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I'm totally c&p this from a post I just made on this forum, because I am lazy like that. But hopefully there will be people that would like to meet us. :^) 


... but was searching for friends and kids to play with as well. :^) My dh and I have a 5 year old daughter and we moved to Woodinville, right next to the Sammamish river trail, a month ago from Va. My dh is from there, but I grew up in Seattle and went to Va 11 years ago, when I was 18! Now we are finally back home, thank goodness. I love it here so, so much. Anyway, we've basically been unschooling since dd was a baby (:^p), and she loves to play with kids of any age. We live next to one seriously awesome park, and there are a lot of families around, but it's a little overwhelming because there are just so many folks and kids, and everyone seems to have their own people they meet with and such. My dd has no problem making friends, but I want one, too! ha. Also, I'm trying to find -something- special to do, like a class of some sort for her, or both of us, and I just have no idea what... there's storytime at Barnes & Noble on Wednesday mornings, and we have tons of nature to play in all day long.. which is what we do. What I'm trying to say is that I feel like we need some connection to people and the community here, I guess. I'm pretty introverted, so this is shocking for me, but I do want it! Friends, hoorah. ;^p I've been really needing to talk to anyone about this, so thanks to whoever reads my ramblings. Maybe I'll make a thread asking about Woodinville homeschoolers or good people in general of any sort to hang out with. ;^) I don't drive, so I can't go to all the neato places everyone else probably goes! There are a lot of great places to walk to from here though, my goodness. It's awesome here. :^D 



Thanks for any help 8^)



Love Dani