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Not really sure where to put this so here goes.


I have a 19 month old dd.  She's been pretty much a non-sleeper from birth - up 4-5 times in the night to breastfeed/hang out/etc. I got my period back about 6 months pp.  I've always been very regular - had infertility issues with my first dd so I know my period very well - 26-28 days long with ovulation between cd10-14.  I can feel myself ovulate, know the signs and so on.  We've always used these methods along with condoms for birth control. 


About a week ago I had a come to Jesus meeting with my daughter and we made some drastic changes in our sleeping arrangements and she started sleeping through the night.  This meant I was no longer breastfeeding at night.  Our daytime breastfeeding increased very slightly but I'd say supply is down for sure.  Anyway, we had sex (with condom, no penetration before) on cd12 and cd13.  I know I ovulated on cd14.  Today is cd16 and suddenly when I went to the bathroom I had some blood - brown initially but then red.  Nothing pouring out at this point, but it was there.  Os is open and cm inside is lotiony. 


So I'm wondering what the heck this could be.  Is it possible my cycle is confused because of no night breastfeeding??