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Middle name silliness - opinions please!

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So my husband and I had no problem picking names for our twin boys that are due around the first of July but the middle names are causing some problems.


I thought it would be really neat to share my madien name with them (Jeffrey) and give them both the same middle name.  I do not plan on doing much as far recognizing their "twinness" (i.e. matching outfits, etc.) so this was a way I thought I could make light that they shared a womb.  Their names would be Barrett Jeffrey and Graham Jeffrey.  My other boys have middle names from our fathers, I never felt right using my madien name for just one of them so it seems to me that the oppurtunity has presented itself.


Problem is that when I told husband of my grand idea he tells me he hates it.  He thinks it is kind of silly to give them the same middle name and it will only cause confusion. 


My husband and I usually are really good at compromising but this is one time I really want to put my (swollen) foot down and get my way. 


Please let me hear your opinions on whether it is a good idea or not to give them the same middle name. 

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I think it's cute and would totally do it. It's a middle name afterall. and I have two siblings and we all have the same middle name. It's never been an issue. Growing up people thought it was cute. At this point in my life it's irrelevant.

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I love it, and I also know a couple of sibling sets who have the same middle names, and they aren't even twins. One woman I know has five daughters and they all have the same middle name, which is her middle name.

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I think it's fine.  If it was some random boy's name that you like, I wouldn't do it.  But since it's your maiden name, I think it's a good idea.  

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As a maiden name, I think it's fine to do: it underlines the family connections as well as that between the twins.  On the other hand, if he doesn't budge, perhaps there's some associated name you could use - something with a clear link, without being identical?



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Why not use another family surname for one of them? I'm not sure I like the matchiness of them both having Jeffery and it may make your other kids feel left out of something.
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Thanks for your input ladies.  I don't think I will use it for just one, I kinda feel like it is both or none.  I just wanted to check and make sure I was not being crazy horomonally stubburn!

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I think it's fine.  And I like the sound of it, to boot!  It's a common thing to give the middle name of the mom's maiden name if you aren't doing the hyphenated double last name thing.  I don't see why he would be bothered by it... after all, they both get his last name! winky.gif

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Husband caved!!  I explained again that it really did mean something special to me and he was okay with it.  I don't think he loves it but he does not feel strongly enought to fight me.  That and tomorrow is Mother's Day. 


Thanks for all the opinions!

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Hooray!  My children (twins) and my sister's children (not twins) all have our parent's last name as a middle name, though I didn't change my name and she did.  The children (6, 6, 6, and 3) think it's neat that they all have the same middle name (or they don't realize it could be any other way). 

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We gave our boys the same second middle name so their names are Judah Moses Niizho'ode and Jax Dugan Niizho'ode, my husband is native american and Niizho'ode is the equivelent of twin is his tribes language.

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I rather wanted middle names meaning twin for our two, but couldn't find a girl's name that meant that meant twin and seemed to go with our daughter's chosen first name (Oliver Thomas would have been fine, but, for Lydia, the best choices were to follow it with Linnea or Tamsin, neither of which matches up well.)  So we went with different family names...

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Star8kitten, congratulations on reaching an agreement with your husband!

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I think it's a really cool idea!

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Awesome that you convinced him!  I think thats a really cute idea.  I'm not much into the cutesy matching twin everything (rhyming names, matching outfits, etc), but I think thats really cool.  My husband and I both have J first names, and all three of our kids have J middle names.

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We did the same thing, in fact all three of our children have my last name as their middle name.  Two sisters whom I know from growing up have the same middle name, and I always liked it.  Also - my husband and I had quite a difficult time coming up with the first names.

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Forum crashing here, but all it turns all of the male grandchildren in our family share the same name. My oldest chose it as the name for her son because she liked it. My 2nd sister chose it as a middle name for her son to honor the paternal grandfather. My brother chose it as a name to honor someone in his wife's family. We chose it to honor a cousin of my husband's who died as a child. So oddly, they all have the same name (3 of them have it as a middle name), but for very different reasons. It's kind of cool, and not weird at all.

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