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Hi Skyler, I would be wary of going for a higher dose of clomid since you are ovulating already (have you had a day 21 progesterone level taken to make sure?) I cried for half an hour in my car after finding out my tubes were partially blocked and I am scared I could have an ectopic pregnancy right now. Still, it is true that the HSG can actually clear crud out of your tubes and help! As far as AF, I thought she was coming around day 23 because I had a little beige spotting (the usual sign). But then I just kept spotting (only on wiping, it was that weak) until day 28 when I finally POAS and got a BFP. I think it was implantation bleeding and it stopped a while ago. Believe me, I was surprised-I'd resigned myself to trying one last time without any help and then going straight to IVF.


RE and fertility specialists are great. On our first visit to the Weill clinic in NYC, we both had blood drawn (lots for me, just a couple for him because they were checking both of us for infectious disease like hepB, C, and HIV-very standard and certainly worth knowing!) Then they looked at my uterus and my antral follicles to make sure there was activity. They were also unhappy that my previous doc didn't check both FSH and estrogen at day 3 (she only checked FSH and AMH-FSH was normal, AMH was very low). So they were going to repeat all that and also my DH's sperm analysis. They also answered all my questions in depth and talked me down from the ledge about the low AMH. This is anti-Mullerian hormone and it is a measure of ovarian reserve. The doc said it had absolutely nothing to do with when I would enter menopause (I had practically signed up for AARP) and that there were plenty of women walking around with low AMH who ovulated normally and got pregnant with no trouble. It was actually just useful for determining what kind of stimulating regimen to use for me during IVF-I would probably need a higher dose of hormones and might not produce as many eggs, but they would be high quality. It made me feel much better. They also tested for certain genetic diseases-for me since I am Caucasian, they looked for cystic fibrosis, spino-muscular atrophy, and fragile X. Thank goodness I'm not Ashkenazic Jewish like DH because they look for like 10 things and those tests are expensive! (Our insurance doesn't pay for it). They were also very cognizant that we were paying out of pocket, so they waived some fees and got as much done in one visit as they could. Still expensive, but I appreciated that.


As far as feeling depressed goes, we've all been there. Infertility sucks. It's such a personal thing, the ability to get pregnant and all of us women ought to be able to do it! I found regular exercise helped me, as well as good food. And I baked a lot-big, fancy, European desserts (incredibly relaxing for me and my lab was very appreciative).

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Greetings to all. I also hope that your cervix stays that way, babycatcher!! Keep us informed.


Skyler, I also had irregular bleeding for several years, but we weren't ttc and I had no idea it could indicate a fertility problem. It's stayed at bay for the past few months (so far this month I'm on cd16, but no o yet??). I'm starting to wonder if the lack of bleeding has to do with the bc pills my gyn had me on to regulate the cycles or the dietary and lifestyle changes I've made while ttc. 


Than you for sharing your experiences, Marinlea.I hope that your pregnancy is healthy and problem free, and that the hsg opened a clear path to your uterus.


Best wishes to clomid ladies!

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Thanks for sharing all that info, Marinlea.  I will definitely have to try making myself feel better with European desserts ;)  The only consolation I have when the spotting each month is that it means I can drink my coffee and beer again for a few days, hehe.  When we were first TTC I kept a little hope that we were preg even while I was spotting because a friend of mine spotted during the time she would have had her period for the first three months of her pregnancy, but after not being pregnant month after month and the spotting is always exactly the same I have just resigned that it means the month is a bust.  This Clomid cycle was exactly like a normal cycle for me, but my spotting actually started EARLIER than unmedicated cycles, so that was really frustrating.  I thought at least it might lengthen my LP or delay the spotting.


I hope out RE appointment is as thorough as yours.  They did give us some info about genetic testing, I'll just have to call my insurance with the codes to see if it's covered.  I'm glad the doctor was able to tell you that low AMH didn't necessarily impact your fertility, otherwise it would have felt devastating.  How can they tell if the pregnancy is ectopic or not?  It makes sense that the HSG cleared a path for the egg all the way to your uterus and that you will have a normal 40 weeks.  But keep us posted!


I hope you O soon, Andaluza!  How is the Clomid affecting your CM?  Are you using OPKs?  I'm glad your cycles have evened out.  My doctor said that the spotting didn't indicate any problem, nor the short LP, but I don't see how it can't.  I did have all the blood work done, though, including the day 3 and day 21 tests and they were normal.  

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Skyler, my cm seems fine. Creamy the last few days and watery today, I also got some ew on the tp this morning, but not when I sought some out later. But, I've also been taking Guaifenesin. We use a small amount of preseed for bd.


