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Hi Andaluza, how are you doing?  I just didn't pick up any shifts over thanksgiving.  I worked the holidays last year.  I swore it off this year.  They usually try to bully people into working, telling them they will lose their jobs.  I do not get compensated at all for working two floors, in fact I have never gotten a raise, they told me that since I went PRN and not full time anymore it changes my ability to qualify.  Trust me it's bull.  They just lie about everything.  I wish I could say I worked for a good company, but I don't.  I will tell you about it, but not where I work obviously.  If I could find another job, and trust me I have been applying since 2009 LOL.  Oh well.  So hard to get a job out here.  Not to mention we are in like the top three worst paid states so I don't even get why all the positions are filled.  All I can say is I can't wait to be done with my sports medicine degree.  Also with my under Armor running tights, I didn't feel a lick of cold.  I also had on a Nike cold weather long sleep top with a half zipper and a pull up collar.  I left it folded down, I didnt want it to chafe my face.  I really didn't feel anything though, I think I told you it was 31 out.  Anyway.  My plantar fasciitis flared up though from that run, so I have been hurting since.  Poop.  It will go away.  Not for the other stuff.  Poop again. LOL.  By the way I am still crossing my fingers for you.  I know you will get there.  As I told you hubby isn't working anymore either, so he see's a specialist dec 28th.  No time soon.  And too late to really help us though.  My husband leaves for school less than a month from that appt and will be gone for two months, and then we move.  LOL.  so I literally have to start alllllllllll over again somewhere, with civialian care this time, because there are no military facilities where we are going.  And which means I have to fight insurance for poeple I am really allowed to see and what they will cover, becuase they do not cover a lot of the infertility stuff. 


Hi Gozal, how are you doing?  I hope things are going well for you and you get what you want.  I will cross my fingers for you.  Good Luck, seriously. 

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Here I am! I've actually read through every single post in this thread. Phew, took a while...


I am ending my third cycle on Clomid. As far as the drug goes, it's fine, I guess. No side effects that I noticed, besides making my BBT temp higher and generally more erratic. The one thing to take into consideration is that these drugs can have a domino effect: Clomid can prevent you from forming a thick uterine lining, which means you might have to go on Estradiol, which makes it harder for eggs to mature. You get the point.


Here's my abbreviated story:

- I have a history of irregular periods. Never mid-cycle bleeding, though.

- I have an incredible 3-year-old daughter. Conceived the first cycle (although it was a loooong cycle).

- Started TTC #2 over a year ago. Pregnant on the third cycle (and thought to myself that I shouldn't have fretted over how long it might take- I was pregnant within three months, totally on schedule!).

- Then I had a miscarriage at about 8 weeks. (Things totally not on schedule.) It was the stuff that horror movies and nightmares are made of. It was so much harder than I would have ever imagined. I had a D+C because I just couldn't take it anymore.

- I didn't ovulate after that. I gave myself a couple, then a few, months. I had read that it could take up to three cycles for things to get back to normal. I didn't ovulate for four months, then I did on the fifth, but didn't again on the sixth. So frustrating.

- I then started Cycle One of Clomid. Everything worked fine: Produced 1+ juicy follicles, great lining, even a fair amount of CM (although not as much as pre-Clomid). Did a trigger shot but DH and I had rotten BD timing. First time ever. Super sucked.

- Cycle Two of Clomid: Follicles were plentiful, but not growing as quickly as last cycle. Uterine lining was also thin, so got put in on Estradiol. Then WAITED for follicles to grow. Ended up doing the trigger shot much later in the cycle. Less CM. It was a bust.

- Cycle Three was perfection: One beautiful follicle early on, great lining, trigger shot, perfect BD timing. Little CM. Today is about 12 DPO and BFN.


I guess that's not such an abbreviated history!


Next up for us? DH's SA and an HSG for me next cycle. Really bummed that it has come to this.


Meanwhile, my daughter is getting older and more mature by the day. I was hoping to give her a sibling that was close enough in age that they could be close/relate. But that window is slamming shut.




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Hi ladies! 


How are you doing, littlenurse? I haven't been running since around af and the week after, but I am keeping notes about your attire. It's been getting chillier here, sometimes down to the 30-50 at night and early morning. The 28th is still far away, but closer and closer every day. I hope that the specialist works out well and you know what the next steps will be in your new location.


How did it go, Gozal?


