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I work at a grocery store and found myself filling in for the girl who runs the demonsrtation area. She was sampling greek yogurt and I had so much fun telling everybody all the fabulous benefits of greek yogurt. My coworkers even came over to check out what I was talking about. I even use it as sour cream.

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Oh, I just recently discovered Greek yogurt and I'm in love, too! I agree that the fat free kind is actually not very good (big shock there!) but easily disguised with some fresh strawberries or blueberries.  :)

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Welcome.giflapoli!  Do you want me to put your stats on the front page?



*sigh* I guess so.  Maybe it'll help keep me accountable!  I'm currently 124 and my goal is to get to at least 115, though 110 would be better. :)




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Mamas, I really need some support right now. I fell off the wagon big time yesterday. I've been doing this 1500 calorie thing, and really, if I get in under 1700 or 1800 I'm happy. But yesterday, well. Let's just say it was well over 2000. And my weight is up 1.8 pounds this morning, probably water due to the massive carb fest yesterday. And cheddar cheese fest. It was yummy, but it actually made me feel a little sick. I certainly feel heavier this morning.


I'm feeling discouraged and I know the right thing to do is just to march forward, have my green smoothie for breakfast and not cave and have the buttered toast I'm wanting. I WILL do that, but the little inner voice is saying "oh, who cares? You blew it, you're up almost 2 pounds, you'll never lose the weight so just eat whatever." So self-defeating. 


It's funny, I always tell my husband not to get discouraged and every day is a new day, but it's hard to take good advice from myself, apparently :)

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Hi AnnieMac,,,


First of all, hang in there & forgive yourself!  My two cents...throw out the scale.  I was able to obtain and maintain a lower weight and obsess less and be happier after I got rid of my scale. I weigh myself only at Dr. visits. I go by clothing and I use a tape measure now & then. I find myself forgetting about food and just eating when I am hungry and eating what I want and need (within reason of course!) When I weigh myself often I get into negative headgames. Don't worry, you won't balloon....I actually shrunk!


Iapoli my two cents on your question would be that different things work for different people but avoid extremes/obsessing and in terms of what to do focusing on healthy eating and maybe doing a portion control check could be a starting point.  Oh yeah and throw out the scale and listen to your body...our "diet culture" makes us think we always want to binge on bad things but I have found that if I listen to my body and treat it gently and with respect that is not the case at all....


Just my opinion...  :)

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Lapoli, what's worked for me is filling half my plate with veggies at lunch and dinner, drinking big glasses of water at every meal, and eliminating high calorie drinks (juice, milk, coffee with cream and sugar) in favour of water and tea. Oh, and watching sugar intake.

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lapoli you are now on the first page. I set your goal at 115. Once you get there, if you don't like it, we can change it smile.gif I would like to second the big glass of water advice. Are you nursing? I love the idea that I can drink water and turn it into cream.


AnnieMac try not to beat yourself up. The advice you give your DH really is good. Just acknowledge that you overdid it,  see if you can identify a trigger and then move on.  I would say you could even have the buttered toast if you really want it, just balance it out later in the day. For me, if I deny myself the toast I really want I will think about it all day and probably try to replace it with some other food I don't really want...only to eat it anyway.


imogenlily I have been thinking about eliminating sugar. I had some of DD birthday cake and it almost seems to act like a drug in my system. I have some sugar and then I crave it. Crazy.



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Imogenlily, that's a great idea. Plate half full of veg & lots of water. Nice. I could see that working. I'm going to give that a try.

Pacific Bliss, thanks. The last two days have been interesting as far as eating triggers go. Wheat. I think I was in denial for a long time about how it makes my body feel (like it wants more and more and more -- specifically more wheat). A while back I cut out the yummy white sourdough and bagels and started making my own 100% whole wheat or spelt bread, thinking that would be a good change. And it was, but I think just eating anything like that makes me just crave more. Anyone else get that? 