Still neg opk this am irked.gif


(rant): I think I may give up on them...don't know. I'm starting to get nervous because per my gyn's instructions we've been bd every other day, cd 10, 12, 14, 16 (today) and 18 and those are the days I'm to use opk. Granted, I've been testing every day, usually several times a day. I have an appt for bloodwork/testing next week, so we'll see if I ovulated. I wasn't temping at regular times last month, but I did have a thermal shift from 96/97 temps in the first part of my cycle to 98-range. I've been in 96/97 for the past 16 days, and descending the last 2 days, so I hope that o is on its way. I'm starting to despise the opks. I just want to drink a ton of water and not hold my urine for no good reason other than disappointment. 

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Wow, 2 BFPs in the last week!  Congratulations, ladies - so exciting!  Wishing you a wonderful and easy 9 months orngbiggrin.gif


Not sure what is going on with my this cycle - you can see my chart here: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/79585/.  I think I'm 8 or 9dpo (I thought I O'd on day 15 based on OPK, but my temp didn't really jump up until a day later, so my charts show O on day 16).  I've had a lot of crampy feelings during the past few days, my skin is all broken out, and my breasts are really quite sore and full feeling.  Neither of those are totally new symptoms, I often have breast tenderness and break-outs leading up to AF.  My acupuncturist said my pulse was really going yesterday, which I guess is unusual for me and maybe a good sign.  But I had lower temps yesterday and today.  I was hoping yesterday's low temp was an implantation dip, but it went even lower today - I don't think that's a good sign.  However, with Clomid and progesterone supplements, I don't expect AF until Monday at the earliest - so not sure why the temps are low irked.gif  Still hoping maybe it'll jump back up tomorrow...


Other than that, DH and I have decided that we'll do one more month of Clomid (3rd cycle, 50mg), and then we'll probably be done with TTCing greensad.gif  I'm sad, but also kind of relieved at the idea of moving on and not having to think about it anymore.  I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to stop yet, but I'm hoping we can come to the same decision and I can be at peace with it.  And of course, I'm ultimately hoping I don't have to make that decision at all!

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Andaluza - I remember someone earlier from this thread (Kaydove I think) didn't get a single + OPK and she ended up preggo, so don't get too frustrated!  Just keep BDing.  My OPKs were positive this cycle, but not as dark as usual, so maybe for some people the Clomid does that.


TforT - If you aren't supposed to start AF yet, it could just be a two day implantation dip and then go back up.  Have you considered IUIs before throwing in the towel?


AFM my spotting is still continuing as usual so I'm just waiting for AF and enjoying my morning coffee.  I'm wondering if you can tell how Clomid affects your lining based on the heaviness of your flow.  I normally have really heavy periods so I'm interested to see if it is any different this month.

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Originally Posted by Skyler View Post

TforT - If you aren't supposed to start AF yet, it could just be a two day implantation dip and then go back up.  Have you considered IUIs before throwing in the towel?


Well, my temp went up a bit today, from 97.7 back to 98.1.  So hopefully that is a good sign.  I haven't heard of a two day implantation dip, I guess I'll just have to wait and see!  And DH and I have opted not to pursue IUI or IVF, so Clomid is basically the last step for us.  I'm feeling mostly at peace with everything, and part of me is ready to move on.  So I'll just have to see what happens this cycle and next!


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Hi ladies!  Glad to hear your temp went back up TryingforTwo!  Praying this is it for you...how many dpo are you??


Hubby and I BDed the other night and it kind of hurt...like my uterus felt swollen or something..  and now I'm on day 2 of cramping, so I'm hoping this is ovulation for me!  Will be BDing tonight!! :P  Today is cd 15...  


for those using progesterone cream, when do you start after ovulation??

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Hi everyone!

Yes, Skyler, it will be interesting to see how cycles are similar or different with the Clomid. Sorry that you have to be in the situation to know that.

Originally Posted by Skyler View Post

Andaluza - I remember someone earlier from this thread (Kaydove I think) didn't get a single + OPK and she ended up preggo, so don't get too frustrated!  Just keep BDing.  My OPKs were positive this cycle, but not as dark as usual, so maybe for some people the Clomid does that.


Thanks for that reminder! I called my gyn out of desperation this am and we'll see if she gets back to me. Today is cd 17, and my temp started to rise, but not in 98-range yet.  Also, I was looking through charts on ff with ladies who used clomid (lots of BFPs, thumbsup.gif) and many didn't ovulate until cd 16-18, so I'm still going to give it a few days until I give up on my body's ability to ovulate with "help." 


