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Hi babycatcher. That is great news that you ovulated on your own! I hope that things work out for you this month and you don't need to see the specialist after all. Sounds like a great plan to spend the 2ww during a relaxing vacation!


Welcome LittleNurse, soon you'll be a pro with the acronyms, I'm sure. I agree with babycatcher that it sounds like you've been through a lot. I hope that the clomid works great for you with few side effects. This month has been pretty super for me, just some hot flashes that seem to have disappeared. You know that they say that pregnancy seems to increase after an hsg, so it seems like clomid and hsg may be a good combination. Good luck with it and starting clomid!


AFM, I got some color on my opks tonight at 6 pm, which looked similar to the ones I got the morning before my surge that was later in the day. Yes, last time it was just a matter of hours before the surge was over. I've only been testing once a day, so I hope that this is the beginning of the surge.This is cd 16 and last month the surge was on cd 17, so it seems imminent, either way. Tonight is bd, so I'm thinking about cheating on my gyn's plan and bd again tomorrow if I see the surge. Fingers crossed for conception for all of us!

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CD 10 today- EWCM!!! I couldn't believe it! I am taking Royal Jelly 2x a day, today was my first on EPO and I'll be eating my carrots and starting the BDathon tomorrow. My ultrasound is at 630am CD12, I'm hoping I can do my trigger Thursday, woohoo! Really though, I am so excited to see EWCM with the Clomid. I have a killer headache tonight, but it is likely because I was so busy at work and didn't hydrate enough today, not the Clomid. I will do an OPK tomorrow night then BD daily until O. Grow little follicles grow (hoping that more than 1 will burst and I'll get more chances to implant!)


andaluza- what CD's did you take your Clomid? I used to O around CD17, but the last few months I moved to 15 and last month 12.... My clomid was CD3-7, and now EWCM at CD10 seems like I'm on track to O pretty early again... I was just wondering if the CD's you take it can effect when O comes. YAY for a + OPK-- get it in!!


Welcome Amanda! You will catch on to the acronyms very quickly - or better yet, I hope the clomid + hsg give you your BFP and there will be so much you don't need to know! Sorry to hear about all your troubles, I hope this is the magic trick!


tryingfortwo- I hope that Hawaii does the trick, I was just watching a news piece on 'Conceptionmooning' - apparently it has a 41% success rate... I guess as annoying as it is to have people say ' you just need to relax, take a vacation ' they might be on to something...


babycatcher- where are you vacationing to? I am just ahead of you at CD10- It is nice we are all around the same place now.  Sad your obgyn can't see you to get clomid for this cycle- maybe you won't end up needing it! You can take Royal Jelly to increase egg quality if you have a whole foods or vitamin shoppe near you, it isn't the best tasting, but my acupuncturist swears by it (and it gave me real true ewcm this month, so yay!).

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Hi cbaa2010, that's fantastic news! I did have headaches this cycle, some days I know it was due to exercise, but I do think I had a few that were due to clomid. So royal jelly helps with egg quality? My mother-in-law uses it for energy, is that also the case?


I take clomid cd2-6, but at night, so closer to cd3-7, really. I never tracked my cycles until recently, and the first month I did (when I was not on clomid) I did a poor job of it, so I may have o on day 12-18 that cycle in July. Before that I had years of midcycle bleeding, so it is uncertain whether I really was O or not. Here is my chart for anyone interested: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/35e363/


Since the clomid and better tracking, it's been cd17: this morning I got my smiley face on the clearblue (cd 17) and I can feel lots going on. Last month I got the +opk on the night of cd17, so maybe it is accelerating me a bit? I just can't wait for dh to get home from work so we can get another session in this evening. I usually work from home on Wed., so I hope I can concentrate!


I also noticed this cycle and last that around O time I feel sore inside during bd, my uterus aches. Is that due to increased blood flow? I remember it happening (vaguely) in the past, but I never knew why. 

