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Mmm- watermelon!

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I fear I'm developing an addiction.  Ice cold watermelon.  Yum. 


Most of my symptoms are gone (that's for a different post though) but I am really getting violently ill and nauseous whenever I drink even a teaspoonful of plain water.  My magical discovery has been that watermelon fixes it almost instantly!  I just have to fight my 2 1/2 year old for it... 


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DDC crashing... but I had to reply!  I think that I ate my weight in watermelon (or more! and I'm not a small gal!)  during both of my pregnancies.  It was one of the only things that even started to relieve my constant nausea and vomiting. I'm glad you've discovered that it helps you too!

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Omg, I had to comment on this too.  I have mild nausea around supper time and into the evening with this pregnancy.  For a couple of days in a row, I've had watermelon for supper and felt better afterwards but really had idea why it helped.  I just happened to google "watermelon and nausea" tonight and turns out that it is a natural anti-nausea food due to its high content of B6.  Sooo psyched.  Time to stock up ladies :)

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I have been craving watermelon like crazy! I'm just waiting for them to hit my grocery store...
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I haven't started craving it yet, but did last time.  :)  Also, I have heard quite a few midwives suggest watermelon as a way to increase amnio fluid.  Yum.

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ME TOO! Literally going through a huge costco watermelon every two to three days!!!

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I haven't been craving any, but I should try it. I am soooo thirsty, but other than small sips of juice here and there, I get sick every time I try to drink any large amounts of water. But... I can tell I'm dehydrated, so it's worth a shot. 

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Mmmmmm. that sounds good! Cold and fruity things are definitely a fave for me right now too. I might have to go pick up a watermelon tomorrow :)

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I live off watermelon in the summer when I'm NOT pregnant, lol.... last summer I would go through a full-size watermelon in 2-3 days and then whine about wanting more until our weekly grocery trip. xD


I'm hoping it'll help keep me hydrated, I really am not drinking enough water. >.<

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I haven't tried it yet...I LOVE LOVE LOVE watermellon though - I think I am going to get some!

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I have been loving watermelon lately to. It makes me feel so much better and is one of the few things that always taste good!

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