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Thank You!

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I just wanted to stop for a moment and say thank you to all the mamas who have posted such great information here. It has eased my mind greatly at a time of panic!!!


When my son was born, we decided not to circ...it is his body and we strongly feel it's his decison alone to decide if he wants it "modified" in any way! We had many blissful years of almost no problems, through cloth diapering and beyond. He's 8 now, and he's developed an infection on his penis (this happened only once before when he was 5 or so) He was in a great deal of pain, so i took him to the pediatrican, who gave him a quick exam, asked very few questions, prescribed an antibiotic and proceeded to terrify my child (and ME!!!) by announcing that his "opening was too small" and he'd be referred to a "Surgeon". My poor kid freaked out, hid under the desk and cried...i had to call the doctor back and demand clearer and KINDER explanation to help calm my son. Needless to say he didn't do a very good job of it and we've been worried and doing our best to assure DS that we will not allow any surgery unless there is NO other option and we would protect him no matter what. His appointment with the urologist is next week, and i've been doing my homework (which lead me here!) Imagine my surprise that a "small opening" diagnosis is absurd in a child his age and infection has not been a serious reoccuring problem, therefore putting us on high alert that there is something wrong was absolutely out of line!!!


I've learned alot from your posts and links and i am ready to deal with the specialist next week with a wealth of knowledge on my side should he try to force any type of invasive proceedures. I appreciate all that you've shared, and i'm so very grateful for this great resource!!! Thank you all so very much!

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Your poor ds greensad.gif having the Dr. scare him like that. May I ask why you are keeping the appt. with the urologist? I assume it is because of the infection? It is possible that it isnt even an infection but normal separation issues here is a thread with more details http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=764732 The proper way to tell is to have a swab done of the tip of the foreskin to see what grows.

I hope that the urologist you are seeing is foreskin friendly otherwise he is just going to scare you and your ds even more for no reason. It is so hard to find a foreskin knowledgable Dr. Good luck.

I wanted to add that the proper treatment for true phimosis (which your ds cannot be diagnosed with he is to young yet) is steroid cream with stretching and if that dosnt work then manual stretching either with a balloon or by hand with local anesthetic followed by a dorsel slit, the very last option reserved only for cases of severe scar tissue is circ. Your ds obviously isnt old enough to worry about any of the above but I wanted to add it for any lurkers out there.
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Has the infection resolved with the use of antibiotics?  If so, I would be reluctant to keep the specialist appt.  You said he's had one other issue with infection three years ago and this one.  I wouldn't call that a chronic ongoing condition.  Having learned what you have learned, I'm concerned that your visit with a urologists will:

a) cause your son unwarranted concern about his body

b) make you doubt yourself and the information you have learned on the normal anatomical development of the penis

C) waste your money.




Have you watched this:  http://www.doctorsopposingcircumcision.org/video/prepuce.html 

      Great video o 

It's a great video on the anatomy of the foreskin and will teach you more than most all practicing doctors in the US know on the issue.


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