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andaluza, I can understand why pregnancy increases after a Hsg.  While it is a test to determine tubal patency, the dye can also have the affect of unblocking them in the case of a minor blockage.  So this seems like a logical rationale; increased pregnancy.  We will see.  Good luck with the hot flashes.  I have those regardless.  It seems like the harder I work out in the morning the hotter I am all day.  Its like my body just goes and goes and goes.  Anyway.  Good luck with everyone.  I am still catching up on all these posts everyone is going through, so im totally not being selfish, just a little lost.  And right now I have to start my homework.  Thanks for listening/reading.

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Hi everyone :)


So I thought I was done here, but now I'm wondering if I should try one more month on Clomid, and increase the dose to 100mg.  I'm on the heavier side (about 200lbs), and maybe I need a higher dose for it to be effective.  I really didn't have any side effects when I took it, maybe that's because it wasn't doing much for me?  I talked to my naturopath about it, she said she could prescribe me a bio-identical estrogen to try to help prevent the estrogen-related problems that Clomid can cause (like decreased CF and thinner lining).  She said IVF patients are usually on estrogen, and she doesn't know why they don't use it with Clomid, since Clomid affects estrogen.


Anyways, I need to talk to DH about it, not sure what he thinks.  But if we decide to try one more month, then I'll start tomorrow or Friday, so I need to decide ASAP!  If anyone wants to give me advice/opinions, I would love to hear it - I go back and forth between thinking Clomid didn't help me and it's time to move on, and thinking maybe one more month at a higher dose is worth a try.  In either case, we'll be in Hawaii for O, so that's good!


andaluza, glad to hear you got your smiley face!  Have fun tonight winky.gif


And welcome LittleNurse - I think the Clomid/HSG combo sounds very promising!  Good luck orngbiggrin.gif


ETA - okay, talked to DH, and we decided NOT to try Clomid for a 4th cycle.  So we're back to the original plan - see what happens in Hawaii, and then egg-priming for 2 cycles if we're still not PG.  But no more Clomid - okay with the decision, I'm curious to see what happens this cycle...

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Littlenurse, what exercise do you do? I used to be a much more avid runner, and I still love running several times a week, although I'm trying to do more yoga, as well. I keep getting headaches after running lately, and I am starting to think that I am holding a lot of tension in my neck. I wonder if I'm trying to unload my stress while running, but I'm possibly causing more stress on my body. :(  ?


Hi tryingfortwo. I'm glad that you were able to talk it over with your dh and make a decision. I agree, Hawaii for O (right?) sounds excellent! I really hope it works for you!


My temp has been rising, so it seems that I ovulated, but ff temps and opk confuse me. I got he +opk yesterday am, but the temp was already rising then. I think I ovulated yesterday during the early eve after bd. Since then my crampiness/fullness/bloating has subsided substantially, although we'll throw in a bd tonight just in case. Hoping that disobeying my gyn and bd these 3 days in a row yields good results! I just got a fertility yoga dvd in the mail that I'm going to try tonight before bd!


Hope that everyone else is doing well!

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So much going on...sorry I've missed so many days of updates!


Andaluza, yay for +OPK!!!  I've never used them, so I'm glad you're having success with them.  I'm not sure why your uterus aches after bding....although....having a big 'O' releases oxytocin and thereby can cause cramps.....but the aching...i donno...one in the same????!!!


Tryingfortwo, glad you and your hubby are getting some time away ~ have fun bding on a hawaian beach and relaxing.....sounds wonderful!


Cbaa, thanks for the tips on Royal Jelly - I have no way of attaining such a thing right now, but I'll look at a healthfood store when I'm out in 11 days time.  The reason I can't see my OB sooner is due to my location - remote community - and the OB only comes up once every 3 months....I'm going to talk to her about getting more follow up on a regular basis even if it means travelling out.


AFM, with AF coming early this past month, we'll likely be into the 2ww after this weekend...so being on vacation during the wait won't happen entirely....either way, it'll be good.  Hoping for a + while we're out, would be great to celebrate in a place that has restaurants and somewhere to actually celebrate!