Welcome, evillager. Thanks for sharing all your details here! I think this thread is such a great resource for the very varied stories that we all bring to our experience before/during/after clomid. So, are you continuing clomid if this cycle doesn't work out? We did the SA and HSG before starting clomid, but that didn't do us any good, either, since both tests showed that we were "normal." I hope that the hsg isn't stressful for you. I did it early on, as I said, and it really made the whole process of ttc very vivid for me, seeing exactly what my own insides looked like (and felt like).


AFM, post clomid my temps are not that high in the luteal phase, and I still ovulated pretty late (either cd 16 or 18, according to opks and temps). I am therefore 8 or 10 dpo and bfn today. I am very very stressed out about work and think that is what has brought on a lot of nausea, which wakes me up at night (and I find my mind is racing about work, so that's my interpretation). No tenderness in my breasts or nipples like I had while on clomid, but some internal aching. Cramping has been increasing, especially last night and today, and a slight backache. It is amazing to think that all these feelings were probably happening to me before I ever ttc, and I just never even paid any attention to them!


I hope that everyone is doing great and feeling some peace. I am going to work on relieving my stress about work and trying to feel more positive about things. Take care!

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Hi ladies!  Add me to the list of post-clomid bfps! I think maybe clomid taught by body something and I did need my own healthy ewcm.





I can't believe this day has come. So, I wrote off my light nausea as due to the real stress I'm feeling about work and family. Also, my symptoms are sooo different from when I was on clomid. Just an ache inside of my breasts every once in a while, not so much my nipples (which were red and sore on clomid, not now). Ache in ovaries, which has always happened in my luteal phase, but I did have some strange feelings more in the center of my uterus.  


I think the best symptom was the slightly tinged cm that I had only on Friday night; it was light brown/yellowish and I hoped it was implantation. I have also been feeling cold lately (although it has been colder here than normal). Also, now in hindsight, I understand why I’ve been drifting off, why I was tired last night even though I woke up late (for me) at 9 am. Yesterday dh and I bd and I had a strange burning sensation last night, so I was worried . Also, thirst, which I thought was due to having eaten out on Friday and yesterday. I wasn't going to test this morning, but I did and it was positive by the time I finished peeing and dumped the urine I had used to test, I had only tested previously on Friday am with the dollar tree test, and it was bfn then, so I didn't want to face any more disappointment. I bet another frer would have been positive by then, judging on how dark this test was. 


Please keep all fingers and toes crossed for me that this sticks and is a healthy pregnancy. So many of you have been such a wonderful source of support and caring over these months of ttc and I hope you all get your bfps as soon as possible.



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Congrats andaluza! Beautiful BFP!
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Andaluza, consider everything firmly crossed! Congratulations! Such wonderful news.


evillager, oh do I hear you on that window slamming shut. I thought first I'd have my babies three years apart...then four...if it doesn't happen soon it won't even be five. (We also didn't prevent since DS was born because we'd have welcomed a pregnancy any time.) Now, my sister and I are relatively far apart and we are best friends, so I do know that age difference is not everything. However, my dreams for my family were to have 3ish kiddos spaced 3ish years apart. I was never so arrogant as to think I'd get exactly what I want but I also didn't think something awful would happen. This is the hardest aspect of IF for me to deal with, I think, watching DS grow up without a sibling. I cry every time I have to fill out a form that asks about siblings or number of children we have.


Oops, okay, I went on a bit about that! I also wanted to say thank you for sharing your history. It is really helpful to me to read about others' experiences. So far, my Cycle 1 is basically identical to your Cycle 1. I mean, we got in some decent BDing but best night was the night I triggered and we crapped out the third night, first time ever. Yup, super suckage. 


So, not sure what to think about my first Clomid cycle. I didn't have any side effects that I noticed, except that I am a little more gloomy then usual. My lining was a little thinner than usual but still okay (7mm 12 hours before trigger) and I had pretty normal CM. I am testing to confirm when the trigger leaves my system - so far I'm still getting + 6 days after. Not sure when I'll test. I'm leaning towards 12 or 13 so I can just go ahead and stop progesterone then. I'm convinced I'm not pg anyway.

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Thanks cbaa200 and gozal


Although it took me getting off 3 months of clomid to get my bfp, another woman in ttc #1 in our 30s just got a bfp from clomid after over a year of ttc, so I hope you ladies are right behind us. I also used instead cups after bd for the past 2 months (thanks Vivica, threadstarter, for giving me that idea!). I hope you're wrong, gozal, about this not being your month.

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Congratulations, andaluza! Absolutely wonderful news!! How exciting it must have been to see those two lines... Wishing you a healthy pregnancy.


