast on WW bread with a big glass of milk. Also instead of snacking on whatever I want I have a yogurt or string cheese. The hardest part for me is not drinking pop, at all. I haven't had any in over a week which is huge for me because I would drink 1 can of Mt Dew a day. I am also just getting over pneumonia and broke down and bought some fudgesicles for my sore throat =) Oh and drinking tons of water which I hate, but I have been doing pretty good.

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I am also just getting over pneumonia and broke down and bought some fudgesicles for my sore throat =) Oh and drinking tons of water which I hate, but I have been doing pretty good.

Starr! I'm getting over pneumonia too! What a huge drag the past 4 weeks have been. My food weakness was yesterday. They were celebrating my birthday at work and everyone had brought healthy snacks which was great. But then I staring feeling crappy and that brought on feeling sorry for myself so I went I bought a big piece of chocolate cream pie in the cafeteria.

I have been doing well though and got a lot of great ideas from this thread. I've incorporated a lot more veggies, limited snacks to when I'm truly hungry rather than out of habit, and resisted all refined sugar (until yesterday!). I actually lost a pound and have felt better too.

Any other good snack ideas????
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