Yay for the temp rise, tryingfortwofingersx.gif


Beccabus, I also had some pain last night near my uterus, so we'll see. We aren't bd with more frequency than usual (maybe a little less because we have to stick to every other day these days), so I don't think it's because of that. Please, please be ovulation soon, for both of us!


Have a great weekend everyone, though I'll probably peek in!




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I have an update! After calling the doctor, getting reassurance from the nurse, all the while trying to focus on work, I just got my first ever test line to appear on an opk. Granted it's not darker than the control, but it's something! Finally I know that my body at least makes LH and it's thinking about ovulating. joy.gif


Let's see what tomorrow brings. Have a great Friday evening, everyone.

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Originally Posted by beccabus View Post

Hi ladies!  Glad to hear your temp went back up TryingforTwo!  Praying this is it for you...how many dpo are you??


Hubby and I BDed the other night and it kind of hurt...like my uterus felt swollen or something..  and now I'm on day 2 of cramping, so I'm hoping this is ovulation for me!  Will be BDing tonight!! :P  Today is cd 15...  


for those using progesterone cream, when do you start after ovulation??

Thank you!  I think I'm 9 or 10dpo.  I'll probably test on Sunday (so 11 or 12dpo), since I think I should see a positive by then if I am actually PG.  I'll also see what my temps do in the next few days...  I go back and forth between thinking this might actually be it, and thinking that I'm getting my hopes up just like I do every other cycle. 


I use progesterone, I normally start once my temp stays up for 2 days, and if I'm pretty sure I O'd (+ve OPK test a few days earlier, etc).  If I'm not sure, then I wait a bit longer until I'm more confident.  So if I O'd on day 14, I'd probably start progesterone on day 16, in the evening before bed.  HTH!


Yay for finally seeing the test line, andaluza!!!  Just so you know, I never see a test line that is control than the dark line.  What I've learned to watch for is how quickly my test line gets dark - so before my surge, my test line slowly appears (while the control line appears very fast), but during my surge, my test line appears just as quickly as the control line, and looks almost as dark quickly too.  And then once my surge is over, my test line appears only slowly again.  Hope that makes sense!  But just in case you don't ever see a truly positive OPK, don't worry - you might still O!  Are you charting your temps too?


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I hope those temps stay up, tryingfortwo


Thank you for the support and advice about the opks. I FINALLY got a positive from the First Response Unmistakable Yes/No digital. I can't really share this with people irl, so I apologize in advance for my excitement about this and for posting a picture, but my husband isn't all that excited, either. The top two are dollar tree tests, and still don't look totally positive. However, the FR supposedly "knows" my levels, or something, so it seems that those lines are dark enough to get a yes on FR. They did appear in under a minute. I still have more dollar tree tests and will see what happens with them over the next few days, just to know. 


It was as though the FR was taunting me all these days with Nos, so I am celebrating the yes!


How will I celebrate? By drinking loads of water all the time and peeing whenever I want!!




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can't offer any help or advice about OPK....sorry....


looks like day 26 and cd1 for me......first clomid cycle and I don't want to use it again.  I took myself off Metformin today too and just cried for hours.   I don't want to keep TTC, I just want us to be able to concieve as easily as we did a year ago, before I had 3 miserable miscarriages.....  okay rant done.....


Good luck to the rest of you....

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I am so sorry, babycatcher :(  You have been through a lot and I wish I could communicate something to comfort you. hug2.gif If I remember correctly, this was your first month on Clomid. When I talked to my gyn's nurse yesterday, she said that it can take a cycle, so I would suggest thinking it through and talking with the doc. But stress, anxiety, and feelings of desperation are no way to live. Can you do something nice and pampering this weekend to try to rest your mind a little bit?


AFM, that was definitely my lh surge yesterday--this am temp was quite high (97.59) and the line on the dollar tree test was less pronounced. I am willing to believe in the FR Unmistakable results because it had been tracking my individual hormone level (supposedly), so a positive is a positive. I have an appt on Thursday to do post-o blood work and whatever, so we'll see if I have a clearer picture then.


Take care, ladies.


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BFN for me this morning :(  I was trying not to get my hopes up, but it's still hard to stare at that stupid test looking for any hint of a line.  I'm 11 or 12dpo today, so I'm pretty sure I would have had a positive result if I were PG.  Just expecting AF to arrive in the next few days now...