Hi gozal! Thank you for "going on". Unfortunately we seem to be in a very similar boat, and your words could may as well be my own. I am so thankful that I have my daughter- I do think infertility is an even harder road for those without living children. But I really feel like she is deprived, not having a sibling. Someone to learn from. Someone to gang up on mom and dad with! After she was born I was terribly concerned about having kids too close together- it's so much work and I wanted to make sure I had enough time/energy to dedicate to another before we started trying again. Silly me, thinking that I had so much choice in the matter. Now I'd say that having kids a little too close together is far more desirable than how things are playing out... I suppose you've already tested by now (unless you have AMAZING willpower), but I always started testing on 10DPO and always got absolutely negative, so no trigger left in my system. It is tricky to decide when to stop Progesterone, not only because it can delay your period but, dang, it is a nuisance!! Yet there's always that "what if?" in the back of your head.


I'm going in for my HSG tomorrow. SA will be done on husband next week. I was told that we had to do these two things before my doctor continued to prescribe Clomid, so I don't if I'll even be offered it this cycle. Truth be told, I wouldn't mind taking a Clomid break  this cycle. Maybe my body has been inspired (or scared) into ovulating on its own? I also would like to get my CM back. I suppose that means I should start temping soon- I took a break from it this month because all the drugs made my chart very unreliable.


That's my story for tonight! I'm not able to write as much as I would like, but I do enjoy catching up with all your stories. Good luck to us all...

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Hi Ladies.....I wish I could say it's nice to have some new faces, but we won't be here if we weren't all striving to be pregnant, right?!......I hope all of you have short stays here and BFP's very soon! 


Andaluza, congrats on your BFP!  I'm so happy and excited for you!!!!  :D


evillager - your story sounds a lot like mine....minus every having a baby.  We had 3 miscarriages in 2010 - the last one in November, and haven't been able to become pregnant since.  I've had all the testing, and just like you, had strange anovulatory cycles for some reason....  Started on Clomid in July and had such horrible side effects that I didn't ever want to take it again.  But when September rolled by and still nothing, our OB said she wouldn't even refer us to a specialist unless we do another 3 cycles and DH gets an SA done......


So no ovulation in Sept/October - had to take 1 dose of provera to bring on AF.....Clomid d3-7....22 day cycle in November and now waiting.


While we waited for our turn, we let it be known that we were interested in adoption and now have a 3 week old son.  It is so wonderful being a mommy, even if I only ever carried him in my heart.  We were asked to adopt when the mother was 34 weeks along, so we certainly didn't have much time to get used to the idea or even prepare before our wee man made his grand entrance into the world and our hearts and lives.


We are still doing Clomid...one more cycle to go, but not much BDing with a newborn in the house!  With our luck, maybe we'll end up with 'irish twins!'


Looking forward to more BFP's!  That's all from me....and that's why all ya'll haven't heard much from me in a couple of months - sorry!

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Hi evillager. If you think you want a break from clomid, I would certainly encourage it if your cm isn't that great. I really think that is what happened for me: clomid taught me how to ovulate again (or well), but screwed up my cm. I also used instead cups for the last 2 months, which may have also been a helpful factor.


Congratulations, Babycatcher! What wonderful news about your baby! Best wishes!


I hope everyone else is doing well!

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Oh my goodness Baby Catcher- Congratulations! How exciting to have a new baby at home! Enjoy every moment with your beautiful son, he is certainly your child, no matter how he got there. So happy for you, I hope that your BFP is not far behind, never too early to be a big brother!

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OMG soooo much has happened.  Andaluza.....CONGRATS!!!!  I can't scream it loud enough.  I will cross everything I have that this is a happy healthy pregnancy. 


Baby Catcher, that is so fantastic.  I am so happy for you guys.  I know you are doing well and are in bliss.  Enjoy it!


Welcome to the new girls.  I didn't get the chance to read everyone's info, but welcome and I hope to catch up.  Nothing new has changed for us.  Welcome and congrats again.  i am so friggen happy.

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Babycatcher! Once again I'm late to the game, but that is SO EXCITING! I love you just nonchalantly threw your news of a NEW BABY in there! I hope you're enjoying each other- I'm sure you are.


I don't expect anyone at home to be sitting on the edge of their seats or anything, but I did want to update my story for those who might a find it helpful in any way...


I had the HSG done. It was a pretty difficult experience for me. I was thrown off-guard by the hospital setting and I had to wait in the room by myself for a long while- leaving too much time for me to get anxious. The procedure was quite uncomfortable for me- mostly because of the idea of what they were doing- and I had to ask the OB to stop explaining everything as she went. I have a tilted uterus, so these things are always a little more involved. They used some kind of clamp on my cervix to hold it in place... That's when I asked her to keep quiet! The results? One fallopian tube definitely open, one inconclusive. They would have to perform a laparoscopy if we wanted to investigate further. I was pretty emotional when I was leaving.


