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Well it looks like Clomid has completely failed me. My LP has been 9 days long for the past few months, but its looking more and more like this month I only had a 6 day LP since I am convinced that today is CD1. I find this incredibly depressing. I was taking Clomid in hopes that it would lengthen my LP.

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Sourire: have you tried progesterone creams? Or perhaps you can suggest to your Dr that you need progesterone. It can lengthen your LP. :( Sorry your feeling frustrated. This TTC thing can be no fun. 


Just wanted to come by and say HELLO! Me and DH are TTC#3.I havent had a period in 2 months which is not normal for me but after being on BC for so long I guess that could happen. I started Clomid today in hopes it would force SOMETHING to happen. My Dr suggested this instead of other drugs becasue it may kill two birds with one stone (make me ovulate and cause an end to this ridiculously looong cycle. So hopefully this works.


Just a little history, DH and I have been together for almost 7 years. We have 2 DD's, 2 and 4 years old. We experienced 2 miscarriages before DD1 came. I had short LP and just could not get pregnant after the second miscarriage. I got on the pill and then abruptly discontinued it and WHAM prego with DD1, same situation with DD2, missed a pill and got pg. So it looks like for some reason that worked for me then, but not this time.


Anyway, nice to be here and have some people who understand.



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sourire- dude~! thats just not fair! 6 days?! man, hopefully the doc will help this time with something else. 


nan- welcome~! hope the clomid helps!

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eggwhite...cd 12. yippee! i may o in a normal time frame!


any cycle buddies?

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I have a friend who is taking an increased dose of Clomid (I think this is her second month of taking Clomid, but I am not sure).  She is having bilateral pain that she thinks is in her ovaries (she pointed about four inches out horizontally from her belly button, or something like that).  She said it is bad enough that she has trouble lifting small kiddies or even being touched in that area.  She is not on MDC yet, so I thought I'd ask for her.  Any ideas, folks?  Thanks!

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yes, get her to a doctor. she probably has a cyst or 2 and they could burst and it is veeeery painful.   it could be unrelated, but since she is on s higher dose...get her an appointment. 

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Will do...is a higher dose related to cysts bursting somehow?  Thanks for your response!

Originally Posted by vivica2 View Post

yes, get her to a doctor. she probably has a cyst or 2 and they could burst and it is veeeery painful.   it could be unrelated, but since she is on s higher dose...get her an appointment. 


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So my suspected annovulatory cycle ended up being a positive pregnancy test last night! Freaking out since this is our rainbow baby!

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no way kaydove~~~~!!!!!! yipeee~!~~!!!!carrot.gifbroc1.gif  so exciting!!!!


caedenmomma- the higher dose means more hormones, means higher chance of cyst. yes. not higher risk of it rupturing. any dosage can do either, even people who arn't on clomid get them.  sent you a PM. ;)

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Kaydove - I have seen you over on the May thread and I just couldn't not post and offer my congratulations to you!!! Sending you lots of sticky/healthy vibes!!! goodvibes.gif What a great gift as your other due date approaches!!!  That tree will really even have more meaning now w/ a little celebration for new life in more than one way!!!!  Good luck!!  joy.gif

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Kaydove - wow! congrats!

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Thank you so much everyone!

blueyezz4: that was very kind of you to say. We've been emotional around here lately due to Llewella's due date coming up this month, and yes the tree will have even more meaning. :)


Wish you all good luck on your clomid cycles!

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any news on the clomid lines?


im just waiting to o, and CM is minimal, and not ew...i just have watery. :(  i started my baby asprin today just in case it may help. 

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I'm starting my 100mg dose on Tuesday night... I'm a bit scared since I'll be out of town and DH won't be there if I wake up in the middle of the night with crazy side effects.

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Kaydove! YAY! not that I have been here long but AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Sticky baby dust to you... H&H 38-42 weeks. :)


Sourire- yeah that is scary to be alone with the clomid yuckies. Hope your resting comfortably.


So AF showed. Very lightly for 2 ish days. Today I had very light orangey spotting with EWCMand 3 inch stretch, I was pretty shocked since it is technically CD 3, took an OPK and it was darjer than last night but still lighter than the control. So it finally started, never been so happy to see the hag. So I stopped the Clomid and restarted today on day 3. We are most likely going to be attempting the Shettles method since we want a boy BADLY. DH and I ordered IC's OPK's and HPT's today. Im going to keep taking the OPK's since I have no idea when i'll O. I am temping too. So I think we should get a pretty clear picture of what is going on. Im just hoping I actually O.


www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2ab513  Here is my chart.


Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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Hey my AF was unusually orange colored too, it must be related to the Clomid!

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nan- hmmmm orange af huh?! never heard of it but i hope i dont have a chance to look out for it. ;)  glad you coudl start a new cycle though.  

try ingender.com as well for some gender selection tips. :)


sourire-  make sure you have a phone number for someone close by when you go on your trip, even if its just the front desk in case the symptoms get worse...i remember how scary they were for you last time on 50 mg. hope you body has adjusted and you wont have to worry about it this time. 


afm- i have been charting and taking opk's for a combined 2 years (2 kids and this little adventure im on now) and i have never seen an opk as dark as the one i took yesterday.....guess i got a good LH surge! haha!!!





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Congrats on the LH surge vivica!


I have taken 2 doses of Clomid 100mg so far and... no side effects at all! Maybe my body is already used to it... I remember that my side effects were much milder the last 2 days I was taking Clomid last month. I just hope my "no side effects" run this month includes me not becoming a psycho a few days after I finish the treatments.

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Hi ladies!


Congrats on the Clomid success stories!!!


Can I join the bunch?!  I won't actually be starting Clomid for a few weeks, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can as the next cycle approaches.  I ovulate, but I have very short LPs and some crazy cycles--25 days, 35 days...


Is anyone here concerned at all about conceiving multiples from this experience?  Where I already ovulate I wonder if I'm at higher "risk?"  


Really looking forward to sharing in this experience with all of you!!



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beccabus- i was ovulating anywhere from cd18-cd30 and my second round of clomid i ovulated cd 16!!! its so...normal! haha

i ovulate regularly but am tyaking the clomid do move up my ovulation date and lengthen my LP. it worked for the former, not the latter. ;)

good luck to you!



afm-hers the chart....im super sad, but not suprised *sigh* http://www.fertilityfriend.com/ttc/homepage_module.php  super light positive followed by a neg this morning.  8 dpo..ill test again if af doesnt show but thursday. ( regular 10 day lp)



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