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Bethel / Fairfield County Friends?

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Hello! Looking for other moms in the area that are around during the day. My son is 2 and it would be great to find someone with a little one around his age. I am also pregnant and will have a new little one here in July. I'm 27, married and a bit holistic and AP minded but with a blend of modern busy mom too. We are very mellow and friendly but don't know anyone in the area yet. My son is also on the shy side since we don't have any playmates for him around here- but he warms up quick! Would love to hear from anyone interested in meeting up!



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Hi Chelsea,


I'm in Fairfield County, have a 3.5 year old daughter and another on the way in a few weeks--there are some great meet-up groups around here through Meetup.com that have helped us meet some new friends too (we just moved here in the winter). 


There is the Fairfield County AP Group, http://www.meetup.com/fcattachmentparents/ and also the Young Homeschoolers group if you are thinking of exploring that route and are home with your son during the days...http://www.meetup.com/YoungHomeschoolersofFC/


And we live in Norwalk if you'd ever like to meet up! Feel free to PM me! :)



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