So I was not on fertility meds this month, but I had what seemed like a strong ovulation on my own (yay!). OPK was definitely positive and my chart was beautiful. In earlier unmedicated cycles, even when I did ovulate, my BBT was much more erratic. CM was also back! So it looks like Clomid got my body to work on its own, at least for this cycle.


I almost hesitate to write it because I know how long some of you have been waiting for the same news, but I got a BFP yesterday. I haven't told anyone (husband is out of town) and I'm not getting too excited. The last time around things didn't end well, so I'm not getting my hopes up too much- I feel like I can't trust my body anymore. Fingers crossed, for me and all of you...

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evillager- fingers crossed for everything to progress into a healthy take home baby! CONGRATULATIONS! I hope DH returns home soon so you can share the good news. I for one am so happy for you, sounds like time off of Clomid was also what you needed.


I am hoping ditching the Clomid works for me as well, I am actually moving on to Femara but hopefully my body like it better.

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Thinking about all the clomid ladies and hope everyone gets sticky beans soon!!


Littlenurse, Thanks! I know you and dh had an important appointment on the 28th of Dec, I think.  How did it go? I hope that you have found a plan to move forward. 


That´s wonderful news, evillager! I hope you can share the news with your dh soon!! I wish you all the best health and happiness with your little bean.


I know what you mean, it is hard to feel confident about it, but I just try to tell myself that for now I am, so I have every right to celebrate day by day. I have my u/s on Thursday and am hoping that we get reassuring news that everything is fine then. It´s hard to think that I can´t control so many aspects of this, and the fear. I've been working hard to quash it when it rears its ugly head.


Cbaa, I hope that the change to femara works wonderfully for you!






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Thanks ladies!


cbaa: I hope Femara gets your body to co-operate! Go ovaries, go!


andaluza: Yes to celebrating every day. Bring on the nausea, bring on the discomfort- I will welcome it with open arms. No complaining around here. It would be devastating to lose another pregnancy, but for now I feel like it's an honor just being nominated.

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Hi ladies!


Thank you for the congratulations on our new addition....it certainly continues to be an adjustment with a babe that doesn't like to sleep and is a bit colicy.  It seems crazy that we're still praying for another one too! lol!! 


This month is my last month on Clomid -- AF is due on the 9th of January.  So far on Clomid I've had cycles that have been all over the place....so maybe off of clomid I'll get my BFP too. 


evillager, congrats on your BFP!!!!  I totally understand the trepidation that both you and andaluza feel with having a history of miscarriage myself.  I can't wait to hear good news of the continuing healthy pregnancies for the two of you!!!


Bring on those BFP's!!!!!!!!!!

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I have taken Clomid all three times I went to my fertility specialist to get pregnant. I don't recall any of the typical side effects. However ... I must have been super hyped up by the Clomid because my first pregnancy resulted in a vanishing twin and a beautiful girl, the second only lasted about 3 weeks (so I don't know if it was twins), and my current (due in a week or so) has resulted in twins again! This time I got boy/girl twins. So, I guess it is true for some people that Clomid increases the chance of producing twins or more as there are NONE in mine or hubby's family for any one - ever.


Congrats and good luck to everyone!!

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Hi There,

I'm trying very hard for our first and have 3 and half years 5 losses.... all different: ectopic, miss @6 weeks, miss at 5 weeks, miss at 10weeks and last one was an ectopic scare again. 

 I'm on my 2nd round of Clomid, 150 mg, they upped my dose after the 1st round didn't make me O or give me any change. I have had as I like to put it a lazier light show at night, mostly after sex or having a glass of wine or sitting up to fast, it happens in 1.2% of women... give me the slightest chance and I will find a way to get that symptom! I'm on day 11 today and have a scan this afternoon to check the follies, measure and see if I can get a trigger shot today! Hubby and I have timed it all weekend long, we are covering out bases even though on Tuesday I will have IUI if everything goes well today.... Last night though i started getting a new symptom, Hot flashes, holly hotness batman.... I have a fan on me right now.... Last night I was sweaty.... Yuck. I also see my face is a little shiny, some little break outs but nothing really terrible.   But this is allllll very worth it!



So I read somethings online while getting my advanced MD degree with Dr Google, that having symptoms can mean it's not working... Anyone have a success story with Clomid and had Hot flashes at the 150mg dose? i feel that if it is working and you have symptoms... then it's working... right...


Here's to Oing!

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