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thanks for starting this thread i've been taking clomid since june and getting day21 tests done, my first test showed my o was still low, reason for going on clomid in the first place, have had 2 oher tests but no results yet not back with doctor until 27th oct.


This month i was due AF on the 4th but nothing, its three weeks later and have done pregnancy tests and hcgs all negative so im defo not preggers. Has anyone else had this side affect, am stuck at the moment because im not pregnant and can't take my next course of clomid until AF comes, has anyone any advice would really like to hear from you. :)


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Hi clomid ladies. I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!


Nice to see you, baby catcher! I think it sounds like a great idea to have your vacation coincide with a positive so you have somewhere to celebrate! I'm rooting for you! I hope you have a great time.


Welcome desperate mom! I hope that you are not desperate for much longer and af comes. I have no idea about whether your delay is a known side effect of clomid, but I don't think so. Do you temp and are they still elevated if so? Are you sure that you ovulated before af was due? Can you contact the dr/gyn who prescribed the clomid? I think that when one's period does not come, they prescribe prometrium for 10 days to make it kick in. I hope you find some answers soon. 


Whoops, I forgot to update about myself. But there's nothing to say, really. I have felt nauseated at certain points in the past few days, but I know it's way too early to be due to pregnancy. Tomorrow I have my gyn visit to have my ovaries checked (I think, she wants to do an u/s) and she will send me for the labs (progesterone levels and beta). I don't feel very much cramping but my nipples are sore, so maybe the lessening of cramps means that my body is getting used to clomid?

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I could swear I wrote to you ladies this morning... I'm not sure what happened.


Desperate mom- I also am not sure that delayed AF would be a side effect of clomid, I suppose if it increased your progesterone a lot it my extend your LP but I'm not sure how much. I hope you get your answer soon and you BFP next!


andaluza- how many DPO are you? I always seem to start feeling things immediately! I hope that this cycle is it for you and the Dr sees good things on your u/s tomorrow.


babycatcher- I hope it is a BFP you are celebrating on your vacation & that your OB gives you good advice on more monitoring for next cycle.


tryingfortwo- it is good that you and your DH could agree on what you are comfortable with for future treatments. I wish you the best in your Hawaii ovulation!


AFM- Thursday 6am U/S left side 14mm, right side 19mm, 20mm. HCG trigger Friday 8pm, Started feeling O cramping Saturday around 1pm- continued until about 7pm, started cramping a little again this afternoon. I'm not sure when O was because of the trigger the OPKs are obviously positive, but my temp dipped a lot today (looks more severe than it was b/c yesterday was an hour late and today an hour early), so now the 2ww begins. I start my endometrin Tuesday AM. I have everything crossed and all my prayers that this works...

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Hey there! Here's My intro post............


Hello! DH and I have been TTC 16 months, Hypothyroid diagnosis 2 months and on clomid cycle 1. Male factor, low count but motility and morph great for what is there. I use NFP charting, currently CD 18/DPO 3. Usually O on CD 18 but i suspect the clomid caused it to be early (OPK detected on CD 15). Anyone similar to me? I am trying not to lose hope, it is very frustrating. With all the info I have about what is going on with our fertility I still feel very lost. Anyone else in 2ww? Wanna start a support club :)? My cycle is usually the same (28-31 days with O 15-18, 11-13 day luteal phase.)



Any one on Clomid? Do you have side effects? I had a few unexplained headaches after the course, and the "day I seemed to O" I felt bloated.


Do you check your cervix? I think I have been trying to learn it for 5 months now and just now had a HIGH because I couldn't find it! I hope that means that the Clomid really worked! (I am only anovulatory on one side)


I wonder if I take a clomid course next month if it will produce multi folicles to errupt? that is my normal ovary....


How many cycles should you really try before moving on to the next fertility procedure? ex, clomid not working, so add more doseage. Still not working, get gonotrophins. Not working, get IUI. I have heard that clomid for 3-6 months should be effective, and if not to go off it because you are just wasting eggs. Thats gotta depend on the other factors right?


