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Most Hated Baby Names

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Is your kid's name on the list?


DS's name is not, but I found this list interesting.

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Nope, not on the list. I agree with a lot (but not all!) of it. redface.gif


How do you pronounce Nevaeh? Maybe something like Nuh-VAY? 

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I think Neveah is pronounced Neh-VAY-ah.


I think the only names I particularly dislike on that list are Gertrude and Bertha.


Tristan would be great if I didn't associate it with "tristis."

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NOpe, not on the list. I was kind of surprised of some of the names on the list. Others not so much. 

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Originally Posted by Cyllya View Post

I think Neveah is pronounced Neh-VAY-ah.


I think the only names I particularly dislike on that list are Gertrude and Bertha.


Tristan would be great if I didn't associate it with "tristis."

That is how I've always heard it pronounced too.
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I saw that posted on twitter the other day. 


And I knew before I opened it, my middle DS's name would be on it.  Just so happens it's the #1 hated boy name. 


We still love it; no regrets, it's definitely fits him. 


The funny thing about these names being the most hated is that they are also some of the most popular if you look at social security's list.  Obviously that rubs people the wrong way and makes the names uber trendy. 

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Nope and I wouldn't use any of them either.  However, my most hated names aren't on that list.  They should be in the top stops though hahaha


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Huh...weird. I love some of those names, and a LOT of kids I know have those names.

For instance, I know a McKenna, Kaitlyn, Jayden, Aiden, and Hunter. And I really like most of those names!
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Such a funny list to make! I knew DS's name would not there, but I found it particularly interesting as a teacher. I've encountered many of the "pop" names, with multiples in some classes. How many Cody's can there possibly be? (At least 3 in one class, btw). I've also had a student "Destiny" - and the name did fit her. I've also had two Hunters in the past two years, and they are really different from each other, but both all about "pushing the limits." Brayden - yep. Kaitlyn - yep. Mackenzie - yep.


I've been told that being a teacher makes naming your own kids really difficult. Especially if you have a name you love, but then along comes a student who trashes the name for you. Or a student that is so great, you don't want to use the name for fear of setting yourself up to expect kid will be just like them (subconsciously, of course).


Such a weird business, this naming of children!

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Heh. I considered Hunter (a family name) and Tristan for this baby. Have no issues with Michael, either (well, other than an obnoxious boy I used to know... but that's not the name's fault!).

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I hhhhhhaaaaaatttteee the name Aiden. Not really the same itself...but the over-use of it. I have never seen a named used MORE than Aiden. Lots of different spellings of it too...and it just gets really really confusing when everyone has the same kids name. I don't care for Jayden, Caden, etc either because it's pretty much the same name with a different beginning sound and they are also overused.

My own family has really overused Michael as well as Joseph.

I also don't care of Destiny, Chastity, Crystal, etc....I associate those with strippers or very trashy women (but that's from personal experience, I realize).

Neither of my kid's names have made any lists for popularity OR dislike: Dani and Oscar.
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I was surprised about Michael and Tristan being on the list. I mean, OK, maybe not someone's cup of tea, but most hated? Seems odd . . .

I did have to agree with a lot of other names, though. (with no disrespect meant to those on this board who have used those names). There are just so many " . .. den" names around + "fake" last names masquerading as first names, that it's tiring. I also really dislike made up spellings. Don't try to be unique with spelling your kid's name! It just makes life harder for your child!
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I don't hate any of those names in themselves, but I agree that most of them are overused or have negative connotations.


I can't work out what's wrong with Tristan. headscratch.gif As far as I can tell it's not massively overused, spelled weirdly or considered trashy. Does anyone else get it?

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Not on the list, but when I was pregnant with my first, DH and I decided it was our business, and ours only, what we would name him or her. So when relatives asked what baby names we had planned, to avoid opinions, I always said "Aldolf Vigfus, unless it is a boy."


And then I emailed a list like that one, with awful names, to my immediate family, saying these were our choices. Evil, I know. mischievous.gif Everyone got my sense of humor, except my sister, who was very upset by the mail and called me crying....


I highly recommend it, it stopped everyone from asking. And then they were so grateful when we named our son; though they probably would have been grateful with almost any name. No one even asked when I was pregnant the second time around. 

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I have on on the list.   Jackson.  aka Jack.    He was named after my grandfather and greatgrand father and great great grandmother (maiden name).   Hated or not we would have stilled used it.  I can think of many more unsuitable names that on than on that list.

OH well.

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I think it's worth pointing out that many on those list are also the most popular and therefore most loved names. winky.gif

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Neither of mine are on that list, but there a few there that I considered. 

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Yep, one. Kaden, though we spell it Kadin. Oh well. I still don't regret it. 

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I have a Jackson. It's a family name for us.

Huh, wouldn't have thought it could be one of the most hated!

I think of it as traditional not trendy.....strange.



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I've never understood "Nevaeh".  One, I think it's kind of trashy.  Two, spelling a word backwards kind of implies that it's the opposite, and why would you want to name your child the opposite of Heaven?

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