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I was reading on webMD about the biggest loser diet and it mentioned certain foods causing the body to want more like a drug. Sugar for sure does that for me. I do really well in the morning but by the afternoon I slip up every day. I had to buy a new pair of jeans today because my old ones were too big! I was really discouraged seeing myself in the mirror at the store. Although I didn't end up buying a bunch of stuff because I wasn't happy with how things looked on me. I guess being fat was good for my wallet today!

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Oh yeah, greek yogurt! Yum! Where I am I can buy a 0% fat version or an 11% fat version. Let me tell you, the higher fat version is so much more delicious. I try and forget it exists as I scoop my 0% into my smoothie or onto my fruit or whatever :) But it is good, either way, and super duper protein source.

I would get them both and mix them together so you meet in the middle. I get mine at TJ's and the lowfat actually has the most protien.


Anyway I have been MIA a bit lately since I haven't really been doing much and I am discouraged. I have some health issues going on that I can't see a dr for (no insurace) and they cause me to be VERY tired, depressed/anxious, low energy, and my muscles to be weak or easily fatigued, among otherthings, but this makes exercise difficult. I did manage to do my walk video a couple days ago finally. And I have magically dropped 1 pound so I am down to 163. However I am sure now that I have posted it here I'll find it again. Oh well! I am going to keep trying to drink my water and work bits of exercise in here and there. I really need to focus on my diet but I have just not been hungry lately so I guess that is helping me.


ETA: I just realized being at 163 makes me down 10 pounds from my prepregnancy weight! YAY me!!


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well I have been pretty good yesterday and today. Snacked on salad for my afternoon binge. Skipped the meatloaf and mashed potatoes that the fam was having and made a lean cuisine. Today I had two granola bars but otherwise have been eating more healthy choices. DH is making pork tacos tonight and I will probably just have one.

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Post your stats ladies (in bold please). We're heading into June!

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Oh, goodness. I'm exactly where I started, though I suppose that Dunkin' Donuts I grabbed while driving around a baby that would not sleep isn't helping, either... :D


I'm excited about what June holds, though! 


Maciascl - Have you looked into any herbal supplements to help you manage your depression/etc?  I know it would really be just a band-aid but sometimes, it can be enough to turn your feelings around into something more positive.





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I waffle around the scale over the month, but I'm going with the lowest number: 110.

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starting weight 204? 

current weight 195

goal weight 170

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I am 189.  I had dropped a few more pounds, but immediately gained again.  I've tried cutting calories, while increasing exercise, and my body is really holding onto the weight, while my milk wasn't as good.  I'm going to stop focusing so intensely on weight, and just keep walking and eating what I like.  My body just isn't ready for now, and the twins come first.

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Originally Posted by lapoli View Post


Maciascl - Have you looked into any herbal supplements to help you manage your depression/etc?  I know it would really be just a band-aid but sometimes, it can be enough to turn your feelings around into something more positive.



I have a few things but I rarely take them as money is super tight and the more I take them the sooner I have to buy them again. Thanks for asking though orngbiggrin.gif


We went on a family walk yesterday so that was good. I am doing good with stretching at night. NOw if I could just remember to drink my water and work some light weights in there I'd be doing much better. Goals for next month I guess.  


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This morning I was 128.5!  I had gotten down to here before by cutting out wheat and then the middle of May brought on a ton of family events and that went out the window and the weight (and cruddy health) came back.  After eliminating wheat once again, I'm back down and feeling better.  Here's to a healthy June! I have about 6 weeks before DD turns one and 3.5 lbs to drop to get to my goal by then.  That's about half a pound a week, I think know that I can do it! 

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OK, I am down to 207.


That's 7 pounds in a month, not great, but they are coming off.

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I think 7lbs in a month is great!

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Highest preg weight (that I know of, lol!) 180

Pre preg weight approx 130 (estimating)

Last documented weight (few weeks ago) 145


I am guessing I am down a bit from 145.  I have had a cold and it's taken away my sense of smell...you really can't taste things too well when you can't smell them so it has curbed my appetite a bit. I'll weigh myself at my mw visit on 6/22....

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