Thanks for taking the time to look at my post! Ya'll have a great weekend!



So far on Clomid I started having hot flashes the week after and some mild headaches not explained by anything else. I just "O"ed 2 days ago....I assume....and felt some really irritating bloating and a bit of a mood swing. Now I am just on my 2ww!!!







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Hi 2bluefeathers and desperate mom, welcome!  Desperate mom, I too have never heard of a delay in AF being a side effect from the Clomid, but I guess anything is possible!  Please let us know how it goes and if you can get in to see your OB sooner.


2bluefeathers - as a midwife, I feel many many cervi, and I think mine is the most challenging to make sense out of!  Basically it's just practice.  Learn what is 'normal' for you.  Eventually you will be able to tell what is high and what is low.  If you've had a baby before, you might not be able to tell as much if it's open or not - but again, that comes with time and practice.  If you check around the same time each day, and not after a bowel movement, you should be able to learn what it feels like at different times of the month.  I too got horrible headaches on Clomid, but I was taking Metformin at the same time, so not sure if that was contributing.....   I think you idea of a 2ww buddy club is great - it's kind of what we do around here anyhow it seems, lol.  Right now I think most of us are in the 2ww.  I am pretty sure I'm suppose to jump into the boat in the next few days, if I'm not there already!!!


AFM, saw the OB today (she won't be back again until December), and got a plan in place.  Not overly thrilled to be unmonitored, but she said I could contact her office, leave a message and she would be able to call me back, so that's at least a start.  She'd like us to start Clomid again for another 3 cycles.  If we're not pregnant in that time, she'd like to do another HSG, and we're going to get a SA on hubby this week.  She said I don't have to use the Metformin if I'm ovulation on my own, but I should likely start temping again.  We talked about prometrium and when to start...I find if I start at ovulation, that it delays my period and them I'm thinking everyday that I should have my BFP, but it never comes.....eventually AF comes and I stop the prometrium.  So she agreed to start the prometrium as soon as I get my BFP.  Any thoughts?   At least I don't have to do blood work 7 time per month ~ I can just temp and do a 21 day progesterone if I think I might not have ovulated.  Overall good news....except that she says we have unexplained infertiltiy....sigh.....but no PCOS!  I think that's it from me for now!  winky.gif

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I actually do a lot of things, but my everyday things involve running and weight lifting.  I have been doing both since I was 13.  I am very physical and love physical challenges.  I was in the Army and loved it.  Now I just do a lot of road training and stuff to get faster and be better at competitions.  We like to run races and obstacle course races.  My husband and I really wanted to do the Tough Mudder competition a few hours from us, its next month.  Its ten miles and crazy hellish obstacle but we figure might not be the best time for us right now.  I may just settle on doing a 10K trail race in October.  I always wanted to be a figure/fitness competitor but I had my first son 5.5 years ago and never got back to my youthful tight skin.  LOL.  I am pretty muscular but not in a gross way.  LOL.  Now as for you and running.  My first thought to your post is you are not hydrating enough prior to or after your run.  You may also want to eat like half a banana before your run.  Regarding your neck hurting, to me that sounds like form.  Brush up on some proper form articles online and try some of their suggestions.  Running should feel euphoric not like you did more harm than good.  Not to mention "runners high" is the same as an orgasm.  By that I mean it realeases the same endorphins that confuse your body and block your pain receptors and make you feel happy all over.  Only difference is running will bring you back down by the inflammation that can occur and the muscle soreness if you are not stretching properly before and after.  And if you are running make sure you are taking care of your joints and bones.  (calcium, vit D, glucosamine, chondroitin) When we are young every hit of the pavement makes our bones stronger and stronger, the same can be said as yu get a little older.  But once you hit a little past 25 your body cant really absorb any new calcium deposits, you are always just striving to keep your glass full.  If that makes sense.  Anyway.  Good luck.  I hope you find some stress release somewhere.  Oh and I also love yoga.

