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Well I took my 3rd pill last night, and things went better. I woke up briefly at 4am but I never sat up so I have no idea whether I was dizzy or not. I was a bit warm so I threw half my covers off, but nowhere near as bad as the night before. The only thing that seemed a bit strange was that the numbness was even worse than the night before and it had spread to almost my whole body... but instead of freaking out about it like I had the night before, I just ignored it and fell back asleep.


When I woke up this morning I felt fine - even better than I've felt for the past few days, so that seems like a good sign!



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yikes! it still sounds scary, but if its not bothering you im glad, so that you can get through the 5 days and be done.  hope this it the month so you don't have to do it again.



dust.gifto all!!!!

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Well I think my body has become accustomed to Clomid. I took my 4th pill last night, and when I woke up during the night I felt 100% normal. On top of that, my temp was back in the normal range this morning.


No more side effects for me, hooray!

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Wow I do I ever take back my last comment! Holy mood swing batman! I am going insane and I want to rip everyone's head off! And I can't stop crying!


I took my last pill on Sunday... Monday and Tuesday I felt fine... but today I think my head is going to explode (with anger)

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oh no! im so sorry its having so many bad effects on you sourire. :(



AFM- temp dip today..10 ish dpo....i think im out. :(  but its other news i placed my order for 75mg clomid for next cycle. so maby the second times the charm? lol!

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vivica, I didn't know where else to find you, so I'm stalking you here. orngtongue.gif Good luck!

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sweet.bee-! so glad you stalked me!!!! im so happy for you!  i post in the ttc one thread as well. :)


AFM-af.gif came and left me with an 11 day lp, which is normal for me. *sigh* so the drugs didnt change my o date, (day 19/20) or my lp (10-12 days). 

 doc bumped me up to 75mg, so maby that will help for next cycle. 


i have to say...iim SUPER EXCITED about concieving this cycle. iv always wanted a pisces baby or 2!!! my may baby (DD) was suposed to be a pisces...it just happend a few months too late. ;)



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vivica - keep us posted how things go with the 75mg dose!


AFM - my OPKs started getting darker last night. I will probably have a full positive OPK tonight and O tomorrow on CD17 - exactly the same day I usually O. So Clomid had absolutely no effect on my O date. However last night my ovaries were kind of hurting, maybe I will have a super strong O?

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Hey Vivica, when are you starting the Clomid this month? Is it today?

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Hey All,


CD 19 here and pale OPKs and erratic cervical fluid. I'm thinking that I'm not going to ovulate this month or if I do, its too late for me to be comfortable with. My Acupuncturist said that ovulating later than CD 21 can mean the egg quality has deteriorated. The cycle I got pregnant and miscarried I ovulated on CD 26, so I'm so nervous now! There's conflicting info on the internets that just made me more stressed, so I called my doctor's office to ask what she thought and if I should up my dose next cycle. I'm waiting to hear back from her. I'm so frustrated and it doesn't help that the clomid has made me emotional! I was so certain that the clomid would up my O date! Next month is the month I was due with the baby that I lost, and we're planning on planting a tree on the due date. That makes me all emotional too, but I think that will help.


Thanks for letting me vent, I needed that. Hope you're having better luck than me.

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Kaydove - I have never heard that before about a late O being bad for egg quality. And in the time I've been TTC on these boards I've seen plenty of ladies with late O's go on to have successful pregnancies... so I'm not sure I believe your acupuncturist. Either way, I hope you O soon.


My temperature finally rose this morning, which means that the Clomid pushed my O one day later than usual. I also think I may have felt O pains yesterday afternoon, but since I've never had O pains before I'm not 100% sure that it was that!

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sourire- yesterday, cd3. but the pharmacy and doc were not communicating in time, so i was rushing everyone to get me my script, and i only got 50 mg. *sigh* but this is my month, so i hope it works!


kaydove- ask them to give you a trigger shot next month, the clomid will make sure your egg is ready, it sounds liek you just need help releasing the eggie. good luck!


afm- cd 4. clomid day 2....round 2.   i want a pisces in our family...i hope God is with me on this one. :)


good luck to you all!

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I talked to my OBgyn yesterday and feel so much better. I hate not knowing what's going on and feeling like there's nothing I can do about it. She called in a perscription for Provera and up my dosage of clomid next cycle to 100mg. Vivica - I've thought about asking for a trigger shot but I'm not sure if she'll do that or refer me to a RE. I'll see how the 100mg of clomid goes next cycle. If I get to CD 16 and haven't ovulated, I'll ask for a trigger shot.

She told me to do a pregnancy test on CD 28 and if negative start Provera for 10 days. I'm think I'm going to wait until CD 32 or 33, to see if I get my period on my own, which I prefer.


Vivica - just curious, why do you want a Pisces baby? :)



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all the signs in my house are egocentric, and loud. :) (2 Taurus, a Scorpio (me) and a Leo) and id really like a nice calm, deep thinker around here. :) iv just always like them, 75% of my good friends are Pisces...i don't think its an accident. :)


and i hope the 100 works for you, and you dont even need the shot. ;)

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I'm a Taurus, DH is a Virgo (Leo cusp), my mum is a Scorpio, my brother is an Aries, and my sister is a Pisces. Out of the all of those, my brother is the hardest to get a long with. My mum and sister both have crazy tempers and I'm the calm one. Ha! I worry that my DH would be too hard on a Pisces. His daughter (21) is a Pisces and she's SENSITIVE and he's actually really patient with her! I just read that Pisces are also compatible with earth signs! So hopefully 2nd time is it for both of us!

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3rd pill....second cycle....massive headache. dizzy.gif

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Oh dear... hugs vivica... hopefully tomorrow is better. I certainly had different symptoms (at different levels) every day I took the pills this cycle.

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Hello all,


A friend sent me the link to your forum and I must say I am so very relieved to read about others experience. I am currently on 200mg of Clomid and I will take the first pill tonight. This will be the third cycle or month that I have taken it. Hopefully with better results this time, I try to keep my expectations in check but stay optimistic as well, it has gotten pretty tough though. The side effects have been horrible the past two times I have taken the clomid, ranging from loss of sleep( I have problems sleeping anyway), raging headaches, horrible hot flashes, and emotional turmoil is the only way I can put it. I don't know how bad the side effects will be this time, but I expect it to be horrific, bc of the dosage increase. It really helps to hear others experiences and thoughts on this and I am so grateful for you all sharing!



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QP Adams - good luck! The dose you are taking sounds pretty scary, I hope you can get through it ok. Keep us posted on how it goes.

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Qp- hope it works for you this time~~~ glad you could join us!



AFM- cd8, no more drugs this cycle. excited to see if the clomid moves my ov day up from day 20!  now where is that DH of mine...bellyhair.gif





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