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It's June! A new month to motivate me. Weight loss here I come!

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DH helped me make healthy brownies today. Applesauce instead of oil. Eggwhites instead of egg. He really enjoyed them. 80 cal vs 200+ from traditional brownies.

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Originally Posted by trekkingirl View Post

DH helped me make healthy brownies today. Applesauce instead of oil. Eggwhites instead of egg. He really enjoyed them. 80 cal vs 200+ from traditional brownies.

Recipe? (and is there a june thread yet?)

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Using applesauce in brownies is brilliant. They sound great, too! :)


I randomly checked my weight on Friday and I'm down 2 pounds! I guess that's what happens with a teething 8 month old and no time for lunch!

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trekkingirl, can I modify any brownie recipe like that?

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Brownie Recipe


1/4 c unsweetened applesauce

1 tsp vanilla extract

4 egg whites

1 c sugar

1/4 c all purpose flour

1/2 c unsweetened cocoa powder

1/2 tsp instant espresso powder

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 c mini choc chips

cooking spray



preheat 350 spray 8 by 8 w cooking spray


whisk together applesauce, vanilla, egg whites, sugar till well combined

add flour, cocoa powder, espresso powder, baking powder, salt

stir till no lumps

pour into sprayed pan

sprinkle top w choc chips

bake 20-22 min or until toothpick comes out clean


makes 12 small brownies

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Today was the first day in a long time that I weighed myself.  Weighed 135 with nothing on.  I wanted to be down to 122 for my birthday at the end of June, which isn't going to happen.  I haven't really been doing anything to help with weight loss so I guess I can't really complain, I'm pretty happy with the loss I've had so far.  My son turned 4 months on the 2nd, and I weighed 167 or 168 the day he was born, so I'm down about 30 total.

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Still moving along over here, down to 127 biggrinbounce.gif which is rather exciting.  My younger SIL mentioned the other day that she is disgruntled (my words) with getting older.  She used to be so thin and could eat anything she wanted in whatever quantities she wanted and then happened to mention that she was up to 133.  I just commented that I wouldn't have guessed because she still looks good and agreed that it must stink (I was never thin so I can't say I can relate).  I'm actually kind of glad that I've never been able to just pig out on whatever without visible consequences because I know that even though I was a little heavier, I was still eating relatively healthy and so I was probably TONS healthier than people who didn't have any weight issues but ate junk.  It also means that now in my late 20's I'm not trying to reprogram a pig out kind of approach to eating.  It's tough enough trying to accept that I can't eat wheat. 


Yay for summer and BBQ's though!  I decided that I'm going to start doing pushups and stuff while I'm out in the yard with the kids.  They want to be out every waking moment and until it gets brutally hot I'm going to kind of let them but I get really bored.  I stand in the kiddie pool with them to cool off and let the pour water on me (not my clothes, it's not hot enough for that yet) which they find very entertaining but I'm REALLY bored after a little while.  I've been weeding my garden but there isn't a heck of a lot to do in the regard (thankfully).  I wish I had a laptop so I could get some computer work done while we were outside.  Maybe soon.  I'm getting tanner as a mommy than I ever was as a teenager, lol.  I never could bother with laying out and rolling and dislike the idea of a tanning salon.  It's a good thing lunch and naptime happen when the sun is strongest. 


Has anyone tried on a bathing suit yet? I was really afraid to and I have three that are pre-pregnancy that I moderately liked before and REALLY didn't want to go through the trauma of needing to get a new one.  TWO of them fit! Both are Tankinis and fit much better than I thought they would have, although the girls seem a little large for them so I might do a little tailoring.  (Why didn't my boobs SHRINK like my poor small chested to begin with SIL's did after finishing nursing?! They are just getting a little bigger with each kid, yikes! I'd better stop now!)  And the third bathing suit is a two piece that I bought on vacation because I was desperate and had forgotten mine at home.  It was the ONLY one that fit me at the store and even though I really hate a two piece that doesn't cover my stomach it was my only option so I sucked it up (and in!) and bought it.  It almost fits!  And flatteringly!  I might even wear it around family.  (Is it weird that I'd rather wear it out in public at an impersonal beach with my DH and kids than when I'm going to see people I know?)  I'm really starting to feel so pretty again and even, dare I say it? Sexy winky.gif Sheepish.gif  Nearly there, only TWO pounds to go!

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Snuglyroo & Mauraa way to go!  I know what you mean about feeling sexy....we went out the other night for the first time since our l.o. was born 3 mos ago and I wore my size 4 "slack" jeans (I can fit into the regular ones but too much muffin top!) and I could wear and look decent in a small black t shirt that I love and I actually was starting to feel like my old self!  I know I still have at least 10 lb to go, probably more like 12...who knows, maybe it's only 8 to get down to my goal of 130...my arms and legs look decent and toned, but my abs separated (diactis recti - sp.?)...any one else have that? So my mid section is still somewhat barrel-like, measuring 31 inches where it used to be 28 (I've always had narrower hips and a wider waist).  But that is down from 45 plus inches at the height of my pregnancy so I guess I've made some good progress. I am doing the exercises to reunite the ab muscles but it feels like a slow road to hoe! I am struggling with whether to give up one of my favorite foods - mixed nuts - they are a whole food and nuts are good for you, they have a lot of protein, and I believe the protein and fat content helps satiate you...however they are highly, highly caloric...maybe I'll just skip buying them one time at the store and see what it's like not to have them around for a week or so....I'm pretty much off milk & cookies but my two squares of dark chocolate a day usually turns into four...last night I made instant pudding with skim milk.  It's pretty good, the kids and I layered chocolate & vanilla in glass dishes so it was kind of pretty...

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You guys are so inspiring! I'd get out my stuff to work out right now if I wasn't supposed to be working. :D


I haven't even really THOUGHT about bathing suits. I'm certainly in no shape to wear a two-piece. I have my maternity suit from last year that is actually pretty cute and doesn't look so bad... but there's something psychologically wrong about wearing a maternity suit almost 9 months post partum.

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June thread is finally up!

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