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Our oldest DD is 8 with a late July birthday.  She has always been HSed and it has become obvious in the last year that while she is very smart she has some vision issues that impact her reading ability.  She is  starting vision therapy tomorrow.  There is a charter Montessori school opening in our community this fall where DDs 1&2 will be attending.  We have made the decision to put DD#1 in third grade despite the fact that by age she could technically go into fourth.  We feel that with her academic challenges and late-birthday-maturity issues this will be a better fit. 


So here is my question…DD is involved in many extra-curricular activities that are grade based.  So should I hold her back in some of those activities and list her as a third grader next year (I am thinking of dance and Brownies off hand) or should I list her as a fourth grader so she can continue with the other kids she has been with in these activities for the past 4 years… (Just as an FYI we live in a small community so it will definitely be noticed if she is placed as a third grader in these activities again.  The charter school is extremely small and most of the families are so off the grid that they do not participate in the extracurricular that DD does.)