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Possible VBA2C in NH?

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Tried posting in the VBAC section first but got no replies, so I'm hoping some New England mamas might be able to help me here?
DH's job will have us relocated to the Manchester, NH area in the very near future (end of June, actually). I am currently in my second trimester (around 14 weeks along) and hoping for a VBA2C. First C/S was due to failure to progress after a 30-hour labor, second C/S was due to a stalled labor after 60 hours. My second DD was a planned homebirth that did not go well (very painful and exhausting), and I ended up in the hospital for a repeat C/S because of the length/stress of the labor.
I'm nervous to try a homebirth again because I did not function well at all without pain relief, so was hoping for a hospital VBA2C in the Fall. Are there any recommendations for practices or providers in the area who might be willing to work with me? I know asking for a VBA2C is tricky, but I feel like I could maybe accomplish it this time given a supportive environment with more pain relief options (I was a complete mess the last time until I was given Stadol at the hospital to take the edge off the pain after my homebirth attempt).
This is a very scary situation for me, especially since I'm starting to feel like I may never have the birth I'd always hoped for. Thanks for all your help.
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I am so sorry mama. I have no advice on where to do this or what doctors might be okay with this.

I did want to let you know that I found acupuncture very helpful in getting labor going and pain relief, maybe a homebirth in combo with this might work for you.

Where are you in NH? I am in Newmarket, there is a great acupuncturist in Greeland, named Netta Hart. I see her on a regular basis.

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I don't know what their policy on VBACs is, but I had a great almost-natural birth at Cheshire Medical Center in Keene. I was risked out of the birth center at 39 weeks due to pre-e, and my midwife sent me there even though it was over an hour away because she felt I'd have the best possible hospital birth there. I have nothing but good things to say about their nurses, CNMs, and doctors. My birth was very low-intervention and they didn't push drugs at all. I ended up asking for meds and got a couple of shots of nubain over the course of my labor because I had excruciating back labor and couldn't deal with the pain, but that was it. I was only hooked up to the monitors twice, once with the nurse kneeling on the floor next to me and holding the monitor to my belly because I couldn't bear to get into bed - the rest of the time the nurses used a doppler so I could labor wherever and however I wanted. A CNM did the delivery and my spouse helped catch the baby and brought him up to my chest, and they left us alone to bond for almost two hours before doing the newborn exam. I would definitely suggest checking them out, it was nothing at all like I expected from a hospital birth.

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