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I also forgot to say I had my Hsg yesterday.  It was awesome.  By that I mean I love science.  I am a nurse after all and pre sports medicine student.  I wanted to see it all.  They set all the screens up so I could watch too.  They went over them with me afterwards.  I had spillage from both sides and uterus looks good.  (aside from my endo and PCOS of course).  Nothing like the doc having a catheter inside you and saying beautiful in there, just beautiful.  I laughed.  So where is my baby?  LOL.  Of course my images with go to the attending physician and he will view them on a high resolution screen to see if he see's anything else.  I have follow up blood work from the Clomid on the 11th of october and an appt with OB on the 14th.  So he will then go over my lab results the Hsg and of course we might now if I am pregnant by then.  I finished my clomid on sunday morning.


Oh I also wanted to say, Hsg did have a lot of pressure with the catheter not so much the dye.  I did get pretty constant cramps, around normal period cramps just more constant.  I did bleed a little and yes dye was leaking out.  Both of those seemed to subside after I went to bed.  So all is well there.  Also woke up with no more cramping.  Though I am still sitting here deciding if I will go running today or if that just seems like too much for me right now.  I don't usually wimp out, but I work night shifts fri-sun this week and then back home to do homework and up yesterday for my appt so my body is a little screwed up right now.  :(  Always takes me a few days to feel normal after working nights.

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Welcome, twobluefeathers. I think we are a similar # of dpo (I'm now 7 or 8 dpo). I have heard that one reason not to take Clomid for too long is its effect on the cervical mucus. I think my gyn is doing 3 months with me before suggesting I see a specialist. I'm on month 2. I hope that this is a successful cycle for you!


Hi babycatcher. I'm glad that you have a plan in place and that you are not burdened with pcos! I cannot give you advice about the prometrium because I am so not an expert! Hope unexplained infertility turns into bfp soon!.


Wow, thanks littlenurse for your thoughts about running. I don't think I've changed anything about my form, but I never used to get headaches that I recall when I was running 4-6x per week (except in really hot weather, which we are still having around here). Certainly hydration is a possibility--when it's hot I run with a bottle and stop to drink and have a gatorade when I finish. I try to drink a good deal of water daily. Now I run more like 1-2x week, trying to do yoga 3-5 times a week, and I usually don't run in the 2ww (too paranoid). I do have different shoes--I went for years with some fantastic Nike sneakers that were so great and comfortable. Then I had to admit they were starting to deteriorate and I have the Nike Free Run +2 sneakers and I wonder if my issues are due to them being such a different shoe from what I was using before. The first week I used them, I had very odd feelings in my lower back and hips. 


I'm glad that the hsg was a good experience. I was terrified and my dr. also talked me through it and showed me everything. Before the hsg I was pretty low key about ttc, but it seemed to really shift my thinking and I became much more serious about everything.


Tomorrow I am calling my gyn to get the progesterone numbers and beta results from day 22. I am finding it hard to focus today, wonder why.praying.gif I keep trying to tell myself not to worry, maybe the beta can't possibly be + so quickly (that was 5 or 6 days after ovulation). We'll see. I just caved and bout some pregnancy tests from earlypregnancytests.com--they are having a fall sale. Ugh. 

I am happy with my temps so far this month, though. No yo-yoing like last month! A slow, steady rise so far!

I just hope it keeps up! http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/35e363


Good luck clomid ladies!



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Hi clomid ladies. It's been quiet here and I hate to post 2x in a row, but I thought I'd share my paradoxical information. First, the blood test was negative, although I ovulated, but my chart is looking pretty good and ff indicated that it's possibly triphasic, which is new for me! At least my temps are calming to look at, ha ha.  


I hope that things are well with you all and we get some bfps soon!  

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andaluza your chart does look great! I wouldn't be concerned at all about a beta at 6dpo. You got plenty of time!


