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I need to help my Goddaughter find a lay midwife in the Baltimore area.  She is set on a homebirth, and after 3 homebirths myself, I highly recommend it.  However, I hope that she will use a lay midwife.  I did not have that advantage for my 3rd homebirth and I wish I had.  It was a wonderful and empowering experience, but it was also stressful.  I was to busy managing the process to  fully enjoy the experience.  I have lost contact with everyone I knew in the area and would appreciate any help finding someone. 


I had 2 babies at home in April 1996 and December 1997.   Duncan  and Rob are doing great, as is their big brother.  Attending his little brothers' births inspired big brother Martin.  He hopes to head to med school some day.  I would love to chat with the ladies that attended the births.  One lived down near the old stadium.  The other was her student.  I would love to recommend either of them.