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3x the cost for single dose heartworm

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Anyone else have a puppy and notice that their vet charges 3x the cost per pill to buy one dose of heartworm? I haven't had a puppy in 10 years, so I haven't had to deal with monthly weigh ins and getting heartworm one pill at a time. I noticed that our vet is charging us 3x the cost of one pill over what it would be if I bought a 6 pack. I can't wait till this pup hits 51 pounds so I can get her a full rx.



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Mine will let you buy a combo pack or exchange any left he grows out of - or add to it. 

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I guess I could ask about that. I didn't think they would allow exchanges since it is medication. And it's hard to tell how long she will be in which weight range. She has quadrupled her weight since we got her two months ago. My other dogs are older so I haven't had to worry about them needing different dosages.
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I ended up switching to using cattle wormer which is ivermectin, the active ingredient in heartguard.  That way you can dose based on your dogs exact weight (and its a lot cheaper too)

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Yea I know it;s the same drug as in heartguard, we used to use ivermectin for worming our livestock, are you using the injectable or the paste? I can't remember if ivermectin is available in bolus forum? I haven't felt confident in translating the dosage to dogs, since the dosage on heartguard is in mcg and the the dosage on the livestock paste is in % and by body weight.
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My vet helped me figure out the dose.  I am acutally using the paste but the liquid is what is recommended.  The paste I have it 1.87% where the liquid is 1 % so the vet helped me check my math.


1/10 of a cc per 10lbs is the usual dosage for 1% Ivomec

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Thanks for mentioning it, I did a google search and came up with a bunch of discussions on using it in dogs. I forgot that it was also available as a drench for sheep( we used the paste on our horses and cows). I still have a bunch of Sentinel for our other dogs left and am only buying for the puppy for now so I have plenty of time to research more.


Have you seen this page/ http://www.dogaware.com/health/ivomec.html

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I have seen that page, and its actually why I originally did not use it.  But then, after talking to several vets, many many breeders and rescuers, and more who all use it (and are very research oriented people) I decided to go ahead and do it.  The only issue my vet has with it is there is no guarantee like with heartguard etc where if they are on it year round and end up positive, the company pays for treatment. 

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We sell 3 packs of revolution for puppies and kittens.  What is happening is that each vial costs the same but each time you get charged a dispensing fee....rather that with one box one dispensing fee.  Each time we dispense a single dose or a box we have to go through the same routine (pull file, mark in file, type up label, print label, count dose, attach and label box/vial, bill it out-thus the dispensing fee each time). 

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Well I've now vowed to never go back to that vets office. They tried to tell me that heartgard kills forward for the next 30 days so I should buy the higher weight class for my puppy since she will be close to it in another month. I told them it only kills what is already in the system of the animal, not in the future and she says, well that is what they train us here. sigh. 



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