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Originally Posted by mammal_mama View Post
So, for me, calling someone out on his or her control drama would, more or less, just be me putting a name to what is happenening, for myself. I think I will feel like I'm succeeding when I can recognize my own control dramas before they happen and stop that cycle, and then can quickly recognize when others are starting them and name them -- whether I actually just name them to myself, and extricate myself or change the subject, or actually feel led to share what I'm seeing with the other person.

I totally agree that getting myself to stop the drama in the midst was the hardest part. However, once I started to get the hang of it, I was able to do it more and more easily. I guess, like all good things, it comes with practice.

Originally Posted by mammal_mama View Post

Mama Pisces, I'm glad to see you here! I haven't gotten The Tenth Insight yet but I did just finish The Celestine Vision and that was just awesome!


My friendships have gone through a major upheaval over the last few years and I no longer feel like I have any really close friends. At first I felt a need to rectify this by trying to make a bunch more, but that hasn't panned out thus far.


Then I started realizing that my lack of a close circle (other than dh and the girls) has actually been very freeing in some ways. I used to be such a gossip and so critical of others...it was as if having the opportunity to voice my little irritations and negative opinions, and get them reinforced, just fed into the interrogator side of me. Then when I no longer had the chance to sound off about people, I gradually became less and less critical and more compassionate.


I feel like I've got both interrogator and poor me leanings, but I feel much freer of late. Maybe by the time I make new friends, I'll be ready to create healthier patterns of relating.

Don't forget, by keeping yourself in an attitude of optimism, awareness, and open-mindedness, you invite the things you need into your life. That will likely include friends who support you on an emotional/energy level.



On a side-note, I started reading the 12th Insight last night. OMG! It is like they are talking about my PERSONAL spiritual growth! I'm so happy to be reading positive stuff... I need to reread the whole series (and watch The Secret and What the Bleep?!? - they all make me feel so motivated) and then... take over the world!! Or at least my own little corner of it. orngbiggrin.gif

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There's a 12th insight?? Holy cow, I didn't even know there was an 11th!! I need to get with it. lol

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Very excited to have found this thread! I read the Celestine Prophecy in high school. My mom manages a  thrift store so over the years I have ended up with a copy of it and The Experiential Guide, the accompaniment to the book.

Over the past year I have began to gain interest in spiritual growth, and recently reread the Celestine Prophecy and watched the movie.

The guide book is AMAZING. It is so important if you are into the book to read this.


I have a blog that is kind of about these topics and am starting a book club this fall w/ worksheets, etc to help out. If anyone is interested message me. The Celestine Prophecy is one of the books I am going to start with. (hope this isn't against guidelines, that is not my intention if it is.  Just pls let me know if it is.)


So- did anyone skip #10 & #11 and go right to 12? I think that's what i am going to do...




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Ok, so I finished the 12th in like 2 days. Awe-some...


I like the 10th for it's applications for gaining insight into what is going on. The 11th shows where we should be going (in a non-preachy way). The 12th talks about the concept of Apocalypse that was touched on in the previous Insights.


FYI, the 12th is broken into 12 "Integrations" that build on and parallel the Insights. For that reason, in particular, I would not recommend skipping to the 12th. It's hard to understand, for example, what they are talking about with the 10th Integration without knowing the concepts of the afterlife explained in the 10th Insight.

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