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How much RRL tea are you drinking now that you're full term?

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So now that we're all closing in to the big day (if not already had the big day!) how much red raspberry leaf tea are you drinking?  I'm steeping a 1/2 cup of the leaves in a 1 quart jar for 4 hours.  I guess that's considered an infusion.  I don't really feel any Braxton Hicks.  Maybe 1 every couple of days.  This is my second baby (drank RRL last time, too).  I thought I remembered having more Braxton Hicks and I thought subsequent pregnancies usually brought more BH cntx's. 


I know there's a RRL tea thread in Pregnancy, but I'm particularly curious concerning how much you all are drinking and what you're experiencing since we're so close! 

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I'm making 1 container from my ice tea maker every other day it seems, so about 2.5-3 cups a day. I haven't really noticed any difference since upping how much I'm drinking but who knows? 

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I am drinking about 2 pin a day with 1tsp nettle 1 tsp alfalfa and 2 Tables of RR leaves in each pint.  They seem to really help calm the braxton hicks i have after activity of any kind.  My MW says this is how it goes until your body is ready and then it helps strengthen the surges.  Maybe you aren't having any this time because you are drinking such a strong infusion.


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Been really bad about drinking my tea lately. Plan to drink it 2-3 times a day but not been happening. 

I haven't had hardly any noticeable BH contrax this time either and last time I was having decently painful ones for a few weeks before the birth. 

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I can't do the tea, but I have been taking the capsules.  Two with each meal. 

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Attempting 2-3 mugs a day mixed fairly strongly 2 teaspoons of leaves mixed with 1 teaspoon of peppermint.

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I've been bad about drinking mine, too, but I made a pitcher of double/triple strength tea today and am aiming to finish the pitcher by noonish tomorrow.  

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I need to get on this train. I like it now when I do it, as long as it's good and cold. I have nettle too, and wondering if I should alternate or mix them... any thoughts?


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I need to get on this train. I like it now when I do it, as long as it's good and cold. I have nettle too, and wondering if I should alternate or mix them... any thoughts?


Go ahead and mix them. My preggo tea has those mixed together along with a mint herb. 


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I'd definitely mix them.  I add nettle and alfalfa to my mix.  I don't love drinking it...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE ice (when pregnant) and so the tea just happens to get consumed as I have glass after glass of ice.  My favorite though, is to add a splash of some juice like pomegranate/blueberry/cranberry.

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Hi Ladies, I'm kinda a lurker from the UC Board. I'm 32wks with #6 and I've noticed the tea is making me have more BHs than with any of my other kids. This is my first time using the tea and I mix it with the nettles. I don't know if it's too strong or not.

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What's your ratio of leaves to water?

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Well, I make it by the cup because I like it hot. I usually use about 1 teaspoon of each. 

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Thank all of you for the input! I did just that. :) Just wish I'd had some of pom or blueberry juice hanging around!! That sounds tasty - I have to use some fruity herbal teas with it to get enough quantity down to make a difference, and I have to have it cold too! :)



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I bought this tea from a lady on etsy since it has mostly RRL but also alfalfa, nettle, oatstraw, rose petals, and maybe a mild hint of mint, dont remember.  I went with this mix because it was cheaper than buying all those bulk herbs myself when I did the math.  Also I can't believe how good it is.  I tried just plain RRL tea last pregnancy and just couldn't get it down.  This one is so much better.  I love it hot and crazy enough, for some reason, when I have horrible heartburn late at night, a nice cup of this eases it!  All the more motivation to drink it.  I have been forgetting about it though and haven't drank it in about a week.  When I do remember I do it pretty strong by the cup.  8 oz of water to 2 tbs or the leaves.  I steep for 10 mins though I have forgotten about it and steeped longer but had to rewarm it.


I plan to do a strong infusion at onset of labor. 


Link to my tea blend on etsy:



She was super nice and answered tons of questions for me and put together a special amount special order for me and reserved it for me to purchase.  I tried it cold also and it is amazing!!!!!  Something very comforting though about it when warm.


I haven't noticed any real increases in BH but I haven't been drinking it like I intended either. 

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Hmmm, that's a good price, Sharita! I'm intrigued, since like you I don't care for the taste of RRL. I may have to try that!

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Yeah, one of my biggest gripes with the tea is that I like to drink it hot, but after a lot of reading, I chose to do a longer steeping time.  I miss just having a very hot cup of tea.  (I've been drinking plain hot water or lemon water instead which helps to massage the body awake and keep you regular).  I've read anything over a half hour is pointless...but then the guru Susan Weeds says 4-8 hours....I'm always so confused about steeping.


By the way, my doctor specifically commented on how strong my uterus was last time so I felt like the tea must have helped!  However, it didn't shorten labor at all because the baby wasn't positioned well (asynclitic) and lasted 18 hours or maybe more depending on how you calculate labors.  But, I think I still saw benefits because I didn't bleed much postpartum, my uterus shrunk relatively quickly and I had zero afterpains.  Here's hoping I'm stengthening my uterus again AND the baby is positioned well for a speedy labor!

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I just opened a box of Traditional Medicinals RRL tea that my sister gave me because she didn't like it.  I know that this isn't the best blend, but hey it's easy and it was free.  It's steeping right now... but I'm wondering how awful it's going to taste based on reading this thread. LOL


I'm late to the game anyway but hey, it won't hurt anything.  If it helped post-partum even that'd be great.

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I started drinking it again finally after seeing this thread the other day. LOL

I was drinking it regularly for a little while before this. I am seeping 2 RRL bags and 2 preggo tea bags. 2 big cups a day. I got Yogi brand as it's the best cheaper one I've found honey makes it yummy. lol.gif

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Does anyone following this thread plan to make the RRL leaf infusion to drink when labor starts?  (They say a handful of leaves and you're supposed to drink it hot when labor starts - not sure what they means as far as how long to steep).  I made it last time just before leaving for the hospital and then when we got there, we were checking in and my very nervous DH knocked over my to-go cup, the lid flew off and all our papers got soaked!  Ha!  So I never really drank much of the labor day infusion.

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