Sorry I haven't commented on everything, I'm not ever sure I've said hello and welcome to everyone, I have been so out of the loop! I did read through all though!


My input on exercise and I know that everything is different for everyone and many women that are anything from completely inactive to highly trained athletes can get pregnant and carry a baby to term with no problems. I have however, at 5'8 and 125 lbs, been told by my massage therapist, my acupuncturist, and my chiropractor that running, especially on a treadmill, is no good for TTC. I am very active in weightlifting/toning and yoga/pilates now, where I was running and doing 5k's before. The first time I saw the abdominal massage specialist my uterus was low and sloped to the left, likely from the pounding it takes (gravity) when running. It has improved now in some ways, but I still do home massage to strengthen the muscles/ligaments. Again, I'm just saying what I have heard, I know that there are hundreds of thousands of women that run/jump/swim/skydive/eat vegan/eat processed foods/eat only pizza/eat only organic/laze around all day, etc that get pregnant every minute of the day. I just figure we are all here for the same reason, you don't get put on clomid if you sneeze and get pregnant, so I wanted to share what my practitioners have recommended. Actually with Acupuncture 1-2x a week this cycle, she recommended after O that I just rest and relax as much as possible, not even yoga unless it is fertility yoga. As she put it- would you be able to build your house in an earthquake?


My update- 5dpo is just as boring at 4, 3, 2, and 1. I just want to know already! I have another acupuncture appt tomorrow for implantation- just a little over a week, almost halfway done this 2ww!

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Andaluza,  Shoes definitely play a large role in running.  If you are unsure about the way your foot pronates try to see a specialist.  You can get a consultation at just a store called "The Good Foot".  I dont know if they have one where you are.  And you should always get new shoes, either every 500 miles or 6 months.  Also any exercise should have you hyrating every 15 min of that exercise.  The need for this increases as does the weather and the humidity.  Humidity makes you sweat even more and lose a lot of electrolytes.  So that is also a factor.  Also running in the early day is also best, if possible, concentrations of O2 in the atmosphere are most abundant and help your VO2 max. 


Now regarding the other comments on exercise and trying to get pregnant.  What works for one will not work for another.  I ran up untill my 7th month of pregnancy with my son.  I still run today and still weight lift.  I was actually advised not to change a thing about my activities because my body will act comepletely different when I take away what it is used to.  I am not infertile because of running, I am infertile because of the diseases I have developed over the years.  Running is not going to change these disease processes.  I have many many doctors and nutritionists I have seen just because I am so active and I like a lot of consultation on my health.  These are people I have been seeing long before finding out I had these problems.  These people have monitored my health very diligently as I want to take the best care of me, and well as health care workers we don't usually.  Now everyone is different.  I dont reccomend any exercise to anyone except those who are my patients becuase I know exactly what is going on with them.  All you can do is talk to your doctor.  I have my own little team and I use them to my advantage.  I have continuous labs done to ensure I am always where I should be, on literally everything.  Just take care of all yourselves as best you can.  We all have the same goal to get pregnant here, but no one will accomplish this the same way.  Good luck to all on everything. 


I finished my Clomid on Sunday and I have been a little crampy for a couple of days.  Also have had cervical signs of ovulation approaching.  Crossing my fingers so hard.  But also keeping busy with my family, and Mid-terms.  I have enough school to keep five people busy.  I also have both of my jobs filling up my voicemail asking me to come in.  So it's very easy to relax and forget about what I am doing here.  Except the having sex part.  I quite look forwards to that.  LOL.  Poor hubby. 

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Hi clomid ladies. I am so happy that we represent such a range of attitudes and experiences here. I really am conflicted about what I should be doing and kind of terrified that every choice I make is somehow wrong for conception, even if I hope that it is right. 


Cbaa, I hope that the acupuncture for implantation works! I am still undecided about acupuncture, since the ones I could see are all about a half an hour away on the highway. I had a strange feeling this month after all the avid bding around ovulation time--just a feeling of a letdown that at that point there was nothing I could do to help sperm and egg on their journey. Oh, I did eat well and try to remain calm in general, but aside from those things, I wanted to be able to do something active.


