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vag breech delivery SE MI?

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I just found out that my baby is breech. I'm 35 weeks. My DD was also breech and I had a c-section with her. I reeaaalllyyy wanted  vbac. My practice doesn't deliver vaginal breech (although they are willing to try a version at 37 weeks). Does anyone know an OB who will deliver vag breech and take me on at this point in the game? Thanks!

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I don't know of anyone who will take on a first time vaginal breech birth.  I think your best bet is to try a version or (a less invasive option) go to spinningbabies.com for some great info.


Good luck!  :)


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Not sure where you are in SE Michigan, but have you considered looking into the Midwives at U of M or St. Joes? They may be more open to this. Best of luck! :) I hope you find the support you're looking for.

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Try Kate Mazzara or Stacia Proefrock.

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It never hurts to ask, GL!!

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