It made it extra hard that I had a very vivid dream in which I took the PG and got an immediate BFP.  I was so shocked and happy!  My first BFP in almost 3 years of trying, and then I woke up and realized I hadn't actually taken the test yet.  Ugh!!!


baby catcher, big hugs to you!  I really understand how you are feeling, infertility sucks :(


andaluza, hope all your blood work looks good!  And I hope the 2ww goes by quickly for you!

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Andaluza - Yay for + OPK!  Just knowing that you for sure had the surge is such a relief.  Good luck in the TWW and keep us posted about the bloodwork and any symptoms.


Baby - I know how you feel!  I think that sadness and frustration is always coming and going through the whole fertility madness, and sometimes it feels so unfair and unbearable.  Having a child seems like the most important thing in the world, and like it is a basic human right.  I was feeling that way a few days ago and I literally could not find anything that gave me joy in my life.  But it passed and I'm feeling much better now.  I like the suggestion of doing something special for yourself.  Give it a couple days to make your decision about not taking any more meds, just to make sure it's really what you want.  I think the Clomid can make you feel desperately sad, at least it did for me.  


T for T - Keep the hope alive!!  A lot of people don't get a BFP for quite a while after 12 dpo, so it's not over till AF shows.  That would be so disappointing to wake up and realize it was only a dream BFP, but maybe it is a sign of good things to come.  


AFM I haven't spotted for the last day and a half, so I am really confused.  I feel like AF is about to start, my boobs are really swollen and I'm irritable.  I used an OPK to see if there might be any indication of a BFP (they can also detect the preg hormone sometimes) but it was a stark negative.  Maybe the Clomid is extending my LP, but the spotting for 5 days still really frustrates me, because it seems like it indicates hormone fluctuation along with the temp drop that would make implantation difficult, and I have it every cycle.  Maybe the RE will have some insight - We see her in about a month.    

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Hi clomid ladies.  I'm so sorry for the bfn, tryingfortwo, but I agree with Skyler that it may be too soon, especially if you think that may have been an implantation dp you had a few days ago. The temp spike is encouraging! --> I just took a peek at your chart from the link you posted earlier. dust.gif


Skyler, I hope it's a good sign for you that the spotting stopped and that af does not show up! Keep us informed.


AFM, last night I had major abdominal bloat and pain, and then later sharp pains, maybe the moment of ovulation, who knows? Today it's tender breasts and bloat. We bd again last night (2nd time for the day) and will again tonight. Just in case...


Since I seemed to have ovulated late this month, I'm worried like Skyler that a short luteal phase will make implantation difficult if we managed to ferilize. My cycles are about 29 days, so if I did ovulate yesterday that's only 11 days left... I was considering b-vitamins to lengthen the lp, but then I thought that I've taken then for many years (not now, though) and all the while had that mid-cycle spotting, so I talked myself out of it. Maybe targeted b-complex might be better after I'm sure I ovulated? The prenatal my gyn prescribed doesn't even have b-6 or b-12, but I've been trying to eat really well, so maybe my diet is good enough.


Hope the week starts well for everyone! 

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TryingforTwo--I NEVER get a BFP until at a minimum, 18 dpo....I even had a blood test done after missing my period and that gave a false negative....so hold on to hope!!!


Andaluza, have you considered progesterone cream?  I read an article last night that said that women with LPD should use clomid in conjunction with progesterone cream to lengthen LP.


I started my progesterone cream this morning...3 dpo...praying it helps!  My best friend had the same issue and conceived and is now 26 weeks pregnant from her first cycle using progesterone...so I'm a believer!

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Here's the article I was referring to...



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Andaluza - Those sensations in your belly have to mean something, right?  I think breast tenderness and bloating can also be associated with ovulation.  It sounds like you definitely got the BD timing right too.  I'm really hopeful for you.


Becca - I have used the progesterone cream on and off since we have been TTC and never really noticed a difference.  I usually start spotting about 7 days after ovulation and wouldn't start the cream until 3 days past ovulation (to make sure I O'd) and stopped using it when the spotting started (since I read it can also delay your period from coming even if you aren't preggo), so I only ever used it for a few days.  Also, my progesterone always came back on the high side of normal at the 21 day test so I kind of figured it was not necessary.  I did read a study, though, that was done in Europe I think that compared babies born to moms who had used the cream and they were healthier, so I think it can only help.  And I have also heard a lot of people having success with the cream.  Let us know how it works for you!   


Everything's the same for me today, still no spotting and my temp is still up so I'm starting to have hope, but I don't want to get my hopes up yet because I don't want to be disappointed.  Plus since this is my first Clomid cycle it could just be the way the drug is affecting my cycle.  

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