Littlenurse, thanks for the continued suggestions about shoes and exercise in general. I love to hear that you ran through 7 months with your last pregnancy! I read somewhere online about a woman who got her bfp right after running a marathon! Unfortunately for me, perhaps, I have been more erratic, so who knows what my body considers stable or normal. I kept telling myself that I'd do things that made me feel good, but when I was getting headaches and then last week neck pain, I just didn't know what my body was trying to tell me. I actually got a new pillow over the weekend and that seems to have helped a lot, which would be ironic if I am blaming a new yoga routine or running and it turns out to have been sleeping incorrectly. I would love to go for a run this morning and my flexible work schedule today allows it, but I also have so much to do. 


Afm, I kept up with great temps and then bfns all weekend. Then last night I was nauseated when trying to sleep but this morning my temp had totally plummeted. This stinks and surely means af is on the way. Because of my professional reasons, we really only have 2 more months that it would work well for me to get a bfp before about 4 months when it would be problematic, before another brief month-long window, then 4 problematic months. I know that this is ridiculous, and we have to keep trying until I get a bfp, let it happen whenever it happens, but it is just another source of stress to think of giving birth at a time when it will be very inconvenient professionally. So many of my colleagues, younger and older than me, seem to be able to time it so perfectly, but who knows what goes on behind the scenes. 


Hope we have some bfps rolling in soon! Cbaa, I think you're the next one up, unless we hear from babycatcher and tryingfortwo when they get back from vacation!

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I would agree with littlenurse that shoes make a huge difference, I was fitted at TheRunningCompany & they helped a lot with my hip pain, it is only fully gone now because of my chiropractor, I have a 'tight a$$'- literally, hehe- a restricted sacrum which was pushing my right hip forward & made it really uncomfortable after any distance running. Do what works for you, what makes your body feel good. I said before that different things work for different people, we are all on our own journey. I just know from a eastern (I use mostly holistic medicine) vs western (I'm in the medical/dental field) medicine perspective it doesn't hurt to consider both sides.


andaluza- I'm so sorry to hear about the temp drop- I also have gotten 2 days of nausea- night sweats- high temps for a few days, just to plummet and have the witch show, it is the worst. I remember thinking a long time ago that I would love to have a summer baby, then when that didn't happen it would be wonderful to have a fall baby, etc. etc. Now we are back at summer baby again... the world goes round. Now I would just like any baby, as I'm sure you would. I would say acupuncture is only good if you are somewhere that is really good at what they do and takes an interest in fertility. I have found quickly that all are not created equal, while my old practitioner was great at a lot of things, fertility was not his forte, I'm back where I started (for allergies 3 years ago) where she had 32 pregnancies out of 40 patients last year, and 31 so far this year... I feel more comfortable and I know she knows what she is doing. If you can find someone with reputation, it is so worth it. If not, you are probably best continuing what you've been doing, the first guy I saw for fertility really screwed up my cycles - and set me back 7 months.


AFM- I'm glad to be the next hopeful! I am 8dpo, my symptoms could all be related to the endometrin so I am torn. I can't make a decision on testing b/c I am so afraid that anything I feel is just the meds and I will not be pregnant. I have my blood beta on Sunday and I don't want to go into it not already having an idea what it will say, but at the same time I'm so scared to see another negative test. I wish I could find more input on progesterone symptoms vs early pregnancy. For what it is worth, my nips are flaming and sore (got sore right after the trigger but hasn't really changed in 10 days), I'm crampy but not strong like AF cramps (which I usually only get rolling in like a train on CD1, not before), I have discharge- watery- but it looks like a bunch from the endometrin so I can't really distinguish CM from the meds, my boobs are really sore, that didn't start until 5dpo - which usually starts right after O. So far my skin is still very clear, temp is normal, sleep was not good last night but has been good... I don't know what to think.



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